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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on Washington State Representative Matt Shea. (See the Eastern Washington section.)


Committee passes rules affecting hunting, trapping

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‘Huge undertaking’: Highway 21 reopens after ITD clears snow from road north of Idaho City

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Crews rescue doe that fell through ice at Hauser Lake


Going back to plain paper:  FWP makes changes to 2020 hunting, fishing licenses

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Reader DSV sent us this news: Supreme Court will hear will hear landmark Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue

Eastern Oregon

White tailed deer die-off reported in Blue Mountains. The article, in The Blue Mountain Eagle, begins:

“The death of roughly 2,000 white-tailed deer in Umatilla County is being blamed on a virus spread by tiny gnats.

Greg Rimbach, district biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Pendleton field office, said die-offs found between Milton-Freewater and Pilot Rock due to Epizootic hemorrhagic disease occur every couple of years, but for the most part it goes unnoticed.

“A die-off to this degree, in the county at least, is very rare and may have never happened before,” he said. “This year was a whopper.”

In fact, Rimbach said he is unaware of such an occurrence being recorded in Oregon.

In October, Rimbach said his office started receiving calls from farmers and ranchers reporting dead white-tailed deer in creek bottoms and drainages.

“They were finding 10, 12, 15 dead deer,” he said.

Rimbach and a fellow wildlife biologist hit the field to see what was happening. The flat land behind Wildhorse Resort & Casino several miles east of Pendleton, for example, Rimbach said, usually is home for about 150 white tail.

“Went out there and counted none,” he said.

If a deer has been dead just a day or two tests are run on organs like the heart, spleen or abdominal cavity, but when deer are found greatly decomposed he said they were able to test femurs and humeruses to determine what disease killed them.”

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C.O. cities vary on wildlife feeding regulations

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Sunlight Solar Energy breaking ground in the Bend Central District

Eastern Washington

Student’s arrest at EWU protest prompts First Amendment arguments

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Rep. Matt Shea discusses Dossier with David Knight

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Rep. Matt Shea “greeted like a rockstar” at gun-rights rally in Olympia. The article begins:

“Following a House investigation that found evidence of domestic terrorism, Spokane Valley Rep. Matt Shea’s desk was moved to the back of the House chamber to start the new legislative session… but on Friday, he was front-and-center at a gun-rights rally outside the Washington State Capitol Building in Olympia.

“People had signs that said ‘We Stand With Matt Shea’ or ‘I Stand With Matt Shea.’ Because he’s a known supporter of second-amendment rights, they (protestors) were very supportive of him,” Jim Camden, a political reporter for the Spokesman-Review, said.

While the rally centered around guns-rights, Shea also reportedly touched on the investigation surrounding him, criticizing a lack of focus on America’s “real enemies.””


Rep. Liz Cheney to stay in House, decline Wyoming Senate run

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Wyoming to once again consider permanent shift to daylight saving time

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Wyoming officials oppose Grand Teton aerial goat gunning

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  1. In Response to the article concerning the non-violent, peaceful protest in Richmond, VA, concerning 2nd Amendment Rights.
    The article mentions the demonstration shows everyone how peaceful and law-abiding gun owning people are. Like that’s a good thing. I disagree.
    What it actually demonstrates to the government, is that these people will accept anything the ruling party wishes to dictate, with only a ‘whimper’.
    How did ‘peaceful’ protest work out for the Colonists when demonstrating against the British Crown ? Nowhere, that’s where. Let’s face it. Our nation has become a people of wimps. Talk and bluster, only. No Guts ! So, the steady slide downwards continues, unabated. A people of talk only – no action ! We accept the government we deserve.

    1. MovinOn, you are exactly the sort of person who gives 2nd Amendment proponents bad dreams at night.

      The last thing that pro-gun rights needed was the use of violence around the Virginia State Capitol. Like Admiral Yamamoto’s “sleeping giant” comment, the mass of Americans don’t care very much about gun rights. (“My goodness! Why would anyone need a 30-round magazine to go deer hunting?”) They are unconcerned about the prospect of a Venezuela, Hong Kong, or Iran situation because their world view is controlled by the Normalcy Bias. Yet, if a serious provocation by gun rights protesters had occurred yesterday, it could have produced a groundswell larger than Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Parkland combined.

      Shots fired yesterday would have invited massive retaliation by those who ordinarily include the sheep in the flock, and such an incident would have played right into the hands of people like Michael Bloomberg, Diane Feinstein, and a long list of other Democratic gun-grabbers. As with the mainstream media, I am sure that they are lamenting the lost opportunity yesterday, since there were no Nazi flags or bad behavior to broadcast on MSNBC and CNN to help their cause.

      What we have now is a clear demonstration of the depth of anger of Virginia gunowners, and a clear indication that these voters are galvanized enough to strike back at the next election. While die-hard liberals will not be deterred, politicians who come from purple districts can’t help but notice.

      The saving grace in all of this is that there will certainly be lawsuits filed as soon as the more onerous anti-gun laws are passed, an injunction will be issued, and the litigation will continue for the next two years. During this time, gunowners will organize themselves in order to defeat the anti-gunners at the ballot box, and they can likely remove many of the anti-gun rights politicians before the lawsuit is resolved. Those pro-gun rights individuals who have refused to join national and state gun rights organizations and who can’t be bothered to vote during normal times now have incentive.

      Comments from keyboard commando are easy to make. They add to gun porn fantasies from marginal types. Those who actually showed up in Richmond yesterday had the good sense not to engage in those fantasies.

      Comments like yours sound more as if they come from “”

    2. MovinOn, whoa there cowboy! The colonists did not invade Boston. They waited and forced the British Crown to be the aggressor and come out of Boston to Lexington/Concord.

      You criticized “talk only- no action”. I’m curious. Specifically what action did you take when Obama signed the Republicans’ NDAA into law essentially gutting your Bill of Rights? That was 9 years ago.

      I am NOT defending the decision to go to Richmond. But patriots need to remain peaceful, non-aggressors on their own soil. We need to respect constitutional laws and nullify/disobey unconstitutional laws. Be patient, the latter will sort things out forthwith.

    3. I respectfully disagree. In Virginia, it was an impressive yet peaceful show of force. Sixty thousand heavily armed citizens in the same place, at the same time, is a sight that had to leave old Blackface Northam filling his diapers, repeatedly. And yet, not a single shot was fired, that is a good thing.

      In Olympia, Washington there were 400 people that showed up. Many with their firearms at the ready. Also an impressive show of force. Yet it was still a very peaceful demonstration, as it should always be. We’re the good guys, remember? We don’t start the violence, we end it. That is the way it should be. A shooting war should always be the last resort, we shouldn’t start it. We should be the ones ending it, successfully.

  2. Re; Richmond 2A rally
    The article is dead-on! I’ve been thinking along the same lines for a while now. If you predict a problem every day for years, eventually you may get it right.

    I think the rally accomplished exactly what it needed to. It showed Virginia gun owners to be law abiding people who had a genuine belief in the Constitution and were willing to show up to let the leftist politicians know that they would not stand for these ridiculous proposed laws. Virginians that are not gun rights supporters got to see that 2nd Amendment supporters are not the problem. We truly appreciate the out of state support for our cause, but this is a problem that Virginians will have to solve for ourselves. The Commonwealths current demographics are against us. Thank God yesterday’s rally didn’t turn into a Charlottesville style fiasco.

    Mr. MovinOn, a question not a criticism:
    You seem to think that the rally was a failure. Exactly what outcome do you think the rally should have had?

    LT in VA

    1. It’s easy to rabble rouse in the safety of a living room, sitting in a La-Z-Boy with a laptop on one’s thighs. It’s a common problem on the internet.

  3. Oregon deer die off – We had something similiar to this several years ago here in S.D., but it wa due to drought conditions. One was called EDH ( don’t remember what it exactly stood for ) and when the deer would go to a water source where the water was really low and they would suck up mud at the same time as water. And in this mud were a mit ( spelling ? ) and a kind or type of bacteria. One would case the immune system to fail and the other would cause what was called “blue tongue “, which is just what would happen. The deer’s throat would swell up to a point where the deer could not eat ,drink or swallow and they would die off.

  4. A set of facts to ponder. 330 million Americans, almost 1 million armed LEO’s not including the armed forces. Easy to use Google and a calculator friends.

    If they wanted a show down on the 20th it would have made it way too close to 330 to ONE odds and well over half of them armed or can get armed.

    This was a well executed intelligence trap. They have now targeting data on several thousand potential troublemakers AND via their cell phones (off or on no matter) a cell phone network to find other troublemakers. Have you read that they have a computer program to take a public picture like say Bubba 50 cal with that cute red blankie compare it to drivers license pictures and now they have his name, address, and with public records his place of employment AS well as Cell Phone information? Why so interesting? We carry a cell phone all the time. Off or On it still gets pinged for your location. Once they have your “Normal Routine” when should they have a unmarked SUV or Van pick you up?

    Worked pretty good for the German Gestapo and the Soviets to get a targets habits AND they didn’t have REAL TIME Cell Phone information to work with.

    We are not doomed, that’s not the message but we need to LEARN the New Rules of Engagement with the Socialists who currently OWN the MEDIA and a lot of the Courts.

  5. RE: Matt Shea, I encourage you to read the pdf found in the link “evidence of domestic terrorism”. I am twenty pages in and find it very frightening & enlightening of the power of the government and their cronies Rampart Group LLC investigators…

    1. The persecution of Matt Shea is orchestrated by the Spokane County Republicans and especially by Ozzie Knezovich. Ozzie has had it out for Matt since he called out the Sheriffs Dept for the killing of an armed civilian protecting his property.(sorry forgot his name) some years ago. The shooting was so justified that the county paid a large sum to the mans family. Now they are running Leonard Christian against Matt in the primary. Leonard while a nice guy is simply and opportunist and does not deserve serious consideration. I have decided to not renew my membership in the Spokane County Republicans as a result. This is outrageous, the folks in Spokane county need to wake up and realize the damage these folks are doing to conservatives.

  6. I was wondering yesterday about the timing of the VA demonstration. Martin Luther King Day. There are those among the purple/undecided citizens who could construe that as an expression of racism.

    Especially, when you have Presidents Day coming in a month.

    Any ideas why that date?

    Carry on

  7. There WERE counter-demonstrators present in Richmond. They were vociferous, but behaved. There were shouts back and forth but thankfully no violence. Perhaps because they were so outnumbered that they chose to dial it back.

    I believe that the warnings preceding the event were very useful. Admittedly, they probably reduced the turnout somewhat, but probably for the best. We have no idea if a trap or false flag may have been planned, but the rally leadership handled the event very well. I believe they took those warnings under consideration and modified their plans to mitigate the risks. For all we know such warnings may have prevented a confrontation that could have been deleterious to our cause.

    This was the opening salvo on both sides for VA. Please stop acting as if the battle is over and we won. It would be foolish to think that from here on in will be a cake walk. To let down your guard and and be lulled into a false sense of security at future events could prove to be catastrophic. There could very well be an Antifa ambush or false flag occur at a future rally.

    The only individual that I thought promoted self-aggrandized acclaim for personal gain was that individual riding around in an up-armored vehicle. The former Navy SEAL that quoted from his book had previously made a Kindle edition of that same book available for free.

  8. The Soviets weren’t dealing with 330,000,000 Americans who own 450,000,000 firearms and hundreds of billions of rounds of ammunition. Cell phones or not, I can’t imagine a more dangerous action than enraging such a collection of citizens.
    The VA rally was a total success in my view. All those Americans, white, black, purple….all together and armed…and not a single problem. The area didn’t look like a landfill when it was over, either.
    I suspect all of this will get the gun owners who didn’t vote off the couch in the next election.

  9. I suppose it all depends on what the goal of the protest was. Was it to be heard?.. Ok… mission accomplished Virginians were heard. Was it to stop Northham from pushing his gun control policies? So you march up and down the streets in protest, you hold signs, hold hands, hold your breath and you are allowed to do it armed. The Governor will go back to his office, and continue pushing thru his agenda…He gets to call it a success because nobody got shot, and you get to call it a success because you got to march armed, And later on, when the bills are in front of him, and he signs them into law, Everyone can protest again, march, and claim it was another success because nobody got shot, and the trash was picked up, because you arent heathens .. , Virginians can all slap each other on the back, while they are waiting in line to either hand over their scary guns and Mags,or register them.. But this too will be a success because at least nobody got shot. … They don’t have to be aggressive because compliance is guaranteed. We all have ( or think we have ) too much to loose to really stick our necks out…. The fall back argument is ” We will just vote em outta office” Too that I ask, ‘you going to get that done before the laws get passed?’… I’m thinking not. Tied them up in court?.. Heck, you dont have to go thru all that marching and drama just to get the courts involved.

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