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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at some more Wuhan flu news.

Coronavirus Floods South Korea; Europe Begins to Isolate Italy

We’ll start with this piece linked over at the news aggregation site: “Tsunami-Like” Coronavirus Floods South Korea With New Cases; Europe Begins To Isolate Italy: Live Updates. A snippet:

“None of these numbers are even remotely credible any more, and serve merely the propaganda purpose of giving the impression that Beijing is winning the war against the spread of the Coronavirus, when in reality nobody has any idea anymore what is going on on the ground in China, and is why workers refuse to show up to their place of business. “

JWR’s Comment: I’ve had several readers write to ask for advice on how to make the decision on when to self-isolate.  I’d say that you decision point should be based on A.) The age and health of your family members, B.) the first reported cases in your county, and C. Any news reports of mutation to a more deadly strain.  If anyone in your family has a chronic lung condition, immunosuppressed, or is over age 60, then you need to be ready to self-isolate once there is a reported case in your county. But regardless, you should keep your family well-stocked, to be ready. (“Worst case” is the advent of a new virus strain that has a higher rate of lethality.)

Iran: Severe Virus Outbreak?

Iranian Resistance Declares Regime Covering Up Severe Virus Outbreak

Steve Bannon: Pandemic! Coronavirus Is Out of Control

Steve Bannon: Pandemic! Coronavirus Is Out of Control In China. What MUST be done.

Bahrain: Apocalyptic locust swarm stops traffic

Apocalyptic locust swarm stops traffic as sky turns black in terrifying footage.

61.5% of Coronavirus Patients with Severe Pneumonia Won’t Survive

Reader Randy S. sent us this: Researchers Find 61.5% Of Coronavirus Patients With Severe Pneumonia Won’t Survive.  Randy asks: Is your Pneumococcal vaccine up to date?”

Florida’s Feral Monkey Population

Tim J. sent us a news story from Florida: Silver River monkey population grows unchecked. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“An estimated 176 monkeys lived on the Silver River in 2015, according to the UF study, which was led by Jane Anderson.

The study, which appeared in the Journal of Wildlife Management in 2019, detailed the state’s history managing the monkeys.

From 1984 to 2012, about 1,000 monkeys were removed or sterilized through permits issued by the state. But since 2012, the Department of Environmental Protection stopped issuing removal permits after a wave of criticism hit the agency when it became known that trapped monkeys wound up at research facilities.

It was about the same time that the DEP’s Florida Park Service took full control of Silver Springs from private operators. For decades, the Silver River’s headwaters were part of a theme park attraction.

Since then, the monkeys have continued to reproduce unchecked. The only state action came from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which in 2018 prohibited the feeding of wild monkeys.”

Bluetooth Stickers Tracking Your Clothing?

Reader C.B. sent this: Bluetooth stickers on your clothing? Startup Wiliot gets $20M for tracking tech. This article begins:

“Giants in technology and consumer products are funneling more cash into a small tech startup in San Diego that’s developing tiny bluetooth stickers that can transform everyday items—like clothing, wallets, or Amazon packages—to trackable “connected” devices.

The startup, called Wiliot, just raised $20 million from PepsiCo and Verizon’s venture capital arm, among several other investors. Last year, the attracted the attention of tech giants Amazon and Samsung, which have also backed Wiliot.”

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  1. Recommended study list of videos discussing colloidal silver.

    Anders Sultan videos are packed full of important facts, and highly recommended.
    Best one stop shop on the topic found.

    Colloidal silver: Natural antibiotic – Anders Sultan, Sweden (very informative)

    History of Colloidal Silver (4 parts)
    Interview with Anders Sultan of Ion Silver in Sweden October 2010

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Other interesting videos about colloidal silver:

    Why Colloidal and Nano Silver does not kill the beneficial (good) gut bacteria.

    Making Colloidal Silver Expert Advice

    Silver nanotechnology kills bacteria 슈퍼박테리아도 잡는 은나노 청정기술
    (Nano silver air filtration used in Korea)

    Prove Coloidal Silver Kill Bacteria

    Coloidal Silver Milk Test

    Using Nano Silver in a nebulizer for lung health.

    Colloidal Silver, for lung infections??

    Crane Warm Mist Humidifer (and steam inhaler) $34.49

    1. I definitely do not recommend taking colloidal silver. I watched my dad die of toxic overload and blue skin and weird silver hair. I’ve heard all the excuses about he took the wrong kind with the wrong kind of machine…blah…blah…blah. Not doing it.

      1. Many folks have been making kitchen table grade colloidal silver using methods not well understood. A once popular recipe used table salt as an electrolyte to speed up the process and shorten the ‘cook’ time. Unfortunately this produced a compound of silver and salt that accumulates in the tissue, and reacts with sun light that turned a few people blue. They necessarily also had to consumed a great amount of it. This is why is it pays to learn a bit of chemistry, electrical engineering, and to investigate the various processes and opinions. Watching one kitchen table production on YouTube in not enough to ensure that what one makes a high enough quality to be effective and safe. A high concentration, or ppm (part per million) nano silver that is made using currents higher than 15mA may not contain a significant percentage silver particles that are less than 10nm (nano meters) in size. A particle size that is less than 10mn is needed to be effective against viruses. It maybe good for bacterial infections, yet not viruses.

        This is why I’ve shared a part of my research. We should strive to get it right. Most YouTube demonstrations are flying by the seat of their pants. What they produce will usually do no harm if used in moderation, and will work to fight bacteria, yet they may not have sufficient nano particles in the 1 to 10 nm range. High quality nano/colloidal silver need not have a concentration more than 10 ppm to be effective, yet the percentage of small enough particles to do the job must be high. A greater concentration of small particles should be the primary goal. And the fewer unintended and possibly detrimental compounds produced, the better. Store bought distilled water is typically produced by using a de-ionization process, and contains salts and minerals that do not registrar as present when using a TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) meter. This meter measures of conductivity of the water, and presents of ionized particles. Remove the ionization, and the meter will not detect the presents of such particles. I would recommend making an steam distilled water distiller using a stainless steel pressure cooker, and produce ‘doubled distilled’ water to remove all the salts. A TDS meter will then accurately determine the purity of the water. You will not get blue consuming the ‘good stuff’.

        This You Tube video is obviously made by some one with a back ground in chemistry, and is made using laboratory equipment. It it the best example I found thus far. It quickly produces high a ppm count, and claims the particle size produced is between 1 to 50 nm. If a bell curve is applied to estimate, half of the particle produced might be less than 25nm. IMHO, slow the process down using less current, and the number of particles <10nm that will be produced might be greater. The process might require 3 hours instead one 1. I will attempt use a very conservative 5 mA, and the same voltage, and see what happens. Reproducing this demonstration should be adequate however.

        How to produce uncapped nano silver 60 ppm (enjoy the music!)

        Compare and contrast all other YouTube kitchen table top experiments with this example.

        I would also consider using a heated steam humidifier in high traffic areas, and as a method for delivering nano silver in to the air ways.
        This brand and model is adapted with a face mask for such use. It is dual purpose, and less expensive than most nebulizers. Reportedly, some Chinese hospitals are using a similar method to reduce infection rates in hospital staff.

        Crane Warm Mist Humidifer (and steam inhaler) $34.49

    2. This is a virus, not a bacterial infect. Even if this was a valid option for fighting infections, it would be useless against a virus. Not to mention turning blue being a big negative.

      1. Nano silver that is less than 10nm may work. Interviews are provided at the top of the page. And please see my earlier response concerning the production of nano silver. At the very least the nano silver can combat secondary, or opportunistic bacterial infections that are commonly associated with viral pneumonia’s. Also addressed is the reason for turing blue phenomena that is easily avoided with lab grade nano silver that I would produce, and discuss here. Instructive video provided.

        There is little to lose, as the patent might not live with out the use of a combination of alternative, and conventional medicines. I would use everything including high therapeutic dosages of vitamin C, iodine, available anti-virals, convention 3rd generations of antibiotics, all at the same time…nothing should be ignored as one builds their arsenal to defeat this bug that can also mutate into a real monster. I would die trying to stay alive. I have also seen the power of God’s hand to miraculously intervene. What I’ve seen would make a believer out of anyone.

      2. Gray Man, we should all remember, that >any Flu ~virus makes a person sick, and reduces the natural defenses to Bacteria Infections.
        For example: People will ignore their Flu symptoms, and then develop >fatal pneumonia [A ~bacteria caused sickness].

        We should all try to stay healthy. We should stay with Survivalblog for the latest Trustworthy updates. Tunnel Rabbit, has other good preventive ideas. The Editors at Survivalblog has lists of recommended preps to have available for any possible pandemic.

        ALL strains of Flu are dangerous to the 1. Old, the 2. Young and the 3. chronically Sick.

        1. The issue is if Collidal Silver actually worked-fought off viruses, it would be used for AIDs patients, Ebola outbreak in Africa, Swine flu, SARS, flu and the current pandemic of Corona virus.

          Not seeing the numbers in MDs recomendations nor the US military dispersing this “stuff”

          I’m staying away from it and keeping my skin color.

          1. Silver was used successfully in Africa against ebola. It took months for doctors to obtain it from America because the big NGO’s tried to stop them from using it. Look it up.

  2. Re: When To Self Quarentine

    The decision as to when to self quarantine is greatly complicated by the fact that the CDC is not conducting on going testing of those suspected of being infected with CoVid-19. Therefore an outbreak in this country may have already begun, yet goes undetected. For a variety of reasons, local and state health departments do not currently have the ability to test.
    I would also self quarantine early if I lived in a city, and regardless of age, if there was a history of cardio pulmonary disease, Copd, pneumonia, restrictive lung disease, history of smoking etc. Given the very limited data, Covid-19 appears to have the highest CFR (case fatality rate) in the 45 to 65 age group. The primary mechanism according to MedCram is ARDS (Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome).

    How Coronavirus Kills: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) & Treatment

    About Heart and Lung Disease (cardio pulmonary disease)

    “Cardiopulmonary disease is disease which involves both the heart and lungs. It may be known as heart-lung disease or heart and lung disease, and it can take a number of forms. Left untreated, cardiopulmonary disease can be deadly. Treatment of such diseases may be overseen by a medical specialist such as a cardiologist, and can involve a team of physicians to ensure that a patient gets the most appropriate care. It is advisable to see a specialist with experience in this area when receiving treatment to receive the most up to date and aggressive treatments available.

    The heart and lungs are closely linked, and problems which involve one organ can also spill over into the other. For example, someone with coronary artery disease has trouble pumping blood efficiently to the lungs for oxygenation, and someone with asthma may not be able to fully oxygenate blood because of his or her impaired breathing. The close connections between the heart and the lungs can also result in cascading reactions which complicate medical issues and generate medical emergencies quickly when a patient is having health problems.

    People with cardiopulmonary disease can experience symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness, bluing of the extremities, chest pain, high blood pressure, and dyspnea, in which they stop breathing altogether. Commonly people feel wheezy, and may experience chest pain after exercising or while struggling to breathe. Over time, the symptoms can worsen.”

  3. Sadly I feel that so many people in the US have been ignoring the virus, telling themselves it won’t come here, it’s just a problem in Asia etc or else it’s “no worse than the flu” so what’s the big deal. I suggested to a friend several weeks ago in another state that she obtain some N95 masks when they were still available, especially as her parents are older and her dad has health conditions but of course she didn’t. I had “the talk” with my Mom the other day after the CDC said it will likely take root in the US; figured she’d maybe pay attention now. She lives in a large US city which sees a lot of tourists plus has a large Asian population. She totally flipped out at the idea that she might be forced to stay at home for any length of time. Absolutely refused to consider the possibility that travel might be restricted, that she couldn’t just hop on a bus or train and go anywhere she wanted at any time. Suggested she stock up on some food before the panicked hordes cleaned out the stores as they do before a large snowstorm; the idea that maybe soon she couldn’t just buy fresh veggies or fruit perhaps and would need to rely on frozen or canned ones put her into a total state of denial. I’m gonna send her and my brother some N95 masks just in case but there’s not a whole lot else I can do; you can lead a horse to water……… I suspect there are many many people just like her who really truly don’t get it. Doesn’t bode well…….

    1. Totally agree, Ani. I went to the Dollar Store in our area to continue to pick up some items. It amazed me the amount of folks in the store/check out line. I was 8th in line and the only one with a cart. everyone else was buying “dinner”! Hot dogs, a package of hot dog buns, a bag of chips, etc. I know a lot of folks in large metro areas that shop on a daily basis but we live in a very rural area. Our little village doesn’t even have a stop light. If they aren’t stocking up now, what happens if the worst does come?

      In addition, while scanning headlines this morning, I came across this:

      I think this will put a whole new outlook on things, sadly not for the better.

      1. Exact same in my town – I’ve been to the grocery store several days in a row and not a single person had a large cart and was stocking up.

        We are truly part of the solution – “panic early and avoid the rush” as JWR likes to say.

        Driving demand now will help pull that demand forward in our still-functioning supply chain.

        Rushing to the store after the food supply chain experiences problems does not help — but doing it NOW, does indeed help.

        Continue to spread the word.

        I managed to get, after several reminders, my siblings and parents and two friends to stock up to some extent – reminding them that they will just wind up buying those shelf stable things anyway at a time in the future, they have nothing to loose pulling those purchases forward to now.

        You can send relatives and friends this if you want to inspire them:

        God bless and proceed with prayer.

    2. Ani, you just described our experiences as well. All we can do is try to help friends and family.

      Fortunately this virus has given time to folks already awake to reinforce our ‘charity preps’ before inevitable shortages occur. This virus will be much more than a medical event.

  4. Ani
    I’m so sorry that your family has not heard your concern for them.
    I have parents that are in their 80s with significant health issues and I have already quarantined them (about 3 weeks ago) I am the only person allowed in and out of their home and I take extreme precautions when I am there. Both of them have early onset Alzheimer’s so I have to be careful not to scare them but at the same time keeping them and myself safe.
    My Dad understands all of this as he is a retired Police Chief.
    I do however worry about my son and daughter. Both are in the USMC, one stationed at Miramar, the other at Pendelton.
    I’m praying for you and your family

  5. If people don’t get ready it will be very hard to fill in the gap’s soon. We are being lied to by China and other repressive country’s about the extent of this Coronavirus. Some
    of us are getting a little more info from people who have contacts in these country’s.
    The word I get about China is times it by 10 and it will be close.
    All of you do your best to get ready and may we get lot’s of prayers. Without “GOD” we will be lost.

    Blessings to all. Gman

  6. Tunnel Rabbit
    Thank you for your daily updates to all of us.
    I for one find all of the information you have provided all of us very useful and appreciate all of the time you take every day to keep us updated as I’m sure this takes up a significant portion of your day so just wanted to thank you again.

  7. Am I crazy or has the flu killed way more people than coronavirus
    Between 291,000 and 646,000 people die each year globally from seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses, according to new estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and global health partners.

    1. Yes but Covid 19 appears to be way more infectious than the flu and the mortality rate is much higher so could result in many more cases and fatalities than the seasonal flu. As well there is a vaccine for the flu which is reasonably effective. In addition, Covid 19 appears to spread before symptoms are apparent and the incubation period may be 3 weeks or longer.

    2. Not crazy. Seasonal influenza kills a lot of people.
      I am no where near as well informed as others here but this is what I have gleaned so far.
      1. Heath care professionals are still trying to figure out the incubation period and how it is transmitted.
      2. The mortality rate appears to be higher than with the seasonal flu variety.
      3. Lack of early access to patients and information in China has put us behind in figuring all of this out.

      Prepare for the worst hope for the best. Take your personal situation, age, relative health and location into your planning.
      Pray and know that His plan is the plan.

    3. Wells, “the flu killed way more people than coronavirus
      Between 291,000 and 646,000 people die each year globally from seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses”

      That’s the whole point.

      This is wayyyyyy worse than the flu!

      COVID-19 is:

      -More contagious.

      -More stealthy.

      -More deadly.

    4. Yes, and Influenza A, an H1N1 strain, has reportedly killed ‘only 12,000 to 20,000’ this season.

      So when do you get excited about COVID-19?

      When you first hear about it’s potential and only 1,000-2,000 have died and you can get prepared?

      Or do you wait until 10,000 to 20,000 have died…..

      and the loss of pay from business for 300,000 to 600,000 million people worldwide puts them in severe debt…….

      and hospitals run out of money and supplies taking care of millions of people who can’t/won’t pay bills……and hospital staffs can’t handle their routine regular work….

      and the governments take ‘steps’ to ‘take care’ of the people who are broke?

      In Washington state laws are getting passed to prevent evictions of people who are not paying rent and damaging property, and laws forcing owners to rent their property to people with no income to pay rent (they have a 1 to 3 month voucher for Government tax money ,only, with no prospect of being able to support themselves).

      The social and economic Shakeout will arrive in about 60 days. Then it’s gonna be very interesting.

      May God forgive our errors and provide mercy to us.

    5. Cold viruses spread easier, so even despite a lower mortality rate than the flu (which is where I think Covid-19 is) a higher mortality strain of the cold is not a good time. Between covid and the flu, I’m guessing we’ll see a doubling of the “normal” flu fatalities for the year. Not apocalyptic but also nobody’s definition of a good year.

      “You very likely won’t die” isn’t a great sales pitch to get people to come in to work.

      1. Covid-19 appears to have a significantly higher mortality rate than the seasonal flu. We’ll have better data soon now that it’s become a problem in S Korea, Japan etc as this data will be more forthcoming than that from China.

        1. Very true, unfortunately we’ll have a wealth of more reliable data shortly.

          I speculate less mortality because even notwithstanding a whitewash by the Chinese government, there are very likely scores of people who got a covid-19 cold with mild symptoms and continued on with their lives and did not seek medical care. The people who reported in to hospitals were the ones who got pneumonia, so we’re only seeing the worst of the worst, so to speak.

          1. True, but that would also be the case with the flu. I’ve had the flu twice(that I know of) but didn’t seek medical attention for it. So I’d think that there are many who get the flu(or Covid-19) but don’t obtain medical help as their symptoms can be managed at home. We’ll see how it rolls soon enough I suppose.

        2. The seasonal flu has a CFR of usually 0.01%, currently COVID 19 has a CFR of 2 – 4%, do the math. This virus has a much higher CFR. And since it is a novel virus there are no populations that carry any antibodies to help fight off. This will go on for years until we acquire herd immunity and hopefully have a vaccine in about 1 year to 18 months.

          Lately the news has been saying masks will not help anyone, and advice the general public to not wear one. This is true and false…..they want to save masks for health professionals (because we are woefully under stocked), and if you do not wear a mask properly you will end up infecting yourself. If you have N95’s these are the best, but even the surgical masks are better than nothing. Watch YouTube videos for proper donning and doffing of PPE’s. If you don’t just leave them at home! Also wear goggles…the number one mistake I see everyone doing.
          Learn proper wear and disposal or forget it.

        3. We’ve had “better data” for over a week >3% cases are “serious” a small % of those being fatal(usual suspects-elderly and immune compromised). This is less than normal flu strains,someone us trying to panic the herd and make alot of $$$$(3M makes masks and is one of the few to not suffer major stock declines). Funny how the CDC has broken almost every quarantine procedure-like they were spreading it on purpose.

  8. If the virus is truly airborne wearing a mask is only a prophylactic feel good don’t panic gesture, as the virus could come home with you in your hair/scalp, on your shoes or your dog’s paws-only to settle on the bathroom sink where your kids brush their teeth, or the dog licks himself and then your face, or through your whole house heat pump filters etc, also, which of us is prepared to pay out of pocket costs for weeks in intensive care for multiple family members (what if the insurance company refuses to pay citing an act of war or terrorism), and then come up with the cost of multiple burials or cremations, not to mention you will lose income and possibly your job as well when staying home from work. Might be a good idea to discuss with your children what to do when mommy or daddy don’t wake up–Not trying to be a deliberate downer here but so many refuse to face facts.

    1. I agree. The virus will be impossible to avoid outside of your trusted home. Even then it’ll likely reach inside for us. Kind of like those 1950’s horror movies.

    2. I’m writing an article on decontamination that will address this.

      Secondly, I have a HEPA grade filter on my furnace intake. It cost $15.

      Thirdly, this virus (and any virus for that matter) has a short life span outside of a host.

      1. Dear Marius,
        I appreciate your concern and enthusiasm. The third point is incorrect however. Some viruses survive several days outside of the host. Covid-19, if I remember correctly can survive up to 9 days on a hard surface. Please research carefully before writing your article. I would have given you a reference article regarding the 9 days, but have to limit my screen time due to recovery from glaucoma surgery plus the addition of a nasty viral gastroenteritis. May we all stay safe from this evolving pandemic. Best wishes, K.B., M.D.

        1. Hey K.B.

          No need, I’ve read the article. Yes, Covid-19 survived up to 9 days but that was under ideal temperatures and humidity levels. I admit that I’m being overly generous with my definition of a short time, given that we’re talking at least a few days.

          1. To K.B., M.D.
            Thank you, that was an important read. The time to disinfect can be much longer than one might expect. 70% alcohol is now the lower limit for my purposes, and .21% sodium hypochlorite in now my lowest concentration I would use for 30 second results. The oft recommended .1% requires 10 minutes. It is better to use .21%. Also Santech-148 in not tested. And a good alternative is surprise, hydrogen peroxide .5% We might run out of one thing and need to know about alternatives.

  9. My wife inventoried and re-organized our canned goods this week, and I made a double sized grocery store run, so we are well stocked with food for self isolation. Will have to do some internet research and another run for additional masks, as we only have a handful.

    Drafted a Coronavirus Pandemic Plan for our church and forwarded it to the Security and Medical Teams there.

    1. The virus isn’t truly airborne at this time, it’s too big (unlike measles). They say it spreads via respiratory transmission (large droplets) that can spread 3-6 feet then drop to the ground. They mean something different when they call a disease truly “airborne”. I think measles can hang around suspended in the air for hours, but covid 19 drops out of the air pretty quickly. Not that it’s much better, but technically, it does make a difference.

  10. anti virals–coconut oil, siberian pine nut oil taken internally as well as topically (rubbed all over), combined rosemary, thyme and eucalyptus oil as a steam additive inhalant for congestion, also colloidal silver gel for hand sanitizing, colloidal silver liquid taken internally to kill (all) internal bacteria’s, just make sure to have some active yoghurt to re-bacterialize your gut. When all else fails, hot water with whiskey, lemon and manuka honey.

    1. Listen, folks need to be VERY CAREFUL concerning breathing in steamed oils. Steamed oils coat the the lungs and cover the air sacs blocking their ability to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, and can cause Pneumonia.

      Back in the day when moms would put Vick’s Vaseline under the noses and in the noses of their children, sometimes this caused their children to inhale the oil and contract Pneumonia.

      The folks who are vaping are coating their lungs with oil which are making some very sick and killing some.

      Be very careful when using steamed oils.

      1. Lily,

        Spot on, it is known as oil-spot pneumonia. Occupationally, you see it when people breathe air from an oiled compressors or non-medical (or aviation) grade compressed air.

  11. Here’s the eyeopener coronavirus story of the week:

    This is the first case of a Covid-19 in the U.S. where the person has no idea how they got it. They had no known contact with a person who had it, and hadn’t traveled to China. That means they most likely came in contact with a symptomless carrier or someone who was showing mild symptoms but was out and about, not in quarantine. This is exactly why this epidemic is unavoidable.

    One of the links I posted this week showed that with the common flu, 16% of carriers show no symptoms. Let’s hope the rate isn’t that high with Covid-19 but we do know for certain that there are symptomless carriers.

  12. As a followup to yesterday’s post about stocking up on prescription meds, my local pharmacist must be on drugs or something. He claims the law prevents him from letting people have more than a 90-day supply at one time regardless of whether they have a 6-month prescription or not. The local Walmart has a similar policy and will only allow you to have more than a 90-day supply with a note from your doctor. Those are store policies, not federal law.

    Out of curiosity, I called three pharmacies in three random states and all three said they can dispense a 6-month supply at once if the prescription amount is for that much. This does not apply to schedule II drugs as Jim pointed out yesterday.

    I did talk to one pharmacist who said that when their computer is indicating a low supply at the wholesaler, then he may only give the customer a 30-day supply so he can have some for his other customers.

    At any rate, for anyone on prescription drugs, it may be a good idea to get a good supply on hand if you are concerned about supply chain issues in China or going out in public during the epidemic here. I cannot find my link but I read somewhere in the past month that 83% of pharmaceuticals have at least one ingredient that comes from China. I will repost the link form yesterday about the FDA’s warning of drug shortages.

    1. Most insurance plans only pay for a 90 day supply and also won’t allow renewals until maybe a week before the patient would run out. If the prescription is fairly cheap or the patient has the means to afford paying for 90 days worth themselves this can work. Many prescriptions are expensive though and people can’t afford to cover the cost themselves (and still eat, pay the bills etc).

  13. When to quarantine, which may happen more quickly than many thought, brings up the issue of local communications with friends and family in the event of a major collapse.

    Specifically I’m wondering about how to communicate if the cell phones go down.

    GMRS radios may be a good alternative. I’m personally wanting communications within in a 10 mile radius.

    Any GMRS users out there can help with advice? My research shows that some products claim the radios can be used for a 30 mile radius. But I doubt that since I’ve seen posts on the internet which say they are good for a mile only!! Anyone?

    1. If you want to hit 10 mile radius on a somewhat flat area – you will need a repeater of some sort — or be transmitting from a higher area.
      If you describe the terrain of where you are, we can help. Do you happen to live on a high hill?
      Also – this is an excellent prep, and I encourage you to proceed – but remember, power and internet is up still even in Wuhan….

    2. Tunnel Rabbit is the resident HAM radio expert, but for 10 miles you could conceivably get by with a Single Side Band (SSB) CB radio.

      It’s been a while since we’ve had a city-wide extended quarantine in the US, but in the past health officials would make rounds to all domiciles to pick up or drop off items left outside. In short, even under extreme circumstances you may be still able to send mail, if it comes to that.

    3. Your GMRS radios transmit with half a watt of power, if I remember correctly. The advertised 30 miles is on paper under absolutely prefect conditions, probably on the moon. The reviews of a mile or two are realistic performance in the real world.

      They’re still good to have though.

    4. Roger that. Excellent choice. Put the antenna on the roof in a location that allows the installation of a 18 foot in diameter ground plan. If that is not possible, use a dipole antenna instead. Yes, I realize there is an impedance mismatch, but that can be tuned out with an SWR meter. This must be a homemade antenna. If there is not a tall building, or hill close by in the direction one wishes to communicate with, this will work. If not, increase the height of both the antennas. Note that the radio is both a standard CB ,that also has SSB mode. The radio’s rated output is 4 watts, yet when used in Singe Side Band, this type modulation has an effective rating of about 12 watts. 12 watts can provide reliable communications out to 10 miles, or more in average terrain. However, both radios in the ‘circuit’ need to be CB’s with SSB.

      Option 1

      – No license required.
      – Affordable
      – No programming needed.
      – Can talk with common CB radios
      – Semi secure, as there a few SSB CB in use, and standard CB’s cannot receive an intelligible signal from SSB CB when SSB mode is selected.

      To improve COMSEC (Communication Security), make your own dipole antenna, and mount it horizontally to greatly increase the odds that your communications are secure. Both receiving and transmitting antennas must be mount in the same way to communication at extended distances. This is inexpensive to do, but does require and inexpensive SWR meter, 20 feet or more feet of coaxial cable with a PL259 cable end, or 18 feet of wire, and a some time. This is semi, or bi-directional antenna. The broadside of the antenna should perpendicular to the intended receiving station.

      Another option is GMRS radio. Get a ‘no test’ licenses that covers extended family, and use two 50 watt mobile GMRS radios in the circuit, and mount the antenna on the roof. 25 watts may be needed to cover that distance reliably with a repeater.

      – Easier installation.
      – No programming required.

      – License required
      – This is the least secure radio.

      Option 3

      Use a 8 watt Boafeng with Slim Jim antenna mounted at least 20 feet above ground level. This antenna can be purchased pre-tuned for MURS frequencies. Use one of the five license fee MURS channels. Odds are this will be adequate, if both the receiving and transmitting station use a Slim Jim antenna. A slim jim is a high gain folded 5/8 dipole, with a gain of at least 1.5 DB. Use RG8x or heavier cable and ERP, or power out at the antenna will be at least if not more, 10 watts after a lengthy cable run. 10 watts on high band VHF can easily go a distance of 10 miles with an externally antenna mounted on a roof top. I can hit repeaters 80 miles away with this set up, even Cranbrook, Canada with a such an antenna, and a * 4 * watt, instead of an 8 watt Boafeng.
      The supply of Boafengs may however dry up given the disruption caused by 2019-nCov (Covid-19).

      I much prefer the Slim Jim over the j-pole, as a 4:1 air choke is not required, and it has a wider band with, and possible higher gain, but it must be mounted at least 20 feet up to get the potential higher gain out of it that is might have over the J-pole. I would not use a J-pole unless the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) could be confirmed.

      This is the antenna.

      Meet it’s maker, KB9VBR. Excellent customer service with prices I cannot beat. Yet I’ve made piles of these, and can do fine tuning to take advantage of it’s considerable and advantageous bandwidth. The J- pole do have their place tho….

      – Least expensive option
      – No license required
      – Common Prepper frequency
      – Dual purpose as the radio can act as a slow scanner of Emergency Services to GMRS/FRS radio traffic, and Ham Bands.

      – Relatively easy programming of at least one frequency, using the VFO (Variable Frequency Oscillator) mode required.
      – Additional programming to access the full potential of the radio can be problematic without the use of Chirp software, and a programming cable with the proper chip set.
      – Less secure than SSB CB.
      – License free channels limited to the 5 MURS frequencies as compared to the 80 upper and lower side band frequencies of the SSB CB.

  14. The virus warrants doing what you can to avoid catching it. So far, it appears to spread by contact, droplets and aerosol. A person can be contagious before and after symptoms are present. The incubation period is days to 3+ weeks. The best available numbers give the death rate at over 12 percent with serious level patients going to almost 50 percent if the hospitals are overrun. Only a couple of countries have numbers that are close to being accurate until the reporting stopped. The CDC has left the U.S. almost defenseless against the virus in our country as they are not testing to slow the spread. (No confirmed cases=no pandemic). I feel there is a lot of potential for this to get nasty in this country with all of the head-in-the-sand mentality and lack of brotherly love. Indeed, the shortages are coming whether we get the virus or not.

  15. Here in NE Ohio, and using thyroid med, I get the doc to write a year long script, which I take to different places to get the best price, which has varied tremendously. I also have the doc to email the script to the in house pharmacy, which usually costs more but convenient. I tell her that the in house pharmacy frowns on the written script, which they do. I do this all the same day. Walmart is $34 for the year, which I pay cash. In house was $142 for the year, with insurance. I get both, dollar cost averaging. I have an 8 year supply in a dark, cool, dry area. I ask for sealed original bottles, which usually contain 90 pills. Sometimes I have to come back to pick as they don’t have 360 pills in sealed bottles on hand. Always check bag before leaving as they have shorted me. No problems with doing this as I pay cash and they want to sell. Thyroid meds last many years as long as kept cool,dry,dark.

        1. Read up on the Salk Polio vaccine and you will never take another. There is a reason vaccines have “perfect immunity” under the law and it is not because they are safe or effective. Next time your doctor wants to give you a vaccine have him sign a admission of liability if it’s safe and effective he should sign.

  16. If you don’t believe that Cov19 is a threat go to the website “90 Miles From Tyranny” and view the video posted Friday 2/21/20 titled,

    “Raw Footage From China On The Extent Of The Corona Virus – From Noor”.

    Some of the scenes in this video have already been posted on Survival Blog or Modern Survival, but those links are no longer active. If you think that the Chinese would quarantine tens of millions of citizens and shut down their factories for the simple flu then you are mistaken.

    Boys and girls this is the real thing. May God help us all. This country is beginning to wake up. The readers of these pages are the canaries in the coal mine. You have been awake for months. FINISH YOUR PREPS NOW! Enough said. A word to the wise. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    1. Linked scrubbed. Thanks for trying. The black will be total! What perplexes me about this virus is the early video showing persons collapsing and suddenly dying. There is a lot we do not know, and some nasty surprises headed this way.

  17. One estimate from experts is that the virus will become pandemic worldwide and in the U.S. perhaps 70% of the population will catch it. This will include people who wear masks. wash their hands a 100 times a day and stay inside of their locked home. To put it simply there are no effective measures you can take with a virus that is highly contagious. No furnace filter or mask is going to stop 100% of the virus and you cannot realistically perform all of the preventative measure 24/7 for the next couple of years. If it becomes pandemic the odds heavily favor you getting it regardless of your cautionary measures.

    1. Agree. It is going to be exceedingly difficult avoid infection even if self quarantined somewhere near here in the mountains of Montana. That is why I am also considering the limited available home remedies discussed in the past few weeks. My goal is to remain self isolated, and uninfected for as long as possible, and perhaps passed the peak of Covid-19 (2019-nCoV) life cycle, as more remedies might be discovered with experience with this virus.

  18. The DOW did not even kiss the 200 MDA good bye. Good Luck with stop losses, cause we are not even half way to the bottom. The President’s Plunge Protection team is probably controlling the fall. Those who left when Mr. Amazon (Bezos) did were smart. Total capitulation like this might take it very low, likely to half. There is just too much volume to manipulate this, so closing the market may be necessary. Glad I do not give investment advice.

  19. I’d like to lay out some questions, ones that may have already been asked about the virus, but I have overlooked.
    1. Why has China taken such extreme measures in isolating so many people and shutting down factories, etc. having a serious impact on their economy, when they have proven in the past little to no regard for their own people?
    2. How is it that for a new variant of a virus that “confirmed” cases are reported, even in some of the developing countries? How is even testing available when I read that some tests by the CDC are not accurate?
    3. Even though the virus is more contagious than the flu, yearly the flu kills many people, yet we do not hear of quarantine measures?

    To me the whole thing smells.

    Is it because the powers that be (TPTB) know this is much worse than the public is told?
    Is it a tool of the globalist to force an economic crisis with a more globalist solution? The whole climate change load of bs has not rendered the desired results of nations giving up their sovereignty.

    One thing I can assure anyone is that the crisis will be used to advance a reduction in liberty, forced vaccinations, tracking of people’s movements, prohibition of such travel and a general increase in surveillance. The fear mongering will be used to that end. We live in a quite remote area as is and just last week at a doctor’s visit for a completely unrelated issue my wife was asked about her recent travel, where and how long she was there.

    I for one trust nothing when it seems that all the nations are working together to accomplish anything, I mean when does that ever happen.

    Just my 3 cents

  20. Does the fact that the US gov appears to be doing zero to prevent/contain the spread, in effect hastening it, raise the question of some kind of kabuki dance party? Is it a controlled takedown? Is Trump playing quantum chess? Doubt it. Deep state? Is .gov really this incompetent? CDC budget is over $5B a year and they cant figure out test kits,… right. Clearly Trump’s priority is keeping the everything bubble inflated until Nov. 4, but reality may have other plans.

    Dont look to these people for solutions- have a plan.

  21. It’s time to stop quibbling about the Wuhan China Flu.
    Whether it will be an extensive >killing pandemic is still in the future. People should acquire the recommended preps they need.

    Survivalblog has excellent prepping recommendations. People posting here are providing good information, and good recommendations. Tunnel Rabbit is providing very useful information. The people at SurvivalBlog management are too.

    There is good information WARNING AGAINST using too much ‘medicinal oils’ in a ‘steamer’ to help with breathing; a chemical type of pneumonia can develop with too much oil, which ends up in the lungs. This may create an avenue for even more serious problems.

    Stay with SurvivalBlog for the latest updates, and Trustworthy Information.

    This is a very ~peculiar Flu outbreak. … The FAKE NEWS may be hyping this Wuhan Flu to create panic, and to also politically damage Trump.

    BUT, this information seems to be true:

    1. Supposedly the Flu outbreak started in China sometime in December 2019. Then in January 2020, the Wuhan Flu is spreading around the world.

    2. On January 30, 2020, the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization declared the outbreak [of Wuhan Flu] a “public health emergency of international concern.

    3. President Trump at the same time: “The Trump administration is issuing a mandatory quarantine for U.S. citizens who’ve visited Hubei province in the last 14 days and denying entry to foreign nationals who “pose a risk of transmitting” the virus in the U.S., administration officials said in declaring the coronavirus a public health emergency.
    “Any US citizen returning to the United States who has been in the Hubei province in the previous 14 days will be subject to up to 14 days of mandatory quarantine to ensure they’re provided proper medical care and health screening,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said.”

    At this point ~>7 people were know to have Wuhan Flu in the USA. At this time a lot of ‘fellow travelers’ with Communist China were complaining about Trump.

    4. Many Democrats are now saying, ‘Trump is too slow about stopping the Wuhan Flu. + We need more ~Free Stuff from the government!’ = Just maybe there is an intentional desire to create panic in the USA.

    5. Today is 2/27/2020. It’s in the news that people are dying from the Wuhan Flu around the world. China has been sending Chinese workers everywhere, for years.

    Is the Wuhan Flu super dangerous? It seems to be spreading rapidly with deadly effects.
    a. Just maybe, the Wuhan Flu is super dangerous.
    b. Or, China kept this Flu secret, until people slipped out of China taking the Wuhan Flu with them. The Flu may have been spreading prior to information from China. BUT, WE HAVE all seen the drastic measures implemented by China in Wuhan.

    We do know for sure, SurvivalBlog has up to date Trustworthy information, and excellent advice about surviving any possible pandemic. It’s time to prep more than ever. Prepping is NOT for entertainment like camping for fun; prepping is for possible life or death events.

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