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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at changing weather patterns.

New Jet Stream Pattern Could Imperil Crops

Reader C.B. flagged this important article about changing weather patterns: Newly identified jet-stream pattern could imperil global food supplies, says study. Here is how the article begins:

“Scientists have identified systematic meanders in the globe-circling northern jet stream that have caused simultaneous crop-damaging heat waves in widely separated breadbasket regions-a previously unquantified threat to global food production that, they say, could worsen with global warming. The research shows that certain kinds of waves in the atmospheric circulation can become amplified and then lock in place for extended periods, triggering the concurrent heat waves. Affected parts of North America, Europe and Asia together produce a quarter of the world food supply. The study appears this week in the journal Nature Climate Change.

“We found a 20-fold increase in the risk of simultaneous heat waves in major crop-producing regions when these global-scale wind patterns are in place,” said lead author Kai Kornhuber, a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. “Until now, this was an underexplored vulnerability in the food system. During these events there actually is a global structure in the otherwise quite chaotic circulation. The bell can ring in multiple regions at once.”

Kornhuber warned that the heat waves will almost certainly become worse in coming decades, as the world continues to warm. The meanders that cause them could also potentially become more pronounced, though this is less certain. Because food commodities are increasingly traded on a global scale, either effect could lead to food shortages even in regions far from those directly affected by heat waves.”

JWR Adds: My favorite web site for jet stream weather maps is provided by the folks at   Check out all of the options. It is an amazing resource that I recommend bookmarking.

Portland Mandates ‘Rest Spaces’ for the Homeless

Reader H.L. sent us this: Portland to force new construction to include mandatory ‘rest spaces’ for the homeless.

Four-Year-Old Twins Escape Wreck, Hike for Help

This one was also suggested by H.L.: 4-year-old twins escape deadly wreckage, hike for help.

FLDigi Over Handheld Radios

The latest from NC Scout, over at American PartisanPractical Notes on FLDigi over Handheld Radios. A little snippet:

“As my SIGINT students have learned, after mapping an enemy’s communications plan, the next step is to record their voices while mapping the electronic order of battle. Sending bursts of data, absent any voice (in the event DMR or other voice digital protocols are demodulated) makes exploitation much, much harder while also mitigating the DF threat. In addition, following the other operating techniques we cover, clandestine communications over a local area are absolutely possible with very little money invested using equipment you probably already have.”

‘End of the World’ Predictions from Israeli Futurist

By way of McAlvany Intelligence Advisor‘s highly-recommended Daily G2 e-letter, there is this: ‘End of the world’: This futurist has some grim news for the middle class.

County Forms Militia in Response to New Virginia Gun Laws

Reader  Mark J. sent this: Tazewell County Forms Militia in Response to New Virginia Gun Laws. JWR Adds: It bears mentioning that 100 cities, towns and counties have now passed gun law sanctuary resolutions.

And on the same topic, see this video from Reid Henrichs: Will Virginia Bow to Tyrants, or Embrace Its State Motto?

Oh, and don’t miss this GunGuyTV webcast: Second Amendment Sanctuaries – Podcast Episode 63.

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  1. “New Jet Stream Pattern Could Imperil Crops” [In the article] = “Kornhuber warned that the heat waves will almost certainly become worse in coming decades, as the world continues to warm.”

    Wikipedia has an article titled ~January–February 2019 North American cold wave~ [Article] = “in late January 2019, a severe cold wave caused by a weakened jet stream around the Arctic polar vortex hit the Midwestern United States and Eastern Canada,”

    It hasn’t been revealed with certainty, that anyone on earth can control the weather. [If there’s a Mad Scientist with a Weather Modifying Machine, he needs to be identified and arrested, for causing problems.]
    … Some people are gazing at our Sun, “using light >filters” looking for Sunspots. They theorize a future >cooling period, because of the lack of Sunspots. They refer to an oncoming Solar Minimum.

    Whatever the future holds, a wise purchase would be some prepping supplies from the advertisers here on Survivalblog.
    [There might NOT be an empty cot waiting at the local FEMA camp. +The FEMA camps will NOT allow any weapons; they’ll be as safe as Government Prisons.]

    As far as I’m aware, NO ONE as revealed the >current temperature of the World [and how they know it].
    … We live in a temperate zone in the Universe, because of the Grace of God, or a Random Roll of dice by Cosmic Chance. … People need some preps. They >can’t help anyone else, if they >can’t take care of themselves.

  2. County Forms Militia in Response to New Virginia Gun Laws

    There is no peaceful resolution to the current situation in the U.S.A. If you think there is, you’re living in a fantasy.

    Republicans or Democrats in office it makes no difference. They all want the same end game. Total control of the people.

    They are slowly destroying 2A. As they have destroyed 1A. They will not stop, ever.

    Keep stock piling supplies, learn to grow and harvest your own food, grow you own medicinal plants, keep buying guns and repair parts, learn to repair your own firearms, buy reloading equipment and supplies, get advanced technologies for night fighting and avoidance, buy quality fighting knifes for hand to hand fighting, keep practicing your skills…you’re going to need them.

    God Bless.

    1. Response to ‘DKL’ :

      Hand to hand fighting ? Really ?
      I’ve seen that firsthand, and still have the nightmares. Well over 50 years ago !

  3. A 2004 article in the Financial Times discussed jet-stream changes, including a long-term aridification of the US Southwest. The article hypothesized that what we know for say the last 500-1000 years there might have been a geological anomaly.

  4. As an Army Veteran of 24 years and an Ex-Pat (Northern) Californian (4 generations for me , now 6 for family members still behind the lines), I say to the legal residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia, FIGHT for your rights as sovereign citizens. If you need to see socialist failure(s), you need to look no further than the 3 states of the west coast of the (un)United States with San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento leading the way and Portland and Seattle very close behind.
    STAND YOUR GROUND! Fight the good fight!

  5. How absolutely wise our founders were to create these governmental laboratories we call states so the country can see what does and does not work. Carried out to extremis, we will come to see the red / blue divide across the map. The blue, unarmed urban areas will all be Chicagos where people are being killed at wakes for other murder victims.

    1. Ref: Portland insanity.
      I hope that you don’t live in Missoula because when they grow up they want to be just like
      Portland.JabaTheHut (MayorEngien) and his band of mainly wacko council persons will
      jump on rest spaces for the homeless like a duck on a June bug.
      I doubt that the will ever invite them over to their house.
      The craziness will never stop.It must be something in the water.

      1. NormiChuck, I hear you. Missoulians for the most part are not compatible with Liberty. Much can be learned from the partion of 1947 India. Pockets of Muslims (and Hindus) moved to areas where like-minded people were in the majority.

    2. The “Mandatory Rest Space” is a proposal, not a new law – but nothing the Portland city council does surprises me anymore.

      I’m not in a position to emigrate but I hope and pray that rural Oregon and Northern CA both carve off States of Jefferson which then unite.

      1. Don in Oregon, that would be a huge step in the right direction. Suddenly Americans are thinking about secession. It is refreshing.

        To regain our liberties we need to divorce from the real enemy, the federal government. Then to protect Liberty we need to remove the global elites.

        It’s going to be a long haul. Meanwhile I see the globalists provoking an all-out ‘civil war’ which support their stated depopulation goals.

    3. Montana Guy, there is a forty year old book about secession. Title is Ecotopia. I first saw it referenced here in SB if I remember correctly. The book has great food or thought, esp. regarding the federal government’s response to seceding.

      Carry on

  6. A suggestion to conservatives in Portland. Prefab a few shelters for the homeless bums and druggies and erect them in the front yards of the city council people and sit back and enjoy their reactions. I believe you will see the “Not in My Backyard” attitude at work.

  7. Re: End of the world

    The end of the middle class is difficult to quantify and hotly debated.

    Two observations against and two for


    1. I know few people that are really hurting. I say that from the aspect of one who grew up poor so perhaps my point of view is distorted. But most people appear to to live in nicer houses and have nicer things than my grandparents. My grandfather was a Boeing factory worker making very average money for his day.

    2. I don’t see a mad scramble for jobs that open up, overtime hours or paths to improvement amongst people. People appear pretty content with their situation.


    1. I was a union iron worker in the early 80s. My nephew is a union iron worker in the same local now. He makes 25% less than I did inflation adjusted. Interestingly as an Electronics Technician with decades of experience and a BS in Computer Science with LAN experience and certication I make about what I did as an iron worker back then. And my two mechanical engineer children make about what I do now. Actually probably a little less but my job is also marine related which helps a bit.

    I wonder what a mechanical engineer made back then.

    2. I was cleaning out some old papers and of all things ran across some old pay stubs of my father’s from the 70s. He was a Teamsters truck driver then for a road construction company. An acquaintance of mine’s wife was a Teamster in recent years driving concrete trucks. As near as I can tell she made about 25% less than what my father did inflation adjusted.

    My observation is that we are doing alright. The very limited numbers I have would indicate that the blue collar worker is falling behind. And I am not so sure the white collar worker (although doing better) is not also falling behind.

  8. Re: jet stream

    This whole global warming thing frustrates me since scientist with a political agenda have hijacked and fouled the science.

    I live in the Great Lakes region where centuries ago we know glaciers pushed down from the North. This is also fossil evidence that suggest that this same area was once a tropical climate, and all this well before man showed up (supposedly). So we know that earth gets really really cold and really really hot and it doesn’t take any interference from humans to do this. Scientist also narrowly define their studies. Do we really think that our world is so simplistic as to believe that one variable can explain something like a changing world climate? I’m sure all the scientists over at Monsanto had a good laugh at this. Did the silly simple minded “scientist” ever think about how our seed stocks have been so genetically modified as to no longer be able to tolerate such changing patterns?

  9. JBH,

    Using the limited data you have on hand, I could agree, yet a bigger picture view gives a very different picture. One only needs to look at the swelling masses of homeless to know that the country is no longer what it use to be. And most of them do not choose this, but are forced into this. It is no longer the case that one chooses to be a ‘hobo’, or is the stereotypical homeless person, destitute because they are mentally ill or physically handicapped. No, it is now the average person, who once considered themselves to be in the middle class, who once fallen from the good graces of society are forever entrapped by poverty. I’ve spent days with the homeless attempting to teach them how to cope with their new situation, from bushcraft for those who have nothing, to retired persons who cannot afford a home, to help them install solar power on their van, or otherwise to help them live more comfortably.

    Not to explore the massive encampments in Southern California as those are more visible. Here is a long running You Tube channel that focuses on helping those who are homeless, yet mobile, living in cars to motor homes, a hidden and growing number who cannot for the most part afford a home. This group is primarily those who are 50 and older, and mostly on social security. Some are actually preppers and could arrive in the American Redoubt. These are average Americans attempting to do the best they can in an unfortunate situation, and they have even grown in number, and even now are so well established and mature as a group of persons, that a sociologist could consider them a subculture.

    Sadly most do not understand the current situation created only in the last decade, because the mainstream media seeks to keep us comfortably ignorant. There are many barely hanging on to their image of their once middle class status, who are actually comfortably poor at best. Any down turn in the economy, or significant rise in consumer goods, will quickly send huge numbers into the streets.

  10. RE: Jet Stream

    Yep, something is wrong with our weather patterns. We are unseasonably warm here in NW Montana. It is nearly Christmas and we have day time temps that range from 35 to 45F, with zero snow on the ground, and a 10 day forecast predicting more of the same. About 10 years ago we also had no snow on the ground during this time as well. Next year will confirm.

  11. The threat from AI and automation/robots is real. I might add that this same threat will be a serious military threat too.

    Did anyone else find that the Burning Platform site was almost unreadable. I had to delete half a dozen popups and while trying to read the text kept jumping around as other ads etc. loaded. I generally place sites like that on my do not read list.

    1. Re: A. I., Artifical Intelligence

      Yes indeed, yet few are fully aware of this threat that is a central apart of the quickly rising ‘beast system’… There is just too much to discuss on this issue, that would of great importance. Where to start? To mention only one item in a much larger topic, A. I. is already a part of the lives of those who use smart phones. It is studying you, and dog training you. It is invasive, and seeks to become a necessary part of these lives to the point where they are lost with out it. It is not your friend. 5G will further enable this technology. If 5G is not more damaging that
      wifi, or other microwave RF, it will make A.I. pervasive. Some might be annoyed that I am a ‘radio-head’, but what until their mind control effort is mature, more mindless morons will become more zombie-like than now. The zombies can also be turned against their neighbors.

      As a ‘tunnel rabbit’, I’ve seen how deep that hole goes. It goes all the way to the depths of hell itself. We should be concerned about not only AI, but any part of the beast system. A.I. represents the Beast’s central nervous system.

  12. RE: THE WEATHER. Grand Solar Minimum much?? Learn your futures boys and girls……… your mind will be blown by the truth! I guarantee it! You tube channels: Adapt 2030, Ice Age Farmer, Oppenheimer Ranch Project. START WITH THESE AND THE REAL RABBIT HOLE YOU SHALL SEE..
    … My prepping direction has changed dramatically and my urgency is now fully renewed.. Redneck Iowa Nurse

  13. American Thinker addresses the Portland homeless issue with clarity. The initiatives that I know of which worked with homeless people were as multifaceted as the homeless people are. A simpleminded ordinance will not bring relief.

    And, I must say, how can this most affluent and wealthy country in world history even have homeless people?

    I know, I know, I’m getting emotional over here. I admit that I feel deeply for them. I have slept on the floor of a church basement with forty other men, sheltered under a bridge overnight (no real sleep, try it and you’ll see), and scavenged for food. Now I am safe and comfortable, achingly concerned for “the least of these”. Sigh.

    Carry on

  14. Re: FLDigi Over Handheld Radios

    I try not to get carried away with my McGiver’ing here, yet there are others doing serious work like myself who have a similar spirit. The willingness to experiment, to try the unconventional, the exercise itself is worth while, even if the experiment failed. Our minds are our best weapon. Exercise it. Those stuck in convention will not do as well. Simple is best, because it is reliable. Using ubiquitous equipment to it fullest, gives us a logistical and tactical advantage. I would do more of this kind of work, yet balance in our preparations and skills is more important. I specialize at being a generalist, a jack of all trades. Specialization is for ants, and we will not have a society and economy that rewards specialists of any kind.

    I would share more of my trade secrets here, yet this is not the audience for such. However, we can use the old Baofeng for doing many different things. For those who do not need a high level of radio expertise, there are simple alternatives to the digital modes that can be pumped over VHF/UHF. Even if you do not have the digital modes, you can still send your brand of CW by merely hitting the key on the right side, about in the middle labeled ‘band’. Have the radio on the frequency desired in ‘channel mode’, and press the ‘band’ button as you would use a ‘key’ for Morse code. The low tech advantage of use hand keyed CW over any of the digit modes is that the software used to decode digital signals, does not decode hand sent CW very well. And you do not need to master CW, but you can use your own brevity code, with your own contrived series of dots and dashes. Invention requires work , but it does not have to complicated to be of at least limited use.

    Odds are, folks in your area will only be able to handle simple means. Years ago, I’ve tried to get local hams, the best I could find, and could not get anyone to advance their knowledge. Even as something as simple as encrypting a one time pad, and putting it out over a Baofeng using MTTY is just too much for the guys around here. Sad. It is too easy. We can find a handful of specialists on the internet who have perfected this, but when it comes to local comms, it has to be kept STUPID SIMPLE. Was it Kelly Johnson, the guy who developed the P-38, the U-2, and the SR-71, who said, ”keep it simple, stupid”. Or did he say ”keep it simple and stupid”? I prefer keeping ‘stupid simple’.

  15. In reference to the “Tazewell County Forms Militia in Response to New Virginia Gun Laws” article, they might want to include Trail Life and Heritage Girls in their training. Scouting, be it boy, girl or whatever, is not what it once was.

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