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“The American military experience in World War I and the influenza pandemic were closely intertwined. The war fostered influenza in the crowded conditions of military camps in the United States and in the trenches of the Western Front in Europe. The virus traveled with military personnel from camp to camp and across the Atlantic, and at the height of the American military involvement in the war, September through November 1918, influenza and pneumonia sickened 20% to 40% of U.S. Army and Navy personnel. These high morbidity rates interfered with induction and training schedules in the United States and rendered hundreds of thousands of military personnel non-effective. During the American Expeditionary Forces’ campaign at Meuse-Argonne, the epidemic diverted urgently needed resources from combat support to transporting and caring for the sick and the dead. Influenza and pneumonia killed more American soldiers and sailors during the war than did enemy weapons.” – Carol R. Byerly, PhD., from the introduction to her paper The U.S. Military and the Influenza Pandemic of 1918–1919


  1. CoVid-19 Videos:

    If reinfection occurs, a severe and sudden cytokine storm can cause near sudden death, perhaps by heart attack. This more reason to be self quarantined. One might survive the first infection, but perhaps not the second infection that is not necessarily apart of a second wave, but back to back infections. My hope is that as time passes, the virus will eventually mutate into a less deadlier form in the next few years. Or perhaps, after a massive die off from famine due a total financial collapse, there would be natural fire break between populations.

    Double header, Mike Adams and Mad Max Keiser on Alex Jones Feb 16, 2020

    And more from Mike Adams:

    “First, the CDC appears to be preparing America for an announcement of a “community outbreak” in the USA. Our best analysis puts the first outbreak in Hawaii.”

    “Could coronavirus outbreaks in the USA alter the outcome of the 2020 election? Current outbreak trends say it will.”

    California lab says it discovered Coronavirus Vaccine in 3 hours?

  2. Mike Adams, any college kid in a microbiology/biotechnology class can come up with a vaccine. But they require months animal testing followed by more months of human testing and 99.9% of them don’t work in the end. 17 years after the SARS outbreak, which was also a coronavirus, there is still no working vaccine.

    There are many different ways to create a vaccine. They all involve setting up labs which let you study dangerous, virulent organisms and people will accuse you of having a bio-warfare lab. Sometimes you can create a vaccine by just killing the virus/bacteria and injecting that into a host. Sometimes you can inject a weakened version of the virus into a host, those are called attenuated viruses. With today’s more advanced technology, you can bio-engineer a few changes into the virus to make it less lethal and use that to create the vaccine, or just use certain portions of the virus to create the vaccine. As part of your research, you may want to bring in some animals to help with the testing, or maybe bring in some animals like bats that can carry around these coronaviruses without getting sick themselves to study them and see how they are doing that. If you can figure that out, it may help you create something that humans can use to either create a vaccine or some other medication or gene therapy to help them combat the virus as well.

    And if your country happens to be doing a lot of business in Africa, and doing a 21st century colonization of that continent, trying to bring goods and services to an entire continent that everyone else has written off, then all this research is even more important since so many diseases like Ebola crop there on a regular basis. If your research can help bring and end to some of the misery and suffering there so more people can buy your goods and services, than that’s a big plus too.

    The downside is, anytime an outbreak occurs in China, people will look at your virology labs and call them bio-warfare labs and accuse you of all sorts of nefarious schemes when all you were actually working on was a vaccine for SARS, or trying to understand why bats can carry cornoaviruses around without getting sick, or trying to understand coronaviruses to better prepared for the next outbreak. But if you want to find all bio-warfare labs, you have to look much farther west.

  3. [US] SENATOR COTTON [Arkansas~Republican]: = CHINA REFUSING TO HAND OVER EVIDENCE ABOUT WUHAN BIOLAB. New report says lab was likely source of coronavirus outbreak.

    “Senator Tom Cotton says that China is refusing to hand over evidence concerning the bio-safety level 4 research lab in Wuhan despite a new report from biological scientists at the South China University of Technology saying it may have been the source of the coronavirus outbreak.”

    “During an appearance on Fox News, Cotton told Maria Bartiromo that new evidence confirmed the source of the virus was not the meat market in Wuhan.”

    “Here is what we do know. This virus did not originate in the Wuhan animal market,” said Cotton. “Epidemiologists who are widely respected from China published a study in the international journal Lancet have demonstrated that several of the original cases did NOT have any contact with that food market. The virus went into that food market before it came out of that food market. So we don’t know where it originated… We also know that only a few miles away from that market is China’s only bio-safety Level Four Super Laboratory that researches human infectious diseases.” …

    “Cotton also accused China of consistently blocking American scientists from traveling to Wuhan to assist in discovering the origins of the virus.”

    “A new report by scientists at the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou, China concludes that “the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.”

    “One of the laboratories named in the report which was conducting research on bat coronavirus was located just 280 meters from the site of the Wuhan meat market.”

    “For weeks, the media has demonized anyone who suggested the lab could have been responsible for the coronavirus outbreak as a dangerous conspiracy theorist peddling fake news.”

    “However, now that CNN/NY Times journalist Ezra Cheung tweeted precisely that yesterday, one wonders whether they will begin to change their tune.” [InfoWars 2/17/2020]
    Check out SurvivalBlog for recommended preps for possible pandemics. ~>TunnelRabbit commenting above is consistently providing updated Wuhan, China/Covid-19 Flu ~>updates.
    Woe to us, if we don’t have the necessary preparations, if and when TunnelRabbit isolates 24/7.

    There is still conflicting information on the Internet >about, ‘who might’ disastrously become afflicted with the Wuhan Flu. … Any Flu is dangerous for the old, very young and the sick. … [Stay with SurvivalBlog. Check out the recommendations for Water Filtration Systems too!]

    1. Ask Senator Cotton if he would allow the Chinese into our BLS-4 lab at Ft. Detrick if they thought a virus escaped from there?

      Ask Senator Cotton if he knows a coronavirus from his left elbow?

      Tell Senator Cotton Americans on a cruise ship in Japan are getting sick and they had no contact with China, they just had contact with someone who had contact with someone else in the chain of events. That means it’s not relevant that some of the original cases had no contact with the Wuhan fish market, only that they had contact with someone or something who did at some point along the chain of events.

      Ask Senator Cotton if the BLS-4 lab at Ft. Detrick is open yet, they were closed down last summer by the CDC for failure to meet basic bio-safety standards.

      Tell Senator Cotton when he gets his own country’s house in order when it comes to BLS-4 labs and making bio-weapons then he can go beat up on the Chinese.

      If this coronavirus escaped from a lab, or was from a wild animal sold at the Wuhan fish market, it’s still in all probability just a naturally occurring bat coronavirus, not a bioweapon. One of the biolabs in Wuhan studies why bats are able to carry coronaviruses without getting sick. That’s a perfectly innocent, perfectly legitimate thing to be studying that would help understand things like SARS and future outbreaks.

      The other thing Zero Hedge keeps forgetting to mention is that they got banned from Twitter for posting an innocent Chinese scientist’s phone number and email address and hinting that people harass him, not for posting conspiracy theories. He’s a nerdy guy studying why bats can survive coronaviruses, not some evil mad scientist creating the next bioweapon to unleash virological Armageddon.

      Please, stop taking Zero Hedge’s stories at face value. Follow their links, read the original scientific papers yourself and most of the time you can see where they are pulling your leg.

      1. How To Deal With the Chinese Communists

        “First, you have to discover what the Chinese Communists think. From this you can piece together their agenda. Anyone who studies the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and understands the thinking of President Xi Jinping, will also understand that communism is all about destroying capitalism, and destroying the leading capitalist power — America. Anyone who does not understand this, understands nothing.”

      2. St. Funogas, thank you for your reply. However, your comment to me seems to be written without closely reading my comment.

        1. I cited, an InfoWars article, which referred to Fox News and the appearance of Senator Cotton with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News. I didn’t cite Zero Hedge.

        2. Right now the concern is with the Wuhan, China/Covid-19 Flu. All the governments are reacting to this ‘Flu’ as though it might become the start of a deadly pandemic. … [While there may be biological labs in the USA, my comment was about the >Wuhan-Flu.]

        3. The statements made by Senator Cotton should be refuted without insulting Senator Cotton (or even Zero Hedge). … Identifying the origin of the Wuhan-Flu/Covid-19 with trustworthy information would be appreciated. ……… [BLS-4 lab at Ft. Detrick? What does that have to do with the Wuhan China Flu?]

        4. To accurately point out in previous comments by myself and others: = China is a Communist Police State. = They are extraordinary secretive. Plus, the Communist Chinese have a history, and a current record, of disregarding the value of individual human lives.

        People are also pointing-out the pollution in China, the tobacco smoking habits, and the ‘Cleanliness’ of China compared to our more modern America. = There is a relationship between a clean environment, overall Health and susceptibility to ordinary Flu or many other diseases.
        I don’t think it’s ‘Beating-up’ on China to point out the conditions in China, that may lead to a greater contagion and susceptibility to any Flu.

        4. TunnelRabbit and the other commenters here at SurvivalBlog are trying to ascertain the dangers posed by the Wuhan China/Covid-19 Flu. ………. Personally, I appreciate all the information. … This Flu may become a dangerous pandemic. >SurvivalBlog is attempting to provide current and trustworthy news from a lot of sources.

        In my comment, citing InfoWars I quoted this, =
        “For weeks, the media has demonized anyone who suggested the lab could have been responsible for the coronavirus outbreak as a dangerous conspiracy theorist peddling fake news.”

        “However, now that CNN/NY Times journalist Ezra Cheung tweeted precisely that yesterday, one wonders whether they will begin to change their tune.” [InfoWars 2/17/2020]
        ~The FAKE NEWS seems to be releasing the ~inaccurate information, and also ~concealing needed information about the Wuhan China/Covid-19 Flu.~
        [Is the Wuhan-Flu just an ordinary Flu, or has the Wuhan-Flu more dangerous because of a laboratory modification?]

        People need to stay with SurvivalBlog for >current information. A ~small bit of information may later be discovered to be inaccurate, BUT the >current information is never concealed. ~~Any inaccuracies are quickly corrected at SurvivalBlog.

        SurvivalBlog provides an >excellent forum for the latest information about this possible pandemic. There’s an editor at SurvivalBlog that works to ensure the >accuracy of the information here.

        Thank you to TunnelRabbit for providing so much information with links too! Much of TunnelRabbits information is about surviving ~>any Flu or disease outbreak. TunnelRabbit is doing a lot of work for all of us.

        SurvivalBlog’s = “Protecting Your Family From an Influenza Pandemic” was updated 10 years ago. = It’s still timely and valuable; like having a gold coin minted 10 years ago. [Don’t throw out SurvivalBlog information!]

        Stay with SurvivalBlog for information about the Wuhan China/Covid-19 Flu. Be ready to take care of yourself, family and neighbors.
        We know for certain the Dictator of China and the FAKE NEWS people will NOT NOT NOT, show-up in your neighborhood to provide assistance.

        1. Hi GGHD, My apologies, I was quoting the same article as you, just from a different source. Zero Hedge had merely copied the article from Paul Joseph Watson in its entirety. ZH and PJW are two peas in a pod.

          My point was, we should be bringing reputable sources to the table, not know-nothing politicians. Cotton is a lawyer so if somebody wants to quote him on some legal matter, I don’t have a problem with that. But as I stated, unless he was in on it he is not qualified to make a statement like, “Here is what we do know. This virus did not originate in the Wuhan animal market.”

          All the rest of his statements are equally unqualified and he is not somebody who is adding anything useful to the coronavirus discussion. He also wants to do some inspections in China of their labs. How will that fix anything at this point? It won’t. It doesn’t matter what the origin is, that’s just a scientific curiosity right now. He’s acting like there’s a big cover up going on. If there were, they would destroy any evidence long before American inspectors showed up. So why bother? My point about Ft. Detrick was that since Cotton is an former military officer, I doubt he would let any Chinese inspectors into the Ft. Detrick BLS-4 lab yet he is making a big fuss because they won’t let him access theirs. Double standard. And we make far more bioweapons than every other country combined.

          Cotton is just another politician and he doesn’t care any more about me or you than Chairman Xi does. I’m well aware of China and their history and I know what goes on there.

          Like I keep saying people aren’t interested in the truth, they want the Tom Cotton/National Enquirer version because it makes better headlines and a more interesting read. There’s a lot of good science out there that addresses the things you mentioned but people prefer the Daily Mail and Paul Watson sensational stuff.

          Again, my apologies.

          1. St. Funogas, thank you for your reply. Apparently, the two articles were from the same source. … We really won’t know a lot about the Wuhan flu/Covid-19, until enough people outside of China are afflicted.

            Thank God we have SurvivalBlog, and people keeping everyone updated with the available information.

  4. I sincerely hope that everyone has gathered all the supplies that they need because there is not a mask of any kind to be had as of today (I checked 6 different stores today just to see)

    I HAVE heeded the warnings and recommendations from the folks here. Although I was comfortable with the supplies I have, I have been able to supplement my stashes since the first warnings were posted here. (Actually I started gathering items last summer and into fall, just had a feeling that I couldn’t quite pinpoint)

    Unfortunately I will not be able to stay home and quarantine, I need to take care of Mom and Dad. They are unable to take care of themselves without me as they both have Alzheimer’s.
    I have however quarantined them and take great security and safety measures every day when I go to take care of them.

    It actually makes me feel proud that I have the supplies needed to keep them and my own family safe .
    I also discovered when organizing the new supplies, that I had bought full face respirators and lots of canisters a couple years ago. (I had stashed them away when I was focusing on a different area of preparedness)
    So now I have 3 types of face protection (full face, 1/2 face, N95, N100 & full face shields)as well as other PPE items.
    SurvivalBlog definitely taught me to be redundant in preparing, LOL but seriously

    I definitely thanked the Lord!

    I feel confident that I could even help out some of my neighbors if things get really bad (but I never advertise this)

    My point is, heed the warnings that our little community here has pointed out, some items it might be too late to get and I am definitely worried about supply chain disruption, I’m already seeing it, and what will it be like in a few more weeks? Months?

    Praying for everyone

    1. A note about bleach. The chlorine in bleach solutions off gases fairly quick. To guarantee a high enough concentration to kill virus and bacteria reliably, store in a closed container. If used in a 5 gallon bucket as a part of a sick room, use a lid, and replace with fresh solution at least every day. This is another reason to start out with a greater than 10% solution, to ensure that remains strong enough throughout a 24 hour of less period. I believe it is best to schedule a change every 12 hours, that way if the solution is not changed on one shift, it will have most likely been changed at least once in a 24 hour period. Although I will attempt to avoid the virus, odds are I’ll probably have to also wear the survival medic hat as well. A combat medic doesn’t necessarily make for a good nurse.

  5. We will also need a disinfectant of several kind for different situations. Some will be more caustic and unpleasant to use, yet very inexpensive, and some types can be very expensive, yet more tolerable.

    Alcohol 60% solution or stronger, fact acting (seconds).
    Least to most expensive sources are isopropyl (rubbing alcohol), gasoline antifreeze (Heat brand), and 180 proof EverClear (90% alcohol). Lower concentrations might work, but are untested. If there is no other choice, wet and let dry. I would use a convenient and small pocket size spray bottle to spray the face and hair before removing the protective gear. It can also be used to spray gloved hands to reduce the chance of cross contamination with clothing and face. Spray face, then gloved hands and then remove the protection from the face. Personally I would only risk contact if I was force to break my self quarantine.

    10% bleach solution, fast acting (wet and let dry)
    Sources, house hold bleach, calcium hypochlorinate (pool shock, dirt cheap) Suggest a extra strong mix as pool shock comes medium to high concentrations (55 to 75%). Better to be too strong than not strong enough. One level tablespoon per one gallon, and dilute with 9 gallons of water will make a 10%, or stronger bleach solution. One pound makes 320 gallons of 10% + solution. $3.50/lbs.

    Sanifect-128, 1 oz per gallon, makes 32 gallons, slow acting (10 minutes). Pleasant to use, but expensive compared to bleach. Shop around. This one is $86.00 for 32 oz. of concentrate.

    1. I have a question regarding bleach. What is the shelf life of bleach stored in plastic bottles? Can I increase the shelf life if I transfer the bleach to glass bottles immediately after purchase? It’s frustrating that most everything comes in plastic containers now. Should I also be transferring isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to glass containers?

  6. What is the shelf life of bleach stored in plastic bottles?

    – The common assumption is one year because it become weaker, yet if you can use it in it’s weakened state, to wash clothes or clean cutting boards etc, then it can remain useful. Stored in a glass bottle with a rubber stopper, it would last much longer, yet we have no experience with this method and cannot be certain of the concentration after a prolong period of time. For long term storage of ‘bleach’ get Pool Shock, or Calcium Hypochlorate through Amazon or locally. Stored in glass with glass lids with rubber seals, it should last indefinitely. the manufacturer claim 10 years in original packaging. It is also very inexpensive. It can be a bit tricky for some folks to mix up.

    Should I also be transferring isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to glass containers?

    -Anything stored in glass, or if not caustic, metal with an oxygen impermeable, metal, glass, or with rubber or cork seals lids, or stoppers would have a greater shelf life. In general, plastic or polymer lids with slowly allow some gases to escape or be introduced. Alcohol is known to store indefinitely in glass bottles with cork stoppers. I imagine hydrogen peroxide might also store well in the same. BTW, another inexpensive source for alcohol is denatured alcohol in the paint department. It is stored in metal cans with metal lids and should store a very long time. Verify the percentage of alcohol, and beware that is has a petroleum product included to denature (ruin).

  7. Just to wave the False Flag,the outbreak started as the Chinese were caught stealing bioweapons from the Canadian lab in Winnipeg,could they have mishandled it? One more layer of tin foil hat,could the US or Canadians have purposely released the bioweapon(engineered to attack asians) in retaliation and a untraceable attack (dead chinese sell off Vancouver houses cheap). One layer deeper, could the Chinese have released this to allow a economic reset,trillions of yen in bad debts,financial crimes eliminated with a elimination of a large population of hopelessly single males(single child policy) that will be a drag on society in the not too distant future. Please feel free to add any other conspiracy theories.

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