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DSV was the first of several readers to mention this: Secession in the Pacific Northwest? Some Oregon residents petition to join Idaho. JWR’s Comment: If the Idaho and Oregon’s legislatures are agreeable to a Greater Idaho, then I’m agreeable to a Grander American Redoubt. (And beachfront property for Idaho!)

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Here is some video commentary from Vincent James: Oregon Counties Trying to SECEDE to Idaho While Virginia Secession Talks ESCALATE.

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Greater Idaho movement wants to ask Douglas County voters to leave Oregon for Gem State

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Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit — and some new judges are causing a ‘shock wave’


You’ve gotta love Idaho: Idaho girl, 11, brings AR-15 rifle to gun legislation hearing

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A new listing near Grangeville, at my #1 Son’s spin-off site: Idaho Homestead with solar power on 33 acres

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Case of missing children tied to doomsday beliefs, three deaths. Digging in to this news, this just gets more strange.

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Take a look at this company that I just heard about, headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho: Bright Lights Solar


While Montana farmers, ranchers tout new water rule, others are wary

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Lincoln Ranger District helps injured Bald Eagle. JWR’s Comment: Picking up an injured eagle is a risky maneuver! Be careful out there, folks.

Eastern Oregon

City of Bend starts giving notice to homeless living on Juniper Ridge

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FBI offers reward for shooters who damaged Midstate substation

Eastern Washington

Spokane: Four coronavirus patients at Sacred Heart were Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers

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Pasco PD release body cam footage from stabbing of officers, deadly shooting. A quote:

“The Pasco Police Department has released footage from the night officers fatally shot an 18-year-old man who stabbed two officers last winter.

Police said Alejandro Betancourt-Mendoza, 18, stabbed Ofcs. Ben Boykin and Kierra Peoples while responding to a report of a theft involving cell phones on Dec. 14 near 18th Drive and Jay Street.

The video shows Pasco police officers Kierra Peoples and Ben Boykin responding to the home after the 911 call.

Betancourt-Mendoza was known to carry a pocket knife.

Body camera video shows the suspect putting his hands in his pockets and officers tried to detain him.

During the chaos as Betancourt-Mendoza was resisting, his cousin, Martin Mendoza, charged at officers. Officer Jason Griffin, who was also inside the home, attempted to control him.

When Betancourt-Mendoza broke loose from the officers, he grabbed a knife and slashed both Peoples and Boykin. That’s when Boykin shot Betancourt-Mendoza. Two gunshots could be heard in the bodycam footage.”


State leaders are looking to buy 1 million acres of land in southern Wyoming

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Less Than Zero: Scores of Wyoming Places Log Temps in the Minus Teens to Minus 30s. A snippet:

“Taking top, or rather bottom, honors was minus 36 in Daniel in Sublette County, followed by minus 34 in Grant Village in Yellowstone National Park, followed by Fossil Butte National Monument in Lincoln County with minus 31.

“The high pressure and clear skies brought the second consecutive morning of the frigid temperatures, according to the National Weather Service.”

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  1. I like it cold, but it gets problematic when it is too cold to do things. I’ve used a number of rigs that won’t put enough hot air on the windshield to keep it from frosting on the inside completely. Eyelashes freeze together when you blink without sufficient protection. Jeans will get stiff from the perspired moisture they absorb from your body. None of your barnyard animals can take that kind of cold. Water consumption will increase as there is no moisture in the air. Inadequately insulated piping in the walls of your house will freeze up. Living in Alaska makes you have to consider such things. I reckon anywhere it gets that cold is gonna be the same mindset.

  2. On the Diamond Princess passengers. Now some that test positive with no outward signs or just a cough were transported to alabama. I really don’t understand why people are being moved around. If brought back maybe if not sent home, they should be kept and not moved around so more can be exposed. The Italy story is odd. This whole situation with Corona is very strange. I guess the Bill Gates ‘map of spread’ presented in October leaves an odd spin on it. And now popping up,like Italy and Iran, in places otherwise not in direct contact with the virus.

    1. Anonymous, IMHO, people have to start looking at this with a totally different mindset now that we are this far along and know what we know.

      One of the research papers I read this morning said that 16% of people who get the common flu never even show symptoms, they are just carriers and spreaders. (The same is true with Covid-19 but we don’t know the rate.) So unless the CDC is testing every suspected person, they are not going to catch every case. Plus they have admitted that their test kits were faulty and had to be recalled from the states. So forget about any illusions of containing this in the U.S., it’s a foregone conclusion that it will reach epidemic proportions here. The CDC knows that and so does every state department of health.

      We as individuals have to accept that too.

      We as individuals have to understand that coronaviruses are common critters and there are 4 different ones that cause 15-30% of the common colds in America every year. And there are 7 different coronaviruses that cause sickness in humans including SARS and MERS, and NONE of them have vaccines, so it is going to take a long time, if ever, to develop one.

      We also need to understand that this Covid-19 is acting a heck of a lot like the other 4 that cause the common cold (as far as how easily they are spread) so we can probably assume that Covid-19 will be with us for a long time. There have already been some reports of reinfections (not many though so too early to tell) so if that’s the case, then it’s just like the common cold where immunity doesn’t last long. That means this Covid-19 will just be one more coronavirus floating around the population every year in addition to the other 4 that have been with us since forever causing the common cold. The main difference will be that this one has a death rate more like the flu does, except higher. But we’re still not sure what that rate is yet. In another 2 weeks, data from Italy, Korea, Japan and the Diamond Princess will help us hone in better on the mortality rate.

      Each one of us will almost certain get this virus eventually, regardless of what we are doing to prevent it. (Eventually being the key word.) You can’t hole up in self-isolation for three years over something with a 2% death rate, something that will probably prove to be as common as the common cold. Don’t get me wrong, I’m saying when the epidemic hits the U.S., I’m going to be doing everything I can to avoid getting it, mostly self-isolation. Many diseases evolve into less virulent forms as they progress. But it looks like it’s shaping up to be another “common cold” type of CoV with deadlier effects, but that will be with us for many years to come. It’s not going away like SARS and MERS. So after the epidemic wanes, and we all relax, we’ll probably end up with it sometime in the future, eventually.

      Now that I’m looking at the CoV in a different light, based on other factors like my age, I’m asking myself how all this information and these conclusions affects my personal preps now? Now the #1 item on my wish list is an oxygen concentrator. If I’m almost certainly going to get Covid-19, and maybe end up with pneumonia, that’s going to be the thing I’ll want most. I have a great immune system and would hopefully be one of the mild cases of Covid-19, but for a few hundred bucks it would be a good investment, have good resale value if never needed, and might be something one of my friends or neighbors could be in need of if the epidemic got really nasty.

      Just some things to think about.

      1. Good idea to just accept the fact that many of us will get, and recover from Covid-19. But an oxygen concentrator is one thing that can help home recovery. I’ve been looking at several low cost PSA (pressure swing adsorption) units. From $225 to $375 on Amazon. Has anyone any experience with these? Is seems a reasonable item to add after other first aid supplies are safely in the closet.

        1. I bought a proper 120 VAC Respironics EverFlo “home health” style O2 concentrator, used, on Craigslist for just $175. Those are built to last for YEARS. All that I needed to complete it was a replacement filter, a dozen cannulas, and a couple of masks. (All very inexpensive.) I have a feeling that used “home health” style O2 concentrators will disappears from the market in the next few weeks, so jump on one, soon.

          1. I have the IQ of gunpowder when it comes to medical appliances. I wish there was a write-up about these somewhere! 🙂 Most of the ones on Amazon only have one or two customer reviews so not even worth clicking on.

  3. From the Spokane CoV story link:

    “Spokane County Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz said the patients were transported to the Spokane International Airport from Travis Air Force Base near Sacramento, California.
    “It is no risk to the general population. I will emphasize that as much as I possibly can,” Lutz said at a press conference.

    Lutz added that health officials say the risk of contracting the coronavirus for people living throughout the United States is “low.”

    This is more misinformation from another government official. We’re not getting any more truth out of the CDC or our government at any level than the Chinese government was doling out.

    But, it’s not relevant. What do you expect from government. If you run your life off statistical probabilities, then here is what is most likely going to happen. This is the best synopsis I’ve seen to date based on the dozens of papers I’ve read in medical and science journals. This is from The Atlantic, written by an M.D., so very readable.

  4. Re. coronavirus
    One thing WE DO KNOW. It is much more than a medical event. By all definitions COVID-19 IS A BLACK SWAN EVENT.

    No one can predict exactly how it will affect us. That said, if we haven’t already given it much thought to our specific situations and prepared accordingly, NOW would be a good time to do so.

    1. I agree and have said so since this first made the news. It is a dangerous situation in my opinion. It seems to be being used to control the masses. While I feel it is a disease we do not want to be around, it just seems to be controlling people by governments more so than anything in the near past.

    2. Lot of money, time and resources and worry power being spent on a ” non event”. For all u “it’s just a flu”.. Go volunteer to help those in the Kabuki Theater Haz Mat suits, after 30 days, send us your report via Skype. Do NOT deliver it in person.
      Control factor by .gov?
      Most avg IQ containers cannot control themselves in a socially responsible manner, just watch them hock a lougi at the gas pump, or on the sidewalk…used to be a fine for that activity and for good reason.
      The trouble with Corona-Chan, is she is not discriminating…gonna spread the love to all, and take a bite out of your pocket book on the way by.

      1. It is a bad cold. It most likely is control of the populations. San Francisco just declared a state of emergency with NO cases. All of this has to be put into perspective. Hopefully it dies itself out like Sars did. The spring and More Vitamin D from the sun usually helps with many flu like problems.

  5. The article on Trump appointees is very interesting. The liberal 9th circuit court is getting pushed back on it’s heals by the many new Trump appointees. This court is the appellate court for 9 western states including Washington, Oregon and Idaho. We tend to think mainly of California. It’s worth at least perusing this article to see what has been happening under the radar. Way to go DJT!

  6. The issue with COVID isn’t so much the disease. The statements that basically say we will go from having a “cold and flu” season to a “cold and flu and COVID season” seem correct. This isn’t the killer pandemic that will destroy civilization.

    The real problem is the knock on economic effects. Essentially, the world’s factory, China, is shut down. Similar issues with transportation, travel industry, etc. This is more about this being an economic pandemic that will wreak havoc with our just in time delivery systems, stock market, derivatives market, etc. That has the potential to do real damage.

    The average person who has invested in their workplace retirement funds — and frankly most people don’t put much effort into their investment choices or monitoring them — those people are going to have some real hurt when they see 20 or 30 percent loss in their accounts — and no time in the workplace to make that up. And in general people don’t get much choice in that. I’d love to get my employer to pay retirement contributions in silver in my hand — but the majority of choices mutual funds mostly tied to expected retirement date.

    1. I forget the details, but there are retirement vehicles that allow investment into non-traditional items, such as rental property. You may well find one that allows you to invest in precious metals.

  7. COVID 19

    Not much is being said about the current CFR in Iran, which currently stands at +/- 20%, this is much higher than other areas where we are looking at 2 – 4%. Does this mean a mutation, or incorrect figures? This remains to be seen.

    We have the CDC and other health agencies plainly stating today for the US to prepare for community spread of the virus here. And as i have been saying, this will be with us forever. The first couple of years will be the hardest and our first wave may be very bad.
    The Spanish flu of 1918 had a CFR of 2% and killed almost 100 million people world wide, this at a time when the majority of people traveled to other countries by boat!
    If the government starts shutting down businesses, and closes schools ( which I hope happens in a timely manner), then what happens to the majority of us who are not millionaires/billionaires and need an income to pay mortgages, car payments and other obligations? I think we all need to contact our government officials and tell them if this scenario happens then they need to declare a moratorium on these bills until things are better and people get back to work. Today I started by calling the governor of Texas ( who I fully support), I talked with a person in his office, I was told this was not something they have a plan for, and that maybe I needed to call my mortgage company to see what they will do!!! Fortunately I do not have a mortgage. I absolutely know what a mortgage co/bank would say……you are in foreclosure, oh and by the way, someone will be by later to pick up your car. The governors office also suggested I call the CDC, that this may be up to them!
    I did call the CDC, talked to a very nice lady who put me on hold to look up this answer (I knew this would not be a decision made by the CDC, but wanted to see how many times I would be passed to different places). The lady said this was not an answer they have but was emailing my questions to higher ups, and would have an answer in7 – 10 days. I then called Sen. Cornyn’s office (who again I fully support), and talked to someone who told me “these are very good questions”, which she did not have an answer for, but would talk to the Senator. I then called the White House line (I’m sorry, but I have very little faith in a president who says we have this under control, and not to worry because spring will be here soon and this will go away, warmer temps……you know) and asked them is there a continuity plan for average citizens?
    I strongly suggest we all need to consider this and contact our government officials.
    Believe me GOG (continuity of government) has many plans for them to survive such a disaster.

  8. Rush Limbaugh on the Wuhan virus.

    I agree with Rush and the commenters above. The CoVid-19 (Wuhan virus or Wuhan flu) is just another version of the common cold virus, also a corona virus. In America, every year, 60,000 Americans die from the flu. The death rate is still only 3% or less. The death rate from Wuhan virus is only 3% or less. I just don’t want to be part of that 3%. The death rate from the flu vaccine is also in the 1 to 3% range because taking the vaccine often gives you the flu.

    The deaths aren’t actually caused by the flu. The deaths are caused by the pneumonia that folks with the flu often come down with. CoVid-19 deaths are also caused by pneumonia that comes as a result of contracting CoVid-19.

    Taking the precautions you would normally take during flu season should be enough to keep you and your families safe.

    Side note: Like Rush, I also believe the ChiComs were attempting to weaponize the common cold and it got away from them. Their Bio-weapons laboratory is in, wait for it, Wuhan.

    1. I think Rush Limbaugh is missing the point with this. There’s going to be a high mortality rate among old people so it’s going to be way worse than the flu, and a lot more people are going to be coming down with it. It’s going to be a major epidemic. It’s going to happen on Trump’s watch, and as such, he’s going to get the blame for it.

      The CDC has pretty much blown it every step of the way so far and that will make it even easier for the press to crucify Trump, but the truth is, there is no possible way that an epidemic here could have been prevented. When you have symptomless carriers, and modern air travel, etc, there is just no way to prevent an epidemic here or anywhere else. That’s the ugly truth. But nobody wants to believe that and they will crucify Trump for not doing enough.

      It’s going to be an interesting election in November…if it isn’t called off due to the epidemic.

      1. Regardless of whether the mortality rate is higher or lower than the flu, I don’t think there is much the CDC, the WHO, or anyone else can do much at this stage to prevent CoVid-19 from spreading, regardless of how prepared they are. Eventually it will be here (if it is not already) and our numbers will zoom upward. Watching the pandemic spread through Europe, will be educational as I expect it will hit there first due to their open borders and the rising numbers in Italy.

        We are on our own, as we often are, and we can probably do more individually to prevent ourselves and our loved ones from getting the Wuhan coronavirus than any government body can do.

        IMHO the CDC needs to do everything they can to ensure our advanced medical system is prepared to handle high numbers of potentially infected patients without getting swamped and overrun. We should learn from Wuhan and see that patients are not turned away due to a lack of test kits or available beds and that medical personnel are not endangered because of insufficient PPE availability.

        My fear is that reaction (or over-reaction) to the virus may do more harm to our economy, our freedoms, and our country than the virus itself. If it’s bad, it will change us and we need to be prepared for that.

        1. Seems the CDC has lower funding that all the democrats seemed to echo last night between infighting. An blamed Trump. So who knows the real motive. Never let a crisis whether real or exaggerated go to waste. I’m more concerned about freedoms and the destruction of the economy. It’s odd that our CDC never promotes vitamins/herbs to help keep our immune system strong. Vitamin C infusions are very helpful and all but ignored. Vaccines always the hero and expensive side effect drugs. (Most of them Made in China.)

  9. On secession:

    There needs to be a realignment of state borders. There also needs to be more states. We don’t necessarily need to add parts of Canada or Mexico. We need to subdivide many of the states we already have. Here are just a few examples:

    Michigan should be divided into 4 or maybe 5 states;

    California, also 4 states (maybe more);

    New York, 3 or 4 states;

    Virginia, part to West Virginia and part a separate autonomous state, and then a much smaller Virginia.

    You can look at your state and see the same thing.

  10. There was an interesting you tube interview with Dr. Bruce Ayleward on Global News this morning. Coronavirus outbreak: WHO expert says countries must shift mindset to virus preparedness. Dr. Ayleward is just returning from China and offers some interesting insights into what is happening there. He does state that he is not speaking for the WHO organization. He warns that we must start thinking that this could happen tomorrow and be prepared. One of the take aways for me is the fact that I don’t think our health facilities are capable of handling a massive outbreak, and I believe we do have some great facilities. The logistics are mindblowing when you think about ventilators, Cat Scan capabilities, PPE, personnel etc. Our bureaucrats all seem to be dragging their feet, and the average Joe out there is not even awakened to the fact this is knocking on their doorstep. Not having testing kits in every state is just not acceptable to me. We have had time to get this right. On a different note, since I have not seen this mentioned on this site by anyone. Last Thursday on Martin Armstrong’s blog, he mentioned that the FBI had just bought $40,000, worth of face masks and hand sanitizers, to be distributed throughout the states, in case of a Pandemic. Wonder who paid that bill??

  11. SewNurse,
    I saw that article you mentioned about the FBI and their purchase order. I’m certain that we pay for it ☹️
    I’m prepared, and I will help others if needed

    I did get the oxygen concentrator mentioned here a couple weeks ago . I don’t need it right now but my parents are in their 80’s and its better to have it & never need it, although items like this I believe at going to be scarce soon.

    Try getting a Tyvek suit right now, they are GONE! Glad I got mine weeks and months ago. Same with masks, ect
    Take care

  12. The CDC’s annual stats on plain vanilla influenza are fantasy, with only about 15 actual flu deaths confirmed by lab testing in 2017. The rest are conjecture. Basic flu death rate: .1%. So Corona’s 2 to 3% rate is 20 to 30 times basic flu. This will overwhelm the ICUs of every hospital in the US with the cases showing severe symptoms.
    Trump may have believed the initial Chinese numbers for a while (hence the confident statements at first) but it’s obvious by now that the actuals are worse. We don’t get to know how bad it is in China because they won’t let CDC inside to look around. Maybe Italy will be the canary in the coal mine.
    As per Tucker Carlson’s nightly coverage of this, with an MD contributor reporting from Dulles International, Chinese continue to stream into the US from Japan and Europe, passengers often lying about where they were a month ago. From the Chinese airline desk, he reportedly interviewed Chinese passengers checking in to fly home. When asked how they were going to get back into the US, they said, “That’s none of your business.”
    So the influx of Chinese into the US continues, but on a smaller scale. It is coming here whether we like it or not.
    The advice above to obtain oxygen generators is good, particularly for the older generation. It’s now on my list!

  13. The CDC needs to be renamed to Center for Disease Spreading,none of their actions have been to control but to spread sickness and HYSTERIA(82% mild symptoms>3% serious symptoms low mortality-less than influenza). From the Japanese creating a “Plague Ship”(no seperation/segregation/isolation) just concentrating to spread illness then sending the infected globally like plague rats with full cooperation of Government “Health Care” systems instead of proper quarantine procedures. The US/CDC tried to cover up by shipping to military bases that could appropriatly treat/quarantine the cases but were just transshipment points to spread illness. Only Costa Mesa has been successful in stopping this (shipping infected to the middle of LA/Orange Co, to a closed residential facility with no medical facilites much less quarantine capability) attempt to cause pandemic. Someone may think there are too many “useless eaters” and as Rahm Emmanuel said”Never let a crisis go to waste”. Remember this is less virulent than influenza,can be treated with normal means(zinc,vitamins,chicken soup) and DON’T PANIC.

  14. Exactly. So true. It’s all about control and forced vaccines etc. They do not tell of natural methods or how intravenous Vitamin C helps. Just panic and control. We really have to step back and think clearly.

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