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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on the Inland Northwest’s wild Turkey population explosion. (See the Region-Wide section.)


Washington Rep. Matt Shea on Infowars with David Knight

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Inland Northwest’s thriving turkey population is an invasive nuisance or a conservation success – or bot. Here is how the article opens:

“Fifty-five years ago, Jack Adkins was frustrated. A biologist for Washington’s Department of Game, Adkins was trying to catch turkeys in Stevens County using a 90-by-40-foot net propelled by “three projectiles (shot) from a small cannon.”

It wasn’t working.

“We’ve had all sorts of problems,” Adkins told The Spokesman-Review in January 1964. “But the main one is the wariness of the birds.”

Adkins knew these turkeys well. Just four years before, he and other biologists released 17 of the large birds into the wild after obtaining them from Wyoming. They’d reproduced, and in 1964 it was estimated there were between 250 and 300 in the hills and fields along the Columbia River near Rice, Washington. That success prompted Adkins to try and catch a few and transport them to the Blue Mountains.”


17 cows die after semi crashes in Blaine County

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Bonner County Idaho Tax Assessors Caught Trespassing

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Former Idaho County Sheriff’s deputy sentenced for sexual abuse against minor


Efforts made to bring grizzly bears off threatened species list

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4-H teaches Montana kids shooting sports

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Dog stolen from Butte is now headed home from West Virginia

Eastern Oregon

Man’s cat found after 2 months at Oregon rest area

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Man gets one year in prison for home hash-oil lab that exploded

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Oregon cyclists ‘stop as yield’ rule change begins Jan. 1

Eastern Washington

Semi hanging over edge of canyon after sliding off Highway 195 near Colfax

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Spokane Prosecutes Pastor For Trying To Pray For Kids At Public Library Drag Queen Show

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Principal: Kennewick student wrongfully expelled for shooting threat rumor spread by bullies


This off-grid listing in Wyoming caught my eye: Off the Grid Log Home

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Wyoming deputies lasso deer that fell through iced-over pond

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‘A disease from hell’: Game and Fish director joins in push to create a national CWD task force. This article begins:

As chronic wasting disease continues to increase in prevalence across the country, the U.S. Senate is considering legislation that would create a national task force to research and fight a disease of which little is known.

The Environment and Public Works Committee recently heard testimony on the importance of establishing such a task force.

“One of the biggest threats to deer, elk and moose is chronic wasting disease,” said John Barrasso, R-Wyoming, chairman of the committee.

Kent Leonhardt, commissioner of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, similarly told the senators that “CWD is the single greatest threat to hunting and conservation in America today.”

“It has now been detected in 26 states, is 100 percent fatal and impacts all species of North America’s wild deer: whitetails, mule deer, elk, and moose — collectively the most popular, and most economically important game animals in the United States,” Leonhardt said.

He said hunting is a $40 billion-a-year industry that funds conversation efforts for all kinds of wildlife throughout the U.S.

“Collectively, hunters pay the freight for the vast majority of on-the-ground wildlife conservation work,” said Whit Fosburgh, president and CEO for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. “Through the purchase of licenses, conservation stamps, firearms and ammunition, hunters contribute billions of dollars to wildlife habitat conservation every year, work that clearly benefits the non-hunting public. Deer hunters, who comprise about 80 percent of all hunters, lead the way.”

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  1. Re. man sentenced to 1 year in federal prison for illegal marijuana

    What was this man’s crime? Who has he harmed? Whose rights has he violated?

    Police State 1 Individual Liberty 0

    1. When you cause an explosion that lifts your garage off its foundation, severely burns you and your wife and could have killed your child (but fortunately did not) I think you deserve a year in jail for being stupid. His wife got only 2 days for the marijuana so I would say his 1 year was essentially for being stupid and not really for marijuana.

      1. JBH, so coudha-wouldha-shouldha and being stupid are crimes? Great. Let’s mandate government IQ tests. Below what score should we send them to federal prison?

        1. I think my test would be more of a practical test rather than written. I think I would simply watch and see if you can refrain from blowing up your attached garage with your family in your house and neighbors next door. Kind of a simple pass/fail test.

    2. This is a terrible example to try to make an argument of Police State. In the pursuit of individual liberty, you think it is okay to have 34 lbs of marijuana and extract the “butane honey oil” with harsh chemicals with obvious intent to distribute? Not to mention, have your lab in a townhouse and knock your garage off the foundation? What about the damage that would have been done to your neighbor’s attached structure? Innocent? I don’t think so. To answer your questions, the crime is possession and manufacturing with intent to distribute, he harmed himself, his wife and most likely his neighbor’s property and lastly, you don’t have to simply violate a right to put others in fairly dangerous situations.

      1. Tactical Dad, you answered 1 of 3 questions I asked. I’m sorry but this man’s activities are vices not crimes. They are criminal strictly by statute and statutory law. The legal term is ‘mala prohiba’. The phrase is Latin and means ‘wrong only because it is prohibited’. In other words, they are not harming others.

        I have no moral authority over this man and neither do you. Using government force (ultimately with a gun to his head) against persons not harming others is immoral. If you have a moral philosophy other than the principle of non-aggression, please articulate such.

        1. Montana Guy, I wish I could side with you, because I’m not a fan of all of society’s rules. However, your logic is ridiculous, and is exactly why nobody will take a libertarian seriously. Lets all do what we want, as long as nobody else is supposedly bothered, and he with the most gold gets to shape the world he wants.

          Fact of the matter is, he had a drug lab. The drug lab blew up. People and property were hurt in the explosion. This is not a vice, more like criminal activity. He is lucky to have only received a year sentence.

          A much better example of police state? Perhaps, the tax assessors snooping around.

          1. Tactical Dad,you obviously don’t understand Libertarianism,get the book”Libertarianism” by D. Boaz and read it. This person was obviously using improper techniques for his goal(that has been done for over 6,000 years). What if he had been reloading and a primer had set off powder and caused the same damage? As a “Dad” are your “tactical” weapons not a threat to your children and neighbors? Should they be immediately removed to a secure armory? Should your ammunition be removed to a proper magazine(ammunition storage facility,not the weapon feeding device)? Should you reloading ammunition,if you choose to do it at home be considered a threat to you,your spouse ,children and neighbors? Should any bleach,ammonia or other potentially harmful chemicals be removed? Maybe we can get Tipper Gore to come up with more warning labels or have Michelle Obama decide how many “tactical” devices you can have before you are classified as a “Threat” or a “Gun runner” with intent to distribute.

        2. He endangered others by running criminal incompetent a drug lab, i wonder if he´d implemented and followed any safety rule About chemical Hazards.

          Poisonous fumes for example, a fire and explosive Hazard it was.

          The Rights he clearly violated was the Right of his neighbours to be reasonably safe from those things

    3. I bet that you would be hopping mad if a hash lab exploded next door to where you live.
      If you want to get upset by the “Police State” as you call it read the article about the clergyman in Spokane.

      1. NormiChuck, yes I would be hopping mad. Mad at myself for choosing to buy property next to this couple (or property that they would be attracted to). Folks have the Liberty to move. I would be thinking about exercising that Liberty.

        1. Understood.

          Neighbor, my convictions are grounded in God’s natural laws, an area of study seemingly indoctrinated out of American minds. I politely ask simple yet fundamental questions regarding the rights and truths delineated in our DOC. Seldom will anyone answer them. Some responses were deemed unfit for publishing by SB. Why?

          “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” – H.L. Mencken

  2. Hmm, NW turkey population, the turkeys were introduced into the area and survived. Yu know it sure is funny how man is always trying to improve on mother nature and a lot of the times ends up screwing things up royally and making matters worse. Yes, there has been some success, but in the end, did it really do any good.
    CWD, From what I’ve read, this all started someplace in colorado with farm ? raised deer and elk that was able to get back into the wild some 25 to 35 yrs ago. And according to some reports, it was safe to eat the meat of the cwd animals if certain rules were met. Tell that to the families of two or three hunters ( I think ) who died from eating the meat of sick animals, Did they goof up and not follow the rules? Good question. Now I’ll get down off of my soap box and shut up.

  3. Interesting…
    As of 0700 on Christmas Eve, the video of the two female county tax assessors trespassing “measuring the space” inside on a man’s property has disappeared! Taken down by YouTube because of a “privacy claim by a third party.”

    1. Re: Turkeys. In the Flathead Valley we have more turkeys than you can shake a stick at.
      I suppose it’s nice to have them around but good lord are they stupid.Ive watched an old hen with ten chicks under her wings stand in a hellacious rain storm when shelter under a big tree was five feet away.Wait a minute! Maybe they are Democrats!
      Whenever we cook one it’s like chewing a rubber eraser.So we don’t.

    1. Your olfactory abilities are good.

      Bonner County officials put in a “privacy violation” claim to YouTube and got the video taken down. Here is North Country Off Grid’s video about it:

      Others have mirrored it, though:

      The original video showed up in a search, and I was able to watch it, so it may have been unblocked, although it doesn’t show in North Country Off Grid’s video list:

  4. I cut and pasted the link to the county assessor trespass video into my search bar and was finally able to find and watch it on youtube. Interesting that they disabled the hyperlink though….
    I had this same trespass situation with our county assessor in my county in Wyoming.

    1. Is the county assesor video of them trespassing on the property of North Country off grid? If so looks like they have been having on going battles with the county for quite a few months now. Good to see somebody isn’t just taking it from them and actually fighting back for their rights.

  5. Re: Spokane Pastors Arrest.
    If everything in the article is true and correct as I believe it is and there are witnesses and
    hopefully video,then even a dumb lawyer could file a complaint for Violation of Civil Rights.
    The F.B.I. is required to investigate all such complaints.
    That being said the outcome of any such investigation will depend greatly on the political
    leanings of the Agent In Charge of the Spokane Field Office of the F.B.I. and the U.S Attorney.
    The pastor does not need to file the complaint.Any citizen who witnessed the arrest can file the complaint.
    The law works both ways.Sometimes.

  6. Fifty years ago, I was living in a drafty, WWII-era wooden barracks on Marine Corps Base , Camp Pendleton. Fifty years and one week ago, my buddy Roy and I walked over to the PX to do some Christmas shopping. Once there, we encountered a Christmas tree lot. I suggested we buy a tree and put it up in the barracks. We dragged it by its trunk the mile back to our government-provided home. An easy hike compared to some we had been on.

    The next day one of the crusty old senior NCOs asked if we did really have a tree in the barracks. When he heard “Yes”, he spread the word. Some sergeants went home to Fallbrook or Vista that afternoon and brought back a stand and some ornaments. Other carried in boxes full of goodies the next day.

    Back in 1969 the Marine Corps was not known for tenderness or kindness. That night though, we barracks residents worked together to make the tree resplendent in its beauty. Tenderness and kindness, with nary an F-Bomb, prevailed.

    May each of you know the kindness and tenderness that the Spirit carries into our lives and open to grace.

    Carry on

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