Triggers to the Second American Revolution, by A.D.

Having been a reader of SurvivalBlog for a couple of years, I have read some fascinating articles. The body of knowledge out there is truly astounding. There have been many articles about preparing for the difficult times ahead which I found to be helpful and unsettling. Sometimes, I feel the dread of knowing a powerful storm is heading our way and there is going to be much hardship as a result. My family lives in the hurricane belt, and one of the frustrating things is knowing a storm is on the way and trying to develop an action plan when the course and arrival time of the calamity is constantly changing. We face the same unknown with the likely coming collapse of society. We all see signs of increased political tension and name-calling by the media. The political left controls the media, or vice-versa…I am not sure it isn’t the media controlling the politicians at this stage. The result of this is a constant feed of propaganda. An entire generation has been brainwashed as a result. Right-leaning media does the same, so there are few sources of truth to be found.

In a recent conversation about media bias, I argued bias can also be defined by what is not reported. Try finding any information that reveals how lawlessly the previous administration behaved. You will have to search long and hard to find anything. With the recent mass shootings, there is another round of knee-jerk anti-gun legislation heading our way. There is no doubt, the left will not be content until all guns have been confiscated except those used for their protection. At what point will the tipping point be reached? How will we know?

The purpose of this article is to explore how we are to recognize when the tipping point has been reached and the Second American Revolution has begun. Some prefer to call it the Second Civil War…by either name, we are going to be in for some difficult times ahead. I do not claim to have the answers, but am very interested in learning what others who may be more informed have to say about the subject. As a result, my hopes are to initiate discussion in the comments section by making observations and asking several questions in this article. Hopefully, the comments section will turn into the actual centerpiece of this article.

Possible Triggers

I have identified some potential triggers to the Second American Revolution. They include:

1) Attempts to further restrict gun ownership. So many sheep are willing to give away your right to own firearms with the false illusion of gaining safety and security. Any person capable of critical thinking should be able to figure out that this is a pointless evolution. The root cause of the gun violence is a breakdown of the family. Contributing factors may be the left’s glorification of gun violence in movies and video games as well as overuse of drugs to control behavioral issues. At what point will you be willing to fight for your right to own firearms? What would happen if the Democrats won big and ended up with both congressional houses and the presidency? Would they then attempt a gun-grab? Would this be the start of the war?

2) Lack of political representation. The current strategy from the left is to flood the country with illegal immigrants hoping to later convert them into a voting block for the left. There will come a time in the near future when it will no longer be mathematically possible to elect a Republican president. Some say President Trump will be the last Republican president. Will the total alienation of conservative America by the left be the cause of the coming war?

3) Racial divide. The current media narrative has shifted from Russia collusion to calling conservatives racists. It is maddening to be constantly labeled a racist if you do not agree with the left’s agenda. The country began a huge backslide in this area under the Obama presidency. This seems to be more of an issue in the big cities rather than out in flyover country. I live in the south, and we all seem to get along pretty well down here in spite of the stereotypes hyped by the media about the people in the south. Will a racially-motivated event serve as the trigger for the coming war?

4) Economic collapse. Our country is doing fairly well when it comes to GDP and employment, but we are drowning in debt. Our leaders continue to kick the can down the road, and it would seem we are unable to address the debt. Will we default on our debt? Will a global recession serve as the trigger?

5) EMP. I have no doubt if someone popped an EMP weapon, we would be in the dark ages once again. Perhaps a week after such an event, our entire society would crumble. What is the probability of such an attack?

6) Terrorism. Could sleeper cells go active and stir up enough chaos to trigger the war?

7) Natural disaster. Any event which interrupted the normal lives of people creates an opportunity for collapse. Imagine a large region of the US without power for a week. How long would it take for the looters to hit the streets? Martial law would be declared. Would the ensuing chaos result in “open season” against the thugs? Would this then trigger larger conflict?

8) Re-election of Donald Trump. Remember how much civil unrest there was at the time of the inauguration? The left was unable to conceive how it was possible for Donald Trump to have been elected. This is because the media made a Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) presidency seem to be a sure bet. The media was so onboard with HRC that they were unable to report what most of our people were feeling about the failed Obama Presidency and the prospects of an HRC Presidency. Typical of the left, demonstrations and riots broke out. I don’t recall the right destroying property when Obama was elected. If Donald Trump is re-elected, will it result in widespread rioting by the left? If so, will this be the trigger?

9) Impeachment of Donald Trump. There are many from both sides of the aisle who would like to see Trump impeached. I don’t want to argue the merits of such a course of action, but rather the outcome if it were successful? Would conservatives view this as cause for action?

How would the battle likely unfold in the US?  I have read many predictions stating that the military would fragment and citizen-soldiers would be needed to augment the Army.

Big cities would be the logical battleground since these serve as the havens of the left. How would the cites be isolated, surrounded, and subdued? Would the gun-owning conservatives prevail? What would the country physically look like after such a war? Would we need to change our form of government to straighten out the mess? Would hostile nations or the UN see an American Revolution as an opportunity to invade the US while we are sorting out our internal issues? Once it is over, how would the left and right ever be able to share the country, going forward? I can only imagine what the economy would look like if such an event were to take place. There would likely be an enormous loss of life leaving semi-vacant cities and unstaffed industry. Even without a shooting war, a prolonged breakdown of society would result in mass starvation in the urban areas progressing to local skirmishes over what food and weapons could be found.

I am also very interested in thoughts about how our military would respond to a civil war. Recognizing that in normal times, the states have the ability to call up the National Guard, how would the regular military be deployed? For interesting discussion on The Posse Comitatus Act, read this discussion.  The military tends to be conservative. I have strong doubts that our forces would turn their guns on civilians en masse, but I have no doubt it would happen in some areas on a limited scale. I could see civilians using weapons against police, and military (Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard) in the event of an attempt to disarm the country.

Would there be mass desertions from our forces with the soldiers joining the ranks of their local militias? If there were any centralized command structure left, it would need to coordinate the campaign to isolate and neutralize the sanctuary cities. Would untrained civilians from both sides be able to operate weapon systems effectively without formal training? As a pilot, would I be able to put an A-10 into use, and if I did, would the opposing force have anti-aircraft capability? Could such systems be put to use in a grid-down situation, or are we back to small arms only? How could opposing forces use the oceans to their advantage? Will the Navy be parked for the duration, or deployed trying to keep China and Russia at bay?

Would the conservative forces take out the media? Would there be mass executions of political leadership in order to start over with a clean slate? Once the Revolution is over, how long would it take to rebuild the government, and how would it differ from the mess we currently have?

I really look forward to reading the input from the readers on these questions. I am particularly interested in any opinions about what the global implications of a Second American Revolution would be. Would China make a move on Taiwan? Would Iran try to eliminate Israel? Would Russia attempt to make a land-grab? Would Mexico make a run on the southern border and reclaim long-lost land?

Let’s hear your thoughts below in the comments section. There is so much expertise in this community, I have great hopes of learning much from the input.

Editor’s Closing Proviso: This article is presented for informational purposes only, with presumptions and conjecture about the future. None of the foregoing is intended in any way to be seditious (per 18 U.S. Code § 2384). And none of the foregoing is a call to arms, nor a threat to our government or to any individual, agency, or group.


  1. It’s too early in the morning to speculate, but kicking off the discussion with an assumption, that regardless of a particular ‘trigger’, most of what will occur will be low level and limited conflict, until the point comes when regular life as we know it, is no longer. Only once we become cold and hungry, will get it bad.

    1. That last sentence says it all, brother.

      My only comment is from another blogger:
      “When liberal democracies collapse, someone comes along who promises to make the trains run on time if we load the right people into them.” – Tamara Keel, Editor of the View From The Porch blog

      Carry on

  2. All very interesting thoughts. I would add to this the tremendous rise in inequality we are experiencing in this country. The stock market gains, huge uptick in the valuation of real estate in many locales etc. is not being equally shared. Most of the gains have gone to those already very wealthy. The average citizen is just treading water financially and has been doing so for quite some time. Yes, the unemployment rate is “low” but this rate doesn’t reflect underemployment, the huge numbers of working age people no longer working nor the fact that most of the job “creation” in recent years has been in the low-paid retail sector(Mc-jobs). Add to this all of the “gig” jobs such as Uber drivers and temping that so many are having to turn to which ultimately aren’t capable of providing financial security. Additionally, most of the wealth is on the coasts leaving “flyover country” behind.

    Add to the mix the calls by some Democrats to pay financial reparations to the descendants of former slaves while ignoring the deep poverty experienced by so many white Americans. And the continued lax enforcement of immigration rules which has led to huge numbers of illegals who then take poorly paid jobs thereby driving down wages for everyone.

      1. Nothing that can be written in a public forum. LOL! I think we are in for some housekeeping in the USA. The best thing that could happen would be to zap the internet and communication networks. Take away their smart phones and they will self destruct out of sheer boredom in two hours.

        1. You are right. Most of my comments would get me red-flagged or something, and I am just a normal, average Joe living in flyover country. But even ideas that are non-controversial in the Midwest would seem dangerous to the left-wing radicals on the left coast or NYC.

      2. Democrats only legislate laws to secure more votes. Republicans not so much!

        The reason for the attack on “Whites” is because they performed a statistical analysis and understand that the majority of Republican votes come from whites. So they cater to the browns, yellows (my wife is Asian), and blacks coupled with illegal immigration because “whites” come legally and Illegals (cheaters) are usually the browns and blacks.

        The reason why Trump is sooooooo “Racist” to the Dems, because he is cabashing their voting scheme which is based on cheating.

        The reason why there will never be a Black supremest nor ever a Brown Nationalist, but only White supremacy and White Nationalists…. well you get the point.

      3. Solutions? don’t need no stinking solutions. Now is the time to modify the National Anthem to read ” O say can you see, all the debt piled on me, given proof day and night that ineptness prevails … here in the land of the fee and the home to the obese” .

  3. Trump will definitely be our last Republican President. The swarms of illegals are part of the issue, but that is delayed until their kids are of voting age. The most pressing issue is the swarms of liberals abandoning the crap-hole states they’ve already ruined. Colorado and Virginia are fairly recent examples. States on their way include Arizona, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, etc. These liberals will shift those states blue and ultimately turn them to crap-hole states too.

    1. Liberal transplants will likely shift a couple of the cities deeper blue in states that are otherwise red. Rural areas are getting some liberal newcomers, too. Locals are not very welcoming to them (picture hissing and making a cross with their fingers). But I imagine most are going urban, or would at least be more comfortable there. An example of the urban\rural divide is New Mexico. At the national and state government level NM goes blue because of the Albuquerque\Santa Fe corridor (more population than the rest of the state in those 2 cities); but at the local level it is different. In New Mexico the Dem governor in Santa Fe is trying to pass new gun laws, but 33 out of 36 county sheriffs signed a letter that their counties are 2nd amendment sanctuaries and that they will not enforce the new gun laws. At the local level a sheriff is the highest authority. A county map of elections in New Mexico shows an urban island of blue surrounded by red.

      Cities don’t grow much food.

    2. Illegals are being encouraged to vote in many Democrat controlled cities and states. If you’re already here illegally facing deportation if one side wins and citizenship if the other wins, what’s the danger in voting illegally? And why just once?

    3. Texas is already lost. You walk into any elementary school in a city over 15k that isn’t in a white affluent neighborhood and you will find upwards of 65% of all elementary aged children are Hispanic. The majority of these kids are 1st gen or 2nd gen Americans as well and being well indoctrinated to vote Democrat. How do I know? Because I am in many of these schools as a part of my job. Some of the big inner-city schools are nearly 85% Hispanic even through the high school levels. The kids will all be voting in 10 years and the baby boomer are dying as fast as the Hispanics are having them. If the democratic indoctrination of Hispanic children continues, you can kiss Texas goodbye. For what its worth, I will be leaving the state as soon as possible. They Kalifornicated my Texas.

        1. Idaho and Montana (and WY) will be the Last Refuge of the American Patriot. Come see what the AMERICAN REDOUBT has to offer. Yes, Texas and Florida will go BLUE in 2020, Trump has no chance, so Flee the Sanctuary Cities now.

          1. My God you guys are breaking my heart. I’m a Texan. I saw last primary that Texas was barely hanging on to “red”. I even told my husband it will be within a decade and we would be “blue”. I was hoping I was wrong though. I don’t want to move to the redoubt. I love my Texas. And for the record, I’m not against brown skin. My children are half Mexican heritage; my husband is 3rd gen military. I don’t care what color your skin is as long as you believe in and support the Constitution!

            I’m not sure what to do at this point. Our family volunteers at a food bank and I see more and more non speaking English coming in. I simply don’t know how to keep Texas conservative….

    1. I agree John the break up of different areas and formation of separate countries would likely be more peaceful than the potential civil war. Why would this happen? Because the state’s desire autonomy . The same autonomy guaranteed by the constitution (10th amendment). But as is obvious the constitution is broken. It is sad that the founding fathers did not include an exit clause for individual states. Had they i believe the constitution would have been more strictly followed.

      1. It would be much more peaceful than a civil war. The drawback is that we will all have to learn Chinese.

        Do we really think that if America implodes, China will settle for just taking Taiwan?

        And which regions get the nukes? Which don’t?

        We cannot think about this topic as if America were still a continental “island” as it was even through WW II. Other than Pearl Harbor, and a bit of the Aleutian Islands, America was untouched.

        Not next time. Please, if we are going to talk about a divided America, think what China and Russia will do.

        If I were they, I would agree to a split along the Mississippi River. West for China, East for Russia. And the half dozen or so mini-Americas will have no chance of stopping them.

        If America splits at this point in history, we are finished, and we will, indeed, all hang separately if we do not all hang together.

    2. John, I believe that is the best case scenario. The USSR broke up very quickly and with relatively little violence.

      Take a minute and look at Estonia. It is a far cry from being a Soviet state. Estonia is ranked #6 in Index of Economic Freedom by The Heritage Foundation. The US is ranked #17 and steadily declining. Imagine if Estonia was God-fearing, shared a confederation with other States, adhered to a gold-standard, possessed tremendous natural resources and was large enough (American Redoubt plus a path to the Pacific) to defend itself. Don’t rule out Alberta and British Colombia joining.

  4. “The political left controls the media, or vice-versa…I am not sure it isn’t the media controlling the politicians at this stage. The result of this is a constant feed of propaganda. An entire generation has been brainwashed as a result. Right-leaning media does the same, so there are few sources of truth to be found.”

    Perhaps the author could provide a few examples of ‘Right-leaning’ media does the same….’?

    This implies an equivalency in the huge ‘media-government industrial complex’ that is the Deep State’s mouthpiece…when nothing could be farther from the truth.

    1. Fox went south a few years ago. Nine truths and lie, omission, wolves in sheeps clothing (Judge Napolitano). Yup, the NDAA 2013 made it legal for the deep state to use the media to lie to the citizens. Insanity at it’s best, yet little mention of it these days, as they drive home the narrative they dream up…..

  5. I would recommend that anyone interested in this check out Forward Observer’s series of videos on this subject. He does a pretty good job of breaking things down, and also has something to say about some of the key assumptions we on the more conservative side tend to have, especially about the military in this sort of scenario.

  6. I was living in a Central Plains State up to the mid-80s, and I was able to talk to National Guard and Reserve people of all ranks from all over the State. They consistently said that if given illegal or immoral orders, the armories and transportation pools would empty out within a couple of hours, and they would find little, if any of it. Fairly sure that would happen where I live now, not counting what the State Militia would do. Would they go door to door to disarm citizens? Some would, but the attrition in many areas would be horrific. It comes down to a personal line in the sand, and where everyone’s is. May God help us if/when it starts.

    1. I can’t imagine a more pointless evolution than a door-to-door gun grab. Such a program might net some “disposable” weapons, but I doubt very many would hand over their “real” weapons. There would also be a terrible risk for the door-kickers as this would certainly be the trigger for resistance for many Patriots.

    2. Dan, today we have the state National Guard. That’s lowercase ‘s’ and uppercase ‘N’. Something Lincoln would love.

      They are essentially U.S. soldiers. Their job is to take orders. How many of them have refused orders to murder, maim and displace millions of innocent people? Would they fire upon American citizens in order to confiscate their firearms if ordered to do so? Please read my comment on the 29 Palms study. If chaos hits do you think U.S. Military would station soldiers near their loved ones?

      These concerns are the reason I have been an Oath Keeper since their inception.

  7. Very interesting article A.D. I also have given this some thought. I am not sure how or if any foreign invasion would take place. This could go both ways as I see food being a driving factor. With a civil war I believe most large scale farming would be severely disrupted and famine here would become the norm. As we feed a tremendous amount of the worlds population they would be to busy dying and scrounging for food when our exports were cut off and out of luck if they decided to invade to secure none existent food. By the same reasoning, a foreign invasion might provide a catalyst that would stop hostilities and unite different factions on the home front to protect the remaining existing resources. Armies march on their stomachs and that was the principle reason the Roman Empire was forced to continually expand. This did two things, 1. It provided food for the legions that didn’t have to come from the mother land. 2. It acted as a type of population control as the men were off fighting. It was only after Rome started letting everyone from the conquered countries into the mother land that their collapse began and ran it’s course. (Sound Familiar?) This theory occurs through out history. Mongols, Goths, Ottoman Empire , Spain, France, Portugal, Great Britain, South East Asian countries and on and on through out mans sad history. My main point being is that there are constant reset points since the beginning of time; as we only have one lifetime for personal observation we would do well to look at history for guidance as it certainly repeats itself. I doubt that a couple billion I-Phones will change the outcome of history. ” Live long and prosper”

    1. Rome didn´t Need the Food, it did Need the Money it plundered from the mediteranean to Support the legions it needed to dominate the mediteranean for plunder.

      Without the Population of the conquered countries there wouldn´t be People to produce the wealth to support the conquerors.

      Goes for many of those except the mongols who butchered their way through the middle east and one of the richest Areas of the world became first a slaughterhouse then a poorhouse.

    2. The Romans practiced massive infanticide of girl babies. Often only one per family was allowed to live (see Stark’s The Rise of Christianity). Abortion was also very common.

      Boys don’t have babies who grow up to be soldiers. That is why Rome needed first foreign, and then barbarian, troops.

  8. The older you are, the more likely you are to agree that this is not the USA that won WWII. What was missing from this great article is the devastating effect of public education and academia. My older son, raised in a Christian home, conservative K-12 Christain school, federal service academy graduate is oblivious to the obvious disintegration in the county and will not discuss it. The current military is not the military I served in and is not united in political outlook. When an open Communist can graduate from West Point and serve on active duty you know things have changed and not for the good. I personally see some natural or financial event as the likely initiating a major crisis. Maybe something like the Boston Marathon Bombing aftermath where mass unconstitutional actions by government treated citizens like serfs. I see firearm confiscation in such an event to spread with resistance and armed opposition the result.

    1. So true Bob… sadly, the failure of public education can also be tied to the disintegration of the core family unit in my opinion. Single parents have turned their kids over to the schools to raise. My kid reported her high school history class spent an entire day on WWII…can you imagine this? It is up to us to teach…as it should be.

      Also, think of how far we have sunk to allow a communist like Bernie Sanders to make a run for the White House. As the article said, a lack of political representation could be a factor…I know I feel pretty unrepresented as a Conservative Christian.

      1. “Education is the motor force of revolution”, Bill Ayers.

        The fifth column in education has been at work for a long long time and have successfully changed the minds of our youth. Dumbed down, indoctrinated. Less than fifty percent graduate in the inner cities, as they kill each other off at record numbers……morality being a term few know.

        Educators who hide under the banner of academic freedom, should be held accountable for academic misconduct, losing pensions in the process.

        It is a tangled web for sure.

  9. 3 self-governing areas seem plausible – the self-anointed East Elite coast as one; the Wacky Left (West) coast as another; and the central US as the final. It seems there are separate norms particular to each area with some exceptions. Who knows if the true conservatives along either of the coasts would choose to remain in those areas once the tipping point is reached? Also would the liberals abandon the mega-cities in central US once they lack the resources to placate the local populace – food, money and cheap entertainment? I keep brainstorming how to equip some of the generations who have no self-sufficiency knowledge or skills to survive what’s coming.

  10. 1) There will NOT be a Second American Revolution. The American People are too tired, too ignorant and too indifferent to fight. Our ignorance is not our fault — it is a mental state created by a News Media set up by Rich Men to lie to us 24/7 — with their biggest lie being a claim that they try to inform us. Most of us are too busy just trying to earn a living and support/care for a family to have time to independently analyze and investigate what we are being told.

    2) Our ignorance is also created intentionally by a $1 Trillion /year K12 education system and a university system set up to create slaves. No one asks WHO creates the K12 curriculum and why it is so deceitful/ useless.

    And if you want to know why our reporters are such appalling liars, the answer is that they don’t have any choice. They waste 12 years on K12, then 4 years of hard work and $60,000 in educational loans to acquire a worthless piece of paper that gives them no skill other than how to lie. They study Socrates and then end up with no choice but to become the very people Socrates despised — sophists who lie for the rich in order to get enough money to eat.

    Of course, Socrates was an unemployed military vet who was executed by a kangeroo court on false charges when he tried to teach the common citizens to think.

    Does anyone really think 19 men from the far side of the world came here and died in attacking us on Sept 11, 2001 because they “hated our freedoms”? Our news media’ s own archives had interviews with Bin Laden in 1997 when he gave the 3 reasons why Al Qaeda was declaring war — why did the news media BURY those facts after 911? Why , shortly before he died, did 911 Commission consultant Ernest May tell The New Republic that the one thing the Republican and Democratic Congressmen on the Commission agreed on was that the public could NOT be told why that attack occurred. No congressional prostitute could acknowledge what major campaign donors had done to provoke that attack.

    And did they ever find those nukes of Saddam Hussein’s? The families of 4500 dead soldiers might like to know.

    The Director of National Intelligence lied –under oath — to the American People and Congress about massive NSA surveillance of us. Why did Obama and Congress’s Intel Committees support that lie with their silence? Why did we only find out the truth because Edward Snowden ruined his life to warn us? Why is Snowden living in exile in Russia while the lying Director is a guest on our News Media shows?

    1. Very provocative questions, Socrates Williams. Poking the hornets’ nest…

      I will be searching for answers to your questions that are answerable.

      Carry on

  11. I believe the leftist-led cities will start the second civil war. Looking at the antifa videos on line, I believe they are a catalyst being used to try to start an uprising. The worst thoughts would be groups of (right wingnuts) going off to start the up ising. Yes I believe the uncivil war will start within the cities.
    If a greater uprising of discontent is started or caused because of the national guard isolating cities or parts of them when greater resistance from the left escalates into a full scale revolution. There will be those in the cities, and those in the outlying regions who will revolt against isolating portions of cities to prevent people from getting to and from work.
    I believe antifa is a catalyst militant group who is hired to start this war. And there are other Actors, who are acting as Right wingnuts, who are trained to get the revolution going. The lefty snooze media of course is doing all they can to start an uprising. For them, it is their job to get BAD news to the public, and to get a rise out of the lefty thinking public and rile them up enough to get the ball rolling to start this war. Yes these groups of antifa, and the like are paid actors, being used to try and start greater civil unrest, those who pay them fully expect loss of life of these nuts, they are just ignorant cannon fodder for the one paying them to perform for them.
    I believe the ones paying the bill have a much more sinister outcome planned than just a few of their employees being killed. They would be used to start a much greater civil unrest to get the ball rolling toward a civil war. The lefty news media will be eating the revolution up…. I would also mention that the right would by then be smart enough to go in a capture a bunch of news up-link vans from all the news nosies.
    I daresay, I live way out in the hinterlands, and hopefully by the time they get here, the rabble will be thinned out to just the the smarter quicker ones. Maybe by that time they will give up,,,,,

    1. Democrat billionaires chose to control the cities because that is where their money gives them the best leverage to create a corrupt oligarchy.

      The only way to reach millions of urban voters is with extremely expensive propaganda carried by the News Media. But that very high expense is seen as an ADVANTAGE by the billionaires — it is still peanuts for them and it ensures no one can afford a way to contradict or expose their deceit.

      Matt Bai explained it — and why the Democratic Party shuns rural areas:

      “Every four years, the national [Democratic] party became obsessed with “targeting” — that is, focusing all its efforts on 15 or 20 winnable urban states and pounding them with expensive TV ads. The D.N.C.’s defining purpose was to raise the money for those ads. The national party became, essentially, a service organization for a few hundred wealthy donors, who treated it like their private political club.”

      If you want to hear a roar of laughter, try suggesting to those few hundred billionaires that their Congressional prostitutes should actually do something to fulfill the Party’s longstanding promises to the workers.

      Black American real median net worth was around $19,000 in 2007 — and after six years of Obama it had fallen to $10,000. But Goldman Sachs gambling debts were paid by $10 Trillion in federal debt and its stock soared from $65 to $180 in Obama’s first year –so yay!

      Goldman Sachs executives must crack up laughing at Harvard Professor/Senator Elizabeth Warren’s hypocrisy in criticizing them. Goldman and JP Morgan merely followed Harvard’s lead : In 2007, Harvard’s $35 BILLION endowment fund stood to lose $10 Billion from Harvard Dean Larry Summer’s derivatives bets.

      So Harvard dumped $1 Million into Obama’s 2008 campaign, Obama put Fat Larry in charge of the Big Bailout and Shazzam! Harvard got back the $10 billion. Meanwhile, a pack of (paid?) idiots on Democratic blogs were writing about Obama appointing Larry because Genius Larry played 11 Dimensional chess so well.

  12. Without God we can do nothing, but with God we can do all things. Repent of your sins first, seek the Lord in all that you do. Do not assume this topic has not been discussed by those ‘think tanks’, I am thinking of The Trilateral, Bilderberg tanks. They have been on this for a lot longer than we can imagine. We are the last bastion of freedom (we have guns) who will defend that God given freedom. Never underestimate our military and its ‘think tanks’, that keep abreast of what is smoldering. Remember God in all that we do. Seek his guidance and we will prevail. All of this has been before. Seek the history in the Bible and you come to understand all great nations come under slavery due to a turning away from our Lord. He is patient but the book of Revelation will come to pass. He will keep his people under his right hand of protection. Our education, on all levels, has been infiltrated by design. Our government has been infiltrated, by design as has Gods word and the church. Again seek the truth by reading your history in the Bible. Almost all church pastors/ministers won’t touch the subjects of prophecy, or Revelation. Pray for our guidance in these uncertain times. Seek the truth and you will find it along with a plan for you and yours and peace will follow. If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

  13. The Bible predicts a great period of tribulation. It seems like it is getting closer. There are many ways to prepare. They include how you vote, storing food, teaching your children, learning survival skills, gun ownership, getting to know and be known by Jesus.

    1. Rev. David Wilkerson wrote The Vision in the early 1970’s. Nearly all of the extremely unlikely predictions he made then have come true; only a handful have not as yet.

      He said that the cities would be in flames, that the National Guard and tanks would be on the streets of New York, and that, to his bewilderment, God showed him that much of the violence would come from the Hispanics, more than from the blacks. This made no sense to him, nor would it to anyone in the early 1970’s, but he reported what he was shown.

      He said that there would be a thousand fires in the greater New York Metropolitan area. He also predicted, during the first Gulf War, that there would be 500 oil fires. He was wrong about this however. There were only 499.

      Wilkerson said that cities would be in flames all over America, and in many other countries as well.

      He wrote a later edition, The Vision and Beyond. It is worth reading.

      1. The Vision by David Wilkerson Category: . Bible Passage: Acts 2:4, Acts 2:17 This is a sermon which warns of the coming hour of persecution for all Spirit Fi…

        – Video unavailable
        This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

        Oh, too bad. I would have liked to see it.

  14. Civility has essentially died in the USA. This article should create several serious discussions relative to our present and future state. My wife and I are in our seventies and have been preparing for many years, beans, bullets and band aids, live in the South Central part of the country, and are better prepared than any of our friends, but in reality, we are woefully inadequate for what I believe is coming. 99% of the people we know are incapable of providing their water, food or power resources in any grid down situation. Normalcy Bias is so prevalent in our society that the population cannot imagine any change from what they are used to having at their finger tips daily. I believe that due to our geopolitical differences and the outside pressures from our enemies, we will divide into clusters of like minded states after the financial crash, which is inevitable, somewhat like what happened to the Soviet Union in the past. Like Noah, he heard from God and acted accordingly, and I am sure he had plenty of neighbors who daily talked about Noah’s Folly. Do not lose the faith, keep focused and prepare because your families are depending on you because when the event happens, it will be too late to prepare. Unfortunately, millions will lose their lives.

  15. As to what to call it: a revolution is “an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.”
    One side has started the second revolutionary war: open violation of the Constitution and natural law. The other side would be the resistance . . . were they in the fight.

    1. Yes, it is the counter revolution that is coming. The deep state fomented the revolution upon America. It will be the people who counter it, in time.

  16. A good summary article on the various possibilities for triggering a conflict here in the US. Under Economic Collapse I would strongly suggest adding inflation followed by hyperinflation. With nearly $23 trillion in debt and going up, the most logical way to ensure continued governmental control is to print more money until inflation reduces the value of all fiat currency and the debt with devalued dollars is more manageable. Having some quantity of precious metals then would be the best way to retain some wealth, along with property ownership, especially agricultural property. I do not think the US government could ever seriously consider a default on government debt.

    1. to
      I feel the “State of Jefferson” folks will provide the coastal access to the Redoubt folks that will be required for our children and grandkids.
      A breakdown of our current society is a given. We have turned this nation over to to the vandals through the inactions of our generation.
      As to the “trigger” my thoughts are it will be more onerous policies and laws as that is the way of the land.
      Keep prepping and build your tribe, home school, maintain morality.

  17. Everyone always talks about civil war, my big question is how will anyone know what side anyone is on? Are we going to put signs out in our yards? I live in central Texas out in the country and everybody around us seems to get along really well. We have a very diverse population and I really don’t see me choosing sides against my neighbors. I would think this would be an even bigger problem in urban areas. Is everybody going to wear different arm bands?? Our civil war had fairly clear boundaries, we don’t anymore. I blame the media – BOTH SIDES, and our politicians who can’t seem to work together at all anymore, they all need to go home. There are many factors that have led us to this point, and there are not clear answers on how to fix things. If everything goes to hell then we will all be in the same boat trying to survive. I do not see a civil war against our neighbors, I see a war against our government, no matter what party is in office, they are the same now!

    1. I believe this is exactly how the first Revolution played out…only a small number of active fighters stood against the government. There were difficulties between Loyalists and Resistance at times…somehow, people knew who was on which team back then with no arm bands. You have raised some very interesting points with your comment.

    2. @TXNurse- This time, it will not be North and South. Or state vs state. It will be left against right. If, and possibly when it starts, there will be no stopping until every vestige of socialism and communism are destroyed EVERYWHERE. We cannot stop until the threat of communism is eradicated so that it can never come back. I realize that this will take years and a horrendous amount of lives. But socialism/communism is evil, and it must die.

  18. We currently have the left vs the right, christian vs muslim vs jew, white vs black vs brown, urban vs rural, rich vs poor, and so on and emotions are rising across the board. Which means we live in a minefield of trigger points and it could turn out like Bosnia with many factions all fighting each other.

    One trigger I consider a strong possibility would be like Olympia, WA, ordering the national guard into eastern WA to enforce gun laws the sheriffs say they won’t.

  19. The Cause and the aftermath will not be determined until after the fact.
    My Thinking is this will continue in a low intensity conflict until a breaking point occurs that will not be seen or expected by anyone until it happens. The Media has been very busy dividing this nation and creating a hostile racial environment that has been aided by the very people who have been elected to office. Right now we stand on a cross road of events that will forever change life as we know it. there will be no going back until hostilities cease or a forced ideological separation occurs. Revolutions don’t end well in the modern era sometimes you get worse .
    What I think is going to occur is this low intensity conflict will continue as was seen during the Troubles in Northern Ireland . A hostile government will continue to suppress the population using proxies (ANTIFA) until the point that more will be required to keep order. At some point the resources required to do this will exceed the ability and manpower available. The cities then will become a nightmare once the supply chain collapses. We are currently in early stage 1 low intensity conflict (police targeted , ANTIFA , mass shootings by unstable easily politically motivated people ) Our daily life is supported by a fragile technological base , just in time supply chain, electric grid, Fuel deliveries . Logistics are the important link that allows modern life to exist.
    Those politicians that are stoking the unrest could very well lose control of their followers , some city officials actually stood by and allowed organized violence to happen right now (Portland)! this is straight out of the Weimar German Era and we all know how well this worked out.
    There is no way out of this situation but through.
    You can mitigate the effects of what is possibly coming by the following:
    1. Get as self sufficient as possible , food storage , water supply not dependent on
    Electricity. Alternative heating for winter. Keep your health good.
    2. Live in a non-urban locale, get to know your neighbors , most problems that will
    happen will be within 5 miles of your location. Be prepared to go Mobile temporarily
    3. Stay away from crowds .
    4. Make Emergency plans (P.A.C.E.) Alternate safe location , Caches.
    5. Get your Security Essentials in Place NOW while things are relatively normal. time is
    short and the window is rapidly closing , get training to use those items
    6. Trust in the Almighty , his will be done .

    This web site is a wealth of information use this knowledge for good .
    May the odds God willing, be always in your favor.

    Tempus Fugit.

    1. If we focused on building self sufficient/sustaining Communities instead of preparing to hide out from others we would be a lot better off in the long run…If anyone is interested in doing that for your future let me know…

  20. My two cents: Any of those things can happen and not result in any serious pushback from citizens. The decision will be simple. You have a family and a job, your life is good, food on the table, two cars and vacations. Why in the world would you give it all up to attack your government??? So IMHO there won’t be a revolution or even widespread effective demonstrations UNLESS “we” lose the jobs, the house, the food on the table and/or our family. That is we will choose our comforts and security over “foolish” violence that will destroy our good lives.

    1. Concur. As Mel Tappan noted 40 years ago, if you toss a frog into a pot of hot water he will immediately jump out. Put him in lukewarm water and turn the heat up gradually and he will faint from heat/ cook before he jumps.

      You have a faction in this country that has shown they are the implacable enemy of the American People. We are not talking about a political disagreement over how best to solve the country’s problems and make life better for everyone — we are talking about backstabbing treason and the cold hostility of a psychopath. Yet what do we do? Nothing.

    2. Because if there is no serious push back you and I will be serfs, well in case my children and grandchildren, with no rights and no property. The education system and the intentional flooding the country with uneducated people with no concept of USA culture or history will allow the communist revolution that is underway to achieve the dictatorial government they lust for. Do not be deceived. The 1960s failed revolution was a dress rehearsal for the current left’s onslaught on the USA and its institutions. Nealy every leader of that coup attempt worked its way into an institution that allowed the ideology to be spread and predominately in higher education, Does Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorhn ring a bell?

      1. You are exactly right. But the act of flooding our country with unassimilating and even violently anti-American people we Americans WILL lose those things that matter to us and THEN there will be revolution. The left KNOWS this and THAT is why they MUST take your guns. Also the problem with a revolution after it gets so bad that everyone knows it is time to act is that it will be too late. At best it will mean massive loss of good American lives before we would regain our country; but most likely and at worst it will mean that the replacement citizens/voters will win and our constitutional republic ends up in the dust bin of history.

  21. A U.S. in total chaos would be almost irresistible to China and Russia to come to “help save us” … and as a sure path to world domination. If you have seen the AZ Prime series “Man in the High Castle” where Hitler got the A Bomb first and hit DC with it and we surrendered to avoid annihilation (as Japan did in WW2) — and in this plausible story since Germany was also after a nuke “super weapon” to win with — Germany then comes over via the Atlantic to take over a surrendered U.S. from the East, and Japan comes over from the Pacific to take over the U.S. West (to the Rockies).

    Now just insert China from the Pacific and Russia coming in from the Atlantic side for a nightmare for us and a wet dream for them. An EMP could have a similar payoff.

    1. 1) The last time I checked, Russia had not mounted a coup in Mexico to set up a puppet government on our borders so that they could steal oil from the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike, say, Obama pumping $5 billion into a bankrupt manure hole called Ukraine –right on Russia’s doorstep and only 300 miles from Moscow. The only question is whether Big Oil just wants the Caspian Sea oil and gas or whether they want to conquer Russia to take her oil deposits as well.

      Russian threat to our NATO allies? Don’t make me laugh. If our “allies” are so scared then why do they spend almost nothing on defense?

      US GDP : $20.5 Trillion
      EU GDP : $18.75 Trillion

      Russia GDP: $1.6 Trillion

      Military Budget:

      USA: $649 Billion per year
      EU (Germany+France+ UK + Italy): $191.1 Billion per year

      Russia: $61.4 Bill/year

      2) China is growing into a significant competitor –although still has a way to go. But if it is a threat it is one created by our billionaire elites. Silicon Valley took computer and communications technology developed by the Pentagon with our tax dollars and handed it to Beijing.

      And China has such a huge population courtesy of Nelson Rockefeller (“I’m a globalist and proud of it”) and the Rockefeller Foundation. They spurred Asia’s growth from 1 billion people in the 1950s to over 4 billion today with the Green Revolution:

      Meanwhile US population absent immigration has remained flat because our couples struggle to raise even one child even with both parents working and crying toddlers put in day care by Mom every morning. Because our wages have been flat for decades.

      Which to me is a good reason why the Rockefeller family and our other billionaires should be stripped of every cent with a massive tax hike.

      1. Seriously Brother unless you have the army to strip those people of their wealth then you aren’t getting one cent more from them…When they control those who make the laws then it doesn’t matter how high the taxes go they will keep their money…

  22. Points of fact for those who think our military would not fire upon Americans:

    LCDR (Retired) Guy Cunningham is no slouch. He was a Green Beret, an infantryman with the 101st Airborne Division, Navy pilot, mission commander and analyst. He is also the author of the now-famous 29 Palms Survey.

    In 1994 Commander Guy Cunningham authored and conducted the 29 Palms Survey in which more than 20% of those combat-trained Marines surveyed stated:
    1. That they WOULD fire upon American citizens in order to confiscate their firearms if ordered to do so and
    2. If required, they WOULD swear allegiance to the United Nations.

    Back in 2009 Commander Cunningham addressed the stranglehold that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) holds over the U.S. military by estimating that “75% of military admirals and generals with two stars or more have been trained by the CFR.”

    Globalists are clever and patient. Americans are being bled out paying to groom the globalists’ NWO military. It’s a ‘Win-Win’ for evil.

    Imagine the responses from today’s military!

  23. A.D. – read your article and found it very thought provoking. Here’s our (meaning my husband and grown children’s) collective view which has been crafted over many kitchen table dinners and pie for dessert, much along the lines of the question you ask. Nightbreaker’s response earlier nailed the elements of a good plan, pretty much.

    1. Essentially, what you note might happen already happened. Russian forces wearing non conforming uniforms invaded parts of Ukraine right after the Olympics and the US response was zero. So basically any of the scenarios you mention (e.g China forceably taking Taiwan etc) could happen at any time.

    2. Therefore the questions we ask are as follows for us as a family.

    2a. We all practice our crafts, respectively, as professionals and engage in regular commerce. We have a loose confederation of like minded people to network our main location (Florida, where we have already evacuated due to Hurricane Dorian) and a secondary location that is up North. We have saddled up with another family who has a primary location in Florida and their secondary location in Appalachia.

    2b. We know, from reading “Patriots”, that you cannot make it alone. A bucket of Campmor food isn’t going to cut it and one family (less than 6) would be too small for continuity of tasks once power is cut off. All of the items you mention around civil unrest could happen, and therefore, you need a group effect of some sort of critical mass/size of your enclave to have watch rotations and some complementary assembly of skills. We are prepared to mountain bike if needed to get from point A to point B. A Steve McQueen motorbike would be even better.

    2c. We stay incredibly fit, we eat healthy (to a point) and we aggressively consume the wisdom provided on this site. In terms of content on this site, we use this as our main resource because it is reliable, has thoughtful contributors like yourself, and tends to have reasonable toned conversations rather than sniping or snarkiness which isn’t helpful and not centric to our values.

    3. The majority of Californians think milk comes from almonds and very few people understand farming and agrarian techniques. Half of the population (or more) has probably not picked a peach or an apple from a treee directly, let alone tend to them. I was blessed to grow up near my Grandmothers farm and I think God for her wisdom and patience every day.

    4. We try to support elected officials who are honest. Florida has a number of them including the Governor, same with Kentucky – Matt Bevin is amazing. But those numbers are thinning.

    5. In summary, we love our friends and worship community, and we have a strong preparedness plan. Our grown kids have strong values and stand for the Anthem with their hats off and hand on their hand. We try to get better every day, and somehow make progress. This weekend, I’ll be jarring some preserves and laying up a 5 gallons bucket of porter ale for the holidays. Life is simple and good. God is our compass and we also have a compass in our EDC’s (just some humor). I’ll break out my Dad’s venison stew recipes this weekend, just for fun and hope to get some deer meat this Fall from Pennsylvania folks.

    Finally, through our church and our friends we try to stay humble and encourage others to appreciate the beauty of seasonal food, homegrown products like my nut brown ale and Christmas porter, and an array of defense skills that make sense for us. To the extent that we see others in our community who are woefully underprepared, I try to give them any encouragement possible and make things simple.

    We snowshoe and mountain bike and kayak and fish. God made this country just so beautiful.

    As a side note, some of the problems that you list on your article are just too hard for people to wrap their minds around. Even my husband after multiple Pentagon tours was mind boggled by the decision making. So our hope is that every day, regardless of where folks fall on the continuum of planning, make some progress.

    Stay well, keep writing.


    1. T.R.- Your response gives me hope. If enough of us are like your family, we will prevail. I wrote the article with the hope of casting a broad net in order to learn how others view the mess we are in. I have given much thought to the subject and the end game seems obvious…it is just a question of when.

    2. What happens when you need to bugout without the ability of vehicles or whats going to happen when you have no warning of a hurricane coming…I don’t understand and maybe you can explain it why stay in a place that you have to bugout of when everything is still stable unless it’s your vacation home…

  24. Your ‘American Revolution’ started decades ago after LBJ initiated his Great Society programming.

    Rural and Caucasian and working people are on the menu.
    Are you seeing the popularity of TheKnockOutGame®?

    How much clearer can they get?
    They hate us for our abilities. Our heritage. Our contributions to culture and music and science.

    The illegals are nice as long as we give them jobs, housing, medical, anonymity.
    The instant that slows == or stops == cities become explosive.
    Is your gardener and house-keeper making a list?
    Do you have a list of individuals you want to avoid?

    Caucasian people have enough, and this makes us ‘the 1%’ the eaters hate.

    Daily, BisonPrepper James M Dakin discusses paths to delay the inevitable… but conflict is inevitable

    An ever-increasing population believing in perpetual peace and prosperity is denying reality.

    Can you imagine a cascading collapse?
    Can you imagine a hurricane during a winter?
    Trucking routes into cities are shut-down from weather.
    No water, no electricity.
    City folk have no idea how vulnerable they are.
    But worse, their position offers zero resiliency.

    We operate our family farm near Eugene Oregon.
    After the Cascadia earthquake, Portland Oregon is flooded by one or several tsunami.
    Bridges across the Columbia River collapse, so they can’t go north.
    East is hundreds of miles of desert, owned by cowboys and casino Indins. Neither of the three is particularly friendly to city-folk on a good day.
    The millions of Portland people can only walk south, stumbling around downed overpasses and over twisted bridges, broken sewer lines and crashed electrical lines.
    But, wait!
    The administrators and managers of federal emergencies designated the Rally Point in Redmond Oregon… across two mountain ranges and across a desert.
    Highway 126 follows the MacKenzie River… across a few dozen bridges and dams.
    Can you imagine the attrition during winter, twenty-four feet of snow?

    Folks, we are on our own.

  25. I agree John the break up of different areas and formation of separate countries would likely be more peaceful than a potential civil war. Why would this break up happen? Because the states’ desire autonomy . The same autonomy guaranteed by the constitution (10th amendment). But as is obvious the constitution is broken. It is sad that the founding fathers did not include an exit clause for individual states. Had they i believe the constitution would have been more strictly followed.

    1. Actually, they did allow for secession. Under our Constitution, the powers to the general government, the FEDS, has to be specifically granted, that would also be the tenth amendment. For the states to be denied the right to do anything, that must also be specifically denied, in writing, as a specific clause in the Constitution, or as a specific amendment to the Constitution. There is no specific denial to the States that argues that they cannot leave. If there had been, the Constitution would never have passed, and we’d be living under the Articles of Confederation to this day. The North wanted it, the South wanted it, the dictator Lincoln was just dead wrong.

      The biggest problem today is that our politicians and bureaucrats refuse to obey the “Supreme Law of the Land” that they all swore and oath to. Treasonous SOB’s all of them.

  26. I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. How do I think the Revolution will start? Just like all the other wars: there will be instigators on both sides and finally the Left will bait the Right into some provocation giving the Powers to Be the excuse to begin. My question is how will you tell which side the average person is on.

  27. I’m inclined to focus on what WE DO KNOW.

    With the stroke of a pen Obama signed the Republicans’ NDAA literally gutting our Bill of Rights. What did we professing ‘Patriots’ do? Jack. That tells me to expect little resistance until it gets personal; maybe showing up at our front door.

    We know the global bankers anticipate a ‘global economic reset’. How? Because they repeated said so. That tells me that the war will be an economic war. That will bring chaos. I think how we are impacted will depend largely on where we live and whom we live with. A good question to ask might be, ‘Where would you want your loved ones to be if the grid was down for X number of (months or years)?

    1. I think how we are impacted will depend largely on where we live and whom we live with. A good question to ask might be, ‘Where would you want your loved ones to be if the grid was down for X number of (months or years)?
      Which is why I’ve advocated for quite some time now that we need to be building self sufficient/sustaining Communities and if you can’t do that where you are at because of a myriad of factors then you need to be picking up and moving somewhere where you can…

  28. I live in south central Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has been described as Philadelphia and Pittsburg with Alabama in between. My county is about 3 to 1 Republican. There is no way to divide this state into two parts.
    I live on an 82 acre farm in what can be described as an exurban area between Baltimore, 30 miles away and York 12 miles away. At age 67 I have no illusion about bugging out. If the manure hits the flywheel I will gather my family and rely on my like minded neighbors.

  29. The question is what is the desired outcome of the next big conflict by the powers that be? You just can’t assume they are not pro American. Is the survival and win for the USA the goal? Is the desired result to be the reduction of the US to a 3rd world country status? Is it about the communists taking over? The likelihood of how things will ultimately turn out has a lot to do with the plans of those really in charge. Is the goal the destruction of America? Whether or not real Americans can overcome their efforts to achieve their goals is the question. Of course if it comes down to a conventional honest attempt by those trying to save the republic it is anybody’s guess as to how successful it will be or even what “success” will eventually look like. State nations? How will the terms of victory be determined or negotiated? If it’s not a conventional war what does an undefeatable power look like and who wields it? What power is that? Is it an unknown? There may be plans and goals, Britain had plans and a goals. With so many unknowns in the potential abilities and strengths of the enemies of the USA and the strength and numbers of freedom fighters, it is I believe as impossible to predict an outcome as much as it was during the first American Revolution.

  30. Whatever triggers the event and regardless of what the event may be, one thing is for sure IMO and that is when the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled……GUN OWNERS WILL RULE!

    1. I disagree. The pen is mightier than than the sword — and anyone who disagrees with that has never read the US Army’s “Improvised Munitions Handbook”.

      A lot of the people who get liquored up on Saturday night and claim “from my cold dead hands” go back to kissing their bosses’ behinds on Monday morning.

      War takes enormous willpower , wisdom and strength. If our “freedom fighters” had even 30% of that strength then the Democratic leaders would be fighting desperately to keep 10 Percent of the Congress — and their billionaire masters would be fleeing to Europe.

      It is our fault that we are becoming slaves. Starting with how we cooperate with the billionaires’ “divide and conquer” by letting liars in the news media turn us against our fellow countrymen.

  31. Great comments and thoughtful responses from all of you. Great article, well thought out.

    EMP: The only government that will ever launch an EMP weapon on the citizens of the United States is the government of the United States. Look out if any dummycrat ever takes power again. They hate all of us, even their own followers.

    The military and public resistance to tyranny: The military folks may, at first, attempt to put down any resistance offered by the people. When they realize that the resistance includes their mothers and fathers, their brothers and sisters, their husbands and their wives, or their children and grand children, the common soldier will change sides. I too know about the 29 Palms survey. 20% said they’d follow orders and go after their fellow citizens to confiscate firearms if ordered to. That also means 80% said NO! I doubt that these numbers have changed very much. When the order is given, the first to die will be the Colonel that actually issues the direct order. Then some Major will take out the General that gave the order to the Colonel in the first place. The military in ConUS will be in chaos. The military folks I have the greatest sympathy for are the folks stranded in foreign countries fighting wars they should never have been involved with in the first place. They will be worried sick about their families and looking for the fastest way to get home to protect those families.

    UN troops here: Those blue helmets make for a Jim Dandy target. Did you hear Ilhan Omar call for UN troops on the US/Mexico border to basically force mass migration on the United States. She needs to be tried for treason and face the maximum penalty provided by law. Speaking of rep Omar, have you noticed, as I have, she is not a very good Muslim? For that matter, neither is Rashida Tlaib. They talk a good game, but reality makes bare the lies they tell.

    Politicians: I have no representation in Washington. My Rep is Debbie Dingell, my Senators are Stabenow and Peters, dummycrats all. Ms Dingell does not represent me, Stabenow and Peters do not represent Michigan. They all only represent the Dummycrat party, all hail the party, or is that just Seig Heil! What about your representatives and senators, are you or your states actually represented in Washington? I doubt it. The lack of representation engulfs both political parties.

    Racism: Ask yourself, do you actually hate anyone because they don’t look like you? I know that I don’t. Have you noticed that the actual virulent racism is all on the left? The biggest racists I know are all liberals. Just remember, Neo-Nazi’s are all leftists/liberals.

    Terrorist cells: The American deep state actually controls the terrorist cells in this country. Consider that there has been a long running coup d’etat that started with the deep state assassinations of JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, and RFK (in that order), continued with 9/11/2001, and continues to this day with the war on Donald J. Trump. So far, Trump seems to be winning, but I’m sure he is not naive enough to think it will ever end until he is out of office, one way or another. So I guess this would also cover the unlikely impeachment of DJT. Deep state assassination of DJT is a more likely scenario.

    Economic collapse: This is the biggest fly in the ointment. It is also the most dangerous tool our deep state has against us. I guess as long as they survive the financial disaster they cause they are OK with the consequences.

    Natural disaster: Natural disasters are basically local or, at most, regional. The only natural disaster that would affect the whole of the US would be if the Yellowstone caldera or the Long Lake caldera had major eruptions, or if the New Madrid fault had a 10.0 mega-quake, other wise natural disasters are not a nationwide problem.

    Conclusion: Gun up, train up, learn to make the necessary repairs to those guns. Figure out where you really need to live to be more secure. Get out of the big cities (I’m workin’ on that one myself). Learn to grow your own food. Make sure your family (at least the ones you trust) has a place to go. That may be centered around you. In my case it will be. Get right with God (workin’ on it).

    Peace, brothers and sisters.

    1. Charles K you might want to study up on what the Commies consider racist these days because if You’re White, Male, Christian, Heterosexual, Believe in working for a living, don’t tow the party line, prepper then you’re a racist now…

  32. Far too many Americans have NO basic supplies to insure they have potable water & food in their homes for even more than a FEW days. Any large storm coming, and they rush to stores to buy needed supplies. They have NOT learned from the last storm! These are so-called educated people, many with good jobs (including MY younger relatives), yet they NEVER are really prepared! Whatever disaster strikes America (EMP/DROUGHT/FLOODS/MASSIVE EARTHQUAKES/RIOTS/ANOTHER GREAT DEPRESSION, MAJOR PANDEMIC, ETC.) there will be huge hordes of people – good and bad – trying to survive, and they will stop at NOTHING. It will make the L.A. riots look like a blip on the radar. Government has too few troops/equipment and we have only 600,000 LEO’s in America. Some will stay home with THEIR families. When the American Dollar becomes almost worthless, and the Feds default on their debt, etc. all bets are off. The 4th Turning is coming, and those living apart from too many people, and have the “old world skills”, will have a good chance of coming through whatever occurs.

  33. The dividing line philosophically in our nation seems to be over abortion. Those that are okay with it seem to have a cluster of other beliefs, those opposed have another cluster of beliefs, and those who are ambivalent about it seem to usually sympathize with the pro-abortion side. This is the “shibboleth” of our society.
    If we look at the federal government’s conduct during the Depression years, we get a picture of image management rather than competence, of economic coercion, of emergent tyranny, of blossoming bureaucracy, and as a last resort – military confrontation (see Coxey’s Army). The end result was the entrenchment of Marxism in our government, more wealth and power to the elites – especially the financiers (FDR was a Wall Street bond trader), a population numbed and desperate from a full decade of economic struggle – the 1929 crash was followed by waves of problems for the next ten years, and finally being pulled into a war from which we emerged as the world’s leading power.
    The 60s were another period of civil conflict with protests, riots, bombings, homegrown terror campaigns, etc. That led to the welfare state that we have today and its accompanying debt and social dissolution, to the rise of the intelligence/federal police powers, and to yet another round of bureaucratic growth. Stormer’s book “None Dare Call It Treason” spells it out nicely.
    What’s different now?
    The internet: both as a tool of association and counter-propaganda (samizdat), and as a tool of surveillance and marginalization.
    An economy and debt load that seem stretched almost beyond management, i.e. an inescapable collapse.
    A police vs. people conflict in many places.
    The availability of disruptions to ordinary people: hacking attacks, bioweapons, chemical warfare (visualize a few ounces of fentanyl in the ventilation system of a large mall), simple terror campaigns as conducted by the Latin American cartels – what Pablo Escobar called “the poor man’s atomic bomb”.
    The racial fragmentation of the country – more in number, more in variety, deeper in variation from the original western European norms.
    What stabilizes us?
    Comparative wealth and comfort for most, systems of financial and legal obligation that make open conflict too costly for most, the intense surveillance that’s available to the state, and the hesitance of most people to start acting up. Consider that the country was openly looted of 800 billion dollars by the bankers in 2008 with nothing happening but some quickly co-opted protests by the Tea Party and Occupy movements.
    What will break it open?
    Some provocation to one “nothing to lose” group or another, some profound blunder by the state, an economic collapse in which everyone loses and turns against everyone else, a disastrous event as outlined in the original essay, or some move that sets off a small group determined to make changes.
    What will it look like?
    Probably like narco wars at first, actions against rival sets of associates, the emergence of various leaders never acknowledged openly, parallel economies, corruption and terror, the destruction of innocents – banditry in a word.
    If it continues, or the initiating event is extreme enough: then gangs operating against one another with neighborhoods organizing in self-defense, complex associations with government, a lot of the jailhouse attitude that “your skin is your uniform”, and widespread wars of intelligence and assassination.
    If foreign powers get involved, who knows? It might be a big unifying factor.
    Expect elites to bail to foreign countries and for many ordinary citizens to leave at least until things calm down.
    End result?
    Anyone’s guess. Fragmentation, tyranny, financial and social ruin are all possible outcomes. Best outcome is a return to federalism and a shift back to local and state government, i.e. these United States rather than the United States.

  34. Here is a way to plan. Do a study of your county or precinct based on population vs. registered voters vs. how they vote. In the county where I live, 85% vote Republican in Presidential elections. This gives me an insight into hope people feel. If I lived in a county where 85% to 90% voted Democrat, it would be time to hide or move. Assuming, their was no voter fraud.

  35. I read an article years ago that included a thesis, “The Apocalypse Equation”. It was written by a woman in Obama’s inner circle, Aubrey Thomason. The premise was that they knew the house of cards ponzi scheme was going to crash and it would be wise to make it a controlled crash, my words. The solution was to have a mutually agreed upon nuclear exchange that would wipe out large area’s of undesirables across the globe. China, Russia and the US would agree upon the targets and lob some nukes their way. It would appear to be world war, but in reality it would be a culling and a basis for the world wide deep state to take power over all the world. Order out of chaos.

    They’ve made it perfectly clear they want to see 85% of the worlds population dead. Nukes and biological agents work in this regard, but the bio can get out of control leaving everyone on the face of the planet susceptible to death. Hence the deep underground bunkers, which could become infected as well. Bio is indiscriminate, but then again they are working on that these days. Only kills white men with blue eye’s kinda engineering…….

    Russia knows he who strikes first, wins in a nuclear confrontation, especially if they go all out. Russia and China have a great deal of bunker space for their populations. We do not, why is this?

    I believe we are at the end of the age, world government, world economic system, world religion. All three are being or are, in the wings waiting to be implemented.

    Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, follow your heart in your preperations. It is your responsibility in this physical realm. Spread the truths of Jesus, disciple.

    Thanks for the article and the myriad of thoughts that came from it.

  36. Lots of terrific comments on this article. Lots of food for thought. I think we must look where we have been as a country in order to see where we are going as a country.
    I believe the U.S. has been in a “cold war” with communism since Wilson’s presidency. The Income tax, Federal reserve bank and the league of nations being formed around that time.
    Roosevelt had many communist sympathizers in his administration, he was a socialist. Senator Joe McCarthy was not too far off the mark in his investigations of communists our country, especially in high political positions.He has been vilified in the press.
    Looking at the goals of the American communist party in the 1950’s as outlined in the book The Naked Communist written by W. Cleon Skousen , former FBI agent ,is very interesting in that it outlines 45 goals of the party in America. Most all of those goals have been reached at this time. For example media control, education system control, political party control (democrat) , discredit the Holy Bible .just some of their goals.
    We seem to be at a pivotal point in our history. We have reached this point slowly by conceding our liberties and rights one little cut at a time. Same as the boiling frog story mentioned above .
    I do not think there will be a shooting war such as the 1860’s , but a slow demise down the drain .The end game as I see it is government control of just about everything we do. We are almost there ,we are close and I expect the roaring twenties to be very unpleasant for all.

  37. When all is said and done there will be very few resistors, many talk the talk but few will walk the walk. Every time there is a mass shooting the anti-gunners show up in force, but you can’t even get most so-called conservatives to even contact their Congress People, you surely don’t think they will put any skin in the game, do you? Trekker Out

  38. If I were King for a day, here is what I would do. The problem with this would be how to return to a representative form of government once the mess was over:
    1) Cut power and communications to the blue enclaves. (NYC, Los Angeles, Baltimore, San Fran, Portland, Seattle, Chicago…we all know the list.)
    2) Cut the roads and bridges going into these cities.
    3) Cut the water supply.
    4) Wait a month while letting nobody escape.
    5) Repeat as needed.
    The problem with this is there is no way to tell good peeps from bad peeps. I simply can’t see a way to coexist because these people really believe the garbage that the education system and media have been feeding them…they would not be able to change a lifetime of wrong thinking because they were hungry or thirsty.

    I have given this much thought, and I don’t see how this could ever play out. Even if we were to split the country into two, in time, we would be right where we are now . Look at what is happening to TX… the blues want to go there because it is a great place, but by going there, they are turning it into the very places they left behind. There are so few honorable politicians…honor is meaningless to them…all they seek is more power. I get so frustrated just thinking about it and can come up with no way to fix it. Only God can fix it now. Stay in Grace, and keep your powder dry.

  39. IMHO, there will NOT be a 2ND Revolution.
    For one, the is no one militia that I have heard of. Ergo, no ONE voice(other then God)
    who can/will call the people to arms.
    What we have are factions. Groups, armed, and each one considers themselves TRUE Patriots. And each group will concern itself with its own territory. This alone, will create division. And that is what our ‘rulers’ want. Division. Divide and conquer. And with the state currently our country is in, this will be easy. If my understanding is correct, it was under Bush the 2nd when the plan was offered that America be divided into eight sections. Each section will have an appointed commander.
    The media role will be, to present a narrative, wherein, the Patriots; Constitutionalists,”terrorists; dissentor’s; the mal-contents; or merely trouble makers, thieves etc, are the reason for EVERYONE elses troubles. Such as lack of food. Yes, natural disasters will play a part for such, yet the gov’t, via the media, will be presented as the ‘savior’s’ who are trying to help, but are impeded by these outlaws.
    They didn’t want to give up their guns. WE TRIED to respect that and now this is what we have to deal with. Lack of food, power, medicine, water, etc. Because they raid and steal so they can survive.
    A full economic collapse will occur. Soon. It has been planned, and interrupted, but never stopped.
    Once it is clear to all, society will not return to ‘normal’ anytime soon, the gangs(MS13) will be allowed free reign to do whatever they feel. That has been part of the plan all along. Increase the gang population so they can wreak havoc and terror. Thereby inducing surviving citizens to call on the gov’t to restore order, using ANY MEANS necessary to provide ‘security’ and a sense of peace to return.
    Then the gangs will be eliminated. Their purpose over.
    Any reports of a 2nd Revolution will be twisted, and dismissed as gross and inaccurate. Because the ‘areas’ where Patriots control, will be cut off and hemmed in.
    The UN for the most part, will be the authority. With Russia and China following orders. Because if the don’t, they will be denied a seat at the future table of power.
    And since they see what can be done to America, it won’t be difficult to grasp how easy it would be to occur to them. Always remember, there is a power behind the power. Russia and China will fall in line.
    As commented above, the current US citizen is to involved in their every day to day survival already in play, to give thought to what needs to be done NOW. Even IF that means a 2nd Revolution is necessary. Because, with ALL the reports on mass shootings etc, NO ONE wants to be the one to draw first blood.
    And since there does not yet exist, (to the best of my knowledge) A TRUE UNITED Militia, there is no line drawn on the sand. No show of strength. No ultimatum given to our ‘rulers’, that blood will be shed if necessary to maintain our Constitutional existence.
    Our moral fabric is rent.
    Our political compass is askew.
    Our sense of identity is becoming blurred, or outlawed.
    Our understanding that the 2nd Amendment is what protects all the other Amendments is now regarded as either plain stupid, or totally immoral.
    Prior to 9/11, if one were to comment on the existence of detention centers on US soil, said person would be considered a kook.
    Immediately after 9/11, front page NYT poll states more than 70% of Americans in favor of such.
    They were already here.
    In 2004/2005 in the Newsday of LI, the article reports that Congress approved a contract to a company(sub of a Halliburton company, owned by one Dick Cheney)
    to upgrade and maintain all existing camps,,,,and to build not LESS then six new ones.
    2nd Revolution?
    Sorry. But is was over before it started.
    To date, I still have not heard one voice to rally us to the fight.

  40. Could write a book…but just a couple of thoughts:

    “…At what exact point, then, should one resist?…How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: what would have things been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?
    Or if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand… The [police] would have quickly suffered a shortage of officers…and notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt. If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. ….we purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    Quoted in Boston’s Gun Bible (Boston T. Party, aka, Kenneth Royce) from The Gulag Archipelago, by Alexander Solzhenitsyn (once a supporter of the Bolsheviks, he was thrown into the Gulag system for ~ 10 years for a few disparaging remarks about Soviet leaders).
    So….Do WE “love Freedom enough”. Doubt it. On the back cover of Boston’s Gun Bible is a catchy phrase about our courageous Founders: “They had the soul, but needed better gear. We have the gear, but need stronger soul.” I feel this is the conundrum we face.
    Also, I would encourage everyone to track down Matthew Bracken’s most excellent and well-thought essay, “The CW2 Cube – Mapping the Meta-Terrain of Civil War Two”. Written in 2010, it is still chillingly prescient.
    Prep and Pray (not necessarily in that order!)

    1. People won’t even band together now when times are good and trust can still built which is why people when times are terrifying will just hide out waiting to be eaten last…

  41. The first thing that happened was Public education. It took discipline out; it removed the exultation of the Lord. It indoctrinated our students into believing that “Other” was the Norm. It also goaded parents to “trust” in the Process. Talk to any person who served in Military Intelligence or Logistics, they will tell you that when things systemically go wrong, the” Process” is the first thing they look at.

    Those who refer to themselves a Conservative and do NOT read Liberal publications, they are not a true conservative. I read the NYT, the WAPO, and many other “Liberal” periodicals because these folks are telegraphing their moves, WHY? Maybe because they enjoy show boating in order to gain more support and deepen the sentiment of likeminded individuals and organizations. These many varied institutions have all made their true intent clear across the board; these people are also very quick to tell you exactly how they feel and how they think. Coincidentally, they will tell YOU how YOU should think and feel as well! If they determine that you are not in Lock step with their ideology you are a “racist” a “bigot”, a” Homophobe” a “misogynist” etc. etc.

    In the law enforcement community this “tell” is often classified as “Urban masking”, which is basically the idea that people will tell you a lot about themselves by the way they dress, the way they wear their hair, the way they adorn themselves. A clear example of this form of “profiling” can be easily seen in the teen movie the Breakfast club, all of the kids are from very different Cliques, they all had a differing method of dress, style, haircuts, hygiene and the way they presented themselves to others. This is a very pure and organic form of fracturing; it starts in the Public education n system. It was heavily carried forward by my generation the Gen Xer’s. I was in High School when that movie came out; frankly, it was filmed about 15 minutes from where I grew up. Watching that movie today, the values and messages I took from it then are still loud and clear now. We are different we look different . . . BUT the kids discovered through adversity, that they were all very similar, just like Americans were a century ago and just like today!!!!

    We, Conservatives do a terrible job policing society, Liberals, Socialists /Communists observe and report everything because anything can be used against anyone, (Saul Alinsky principles). One of the most important steps to actually change society according to Saul Alinsky. His movement was launched in the Post Kennedy assassination period of reforming/reformed Chicago, Democrat politics. Saul Alinsky studied revolutions and their leaders and gleaned from their stratagem’s and tactics a synthesized version of how to erode American or, “conservative” values. What I find interesting is that these folks are fairly honest and forthcoming about their values, their thoughts and their goals. This makes it fairly easy to spot them from afar and prepare for their incessant propaganda, (Proximity negates skill).

    What do Conservatives do about it? Are they aware that it is happening right in front of them? Will they get in the ring? Or are they mostly Spectators with good seats? I could also make a credible argument that conservatives do most of their bidding behind the scene’s than do the Left. Unlike the lefty’s, most conservatives don’t attend every argument that they are invited to.

    The Presidential debates that are coming next year around this time. I think these events will perhaps be the most volatile, loud, and aggressive and hackle rising debate in modern memory; maybe because Trump is the most oddball conservative “street fighter” politician that we have seen in our lifetime, he is an anomaly for sure. Will his vitriol unleash a wave of blood in the streets? The Left has made many claims that Trump has said that if he loses the 2020 election, he won’t go willingly. No matter what side of the aisle, we Americans should never support anyone in office who has made this claim, so the Left make outlandish accusations that will stir even the most basal instincts even in a person who claims to be a conservative. These instincts are like a fan on the flames of dissent, they can spread fire dangerously quick. As a result of all this hoopla I wonder will ordinary folks turn on their own neighbors. Family members? Friends? Local, state or Federal government officials/agents/representatives? I for one hope not. There are those on both sides of the American political preference that would love to see blood in the streets. Will we have another Democratic or republican political rally that will make Chicago in 1968 look like a schoolyard scuffle? All it takes is one wacko with some guts or some insanity to find a corner window on an eighth floor office to kick it all off. . .I for one hope that this country will start seeing our similarities not continue to exploit our differences. Also, What ever happened to “live and let live” this motto has died along with Civility. If you treat someone different than you with respect and kindness you may very well plant the seeds of Love and cultivate a state of Grace in this Nation that we haven’t seen since the Post World War two era, where everyone had an opportunity to achieve a state of success.

    The Other main problem is that we have foreign Billionaires who buy and control all of the means of mass communication, they spread hate and discontent to the masses. They also have created a state of envy/jealousy which only foments resentment in those who do not live the way that is being portrayed. I think it all started with MTV Cribs. The ridiculous opulence portrayed by a bunch of professional athletes is NOT how 99 percent of the rest of us live. Has anyone ever gone back to some of these “ballers” who walked us through their cribs? Are they still in these 12,000 square foot monstrosities? My best guess is NO. But a Kid with a C minus grade point average in 2002 would think that he too could get a place like that at 24-25 years old. Even people who become doctors at 30 rarely get a chance to live like these professional athletes. These kids then become angry by the time they are 27 years old, living in their mom’s basement and asking themselves, “well, how did I get here”. ENVY, that is how.
    Public education also tells these students that they can become anything they want. REALLY? I had a c minus average when I graduated from high school in the late 1980’s. My guidance counselor told me I would best serve as a welder, carpenter or in the Military. Thank the Lord I went Military where they taught me how to succeed for real. Hard work, studying my craft (Infantry) remains loyal to the task at hand (or the Mission) and look for every opportunity to advance and get as much education as I could. These ideals served me well till this day. I wish that the Public schools in the large urban areas (Chicago, New York L.A. Baltimore, Atlanta, and Boston) would get real with these kids. I can also make a credible argument that My C minus in one of the best public High school districts in America (at that time) served me extremely well by instilling in me a realistic expectation). Attitude is everything. The Kids in small rural towns seem to have a MUCH more realistic grasp on how to succeed in life.

    In conclusion, what do we want from America? Do we want divisiveness? Do we want Blood in the streets come November 4th, 2020? My prediction is that there will be. I hate the idea, but it better to be prepared for the worst, than to get caught flatfooted. I also encourage all who read this, to avoid the polling places and cast an absentee ballot early; I did in 2016 because of travel requirements. I got my vote counted early and knew that I could avoid the polling place. I fear that these places maybe targets for Lefty wacko’s in rural areas and in areas where there is a strong conservative base. Hitting one would create panic at the polling place, it would continue to erode our conservative values and help Saul Alinsky serve his master in Hell.

  42. Sleepless, SunTzu also wrote “Those who cannot or will not deceive, Shall themselves be deceived”.

    Ive been meaning to write a contest entry regarding these matters. Still mulling it over. I am a huge History buff, so maybe a little research and some good references to these times we live in are what will open peoples eyes as to what is going on in America. Love it or Leave it.

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