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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on the Wexit Alberta campaign.   (See the Region-Wide section.)


SurvivalBlog reader TZ sent this news about our neighbors to the north: Wexit: Will Alberta Ditch Canada? Here is a pointed quote:

“The term ‘western alienation’ has entered the national lexicon, becoming just as Canadian as ‘grab your toque’ or ‘a kerfuffle at the hockey rink.’

Despite being rich in resources and contributing a great deal to the gross domestic product, this part of the country feels disrespected, shunned, unequal, and underrepresented. From the perspective of westerners, the frustration is warranted; Ottawa seemingly concentrates primarily on the economic juggernaut of Ontario and the sensitive vote-rich province of Quebec. From the vantage point of other provinces and territories, the sentiment is: What about me? There is a reason people joke that Toronto thinks it is the only city in Canada, as well as the center of the universe.”

JWR’s Comment: If the Wexit Alberta campaign is successful, then I’d be happy to see them join the American Redoubt!

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Over at the Spokesman-Review newspaper web site: Your Outdoors Photos: October 2019


Ada County sees nearly 23-percent increase in registered voters since 2015

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Oh, Boise!  Public university tells professors not to grade based on merit. (Thanks to reader TZ for the link.)

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Over at the KBOI television news web site: Wild horses to be captured in central Idaho to reduce herd. Quoting the brief article:

“Officials say they plan to use a helicopter to capture 365 wild horses in central Idaho in early November to reduce the number of horses to about 185.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management in a news release Friday says the roundup in the Challis Herd Management Area near the town of Challis will begin on or about Nov. 5 and take up to nine days.

The agency says balancing herd size with what the 260-square-mile (675-square-kilometer) management area can support will help protect habitat for wildlife species such as sage grouse, pronghorn antelope, mule deer and elk.

The agency says mares released back into the management area will be treated with fertility control.

About 240 horses not released back into the wild will be transported to the Bruneau Wild Horse Off-Range Corral facility southeast of Boise for adoption.”


Some good news: Supreme Court reverses decision on Missoula gun ordinance.

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DEQ optimistic on deal to reopen Spring Creek Mine

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Sperry Chalet finally complete

Eastern Oregon

Do you hear what I hear? Train whistles continue to blow in La Grande

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In-N-Out not coming to Bend; sign off Highway 97 is fake

Eastern Washington

The Whitman County Gazette reports: Farmers, neighbors avoid worst

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SCSO deputy will not face charges in deadly shooting last May

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Naked suspect attempts to hide from Spokane Valley deputies using stolen dog bed


At the Casper Star Tribune: Wyoming’s rosy economic growth may be slowing down, new report finds.

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Migration corridor debate takes center stage as governor, Legislature wrestle over policy

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Game & Fish Investigating After 8 Deer Poached West of Wheatland

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  1. re:
    wild-horse ’round-up’

    This time, they cry it is “…for the grouse and deer…”.
    This’s their claim.
    What is the other hand doing?
    Mis-direction, concealing reality, and lying are their Operation Standards.
    That, and the absolute inability to link actions to consequences.

    Why now?
    A harsh winter is weeks away.
    The herd would automatically self-regulate… resulting in a stronger resilient herd.

    The proclamation is from the ever-reliable under-paid over-worked folks at TheBureauOfJustifyingOurExistence.
    So, of course, in that context, it makes sense.

    1. Have you seen those applications to adopt a horse from the BLM. Asks for your cell phone, wife’s cell phone, next of kin, SSN, your employment, employment address, your home address, and the address where the horse will be staying.


    2. [Some unkind words deleted, by the editor.]

      Horses were brought to North America first by the Spanish explorers,and later by European
      colonists and immigrants.
      What you see destroying the range in the western states today are the Feral descendants of those domestic equines.
      These animals that you like to call wild are inbred and very difficult to tame.The herd will
      defend a spring or water hole not allowing other animals to drink.
      The horses hooves damage the top soil crust causing erosion.
      Deer, elk, antelope, and sage grouse populations are adversely impacted by the feral horses.
      No one is saying that the feral horse are not one of the most handsome of Gods creations.
      The feral population is exploding. If left unchecked there people who mighty cull the herds,
      and it probably won’t be with a roundup.
      I don’t know what to say about the BLM. Their bad rap is mostly self inflicted,but at least they are trying to find solutions.

      [Some more unkind words deleted, by the editor.]

  2. Increasing voters: Good. The Silent Majority had better wake up and take up before it’s entirely too late.

    Missoula gun ordinance: It is down heartening and infuriating to see government time and again trounce on the prime liberties that founded this nation. I am certainly glad that the state supreme court ruled unanimously to and this atrocious farce but it never should have been required in the first place. Local citizens have got to start voting for constitutional servants to head all forms of government.

    Wyoming economic growth: Wyoming is not alone. We as a nation are already entering the next recession. Plan accordingly. Eliminate any outstanding debt that you can right now. Stockpile all Goods that you were going to need and set aside extra cash. Yeah I know? Preaching to the choir. It never hurts to hear it again though, does it?


    1. I’m not sure increased voters in Ada county is a “good thing.” As Boise/Meridian continues to grow I am seeing a gradual trend away from conservatism. Hopefully, I am proven wrong but I have concerns that [Moscow] and Boise could skew the rest of Idaho’s vote in the wrong direction.

  3. Apex species like horses and deer don’t have enough natural predators to keep populations in check (man has killed the natural predators and we kill the strongest instead of the weakest when hunting game animals). Even though starvation will eventually keep the population balanced with the food supply those horses can do quite a bit of damage to the land affecting other animal populations and even the health of the range. See the video showing how far and much of Yellowstone NP was affected by 14 wolves. Everything is connected in God’s creation.

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