What Are You Really Preparing For? by B.P.

After a fair number of years being a designated “prepper” and enjoying the heaps of blessings and trials I’ve received, it happens that occasionally I take a tally on my soul and recall the lessons from my life as a disciple in Christ. Now, your mileage may vary depending on the faith, or lack thereof, you have committed yourself to. For me, it was an easy choice to make early in life, as the benefits greatly outweighed the costs (considering an eternity in torment apart from my Creator as the greatest of these). Since making the choice nearly 50 years ago to subscribe to the teachings of a protestant Christian faith, I have only affirmed and reinforced that decision over time, with a lifetime of experiences to support my choice.

As it happens, like many others at the time, I became a solid convert to the prepping mindset circa the turn of the century, when I realized the vulnerability of civilization during the Year 2000 (Y2K) wind-up. But really, it was the desperation of an early adult life in the 1980s and 1990s that set that stage moreso than just the talk of the time, for I had experienced poverty, starvation, and destitution enough by the time I was in my mid-twenties to know the consequences of having to do without. The fact that I also started a family without first securing a decent living only made the apparent that much more painfully obvious. Being responsible for the welfare of others like that can be quite effective at waking the child into real adulthood.

Now, I am counseled in the Word that we should be good stewards of our “Talents”, that when we are provisioned, we have a duty to manage those blessings as the servants we have agreed to become. Therefore, it just seemed prudent to me to stockpile, to learn the skills, and to teach my progeny. Somewhere in there, the quest to improve my provisioning ability led me to seek ever more challenging work assignments, to learn to do things that others couldn’t, or more importantly wouldn’t, and thereby increase my value in the marketplace. While this did require some sacrifices which in retrospect were more expensive than I expected them to be at the time, the end result was, for the most part, the outcome I was looking for.

Now it should be stated that if you are going to pursue such ambitions, you really ought to be partnered with someone who’s outlook is compatible with yours. Sadly, this was not the case in my particular situation, though I didn’t realize it at the time. Thus, much of my accomplishment was squandered, and the risks I undertook meaningless. But that is on me for being naïve and foolish and not making a good choice on picking a mate. However, I stand by decisions, even when they turn into mistakes, and I take my vows seriously, so no crying over spilled milk. It is what it is and that is that.

Something I did come to learn over time; that becoming the prepper type I was, I was placing far too much value on having, and not enough on being. It’s a hard concept to describe, but let’s just say that our quality of life should never be based on materialistic standards, even when it comes to being preppers, and therein lies the thesis of this lesson.

Regardless of the context of your life’s consideration, whether it be from a prepper perspective, or as a parent and spouse, or just your career, the thing’s you possess will never be a good measure of who you are, or more importantly, what you are about.

Life as a Christian

In my case, I am first and foremost a Christian. I have tried to live my life as a Christian, and I have taken to heart the tenets of that faith to the limits of my ego. To my detriment, I find that I fail quite often to live up to my expectations. But by the grace of God, I do not stop trying. It is in this venue that I have metered my prepping efforts and way of thinking. To wit, what is it I am preparing for? While the mundane answer must be the hardship and calamity that would overtake me were I unprepared for some as yet realized Schumer Hits The Fan (SHTF) event, the far more important response requires that I must first realize and reconcile that eventually my life will end, and all the possessions and relations and blessings I have will be taken from me, and I will be left even without corporeal form. Since this has always been a part of the core of my faith, I am compelled to face that reality, and put into play those directives which guide that faith so as not to undermine my most important objective.

What does this mean exactly? Well for starters, it means I have at least two commandments I must follow, and comply with as often as I am presented with the opportunity. The first of these is a very personal thing, as it involves my personal relationship with my God, and can only manifest itself indirectly. However, the second directive does invoke me to put my fellow man ahead of, or at least on par with, my own interests. Now, who would rationally ask for an opportunity to divest themselves of hard-earned resources just to help others we would otherwise have no interest in? Yet time and again, I find myself doing that very thing. I guess some cynical types would say that is me hedging on my values. Well, maybe. Then again, I do seem to have this surplus running, and even though there are myriad things I could acquire that might be either immediately beneficial or a hedge against perceived future risk for me and mine, I am still faced with some nagging parables from childhood.

From a certain perspective, one could say I am giving from my “abundance”. However, since my own resources are finite and not acquired without a certain amount of effort on my part, and my perceived “needs” are apparently unending, one could also argue that I give from that which I am or will someday be depending.   Yes, I know, it’s a bit of a conundrum, at least until you reconsider the end game from my point of view. Remember that someday I expect to lose it all anyways, as will all of us. Inheritance aside, I taught my children how to fish a long time ago, so they really don’t need anything more from me that I could provide anyways, at least not in a material sense.

What am I Saving For?

So, what exactly am I saving for? Retirement was never a consideration for me. I figured social security would be a pipe dream by the time I could ever make use of it, and Pelosi is doing her level best to make that come true. In any case, it is not something I can depend on. No, for me the plan was always to work till I drop, produce until I am spent, then either I will perish or I will reluctantly become society’s burden, which is what it appears the powers that be want anyways. But by then I really won’t care much either way, other than I would prefer the former to the latter. So my hope is that I will continue to use the abilities I’ve been given up till the point where this world is done with me, or I with it. Then my hope will be that God takes me quickly and without a lot of suffering. But if not, even suffering ends eventually. After that, none of this will matter, not the pain, or the glory, or the awe, or any of it. Only everlasting bliss in a fashion I cannot now conceive, and that is a good thing to look forward to. Wouldn’t it then be a great thing if, as a last conscious act, I was allowed to glorify Him in deed one final time? That, too, I think would be worth asking for. Lord, let my last breath be in service to you and my fellow man.

A good dose of perspective once in a while keeps my head screwed on properly. Rather than get wrapped around the axle on all this hub-bub about what’s going on in this world, I think it better to realize how temporary all of this really is, reflect on what awaits us all, and prepare accordingly. Until then, I think I will stand for what’s important, treat others as I have been instructed, and seek Him out in all things. If you can’t come to the same sort of conclusion, then I have to ask, “Why is it you are still here struggling so hard, when you know what’s coming?”

Manage your “Talents”, be ever thankful for your blessings and your challenges, and follow by example. The rest, as King from “Platoon” might say, is gravy.


  1. B.P.,
    Thank you for your article. Me and mine have almost the exact same story and our prayer is the same.
    One question that remains for me; why is it so difficult to find others of like mind AND build strength through community? We’re more than willing to make sacrifices necessary to accommodate community living, but everyone we encounter in this beloved movement is so independent minded, they can’t envision the strength available AND required to overcome the obstacles present.
    Liberty First,

  2. B.P.,
    Thanks for your article. We believe personal preparation for eternity is # 1 . All else gets in line behind that. We realize that is not the case for many, sad, but that is reality.
    Keeping our head screwed on right in a topsy turvy , sinful culture is a daunting task at times . Living in the world and not embracing it requires work,dedication, prayer and a total reliance on the Lord.
    Thank you again for a great article.

  3. We share a similar story. Thanks for sharing-read it twice! A lot of Christians see prepping as a lack of faith, but I do not. God does not do things for us that we can do for ourselves.
    Yes, preppers are generally very independent types, but I think it’s prudent to be independent (and quiet) in this arena. I might be able to help some people when the time comes, but let’s not forget human nature.
    I don’t control the future, God does. I may be able to be of service to God by helping others with resources acquired in these (the best of) times.

  4. Amen to all previous comments. Our experience recently is that many we have tried to help both spiritually and physically have turned around and burned us. Tough lessons as we continue to learn to love the unlovable.

  5. No one is a match for marriage. That’s why we work daily on our marriage knowing that the best two people together are the ones together now. Not divorced and reunited tomorrow to someone else. You both are right where you need to be in this marriage.

  6. Thankyou for your observation. When I consider the prepping community I see a wide divergence of humanity all struggling to control the outcome of their mortality. I often feel behind when compared with the many skills and gadgets people have collected at their disposal that in the end may be clawed from their cold dead hands. Please don’t misunderstand me, I value what they are attempting to do. Yet as the years seem to melt like days. I am appreciating my own mortality and the recognition that I have more projects than time, and the most important is my relationship with my Creator. Try as I might, the world and my own weakness intervenes in this attempt. When I get to a point of realizing that I recall the words of 1 Thessalonians 4:11 where the writer is praying that we aspire to live a quiet life and work with our hands to be an example to others. There is a period of my life where I aspired to anything but that. Now a little older, I relish this and recognize that by doing so, I am living part of Gods will for my life. As I take small steps to learn new skills and improve my home, I am furthering his work and along the way carrying a conversation with my Creator on how he might solve my task at hand. In those moments, I hear that still quiet voice and know he is there in my moment. God bless you on your journey.

  7. I turned 60 this year and at first I was horrified that my life seemed to have zoomed past me. Then, I settled in to the fact that I’m exactly where I should be – the Lord saw me through and still has plans for me. What I’ve learned looking back, is that I do not have “the answers” about anything. All my achievements, family, financial and otherwise, were dashed into a million pieces by a spouse who chose to leave me when I was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer 4 years ago. It.was.devastating. My divorce papers were barely signed when I entered chemo treatment. I don’t wish that on anybody – to be kicked repeatedly while you’re laying on the ground already is unbelievably cruel. God and I had lots of talks, you can be sure! I’m okay now, but I think I cried for 2 years straight. What I learned, and to me this is profound, ALL I have to do is walk with Jesus – that’s it – everything else takes a back seat. I learned the most valuable lesson of all, because everything can be taken from you in an instant (or painfully over time). I’m a Christian and I believe it is *wise* to prepare and I take it seriously, but I also know that only God knows the whole story of my life. I have learned to lean into Jesus even further, to listen to Him with my soul, to do what I hear Him asking me, and then my Soul Rests and Trusts. If anyone had said these words to me twenty or forty years ago, I would’ve nodded in agreement, but I wouldn’t have understood it. I was an extremely capable person, had no fear… now I am weak, easily tired, pushing myself results in days of not being able to do much (if I hoe a row, or sew for an hour, I have to rest with feet up for several hours before the next task), but I think my experience was a huge blessing in disguise. It was a total face plant, but oh my gosh guess Who was standing there ready to help me get back up? I still have scars but I’m happier than I’ve ever been because of this Trust thing going with Jesus, and knowing that one day I will actually be sitting with Him – wow. Until then, may the Lord bless you all and keep you close.

  8. I too have been touched by this thread. I have known Him for more than fifty-five years. I am convinced that whatever preparations I am able to make for the future are not only for my family, but for anyone in need. I have some hunting weapons and the skills to match, but unless my family or others are in danger of immanent harm I can’t imagine using a weapon to harm another person, “if your enemy needs…..”. In the event that people in need came to us, I hope we would be able to serve them without fear of loss of any kind. Is it possible that such a reception might turn a would be robber to seek Him.

    We are blessed with an ideal survival property in Western Montana which we used for many years as a ministry to teens until our finances gave out. Now there may be another purpose for it. We think it would make an excellent long term multi-family Christian retreat. Possibly it can meet the needs of fellow Christians as a refuge in times of trouble and in the mean time provide for refreshing family vacations.

    Anyone is welcome to reach us at flyfish2me@gmail.com

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