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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, I’m only featuring four article links. All four of them are important reading.

Wuhan Aerosol Transmission?

Reader M.M. spotted this, over at China Daily, that seems to indicate aerosol transmission. Shanghai officials reveal novel coronavirus transmission modes. JWR’s Comment:  If this is true, then unless you have a virtually limitless supply of N95 mask for use at home, then the only safe areas in the event of a global Wuhan pandemic would be very lightly-populated regions. Read between the lines, folks. Oh, and for those of you who live in or near Jackson Hole, Sandpoint, Coeur d’Alene, Glenwood Springs, Gardnerville, Steamboat, Breckenridge Sun Valley, Kapaa, Summit Park, Hot Springs, and Fredericksburg (Texas): You may now expect to the early arrival of your millionaire part-time neighbors off season, this year. Don’t be surprised to see them shopping heavily, for groceries. M.M. also noted: This might explain these video clips.

Good News on Wuhan Transmission?

Reader A.D. sent this good news: Study claiming new coronavirus can be transmitted by people without symptoms was flawed

Collapse: Lessons From Bushfires in Oz

C.B. sent this: No food, no fuel, no phones: Bushfires showed we’re only ever one step from system collapse

The article begins:

“This summer’s bushfires were not just devastating events in themselves. More broadly, they highlighted the immense vulnerability of the systems which make our contemporary lives possible.

The fires cut road access, which meant towns ran out of fuel and fell low on food. Power to towns was cut and mobile phone services stopped working. So too did the ATMs and EFTPOS services the economy needs to keep running.

In a modern, wealthy nation such as Australia, how could this happen?

In answering this question, it’s helpful to adopt “systems thinking.” This approach views problems as part of an overall system, where each part relates to each other.

In other words, we need to look at the big picture.”

Tracking Illegal Immigrants

Reader DSV sent us this: Federal Agencies Use Cellphone Location Data for Immigration Enforcement

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  1. JWR, always advocates moving to a lightly populated area, such as the promised land of the American northwest.

    Many people are not independently wealthy or have funds to move to a place where jobs are going to be limited. Also, as a Christian, we are supposed to be salt and light to the world, and our greatest mission in life is to spread the Gospel. Although, I agree, that heading to the sparsely populated mountains as it were is very appealing, if you simply cannot, then relish the fact that by residing in a more populated area, will allow you more opportunities (more souls) to have an eternal impact on more peoples lives and their eternity.

    If those who are born again die, then so be it, we are going to all die anyway. As much as I want to have a cabin in the wilderness, I also want to use the very brief time we all have on planet earth be the most effective to the Lord in ministering to the unsaved, thus, being able to lay many crowns at the masters feet and do not want to allow fear of things coming to dilute my effectiveness for the things that have eternal value.

    1. Well said.

      It is simple enough when you are a single man.

      When you have a wife and family you have been given charge over, it is slightly more confusing.

      Holding these two things in tension — what’s good for your family and what’s good for the gospel — has always been a concept where I may always feel I’m neglecting one or the other.

      And obviously if we are dead we won’t spread the gospel very far…., but that’s the issue w every evangelistic mission, right.

      Good stuff. A good way to start my Sunday morning.

    2. Paul, I absolutely agree. I have been tossed back and forth on the issue, and would love that “cabin in the woods”. And may God bless those that have that.
      I`m 63, had a leg amputated, and money isn`t in abundance. I know my Lord and Savior, and trust Him for my salvation and future. I am heaven bound!
      So I`ll do what I can here, and pray for all while doing my best as God sees fit.
      Paul said in Philippians 1:21 “For me, to live is Christ, to die is gain”.
      I don`t fear death, or anything man can do to me. Sure I`d love to get out and live more isolated, more free. It`s a worthy goal, but in my heart not for me. I`m not giving up, just getting ready to fight the good fight.
      So I`ll prep for staying in place, and get as far as my Lord brings me.
      Let`s all as Christians bring as many as we can with us to the knowledge and Grace of our Lord while we can, and prosper where our seed has been planted.

    3. While I understand and appreciate the idea that we should be a light to the world, I also think it is important to listen to God. If He is tugging at your heart to leave and you steadfastly refuse based on worry about finances, then fear is coming between you and His will for your life. I was a single mother with no income (alimony, child support, family help, gov’t aid) other than what I earned myself when I moved to the Redoubt, with my child in tow. I did not know anyone here, I certainly did not qualify as wealthy, and I wasn’t sure how the job situation was going to work out. I was definitely worried, anxious, and afraid, but I felt “called” to make that move. I don’t expect that everyone feels this calling and I am certainly not saying that moving is the right thing for you. But, if you do feel this calling, then I am proof that you don’t have to be wealthy to make the move. The cost of living here is considerably lower than many other places in the US, too. The rental home I moved to was a VERY modest one, and I “downgraded” other aspects of my life to make the move happen. My father used to say “the Good Lord doesn’t promise us anything but food, clothing and shelter, and He doesn’t say what kind it’s gonna’ be.” I kept that in mind rather often when I first moved here. In retrospect, I see that God had a plan – a beautiful one. If you are called to move, all I can say is have Faith and hang on tight like you’re on a bucking bull, then start packing…

      1. There is a great joke about a man and a flood.

        The Sherif comes by as the water is ankle deep tells the man to head some where safe. The man says God will provide… The national guard come by when the water is up to the first floor in a boat the man says God will provide. The coast guard come by when the man is on the roof and he still refuses to leave saying God will provide.

        Man drowns meets God says why did you let me drown you were supposed to provide rescue. God responds “I am supposed to provide and I did … I sent the Sherif, the national guard … I even called in the coast guard”

        Funny joke… queue the snaredrums.

        There is a moral in there somewhere.

    4. According to .gov, over 95% of land mass in the US is classified as rural. Less than 20% of the US population lives in rural counties. Some areas are more rural than others and they’re not all located in the redoubt. I suspect that if one was so inclined, it would not be a major challenge to find a rural residence within acceptable budget and commute distance. Everyone has their own priorities, but the message is to avoid population centers whenever possible.

    5. Remember Jesus said “the end of times will be like the time of Noah”. Remember who was raptured off the planet and who was left behind in Noah’s time.

      We the saints are going to go through the tribulation period.

      Don’t quit so early in these end times JWR has it right.

  2. On that New England Journal of Medicine article, this study from two weeks ago in the Lancet would seem to contradict what they are saying and from what I am gathering in the Lancet article, the virus would be transmissable by people who are not showing symptoms.

    The gist of the article is that a family from Shenzhen visited relatives in Wuhan, got sick while they were there, then returned to Shenzhen. Figure 1 in the link is probably the easiest way to follow the story. At any rate, one of the two children did what mom said and wore her surgical mask during the entire visit and did not get sick. The other child, “was aged 10 years and non-compliant to parental guidance” meaning she did not wear a mask. She was asymptomatic but when they did a throat swab on her she was positive for what was later identified as the novel coronavirus, as were the other five members of the family. A CT scan also showed what they call “ground-glass lung opacities” that indicate there were some viral issues. Again, this girl was asymptomatic.

    If she was asymptomatic, and the virus was in a throat swab, and in her lungs, something tells me that all she had to do was cough, or give Grandma and Grandpa a kiss to pass it on?

    Figure 1 link:

    Article link:

    1. As I understand it: Transmission is usually a factor of viral load. If you are copiously shedding live virus, then you are contagious. The Chinese now claim that there can be no transmission before there are visible symptoms, but I remain dubious.

      1. Of course, the Chinese would never lie. Well, almost never. Well, maybe once in a while. Well, only when necessary. Well it is for your own good. OK, they lie all the time. Kind of like the democrats- their Cousins in Communism.
        On another subject, I firmly believe that the Good Lord has placed my family and I right where we are for a good and perfect reason, even though it is not in the Great American Redoubt. It is part of His plan. And as Greg Hunter always says, God the Father, His son Jesus of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit are firmly in control.

  3. Be very cautious about this one… Be a critical thinker. Read it in full and in detail, and understand the limits of the implications of the title: “Study claiming new coronavirus can be transmitted by people without symptoms was flawed”

    On the surface, it appears to be good news, but… 1) They are talking about an exceedingly limited number of people as a clustered example, and this may or may not tell the rest of the story; and 2) “Symptoms” may or may not be apparent on the surface and therefore to anyone trying to assess another person in a casual contact setting; and 3) “Symptoms” may not even be apparent to the person who is infected and may not properly or accurately attribute the generalized experience of “fatigue” to the correct cause.

    Watch for testing results from the continents of Africa, and South America too.

    Remain steady. Stay well. Be safe everyone!

  4. A conversation and exchange of ideas about the development of affordable homes on affordable land in low tax jurisdictions might be helpful to many who might not otherwise be able to relocate — if and as they are so called!

    Of course there are “mobile” options like most of those previewed at the “Live Big in a Tiny House” YouTube channel, but tiny homes can also be built on permanent foundations. As it’s helpful, these can be built entirely on one level. We enjoy the “Live Big” ideas for the use of interior space including clever storage concepts, and the balanced of use of indoor and outdoor areas. Some of the homeowners have invested a lot of their own labor, or have been able to call on volunteers who help keep costs down. Many have used recycled or re-purposed materials as well, and saved a bundle on the total building costs in the process.

    People with experience living in rural areas might want to chime in as well with ideas about how they make the remote living experience work for them.

    It’s true that not everyone will want to relocate from a populated area, and there are some whose unique circumstances (or personal preferences or beliefs) simply may not allow for that… But! Even in these situations, there are ideas we can all share about options and alternatives. …and there are lots of smart, creative, and sharing people in this community!

  5. North Idaho is only a part of the Redoubt, but it is likely the most attractive even now to many folks relocating here. Having spent years working in the local economy and the previous year in real estate, I can say with a fair amount of personal experience and knowledge that it is no longer an affordable place to move to unless you have an income that is not derived not dependent upon the local economy. Property prices have just about doubled in the past 5 years, few industries exist here or within reasonable commuting distance, and most jobs that do exist are very low wage. In 2018 about 67% of all people moving to North Idaho were 55 and over, I.e. retirees, and the only “industries” that exist here are the resort / hospitality functions, healthcare (likely due to all the retirees), and skilled trades (construction such as carpentry, electrician, plumbing, etc) and Hvac, and a few smattering of other opportunities. Housing hasn’t been affordable here since the prices went up so for those that were not already owning before the rise, it is not very viable and won’t be for sometime if ever again. I moved here strategically years ago with a good income, owned a home for a low price, and made a network of friends and brothers but in the end, after having been laid off a couple of years ago, lost the house along the way, and tried many kinds of attempts at earning a livable income we have to leave to relocate somewhere else with income opportunities that can support a family. To put it on perspective, though I am not a skilled tradesman, I do have more than 2 decades of work experience in a few fields, college education, and willingness to try almost anything that will pay enough, from manufacturing, to security work, to maintenance, business management, accounting, unskilled trades, etc. Applying to over 300 jobs in the previous couple of years, learning new trades/skills, I have still struck out. Not to dissuade or scare any fellow patriots from moving here, but you need an income not tied to the area and the ability to purchase homes above $300k or rent for $1500+ per month. There is the DHS plan to use Eastern Washington and North Idaho to take refugees from a Cascadia Subduction Zone event, and the local population and infrastructure will be completely overwhelmed. Anyway, heed my admonition and plan carefully for a lack of livable income and un-affordable housing. 5 years has changed this entire region from the great American Redoubt to something less. Is it still better than urban areas? Yes, for now. God bless us and may we hear His voice when He leads.

    1. This is the very real experience of many, and yet that does not comfort anyone enduring the hardship. Although we are not in the Redoubt, we have seen conditions like these in other parts of the country too.

      “Leaving North Idaho”… You and your family are in my prayers and those of my family. I so hope for news that God leads you to a safe landing, that His blessings abound, and that you discover the opening of a new chapter that is wonderful in every way.

      I would add to the conversation by saying that housing appreciation has also resulted in significant increases to property taxes. For some, property tax costs are pricing people right out of their homes. This is an issue that must be addressed by local jurisdictions.

    2. Check out the Ozarks. Land is on the increase, yet much more affordable and warmer weather. Similar kind of people there. Hot and humid in the summer tho, but lots of water in some parts. Give me a shack and 5 arces and it would be good enough. Move fast as this virus is also moving fast.

    3. Leaving-thank you for that very realistic assessment of the area. It sounds as if too many people have heard of the Redoubt…Blessings and best of luck to you and your family.

    4. I knew the Redoubt was too expensive when a blogger i read, and appreciate!, has their property listed for almost a half million. It does have a few amenities but the home itself is not quality. Where I live I could get a property like that for much less than half mil. Besides, some of us are meant to stay right where we are, at least state wise.

  6. Wuhan Aerosol Transmission?

    ” these video clips”:

    This is very old news for those who have been paying attention. However, the video was the best ever, better than earlier examples. Many videos showing what has been going on in China have been removed, yet as they lose control and become ever more desperate, more and better video is showing up. Again, I look at how they respond to the virus, more than their lying data. We need more video, as ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ If this is airborne as I’ve suspected, one might better understand why I’ve decide to self quarantine early. If it is airborne, then the R0 number, instead of an estimated 4, could be closer to that of measles, that is about 15. This means instead of 4 people that are infected for every carrier, 15 people are infected. This is massive difference, not simply a multiple of more than 3 times, it is exponential, and makes standard PPE gear much less reliable way to protect oneself. The PPE is not good enough for me! The super high concentration of virus in the air, coupled with it’s ability penetrate mucus membanes in the eyes makes a gas mask or full face respirator necessary.

    Get a gas mask such as recommended more than a week ago if that is all you can afford. Ready Made Resource is the best place to get the best you can afford. Just a regular old gas mask is a huge improvement over a N95 mask. If still available, the Czech M10, and 4 sets of replacement filters rated for biologicals is less than $50.00 including shipping. Hope you got the one’s I linked to. These were new, not surplus. A common man’s level 4 outfit that I have, might be justified in certain situations. And a gas mask, even if rated for only chemical hazards, will eliminate the stench from dead bodies. Horrible to think about, but this is where it could go.

    1. Mr. Rawles & Tunnel Rabbit,
      These types of viruses : influenza, coronaviruses, measles, smallpox, and the common cold, etc.,these are all airborne!! That’s why you see health care workers in full PPE’s, the the higher the CFR is the more gear you will see worn. Believe me, I wear much different levels of PPE’s in ICU for someone with TB or Bacterial Meningitis vs someone with a cold or even a common flu strain.
      This does not change anything or the advice that many people research. We will probably not know the true CFR for nCoV 2019, for at least several more months because about 90% of those infected are still sick.
      The biggest mistake I still see in any pictures is people are not wearing goggles and gloves. Airborne infections like the some of the above mentioned can infect any of your mucous membranes, including your eyes.
      This is not a game changer where people have to move to be safe, if you don’t have to go out if this gets bad, stay home. If you have to go out wear your PPE’s, use good hand washing, and remember social distancing. Also remember many viruses can live on inanimate surfaces for anywhere from several hours to several days, so have some good germicidal wipes to use for things you may have to handle.

      1. TXnurse,

        Yes, all those viruses you mentioned are airborne. All are airborne in the form of an aerosol (water vapor from sneezes and coughs), yet in the example of measles that has an R0 value of 18, verses SARS that has an R0 of 4, verses a common flu that typically is about 1.5 to 2, and such was the Spanish Flu.

        We honestly can’t say what the R0 value is for this ‘novel’ Corona virus actually is. In a comparison with ‘flu’, it is likely higher, and because it reportedly similar to Bats SARS (98%), it is likely to be closer to an R0 of 4, that is the same R0 for SARS. Given the video from China showing us the unprecedented, and mass area spraying or fogging of the some kind of disinfectant, it may have a R0 value much greater than 4. Why? Are the Chinese disinfecting the air, or the objects in the area? Probably the objects. If the virus remains viable on surfaces in cooler weather for between 3, and 10 days on the outside, and it has an R0 of 4, where there is a densely populated area as there is in Chinese cities, or any big city, this has been determined by the Chinese to be a very serious mix of conditions that would continually reinfect the population. In a sparsely populated regions, such a high concentration of the virus would not occur, and thus the actual or real world infection rate might be less.

        That is my best shot. Hope it helps. Certainly where there is less of something, there less of a chance of encountering it. Of course I will certainly follow your good advice.

  7. I would further like to say that this coronavirus is here to stay, we will be dealing with this for probably decades. It’s not going to just disappear. As it goes through cycles of Antigenic drift, we can only hope it becomes less lethal. Hopefully a vaccine will be developed in a year or so (yes, it probably will take that long), and eventually after many years the world will have enough herd immunity for this particular virus to not be any big deal anymore.
    The really bad news is we will continue to see many new lethal viruses coming out of China, and who knows where else. With China’s high population, along with their very common unsanitary love of wet markets, it’s only a matter of time before we see more zoonotic viruses develop. I have been saying for about 25 yrs now that China will be the death of us all.

    1. All of the misinformation about the coronavirus doesn’t come out of China. I can’t count how many times I have seen advice to use bleach to clean hard surfaces. Yet, the information on this site questions bleach’s efficacy:

      Your thoughts?

      I have a product called VIREX Tb. Its label says that it meets OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards for HBP and HIV. It is described as being a tubercolocidal, virocide, and fungicide. Given the information in the link above, I called the number on the label, 800-558-2332. I was told that the Wuhan coronavirus is too new to have been tested for this product. I was told–if I got this right–that a coronavirus has a large “envelope,” so it can be killed more easily than some viruses.

      Your thoughts?

      About Chinese medical supplies and such, a blogger who is a nurse took an inventory last weekend at his ER. He reported, “Of 54 major items, 43% (23 items) are sourced from, assembled in, or produced in China.”I also read this report from US News & World Report in 2018 that said that all antibiotics used in this country were manufactured in China now. See

      With China in such chaos, will be have to bring our own IV lines, antibiotics, and painkillers when we report for surgery soon?

      My local Home Depot is stripped of masks now, much less my local CVS. All of those who waited are simply out of luck now–or so it would seem.

      One last question: since the coronavirus attaches to droplets of saliva and phlegm, won’t simple shields or safety glasses with wings on the side fail to protect a person? The droplets floating around can bypass them and still come into contact with the eyes. If it can, everyone would have to wear goggles to prevent infection, right?

      1. Survivormann99,
        My personal opinion on a germicidal wipe is: PDI Sani-Cloth Plus, I have seen these used in several hospitals and the one i’ve Worked in for > 25 Yrs. They are very good at wiping out just about any bacterium, fungal or viral germ on surfaces. But they can never be used on skin, in fact when you use them you must wear disposable gloves, they can cause cancer in humans or animals. When used you must wet surface well and leave to dry for at least 5 minutes. There are probably several other excellent choices out there. Most common viruses aren’t terribly hard to kill, there are some bacterial and fungal germs that I believe to be harder to kill.

        As I have mentioned recently in several posts, China and India do supply most of the worlds drugs. The US probably makes less than 20% of meds here anymore. Slowly along with everything else those have been outsourced to India and China. A big part of our IV fluids are made in Puerto Rico, which caused a very big shortage after their recent hurricane, most hospitals were very short of IV fluids, including the most common one used, normal saline. Globalization has made many countries dependent on others in very big ways. In times of a disaster in one country can very well affect many others.

        There are some big companies that have some medical grade N95’s available again. is one, they had some then placed them on restriction, probably for a gov. Contract or to ship overseas, now they have some more, but only if you are a previous customer. So that may work for some people. Anything I suggest here to buy I have no monetary interest in except as a customer. People may also try Seton supply.

        On your last question goggles are the best in my opinion but if you don’t have a good pair that fits to your face well, than even simple safety glasses with the side panels are better than none, I have spent many years wearing these against splashes. I believe you can still find good goggles, research goggles that protect against splash and droplet.
        Hope this helps

  8. Wuhan Aerosol Transmission. That sounds like one of the old Soviet Cold War tactics where they planned to use military tanker aircraft to spray various weaponized viruses into the jet stream on their side of the Bering Strait in order to debilitate the ability of the US and Canada to defend themselves against invasion.
    Well, the Russians never went through with that plan, but who knows what the Chinese may do. If they have people in the US with aerosol cans of the Wuhan virus then all it takes is a windy day and a high elevation to start spreading it. Guess we will know sooner than later.

  9. Moved to Alaska. People are leaving (no industry). Too cold for infections (everyone stays so bundled up, 3 inches of felt scarf has to be on par with N95 mask). Lots of subsistence (unless you live in town, welfare means permission to hunt/fish off season with much greater possession limits). State/local govts have spent all their surplus, so no more handouts for migrating indigents. If you are homeless here when winter comes, you will be a recovery the next spring when the snow melts. I brought my work with me this time, so once in a while I have to head to lower 48 for work. Maybe next big Redoubt will be up here, as Idaho and the rest get over-run. You just don’t see too many of them Hollywood types buying up Alaska homestead land. Meanwhile, just left Kellogg Idaho, where housing prices have tripled or more in the past decade. Californication of the PNW and INW continues. They just keep coming, and there are an awful lot of them.

  10. Has anyone else noticed that this ‘news story’ has disappeared from the mainstream media? The only article I saw on Drudge today linked to some “armageddon” prepper site.

    They spend weeks on some psycho killing people, but this non-story disappeared fast. Best to check out what Kim K wore yesterday I guess.

    This one is not good.

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