Letter: Thoughts From a Richmond 2A Rally Attendee

As we all now know, the 2A rally in Richmond, Virginia on January 20, 2020 to protest the tyrannical gun laws proposed and/or passed by Governor Ralph Northam and his Democrat cronies, proved uneventful. This not only shows that gun owners are some of the most peaceful and law-abiding people in the country, but also that the hysteria drummed up in the weeks preceding the event was just that, hysteria. In fact, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “Civil War 2”, “It’s a trap”, “buffalo jump”, “false flag”, “Boogaloo”, or dozens of other terms designed to incite trepidation in members of the preparedness community, I could be writing this from the comfort of my own survival island.

In what will surely be spun as a public relations win for the tyrannical Left, there was not an ANTIFA goon or counter-protestor in sight to justify the cries of Richmond being a modern-day Lexington and Concord.

Much like other events that promised to be flashpoints of civil unrest, relentless tales of horrific outcomes at Richmond failed to play out, leaving gun owners and the preparedness minded to defend ourselves from misguided beliefs that we suffer paranoid delusions concerning the collapse of civilized society and rule of law.

Standing in stark contrast to the peaceful gathering I witnessed, almost every preparedness-themed web site I visited during the lead-up to this event used hypothetical extremes in order to stoke the embers of what is clearly a flailing “doom porn” industry– with SurvivalBlog being one of very few exceptions. Everyone from a former Navy SEAL to your garden-variety prepper used this event to promote their books, YouTube channel, or web sites in order to garner clicks and profit off the fear of others.

One thing that became clear to me in the hours following the rally is that despite what may have been their original intent, many survival-based authors and vloggers have morphed into preachers of a form of schadenfreude. Doubling down on years of failed predictions, I’ve read their responses belittling those who dared question their theories about Richmond or declined a seat on the doom train. Where once there was a modest desire to help the masses prepare in a reasonable and measured fashion, now it seems as if their only redeeming moment would be to yell those immortal words, “I TOLD YOU SO!” while standing atop a mountain of spent shell casings and MREs as the rest of the world burns around them.

Which leads me to the point of this letter: At what point do we, the rational and critical thinking members of the preparedness community, stop allowing those motivated by personal gain and notoriety to be the spokespeople for our movement? When do we stop clicking on the “Prepare for WW3!”, “Economic Collapse This Year!”, “Civil War 2 Any Day Now!” videos and articles that financially contribute to this over-the-top fearmongering?

It is my opinion that this type of notoriety only distracts from the true purpose of the preparedness mindset. It also deters new members who could potentially add to our strength as a group, but detest the thought of living in what they have been convinced is a near-constant state of fear and cynicism.

For now, the reality in Virginia is that Democrats will continue their push to disarm law-abiding citizens and any legislation they pass will be countered with lawsuits that could take years to settle in court. By all means, we should continue to prepare for the worst. Those unforeseen moments when we must defend our rights and our way of life from the forces of evil and tyrants, not to mention local or global catastrophes, always lurk in the shadows. Surely, there are enough real threats in our world that we don’t have to base our reasons for preparing on outlandish prophecies of doom and promote those that profit from them.  – D.D. in Virginia


  1. I so agree with what you have to say. I am quite disgusted by the level of fear and doom being promoted on most other sites devoted to preparedness. While I don’t think that it’s a good idea to have one’s head in the sand and we need to be paying attention, the hyping of everything in order to sell/promote stuff on so many of these sites is over the top. I don’t have a problem with a blogger/site owner trying to make some money off their efforts as they are certainly putting in time and effort to write articles and keep their site going but there’s a difference between that and profiting from the generation of fear. I respect JWR and this website as for the most part this isn’t the case here. I’m happy to donate some money and click through to Amazon when I purchase stuff(don’t always remember alas).

    I’m working on writing a number of articles to hopefully use on my own website which will be devoted to preparedness as well although skewed towards my own strengths; will refer all gun questions to this site! 😉 A major reason I want to do this is to be able to provide an additional website for preparedness that isn’t all about promoting fear and selling stuff. While fear, in small doses, can indeed be a good motivator, it has been my experience that actions taken out of fear rarely turn out well in the end as the part of our brain that relies on rational thought has been left out of the equation when solely propelled by fear. I want all sorts of people interested in preparedness to be able to find “a home” online and not be turned off by the over the top hype that is sadly so prevalent.

    And as for the protest in defense of 2A in VA; I’d say the NY Times was seriously bummed that it was peaceful and uneventful. So glad to disappoint them!

  2. I attended an armed rally in VA a number of years ago at Gravelly Point, across the river from DC, and it was no different then. In the runup to the event there was endless hair-on-fire rumormongering, including one of the largest participant groups withdrawing completely based on what they claimed was some reliable intelligence that they never shared with the rest of us. After the fact we were condemned by people who didn’t attend for not marching into DC and attacking Congress. In fact, it was a small, pleasant gathering that was outnumbered by the press and the very courteous and professional police. The handful of counterprotesters were well-behaved. No gunfire, no battle, no problem. It didn’t change anything, though, their side or ours, it would appear.

      1. There were two middle-aged women with signs decrying our celebration of Hitler’s birthday (which was the next day, anyway), one kid who turned up with an airsoft rifle and started cutting the fool and got run off, and Paul Helmke with the Brady Campaign who was unamused to discover that the old man he was having photo ops with was Mike Vanderboegh. The loudmouths on the other side are no different from our gasbags.

  3. That’s not fair. There was no way to know, for certain, that the communists who wreaked havoc against unarmed patriots at Charlottesville would politely decline their masters request for their presence yesterday. That they had no interest in martyring themselves for their betters Brave New World is a good thing. Unlike the disarmed Germans who turned to the National Socialists to deal with their (admittedly larger) communist insurgency, Americans have better options and proved it. Good day all around.

    An armed society really is a polite society after all.

  4. Interesting point of view. My takeaway is that you are providing an “either or” position. That in order to be a “true” prepper you can’t be concerned with the threat of flash points or situations that can potentially take our culture to the next level of unconstitutional governmental control. That’s just not fair.

    I come to survivalblog every day to learn about the day to day things we need to be doing to prepare in our physical realm along with getting motivated regarding our spiritual eternity. To say that if I am concerned about flashpoints or serious events occurring in our society, that only continue to takeaway our liberties, is hysteria is a bit much.

    The VA 2nd amendment rally had huge potential as another point of reference and justification to take away our God given & Constitutional rights. As you know, these type of events, like Charlottesville, have been used by media and politicians to continue to label, silence and punish people. Now like you say, because the potential for issues never came true in VA, the media is quiet about the rally…which I’m fine with but we can’t act like these events are kindling for flashpoints.

    So to promote, discuss and be aware of these current events are not only important but crucial to stay out ahead of the systems trying to put us in a place where our preparedness would need to realized.

    Lastly, I certainly don’t live in a CONSTANT state of fear (I can be pretty cynical at times…like our privacy rights that have been just torn away over the last 20 years) because these worldly things. I live in Faith. Hebrews 11:1.

  5. DD, your thoughts here are spot on.

    In a world that has turned crisis in to a social norm, critical thinking is taking a back seat. What I have come to learn about how fear mongering works in our modern era is the proposed solutions to the fear result in a Orwellian surveillance state.

    Such fear mongering narratives are complex, but the end result has always been increased surveillance and restricting civil rights. People would do well to understand this and approach preparedness in a different way.

    1. Muddykid, What I have come to learn about how fear mongering works in our modern era is the proposed solutions to the fear result in a Orwellian surveillance state.

      You said it well. I agree with you and D.D. I also appreciate the term “doom porn”. So appropriate.

      Carry on

  6. Letter to the Editor:

    Modern Minuteman, the Virtual Becomes Real.

    Starting early the morning of January 20, 2020, I monitored four live feeds. The guys on the ground had it totally together. In anticipation, they put out potential fires that might be set by passionate speeches, or possible agitators. Situational awareness was high, as they expected the worst. Hardened with resolve, they sought it out, and locked it down. They had each others back, and knew what had to be done. They were an army. This event would not be another disastrous Charlottesville riot, or Las Vegas slaughter. Interviews by Brietbart were the most constructive, and inspirational. Cameras everywhere, redundant communications, cool demeanor, heads on swivels, and ‘battle rattle’, set the the stage.

    They went in prepared, and if it got ‘hot’, many of them could have handled anything. As a group, they totally *Out Classed* the government. To the thinking observer, this display of boots on the ground, sent a out a loud and clear message, not of words, but more impressively, one of action, one of great strength. Not a virtual, but a very real modern Minute Man army had appeared from out of the internet ether. They had the capability to take by force, yet were peaceful and professional. They were truly an army of size, single minded in purpose, and spirit, it was disciplined, self organizing, and prepared for the ‘worst’. And they came from far and wide, these ‘winter warriors’, who represented millions of the same. The advantages of technology, is no match for overwhelming numbers. And these men are no bare foot natives, and their rifles are much better than government issued fodder. Any who doubted the Patriots, had to take notice, that there was demonstrated that day, a sufficient representative number, with the will to fight.

    This is exactly what was needed. It should scare the cr*p out of the gun grabbers, yet they are sadly, and dangerously, mindless amoral minions, and their politicians are paid off, and threatened by ‘big money’. The corruption is deep and complete. And when they come for the guns, and they will, these Modern Minutemen of today, have secured the most important condition for victory by taking the moral high ground. Thank you all for your steely eyed resolve. He who fires the first shot may win the battle, yet will likely loose the war. The decision is now theirs alone, and the war to loose.

    What starts in our spirit, then our minds, ends up in our fists. By preparing the battlefield in advance, by equipping ourselves with knowledge, by exposing the tyrants and bullies for what they are, and for what they do, they backed down in fear of reprisal. It could have been very ugly indeed. It is almost a cliche, yet those who do not learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it.

    1. I am glad to hear that there were people there speaking with clear, cool, reasoned arguments. The only coverage we saw on the news was of the “low-brow” chanting, mindless type – likely cherry-picked to reinforce the false belief that “although they didn’t shoot anyone, the people that attended are still stupid rednecks”.

      Here where I sit in WA, my sadness is that we don’t have 30,000+ redblooded Americans willing to stand up against the completely anti-Constitutionalist Attorney General Ferguson and Governor Inslee, who are attempting to, and will likely, pass a bevy of additional anti-gun laws on the heels of the ten they got passed last year. Notably, anything semiautomatic will be deemed an “assault weapon” and banned (perhaps grandfathered, perhaps not), background checks to buy ammo, mandatory classes to maintain concealed carry, magazine capped at 10 rounds, the list goes on and on.

      It’s a shame it’s come to this but I no longer see a way where I can continue to live in WA. If these draconian, rights-stripping laws are passed, I may be turned overnight into a criminal, though I’ve only ever had two speeding tickets in my entire lifetime.

      The overarching issue I see here is that America is fracturing into ultra-liberal and ultra-conservative enclaves with nothing left in between. This leads me to believe that either state border lines will need to be redrawn or we will eventually have civil war. This is not hyperbole. This is the reality of where I see it heading.

      1. There are many important reasons to leave. Even in a less than worst case scenario, life in populated areas would be tough and dangerous. ‘The jump’, however, requires conviction. We might have only 20,000 in this county, however, a high percentage is well armed. In some remote locations, there exists the necessary sense of community for a worst case break down of society.
        Simply moving from a place with a high concentration of people to a place with a lower concentration of people, will greatly improve one’s situation. It usually requires years to find truly like minded people, and years to develop trust, where ever you might land. Before doing anything, always take to the Lord.

  7. Events such this in the past and life pressure in general caused me great anxiety, then one day during the summer this scripture popped up:

    Philippians 4:6
    Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

    This scripture continues to pop up often and continues to reinforce in whom I put my trust. We know that our God will not forsake us no matter what happens. I think all readers of this blog see where we are heading and this doesn’t mean we just set back and do nothing – we still need to do our part and prepare. In all the examples in the Bible where God was with his people – they had to do their part.

    So, in the next few weeks and months we need to continue to prep and be in in a state of continuous prayer.

  8. The controllers were empowered yesterday beyond their wildest dreams. They didn’t have to orchestrate and incident as is their normal play book. They can now pass the draconian laws with impunity. They know we haven’t the legal resources to battle all the antifreedom laws year in and year out. They know we will continually compromise our selves into irrelevance. They celebrate and why shouldnt they? You think they are scared of what amounts to paperweights? Why not just carry nerf guns? You are living under extreme normalcy bias and propaganda. The controllers want you disarmed and neutralized on way or another and they will achieve this goal one little cut at a time. They hijacked a conservative state and it’s electoral college. More will fall under this template, “gee if only We vote harder next time we’ll win back our rights” “We’ll have a big peaceful protest” oh my, how cute!

    The crowd yesterday, way outnumbered and out gunned the police, they could have forced their way into the gov building strung up a few of the villians from lamp posts and that message would’ve stopped all anti freedom legislation in it’s tracks for a generation or two. Think about that for moment. All anti freedom legislation vaporized from sea to shining sea.

    But that threat is hollow, the controllers know it and the protesters know it. And now everyone is home, pleased as can be with their selfies and new social media friends, “wow we sure showed them Democrats!”

    Yet the laws sail through, year after year. Wake up! The left has no power, it is we who willing empower them. Only hard choices and hard times lay ahead of wasted opportunities.

  9. Sir, understand due credit must go to our Mighty Father in heaven. It was the prayers of His remnant that held back violence and chaos. Many believers have petitioned heaven for peace and safety for our people. Answered prayers is exactly what you saw in Virginia, Guy

  10. I agree in principle with this article that “doom porn” is unproductive. And appears to sometimes be lucrative.

    However I am not convinced it was unreasonable to be worried about the rally. I appears that ANTIFA and the State of Virginia and the City of Richmond decided to behave. Possibly because of the presence of so many armed people. Possibly because they truly wanted to do the right thing. Probably a mix.

    And it would appear the organizers did an excellent job of quelling any issues on the gun rights side. I do believe it is true that most 2nd Amendment supporters are significantly more peaceful than their opponents. But when you have 22,000 people, anything can happen. From what Tunnel Rabbit says, it would appear the organizers were exceptionally proactive in shutting down any potential trouble and are to be highly commended.

    I hate to quote Fourth Turning like it was the Bible, which it is not. But I do believe we are in a Crisis Period. A Crisis Period being a time when compromise becomes increasingly untenable and opponents take a winner take all attitude. Somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose and new norms will be set that will last for decades.

    We start an impeachment trial of the President today. His impeachment was called for prior to his election and prior to him having even the possibility of committing impeachable offenses. This is very similar to the show trials of the old Soviet Union except that the Communists do not have full control.

    The culture wars have reached a point where there is no compromise. Tolerance on the major cultural issues is gone. Full blown acceptance and celebration of every form of perversion is demanded.

    The mathematics of the national debt are getting worse.

    There are many other signs of Crisis as well but my main point is that while we have been seeing these events progress for many years, decades in fact, they are reaching a point where some resolution will occur IMO.

    This is standard “doom porn” so far. Where I depart from doom porn, is that I think predicting the outcome is a fools errand. Who will win? Who will lose? Will it be violent or peaceful? Will the economy completely implode or just go through a very rough austerity period or will we grow our way out? Will…?

    I think often about the old Soviet Union. I never heard anyone predict its relatively peaceful demise. It was a legitimate power and threat for decades. And then it just crumpled with very little bloodshed. From what I could see, a totally unforeseen outcome. Sure someone, somewhere probably “saw it coming” but if they did, I never heard them and they were probably just lucky.

    So I watch, prepare and try real hard not to predict outcomes. I try to just trust God with those. Sometimes I am successful.

  11. I questioned the wisdom of attending of this rally yesterday. And I still question it.

    I stand by my belief that one defends their soil from their own soil. Richmond was Commie soil and still is. The rally did not change that.

    You alluded to a ‘former NAVY Seal’. I believe that would be Matt Bracken. He and I have been essentially adversaries. That said, only fools would lightly dismiss his prior warnings about Richmond. His historical analogies were absolutely pertinent and priceless.

    Nullify and defy. Pray for partition. Prepare for war. Heed history. If there be a 2nd ‘Shot heard round the world’ make sure: 1) it takes place on our patriot soil and 2) is fired by the aggressor. Force them to come to our soil. Do NOT be the aggressor. If they start a war we fight like Matt Bracken advised. We fight like Mosby, NOT Pickett.

  12. When a Bloomberg or a Soros comes to you,as a govt. official, and hands you 2 million dollars and says he wants you to burn the constitution. Oh, and by the way spread the wealth between like minded zombies and other select trolls. And don’t forget to keep a half a million for yourself. I would imagine you do what you’re told.

  13. Hey now, I like Matt Bracken!

    Conflict sells. There will always be people trying to make money off of it, whether entertainment, goods, or services. YOU have to filter it; the sellers aren’t going away.

  14. I applaud the attendees of the Richmond rally for showing that portion of America, interested enough to pay attention, that an estimated 22,000 “gun totters” can come together in a relatively small area, for several hours, and leave without incident. No one killed, no one injured, no accidental discharges, no damage to property and only one arrest. According to Fox News; “A female was arrested after she refused to remove a face mask”. (Seriously??? Perhaps a case of felonious impersonation of an ANTIFA thug?)

    In a statement after the rally, Virginia Governor “Black Face” Northam said; “The teams successfully *DE-ESCALTED* what could have been a volatile situation”. Silly me… I would think a situation would have to escalate before the need for de-escalation. But then, the only escalation in this situation was, in my point of view, Northam declaring a state of emergency in the days leading up to the event. Again, according to Fox News, the rally was monitored by federal, state, county, city and local neighboring law enforcement agencies. (In a Fox video clip, I saw a LEO carrying a rifle that had certain visual characteristics of a Barrett .50 cal.)

    Prior to the rally, I had heard various lame stream propaganda outlets predict an outcome comparable to the events at Charlottesville 08 / 2017. So what was different in Richmond as compared to Charlottesville? Well, for one, all those E-lite troops assigned to Richmond probably weren’t ordered to stand down IF there were an incident. The second difference appears to be, just like Northam, ANTIFA opted to stay home and wash out their pink frillies rather than face far superior numbers who could fight back.

    By my conservative estimate, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of E-lite troop talent and the only trophy Northam can hang on his office wall is a pathetic face mask. An awful lot of folks in this country, especially the tax paying voters of Virginia, surely see Northam for the demo-cretin fool he is.

    Again, KUDOs to all the fine men and women who participated in the Richmond rally. Ya done good… damn good.

  15. We dodged a bullet. I do believe that the left expected all hell to break loose so they didn’t set up real traps and false flags. Next time they will and next time we will be over confident and more easily fall into their trap. The left intends to win and they intend to rule, we and our guns are in their way.

  16. All the hype bores me. I can worry and fret over this, get all worked up and for what? Sure it`s serious business, but my concern doesn`t change what others will do. I have found Peace in my Lord, and will not spend it on concerning myself with all this strife.
    I simply go on about my business, preparing for what might or might not come. I share my thoughts with others about my concerns, but won`t argue or cause a fight. I can`t make other peoples minds up no matter how hard I try, neither can anyone. My job is to plant seeds, the Lord will bring the harvest.
    If there`s a fight, and I must defend self, family and loved ones (my neighbors and brothers and sisters in Christ) then fight I will.
    In the meantime I`m following my Makers admonition to prepare for my Lords return. All else is a distraction.

  17. As a Virginian, I was not only interested in the pro 2A rally, but was involved. For more than a week, I have read opinion after opinion from poorly informed fear-mongering people: “It’s a trap”, “blood will be shed”, “stay away from crowds”, “nothing good can come from this”, etc.

    From a large variety of information streams, it became obvious last week that almost all of the online preparedness websites were providing little more than sensationalized nonsense — on general theme played through most, though. These websites did not approve of the “protest” (they were unaware that the event was a RALLY, not a protest) and they wanted their opinions heard. Early last week, one blogger suggested to his readers that we ‘burn it all down’. Others joined into the rabid chant. One article passed around many of the for-profit “preppers” websites claimed that the FBI had seized night vision equipment by “imminent domain” [sic]. By the end of last week, most of the “intel” and opinion pieces on the upcoming VDCL Rally were incredulous.

    I have since taken my daily preparedness reading down to only 2 websites: Survivalblog and Modern Survival Blog. These are the only well-written and well-read websites that provide their readers with consistently reliable content. The rest of the websites, as far as I’m concerned, are either sensationalistic, ‘doom porn’ ‘ enthusiasts, or unreliable. They’re not worth my time.

    Thank you DD for writing your informative letter. I will rely on your opinion about what the ‘doomers’ are now saying — I already gave them up.

  18. I watched some of what went on. What I saw was a group of smiling people, armed to the teeth. I saw all kinds of battle rifles, all with standard capacity magazines or larger, seeing many with 50 and 100 round drum magazines. I saw all kinds of people, of all sizes, shapes, sexes and colors, old and young. This should scare the cr*p out of the left. Sixty thousand heavily armed citizens is and impressive show of force. The weapons they carried were serious force multipliers. It tells me they have already lost. I don’t think the leftist government of Virginia, or any other state for that matter, is run by people who are intelligent enough to recognize that they have lost. It makes them stupid, unfortunately, dangerously stupid.

    I noticed all the hype leading up to the rally. I even reported on what I had read. It was very troubling. Fears of AntiFA showing up, staged false flag events, things that didn’t happen, thank God. Had things gone differently, it would have been a bloodbath, for the statists. I think that is what made things turn out so well, the statist fear of being outgunned. Let us hope they always stay that way.

    One serious mistake old Blackface/KKK Northam made was to cancel the Martin Luther King day rally that was scheduled for the same day. It actually makes old Blackface look like the racist bigot that proponents of the socialist left have always been.

    MLK was a gun owner. He was also a strong advocate for the constitution. Seems to me the 2nd amendment rally and the MLK rally could have peacefully coexisted, or even rallied together. The war that MLK was fighting in his day, is the war that law abiding gun owners are fighting today. It’s a war on bigotry and ignorance.

  19. Nothing happened, thank God.

    However, it is not a matter of whether there was a lot of hype around it, which there was, it is a matter of recognizing the elements that could create a situation.

    It is vigilance that keeps us safe, and confusing vigilance with paranoia, and assuming that the next event with the same or similar elements involved will play out the same way would be a major error in judgement.

    Vigilance is not paranoia, nor is dismissiveness safety.

    I think that much of the sentiment expressed here, while completely legitimate, overlooks the fact that a large portion of the rhetoric was coming from the government agents, not just the pro-2A crowd.

    On a national level, if the average prepper and 2A loving American wasn’t vigilant and even a bit paranoid about Virginia, then they won’t be when it really comes, either.

    I generally agree with the clickbait EOTW and Financial doomsday sentiments in the article…that we ought not succumb to it…but Virginia was different. Had nobody paid attention, all of those bills would have passed, and gone into action, and Virginia would become a model for other states to follow.

    In short, just because nothing occurred, does not mean Virginia was not a powderkeg. It was. Don’t fool yourselves. The threat to liberty was real, and the confrontation was real, and the lack of violence and civil unrest does not make it any less real.

    Just my thoughts, respectfully.

  20. I certainly don’t live in fear but I’ve lived long enough to see the the degradation of our society from Bush 41 up to now. I’ve seen God taken out of just about everything, the family attacked, education that went from ranking at the top to now ranking near the bottom, sexual perversions that were whispered about to be glorified by MSM, and now we have the illegal attempt to overthrow a sitting President and the lunatics’ continual impeachment efforts. The Constitution is constantly be attacked and our rights are slipping away. The only thing IMHO that is keeping America free is there are gun owners behind every blade of grass but if TPTB ever get control, our guns will be the spark.

  21. What a great perspective here in the post and comments.

    If there’s a shortage of common sense, there’s a famine of critical thinking in our day. The problem is fear and deception grip so many souls without being recognized, a risk even among the “prepared.” All of the preparation means little or nothing when you’re dead. We have to live for a higher purpose than just survival… “liberty and justice for [ALL].”

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
    -Preamble to the Declaration of Independence

    We miss the point of all preparedness and survival skills if we fail to uphold our duties, as people of common sense and critical thinking, to continue the values and virtues our nation was founded upon. Deception is our primary enemy and not just the humans that are deceived. We have to fight not just against people, but for the truths and rights given to us by our Creator. This is the battle we have been losing ground on for a long time. It may eventually come to famine and war and other human catastrophes, but ultimately we can’t and won’t win without keeping our own motivations aligned with the higher purposes our nation exists to fulfill…and I believe she still can fulfill her destiny if we each do our part.

    1. “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.”

      ― Winston Churchill

      Seriously friend, there are innumerable things that we can all find to disagree about. Even in like-minded circles. What makes the difference with any scenario is when together, we find something worth living and dying for…the rest is just arguments and opinions and doomsday fantasy. We’ve lost a tangible connection with our founding roots. This is what the deceivers want. It’s not too late for this to come through without full on civil war, but there is no doubt that blood will be shed over these [Constitutional] issues in the future (undoubtedly some already has been shed on a small scale).

      We’ll keep playing games [politics] for as long as possible (it’s not really about political parties anymore). We’ll keep gambling [debt/economy] as long as possible. We’ll keep living in illusions/delusions as long as possible. Then one day the true Americans will wake up and reclaim our destiny together or forever surrender it together. I’m not sure if the beginning of the end has been decided, but the end of the end has. Truth, Liberty, and Justice prevail… It’s just that until that day, all the powers of hell are trying to keep it from happening.

      Good self pep chat 🙂

  22. It’s been my experience that most things that go wrong go wrong suddenly. There may be and usually is some indication of problems but typically not clear cut enough for most people to identify and fix before it all goes belly up. We are seeing those indications. This is going to go fubar. IMHO the Democrats (not just in Virginia) are wanting it to become violent. They created the violence in Charlottesville and their handmaidens in the media covered up their actions and defamed innocents to make it all a big win for the left. What we need to do is use legal avenues and courts to win this. No more armed demonstrations, you will be playing into their hands. Recall everyone, challenge everything in court. Have massive demonstrations but do it in friendly counties and cities where the interlopers will stand out and be controlled. Everyone wear a camera.

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