Southern California Prepper, by M.J.

I’ve been a longtime SurvivalBlog reader. I’m glad to say that I’ve learned a lot from reading the blog. Herewith are my two cents:

I’m sick of city life. I’m sick of the endless traffic jams. I’m sick of the endless laws, rules, and political correctness. Yet I’m still here; I am not ready to move at this time. The main reason is getting more job experience. I’ve only been in the IT business for about a year and there is still much for me to learn. I’d like to learn more so that I can be more employable wherever I end up. I also enjoy writing and proofreading and would like to make a business of that as well. Small towns and rural areas have a lower cost of living, which is great – but the tradeoff of less people also means less job opportunities. My need for cash will not go all the way down to zero, so I need to be as employable as possible before I pick my new rural home. In the meantime, I’m prepping while I’m here.

Here in Southern California, the disasters I am most concerned about are earthquakes, riots, and electromagnetic pulse. I think I’m far away enough from the beach to not worry about a tsunami. Other readers may have different concerns depending on where they live.

Right now I’m the caretaker of my parents’ home. My father works overseas; my mother, who is retired, stays with him. This has given me a lot of practice at caring for a house, and it also gives me a chance to practice my prepping. Here’s what I do:

  1. First is taking care of myself. I eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise and sleep – most of the time. Very rarely do I drink sodas or fruit juice; those are pure sugar. I also switched to a different brand of pre-workout protein bar which has less sugar. I’m proud to say that I cook my own food. It’s healthy and it’s a great way to be creative! No gym for me; I jog in my neighborhood and stop every so often for pushups, situps, knee bends, lunges, etc. I swim at the beach. No gym fees, no contracts that are difficult to get out of, no lines for sweaty machines – works for me!
  2. I stockpile water and canned food. Canned food is easiest; I have meal-size cans of meat, beans, vegetables, and fruits to ensure a balanced diet. Canned foods require no refrigeration, no addition of water, and no other preparation – you can eat right out of the can. Sure, it isn’t gourmet eating, but it beats starving. I also stockpile vital stuff like toilet paper, paper towels, salt (“lite” salt for eating, regular non-iodized salt for preserving) etc. I stockpiled some sawdust in case I have to compost human waste instead of using a regular toilet.
  3. I have a garden. The tomatoes are doing very well; I made a big batch of tomato sauce today – the fourth in about as many weeks. I eat a fresh salad that includes tomatoes, kale, arugula, cabbage, mint, and chives every day. (Home grown tomatoes are so much better than tasteless, soulless corporate tomatoes.) Furthermore, this is the first year that my corn really looked good. In previous years, I planted the corn too far apart in nice neat rows. They did not pollinate each other enough, so the corn cobs looked very sorry. This year, I heeded my neighbor’s advice and planted the corn densely by scattering the kernels. Sadly, I did not store the corn cobs properly, so now they are only fit for feeding my neighbor’s chickens. On the other hand, I got some non-corporate eggs in return for the corn – yum!
  4. I have rain barrels; this year we received a lot of rain thanks to El Nino (Yes, in California this is not only allowed; it’s encouraged.) I use the water I collect to water the garden. I rinse off salad in a bin and then dump that water in the rain barrels to keep them topped up, but even so, the barrels usually run dry by August or September. Still, every gallon I use from those barrels is a gallon that doesn’t have to be drained from California’s reservoirs – and a gallon that I don’t have to pay for! In theory, I could drink that water in an emergency, as long as I drink through my LifeStraw, but that would be my last resort. (I have consumed creek water with the LifeStraw with no ill results – it’s a lightweight way to extend your hiking range!)
  5. I have a foldable solar oven. On sunny days, I’ve cooked enchiladas, spaghetti, one-layer cakes, and even bread. I learned the hard way that the solar oven does not get hot enough to kill yeast. One time I made a yeast bread and it rose all over the solar oven. That was a very sticky mess to clean up. Now I only use bread recipes that call for baking powder or baking soda. I also sun-dry clothes on the house balcony (after turning them inside out) whenever possible. That’s another savings of money, and there’s nothing like that fresh smell of sun-dried clothes! (I’m lucky that none of my neighbors smoke.)

My neighbor and I also make our own soap, using olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils (different blends for men’s and women’s bars), and a stick blender. I’m happy to say that I get along with all my neighbors. We pull in each other’s trash barrels, collect each other’s mail when someone is out of town, and keep an eye on each other’s homes. I’m proud to be the first Halloween stop for my neighbors’ kids; I always give them lots of candy!

Varmints such as raccoons and opossums are a problem, especially in freshly planted areas of the garden where I’ve mixed in lots of (homemade) compost. That’s why I don’t have a bean crop this year. Sometimes densely sprinkling red pepper flakes around new plants helps; sometimes it doesn’t. Shooting them is not a solution, unless I invest in an air rifle; but somebody would call the police or whine about animal cruelty, and I’m usually asleep when the varmints come anyway. (I need my sleep; I’m not going to sit up all night waiting to ambush varmints.)

Full Tank Fanatic

Other things I do: I’m a Full Tank Fanatic. Whenever my car’s fuel gauge shows ¾ full, I stop at a gas station. When you consider that (conservatively), even one gallon of gasoline means not having to walk 20-30 miles, you’ll appreciate that a full tank can make a huge difference! I’m also prompt about bringing the car in for service every 3000 miles. Whatever needs to be done gets done – no procrastination. Despite all the twaddle about car shaming (and now flight shaming), cars are absolutely vital. Public transit doesn’t cover most of my needs; neither does riding a bicycle. I can’t do major vehicle repairs, but at least I can jump-start a car with a dead battery and change a tire (yes, a full size spare tire, not a stupid “doughnut” mini tire!) That puts me ahead of many urban people. Lastly, I keep a portable battery jumper/air compressor, some spare clothes, some cash, a few cans of food and a manual can opener, and some water in the car.

There’s never enough spare time, because I have a full time job. So unlike some people on this blog who seem to live to prep, I prep to live. I have to fit in prepping whenever I can. The next things on my agenda are to renew my BLS/First Aid certificate, get back to martial arts (a weapon which can’t be confiscated at airports or courts!), and keep on saving for my move out of Southern California.

Now a last piece of advice on avoiding a major disaster: tell our leaders to do a better job. JWR has posted many times about telling our leaders to leave the Second Amendment alone. I agree. I also encourage SurvivalBlog readers to take a larger view. We should petition our leaders to reduce the sheer volume of laws and regulations that cover the United States and provide government officials at all levels with an opportunity to play “gotcha”. Instead, people should be left alone to live their lives in their own way as long as they are not harming or defrauding others. Instead of foreign interventions and “quantitative easing” (printing money) and the futile war on drugs, our government should facilitate expansion into space, which can be the source of valuable metals and clean energy. In other words, we can be preppers not just by stockpiling goods and learning skills, but by telling our government to do its job properly.

Seeking a Life and a Wife

Ultimately I want to switch to a lifestyle of less traffic, less 9-to-5 rat race, lower costs, more in tune with nature…and to be able to share that with a woman on the same wavelength as me. Finding a woman I can ride the river with is tough in Southern California; many are politically correct #MeToo flaming liberals who wouldn’t last long in a rural environment. I’d like a woman who I can get grubby with in the garden or hiking, but who I can take out for a night of ballroom dancing, and who shares my political conservatism. Perhaps I can find her in the country!

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  1. A well thought out and well spoken article Sir. Any sane prepper wants a good wholesome standard of living with minimum government intrusion. And I agree that by the very nature of the conditions, this is usually easier to achieve in a rural environment. However, speaking from experience, one thing that is likely to remain the same is underlying human nature. I live in northwest Montana and have seen just as many slutty evil women here as I did in California. The divorce rate is about the same, females committing adultery and destroying their families runs at about the same rate. I have been stolen from and lied to by plenty of “Patriots and preppers”. I had a fellow “patriot” commit adultery with my “patriot prepper” wife when I was severely injured and struggling to hold my marriage together. My sob story is far from unique. I’ve also had complete strangers in liberal big cities welcome me into their homes and treat me very well with nothing to gain. So be wary wherever you go.

    1. Yes, let’s tell it like it is. Sob it is not, it is the reality here in NW Montana. The moral decline is wide spread, and is not only evident, but in- your-face rampant. Having lived elsewhere, it is no better here than elsewhere, except in the big cities were it is at Biblical levels. I say this as as a second witness. All that said, here is where there are still a few good ones left. It may take awhile to find them, but once accomplished, I would rather be here living in nowhere with nutt’un, surrounded by capable, caring, and like-minded friends, rather than alone in the big city. At the Kalispell Gun Show yesterday, I found myself in highly concentrated pool of like- mind souls. It was wonderful to be in their midst. “Come out of her, my people” Escape Babylon while you can.

      Revelation 18:4
      And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.

      1. I was at the same gun show! And the guy that commitment adultery with my wife was there and so was she! Although they apparently aren’t a couple. And several ” prepping Patriots ” that stole from me as well. That’s ok God will make it right for me someday

    2. Hey, I grew up in San Bernardino, moved to LA for college (CSUN), became a fire/paramedic (LAFD). Wife & I couldn’t stay there anymore & moved No. ’78, ultimately became LEO & retired in northbay area. Had family still there that moved out of cities. You really don’t notice how bad it is when you’re “used to it”. Went down to a funeral 2yrs ago & while leaving coffee shop w/sister had to draw my weapon to stop attempted robbery on us, they ran, we drove away fast. Those of you saying you’d shoot have never been to court over something like that. Not a cop anymore. So, look at what you live with there. Look at what you can do in a better area, look at what you live with there again. Not everyone can make a living in Idaho or some other rural environment, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look. Most of my kids/grandkids live local to me. God (or whoever your Higher Power is) is w/me here to help my family. I’ve been a “prepper” long before there was a name for it.

  2. Here’s a thought. When your parents return and you are no longer responsible to care-take their house, move to Post Falls, Idaho and get an IT job in Spokane, WA, a 15 mile commute. Check on, there are dozens of IT jobs available in Spokane. That way you can get the job experience you seek while still living in a 2A friendly state.

    You can become accustomed to the climate up here, and if you find a nice local girl she probably wouldn’t be as resistant to moving a little farther north a few years down the road once you find a job in a much smaller town. You could scope out some acreage for your bug out location and begin to make improvements to the land on the weekends. If SHTF during that time, you have already made contacts and acquaintances locally and are closer to your ultimate destination.

    I used to live in SoCal and spent a lot of time mentally creating escape routes and running scenarios for how to get out of the city in an emergency. Why not create an interim plan for yourself that gets you to a much safer locale now, and gives you a better chance at survival and a head start on learning all you would need to know about the area. Believe me there is a huge learning curve once you actually get to your safe haven.

    1. Didi +1 to your suggestions. MJ is doing a great job. He is motivated toward reaching solid goals.

      Relocating now and he could begin to meet people living at his ultimate destination. They could include his future wife. Finding a wife whose family resides near your ultimate destination will make life much easier than one whose family is back in California. But then I’ve have awesome mother-in-laws.

      Just an observation but a powerful indicator of great place to live is where families homeschool their children. You’ll probably find many more positive qualities there.

  3. Young man, you did not mention a spiritual life of any sort. If I were you, I would find a church near you where you can worship God and have your spirit fed with the Word of God.You are feeding your body with nourishing food. Your spirit needs nourishment also. While you’re there, you just might meet the young lady that you are meant to be with for the rest of your life. God just might have a plan with your name on it.

  4. MJ, You’re not only ahead of other Cal residents, your preps put u ahead of most people in our state in the heartland. Thanks for your description of your preps in a S Cal city! However, I noticed that u didn’t list any self-defense preps. Perhaps u avoided that, to be confident of your OPSEC.

  5. It’s good that you do whatever, whenever, however you can when it comes to prepping, no matter your personal circumstances. Even a little is better than none and puts you ahead of the crowd. However, finding a suitable, equal and like minded female partner to complete your life is difficult no matter where you live , urban or rural. Relationships are complicated, but shouldn’t be. That has become the reason for MGTOW. Even though women should not be despised and distrusted, the feminazis have done a great job of creating those emotions in many good men. God will provide. Trust God and have faith.

  6. I have lived in Southern California since 1985. Southern California, in my view, comprises the area of the southern half of the state that is more coastal, not the precise southern half of the state. The closer to the coast one lives, the better the weather and, as a result, the greater the population density.

    For all of its many and serious vulnerabilities, Southern California has some strengths from a survival perspective. With January high temperatures in the 70s, and low temperatures in the 40s, few people are going to freeze, which explains in large part the homeless problem. A person can usually eat outside at restaurants year round, at least at lunch, and a person can maintain a garden year round if the land is available.

    The coastal areas are not composed of desert, but they are semi-arid. The single most serious vulnerability of the population following almost any calamity will be the absence of sufficient water. The Los Angeles Basin is capable of providing water to only a small fraction of the current population.

    Dr. Lucy Jones at Cal Tech, the woman the local media likes to call “The Earthquake Lady,” is the “go to” person for the media following every major temblor, e.g., the Ridgecrest Earthquakes several weeks ago. She has pointed out that every major aqueduct in Los Angeles crosses the San Andreas Fault. These aqueducts feed a water system that is almost ancient and highly vulnerable in many areas. If the Big One takes place, she has said that it will take up to a year to restore water service in some parts of LA.

    Still, the average person does nothing. This is not an LA or California problem. It is an American problem. The Normalcy Bias dominates. (How many people on the East Coast were flocking to Home Depot and Lowe’s for plywood, generators, sandbags and such in the last two weeks?) FEMA’s pathetic effort to encourage Americans to store three days of food and water is a tiny baby step in addressing the problem.

    Just how many people across the country can’t get by for three days with the food they have in the house–even if that ketchup in that bottle is classified as a vegetable, and it is being spread on saltine crackers? Given that trying to get Americans to store, say, 30 days of food and water will likely be a fool’s errand, I suppose that FEMA’s effort is simply intended to address the preparedness issue by saying “store more,” and that it is not specifically intended to encourage people to have only three days of food and water on hand.

    The fact is that most of the population will be stunned, gobsmacked, and flummoxed when the Big One actually does occur (remember that it is “when,” and not “if.”) They will slowly dig out and wait helplessly for “the authorities” to provide them with relief. Long lines will appear behind National Guard trucks as people wait impatiently for their two milk jugs of water each day, and perhaps an MRE or two.

    A couple of years ago, I asked my former secretary (who lived with her parents) whether her family had water stored for use after an earthquake. She said that they didn’t. I asked her what she would do after an earthquake for water. She replied, “You mean like go to the store?” I said, “No, I don’t mean like go to the store?” I could tell that my words were falling on deaf ears.

    After the Ridgecrest Earthquake, I called her and asked her if this event had caused her to change her mind about storing water. Nope. Nada. Nix.

    Something about horses and water came to mind.

    1. Survivormann99, you’re absolutely right. So many people don’t think about earthquakes at all, despite the fact that they are frequent. There was the recent Ridgecrest quake that you mentioned, which would have been devastating in a more built up area, and there was the 1994 Northridge quake, which knocked over parts of I-10. You’re also right that Southern California’s mild climate is beneficial from a survival perspective. Like everyone else who follows this blog, my perspective is that doing something is better than doing nothing.

    2. If the big one hits during a Republican president it will be the administrations fault for not supplying these dunderheads fast enough.

      If it’s during a democratic president reign it will be the people’s fault for not prepping.

  7. There are good women in Southern California, you’re just not looking hard enough. All the guys want a girl whose a perfect “10”. Most guys settle with a girl based on looks before they really get to know her. I work in law enforcement with all men and prior to that I was in the Army.. I know how guys think.

  8. 1. Bug out now. Time is precious. Its later than you think. You dont wanna get caught in CA when things go sideways. 2. Avoid women. They will destroy you. I should know I’m a divorce attorney. Sure it seems like a good idea but trust me it aint.

    1. Your clients are self-selecting. Bad marriages do not make marriage itself bad. Those 50 year anniversary folks aren’t exactly using your services now are they?

      1. He’s accurately reporting on the divorce laws being severely biased against men. Numerous court cases where the female has committed paternity fraud, proven by DNA and the court upholds the man paying child support on a kid that isn’t his. Women initiate divorce 80 % of the time, and cheat much more than men. Alimony to maintain her standard of living? Shouldn’t she have to pay for the man to have a maid and a chef then by that same logic? A marriage license is a 3 party contract with the state being at the head and in charge instead of God. Modern marriage is a very bad deal for men. I sky dive and I love it. But I wouldn’t do it if there was a 50 % chance the parachute wouldn’t open.

        1. So what? The system is corrupt. Most people are idiots. And there is still nothing new under the sun. What are the odds of any of that happening to you if you chose to marry a God-fearing woman? Those odds good enough for you?

          1. The church with those “God fearing women” has the same rate of adultery and divorce as the rest of society. You can say so what to the guy that gets screwed out of a half million in alimony and child support for children that aren’t even his. I still get angry over injustice…maybe I have a little to much testosterone

          2. Are you so sure about those statistics?

            The headlines claim that Montana has the highest traffic fatalities in the nation. But look at the methodology. The data for fatalities is sound. But for vehicle miles driven? There are only two monitoring stations in all of Flathead County. Yes, two. They model all of the other traffic on all of the other roads. That isn’t data; it’s pure fabrication! And yet the journalists publish it and the hand-wringers believe it.

            As for divorces, oddly enough, they never seem to survey churches like ours. But then again, I doubt anyone here would take kindly to such an inquiry.

            At any rate, I wish this young man well in his search for a good woman. They do still exist.

  9. MJ. ,,,some thoughts from some one that’s older than dirt ,in a true SHTF what will your IT work be of value.??? I personally have a PHD(nuclear engineering) that is of little use except that one learns to think ,the most valuable skills I have are from a time past ,and a sampler life ,
    Get out now,if you are willing of spirit and body doors will open to you ,i met the love of my life out on a homestead a hundred and thirty miles from town ,the lady you would want for a partner is out there ,wondering where are the good men? I had a young lady once ask me how do I find the a good man ? I told her where are you fishing ?there are communitys of like thinkers , you probably won’t meet them on the computer ,there to busy living life, but you meet them at the local feed and farm store ,and the ones you want to won’t be at a bar or night club ,

    The way that you wander is the way that you choose ,,,the day that you wait is the day that you lose ,

    The and blueberries

  10. Few things you may want to consider: First, don’t neglect the other weather-related dangers in your area – brushfires and mudslides/flashfloods both need to be taken into account in assessing and planning. Regarding water – if you can find something in clear 2 liter bottles you will drink (with your workouts, especially in the desert, you may find that adding diet tonic water cuts way down on leg and other cramps), stockpiling bottles filled with tap water is cheap, or empty bottles may give you the chance to fill. [It kills me to see people wasting money on bottled water when prepping before storms, when minimal pre-planning would eliminate that expense.] Finally, a good nitro-piston (not spring driven) air rifle firing .22 pellets would be cheap, lots of fun, good training if you don’t have a lot of experience with firearms and hunting, almost maintenance- and trouble-free, and hell on garden pests. And, when you up-grade to a .22 rifle (you should), firing a .22 Short in a rifle barrel is almost as quiet as the air gun, but still effective if you keep range short. Note for stockpiling: .22 pellets (or any pellets) never “go bad” – they’ll still be just as usable and effective after sitting in a drawer for decades. I recently shot some pellets from the ’60’s.

    1. TJMO, I don’t live in the foothills or the wild areas, so wildfires, floods, and mudslides are not something I worry about. I like your tips on air rifles, though. That will be one of my future purchases. I don’t buy bottled water when tap water is safe and clean; you’re right about how it’s a waste of money.

    2. The research on the negative health effects of diet sodas keeps getting worse. Also, the sugar in tonic water is helpful with electrolytes.

      The idea of adding to your water is excellent. Thank you.

  11. Nice work so far on your prepping. In mid tour of my three years at Fort Ord I finally figured that if I was to reach my goal of being a married dad with kids in the country, I should go to Bozeman, Montana to university to accomplish combined goals of education, sports like skiing-hunting-rodeo-camping-shooting, and meeting a cowgirl to marry for my partner in life. It worked.

    Like they said above, if you want to catch a fish you go to where the fish are. In reality, marrying the right person is more important than any skills you have up to that point, because from then on you grow and learn together. The good marriage is a critical prepping step.

    Marrying the wrong person brings ruination, extreme unhappiness, and early death.

  12. You mention canned food. I too have a lot of it on hand, but be aware of the plastic lining in modern cans which gives off Bisphenol A, an endocrin disruptor .

  13. RE: four legged pests. We have Racoons and Opossums in my neck of the woods. I use a Have-a-Heart live trap and cat food to thin the herds. You should check with your local Animal Control folks to see if you can transport them to a different area or whether they will take them.

  14. Brother James, how bout some writings on snake bites and anti venom. Running down every info rabbit hole to find how to obtain some anti venom with ugly results.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Glyn Slay
    Disabled Combat Veteran
    Retired Deputy
    Now Farmer

  15. Seriously??? You’re still in California ???

    I left California-that communist state many years ago.

    High crime
    High taxes
    Harassing law enforcement ($25,000 in attorneys fees with ten traffic violation in four years )
    High homeless
    High illegals /sanctuary cities.
    No 2A and no one to stand with you so it’s not infringed
    Lack of education in public schools / indoctrination
    Gay marriages before the Supreme Court
    High housing
    High food/fuel/ utilities/ recreation
    Policing everything including farting and spitting on sidewalks.
    Green BS state
    Highest in debt / highest in consumer credit card debt/ highest incarceration rate per capita than any contry or state the world
    Liberals who hate everything Godly
    The only state in the union which has a communist checkpoint between states and at every road into the state with facial recognition but an open international border

    The big one you got absolutely right and I mean absolutely there’s No wives – good call.

    I wonder if those feminazis call out the real sexual harassment in the Me2 movement. That is – women liberating themselves from the marriage bed is sexually harassing men. !!!!

    I threw every American woman in the trash long ago. it’s bad enough coming back from war and having a therapy dog handed to you because in the army’s own words “this is the first generation of men who go off to war and have no wives to come home too”. You wonder why there’s so many mass shootings with these hate crimes against men.

    I married a Chinese woman. A mail order bride so to speak. The stats are like American women back in the fifties with faithful women in families at an early age except they can speak three languages and do advanced calculus. Why go through the numbers of women even in the American Redoubt when China has almost zero divorce rate with a billion people. They’re cuter women and skinny till death do them part. Not the fat asses in America. I say this because that’s the talk in China on how American women are so fat.

    I moved to Nevada due to owning What the police own. That is any caliber of firearm up to fifty cal and suppressors on everything with any number of rounds in the mag. California has so many gotchas in the 2A it’s pointless to live/move there.

    God bless.

  16. re: water… consider getting a Berkey water filter or something similar. I have used one for years and have never had a problem. Even so I still store filtered water in plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

  17. As far as finding the right lady to marry I suggest you do as I did. Simply pray to God that He will send you the one that He has for you. I did that 44 years ago and have never regretted it.

  18. The writer wasnt 75 like the people who have been married for 50 years. He is a young man. The harsh truth is that marriages among folks his age arent lasting. The result for the men is financial and personal ruin.

    1. Christian (seriously Christian), college educated women have a very much lower divorce rate than average.

      And for whatever reason, women who practice Natural Family Planning have almost no divorces at all (about 95 percent stability, if I remember correctly).

  19. Friend, you seem to have one less problem than many residents of California–the cost of housing. If, indeed, you are living in your parents’ house rent-free, I hope you have mucho disposable income. SB offers many wise options for the use of that money. Go slow and research thoroughly. You will make wise investments with that good head you have on your shoulders.

    Be patient seeking a woman/life’s mate. I was in my 40s when I finally married my sweet spouse. She is not my ideal cowgirl. And, she is fabulous in many ways, so I choose to overlook some of her shortcomings (my judgement here). She is a blessing in helping me organize the piles of preps I have stockpiled. That process is drawing us closer, through agreement and, yes, argument.

    Until the right woman shows up, you have an opportunity to work on your emotional and spiritual well-being so you are the husband she has been seeking. Works both ways, that ideal marriage partner business. Get busy on your inner life so your vitality shines through your eyes. When she sees you then she can recognize you.

    Carry on

  20. Using “lite” salt, unless you have high blood pressure that is also salt-sensitive, is not beneficial at all. Salt is an essential nutrient, and hyponatria is no fun. Fortunately, when I keeled over from it, I was in a cardiologist’s office, and he told me what to do. After that, it was nice, salty breakfasts for me.

    If you do have high blood pressure, check to see whether it is the salt sensitive kind or not. Take your blood pressure, eat something salty, wait a bit, and take your blood pressure again. If there is no significant difference, use salt. It is an essential nutrient. There is a reason that wild animals will go long distances out of their territories to get it.

  21. 1. Don’t fool yourself. Any city/area/region that depends on 24/7 electricity and a tremendous logistical system of food and other goods is not viable. About the best you can do is prep for very short-term disruptions and issues, or have a very solid bug-out plan to somewhere more tenable. If you have a month’s worth of water, the taps stop working, and your neighbors have nothing, you better keep a real low profile. Odds are you won’t be able to stomach those around you dying off.

    2. The previous comments about marriage are entertaining to say the least. I’m on #2; #1 didn’t last long as I was young and stupid. #2 is over 15 years and unfortunately we’ve seen a lot of our peers (even strong Christians like us) separate. It’s the best risk you’ll ever take, but it certainly is a risk. I have no advice; I’ve seen “sure thing” relationships break up and “oil and water” ones stand the test of time.

  22. While in the Navy, I kept a list of things I was praying about in the front of my Bible. One evening I walked into our berthing compartment and my crewmates began to mock me for praying for a wife. Their comment was “heck, they all want to get married. Just go ask one”. My response was “that’s why I’m praying. I don’t want just anybody”. Here’s the significant part of this. God gave me the wisdom to ask for what He wanted for me. My request was specific. 1: Someone who can keep my attention (wow.. she has for >40years), 2: Someone who will be attractive for the long haul (because I plan on a life long mirage-and she looks 20 years younger than she is) and 3: Someone who will be a spiritual encouragement to me. (Proverbs 31:12) These may seem superficial but since life is practical, a practical approach is advisable. Someone to share your life with is a great blessing. Amos 3:3 “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Nope… OBTW… 2 Corinthians 5:20 & 21 is the key! Check out Grace Community Church, 13248 Roscoe Blvd, Sun Valley, Ca 91352. In your neighborhood. God speed my friend.

  23. Wow… this one really hit home…

    I am a former Commifornia resident… Finally made the move out with a blessing from above and the wife I met at church (after years of praying) 27 years ago agreed to move and we did. It was the best decision for my family that God opened the doors for after years and years of praying. I did not move to the redoubt, but who knows what the future holds.

    I too had preps of water, 2 weeks worth for my family, my pet and 10 of my in-laws because they too never heed the warning from FEMA or anyone even though we all migrated to the good old US of A while civil war was raging in our places of birth.

    Also working in the Produce/Grocery business for many years in the Los Angeles area, I had insight into how much food comes in to L.A. by truck that crosses over the San Andreas fault. It is not well publicized, buy most major food distribution centers that the grocery companies and food suppliers had moved to east of the San Andreas. This is by design as the various companies want to be able to continue business after So Cal drops off into the ocean. With Just In Time inventory being used everywhere, that should shake anyone to their core. At any given time L.A. only has maybe 3 days of food in the metropolitan area, not just L.A. the city/county. Just imagine if there was an extended power outage or a prolonged internet outage, none of the companies would be able order/deliver foods to the population centers.

    Also, prepping for riots/civil unrest is very key in L.A. During the Rodney King riots in 1992, I can tell you from personal experience that I did not see a police officer for almost a week. My family had a grocery store at the time and our regular customers came in and bought up almost everything we had. The shelves were bare in a matter of hours. We were not able to go and procure more provisions nor were out vendors able to deliver anything to us. During this time, our neighborhood took care of itself. One police officer brother in Christ called and said do what you need to do to protect yourself, your family and your neighborhood. Now, I will not say what I carried, but I had two long weapons and one hand weapon on me 24/7 until things settled down and I was the lightest armed of all my neighbors. Do not be afraid to arm yourself in the anti-gun and 2A communist state of CA. Just remember OPSEC and remember that carrying a baseball bat is a Felony in CA for the first offense, but carrying a loaded pistol in the glove box is a misdemeanor for the first offense, at least when was still a law abiding citizen there.

    I have brother in Christ who still is in So Cal. He came around to prepping better after freak wind storm took out power to his neighborhood for a week, after dealing with the riots, fires, floods, Y2K (yes, Y2K because the so called Christian radio stations were spewing the end of times and buy this and buy that). He has always been self sufficient with growing his own fruits and vegetables and was able to have some foul due to the unincorporated part of the L.A. basin he and his family lives in.

    For the other commenters, you all have made great comments and have provided our young prepper brother with great insight. Thank you all.

    Southern California Prepper… Keep up the good work. Stay in the path of the Lord. I am sure the community here on SB will keep you in their prayers and will keep passing the learned wisdom of our elders.

  24. I too prayed diligently for a wife of God’s choosing. After reading some of these horror stories/comments about women, I just now leaned over and again told that lovely wife of 40 years how much I valued and loved her. Dittos on becoming the man God would have you be for one of His daughters.

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