The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“Just remember: never, ever give up your guns… …you are going to need them.” –  Matt Bracken, from his essay titled: Tet, Take Two: Islam’s European Offensive

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  1. We may need our guns sooner than later. And if later, current events, such the attempt to impeach and otherwise depose and dispose of Trump, could over night, radically cause prices to to jump, and availability to evaporate. If Trump is impeached ,and remains in office, then markets could crash as well and cheap guns and ammo will disappear.

    And do not forget the night vision. As a poor boy, I had to go with a Photon 4.5 RT to go with a heavy PVS-4. Cross fire is a good thang…. IHMO, in knowledgeable hands, even without using unusual, or creative techniques, even Gen 1 or 2 NV can be effective. To start, use a 940 nm illuminator that is not necessary attached to the rifle out to 100 yards. Any further, use a 850 nm illuminator, and a flood lamp in the KZ. It would certainly be better than nothing. I might write more about this some day as well, after some trigger time with this. But only if there is interest in the topic. If not, why bother? If you can’t use rocks creatively, or in a surprising way, then you are behind the power curve. I have found that, those, especially those well trained by the military, are bound by convention.

    I say, do not be complacent, and believe we may have several years to get it done. The only way to know that we’ve done our best to prepare, is in some way, is to stay on it every day.

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