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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at a wolf-attack nightmare.

Wisconsin Farm Family’s Wolf-Attack Nightmare

Reader Jon C. sent us this: Wisconsin farm family lives wolf-attack nightmare. The article begins:

“On July 8, my father-in-law walked down to the sheep pasture to check on the flock, the same way he has for over 20 years. It was a beautiful summer morning, feeling much cooler after a spell of heat and humidity had just ended, but only one ewe greeted him. It was by the grace of God that she was there.

As he began checking fence to see where the sheep might have gone, he saw a sight straight out of our worst nightmares. He started to find the massacred remains of our family’s sheep. This wasn’t my family’s first go around with a wolf kill on the farm, so my father in-law knew what to do.
Less than two hours later, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife adjuster was out and began his investigation and, after finding tracks, was able to confirm it was a wolf kill.

Imagine waking up one morning and everything that you have worked towards for the last 30 years is gone. In a blink of an eye you have lost over 30 years of genetics, 30 years of blood, sweat, and tears. Just to be told that there is nothing you can really do about it except fill out some paperwork and wait for a small reimbursement that won’t equal the true value of the animals you lost.”

U.S. Army’s New Armored Robotic Vehicles

Reader G.P.  sent this item: U.S. Begins Testing Armored Robotic Vehicles Next Year.

That Viral Lake Tahoe Brown Bear Video…

By way of Nevada Bear Smells Freshly Baked Cookies (Video)

French ‘Flyboard’ Soldier at Bastille Day

Also found at French ‘Flyboard’ Soldier Amazes Parisian Crowds During ‘14 July’ Celebrations (Video)

Philadelphia is Using a Sonic Weapon on Kids

H.L. sent this link: Philadelphia is Using a Sonic Weapon on Kids — To Keep them Out of Parks. Here is a snippet:

“The Philadelphia government is reportedly using sonic weapons on it own citizens, youth and young adults, to keep them out of public parks after hours. We at TFTP were initially caught off guard with the news of compliance weapons usually reserved for riot control being used on kids. Admittedly, we believed it was fake news. Unfortunately, after further investigation, it is no laughing matter and is the first such torture device we are aware of regularly being used on young people in the U.S.

The device we learned is called “The Mosquito” and is installed in at least 30 city parks throughout Philadelphia.”

Destructive Armyworm Spreading in China

Another from reader G.P.: Destructive pest could spread to all of China’s grain production in 12 months.

Hydro-Power Retreat on Clark Fork River

I heard about a news listing at that looks captivating: Home on 13 acres w/ Hydro-power! This part of the listing was noteworthy:

“Hydro-power is rare, even in North Idaho. Water is always first. Use water to produce energy and food then you’ll have a retreat worth defending.

The state of Idaho no longer approves of “in-stream” dams and/or diversions for hydro-power. These water rights are perfected and grandfathered.”

CPS Is Taking Kids Away Based on ‘Predictive Analytics’

Reader DSV spotted this article of interest: CPS Is Taking Kids Away Based on ‘Predictive Analytics’ Computer Program To Judge Parents.

Florida Cop Caught Planting Meth on Motorists

A hat tip to SOG for sending this: A Florida cop planted meth on random drivers, police say. One lost custody of his daughter. JWR’s Comment: NEVER consent to a search, folks!

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  1. Florida cop caught destroying people’s lives?? How many haven’t been caught yet??? My guess is lots. Good thing the American public is beggining to wake up and recognize these rogue police and what the really are….sick animals who need to be treated like such. At the very least every person who is a victim of this needs to be made a multi millionaire, and the money needs to come from the police retirement funds to create a personal financial deterent and peer pressure among the “brotherhood” to police their own. As to the individual swine who are willing to do this to the people they are supposed to protect and serve??? Life in prison is to easy. I will let your imagination run wild as to what should be done to such a scum of a human being.

  2. In regards to: Wisconsin farm family lives wolf-attack nightmare.

    Sometimes people in authority think wild animals have the >right to endanger people. … This article worth a read for anyone living near wolves is: ~Two-Thirds of Idaho Wolf Carcasses Examined Have Thousands of Hydatid Disease Tapeworms~ see skinnymoose site for the full article. 1/06/2010.

    “In Alaska alone, over 300 cases of hydatid disease in humans had been reported since 1950 as a result of canids (dog family), primarily wolves, contaminating the landscape with billions of E. granulosus eggs in their feces (called “scat” by biologists). These invisible eggs are ingested by grazing animals, both wild and domestic, and occasionally by humans who release clouds of the eggs into the air by kicking the scat or picking it up to see what the wolf had been eating.”

    As with many other parasites, the eggs are very hardy and reportedly exist in extremes of weather for long periods, virtually blanketing patches of habitat where some are swallowed or inhaled. As Dr. Valerius Geist explained in his Feb-Mar 2006 Outdoorsman article entitled Information for Outdoorsmen in Areas Where Wolves Have Become Common, “(once they are ingested by animals or humans) the larvae move into major capillary beds – liver, lung, brain – where they develop into large cysts full of tiny tapeworm heads.”

    Dr. Geist’s article also warned, “If we generate dense wolf populations it is inevitable that such lethal diseases as Hydatid disease become established.” Because wolves and other canines perpetuate the disease by eating the organs of animals containing the cysts, and the tapeworms live and lay millions of eggs in their lower intestines, the logical way to insure the disease did not develop was >>not to import Canadian wolves that were already infected with the parasites.

    In mid 2005, state wildlife health officials in Idaho began conducting necropcies (post mortem examinations) of many wildlife species. As in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin, they found a number of the primary big game species they tested were infected with hydatid cysts – but only the Great Lakes wildlife agencies reported that fact to the public.

    He continued, “These cysts can kill infected persons unless they are diagnosed and removed surgically. It consequently behooves us (a) to insure that this disease does not become widespread, and (b) that hunters and other outdoorsmen know that wolf scats and coyote scats should never be touched or kicked.”

    The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has a current warning about Hydatid Disease.
    People with government authority >knew the wolves were infected with the Hydatid Disease, when wolves were reintroduced back into the lower 48 states.

  3. We don’t have wolves in this area, thankfully. We have plenty of other varmints, though. I am wondering, how high of fence would it take to keep them out? I am seeing SO much money involved! It would be terrible. I have no idea if donkeys could take on a pack of wolves. And I don’t think that donkeys would mix well with sheep. This is tragic!

    1. Donkeys can do very well with sheep! Like any other guardian animal if they are introduced properly. As for a donkey taking on a pack of wolves Im not sure, but a lone wolf I dont think would be an issue.

        1. What a sorry misbreed of shepards do they´ve in your area, the wolf growing near to to the size of an well bred and cared for shephard you must Show me and the old breed is even larger.

          1. We had a discussion of herd guard dogs here awhile ago. My sources tell me wolves will rub to find easier hunting when confronted with a fierce and protective dog or several dogs. There is no need to take stance of “we are powerless unless we kill all the wolves” here

            Fences are of no use, they just keep the herd in.

            Carry on

  4. I was a fireman in a large city. I worked the inner city because I liked fighting fire. In the summer, more temperate weather, schools out this is what we saw. Mid afternoon the streets would be empty. At about 6:00 pm the Hood would start to come alive. At midnight when we would be out on alarms crowds of people would be sitting on front porches with kids playing in the yards; kind of like noon everywhere else in the world. The Burgerking, Popeyes, and KFC were doing booming business till the wee hours of the morning. I mean crowds of people in their parking lots. So much so that many times police and fire had to report to incidents taking place there in almost riot conditions. I would get back to the station, do my reports, then go home at about 7:00 in the morning. At 7:00 in the morning when the rest of the world is rousing, the hood was vacant and quiet again.

    1. Many readers of this blog will recall Daniel Patrick Moynihan. He was a four-term US Senator from New York. When he retired, Hillary Clinton succeeded him.

      In the 1960s, however, he was a young social scientist who worked for the Labor Department. He wrote a report entitled, “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.” It was leaked to the press. Moynihan cited the fact that 23.6 percent of Black births were to unmarried women. He wrote, “A community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority . . . that community asks for and gets chaos.”

      Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” a darling of the Democratic Party that was defended for decades, was an abysmal failure that wasted billions and achieved nothing. It directly contributed to the demise of the Black family structure because, in order for a mother to qualify for welfare, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, the mother could not have an adult male in the home. As a result, with ever passing year, more kids were born to single mothers who received welfare checks and who didn’t work outside the home. In the process, the parental task of disciplining young males was outsourced to public schools.

      Today, the illegitimacy rate for Blacks nationally is 77%. Entire generations have grown up without 1) male role models, 2) male authority figures, and 3) breadwinners.

      In White America, being a stay-at-home mom is somewhat of a status symbol. The freedom to be that type of mother usually indicates that the husband is a relatively high earner, and that the family can meet its needs on one income–unlike most families. For Black stay-at-home mothers on welfare, however, it means that the family will live in poor housing, in bad neighborhoods, and in areas populated all too often with kids who will be bad companions for their children.

      The first time many young males from such a background receive specific orders from authority figures, e.g., law enforcement, they very often refuse, thus providing examples of ugly incidents in the national news from time to time. All too often, no matter how heinous the offense, there is a crying mother in court saying, “He’s a good boy!”

      That the drug trade is so widespread in certain neighborhoods should come as no surprise. The street scene Roadkill describes is part of it. Kids who are way too young are on the street unattended late at night and they are often caught in the crossfire betwen rivals or recruited into the drug trade because they hope to be able to ultimately achieve the status in the neighborhood that the successful dealers have. (I strongly encourage readers to watch “Dope,” a Netflix series that covers the drug trade from the perspective of the cartel, the cops, the street dealers, and the users. How they obtained access to so many of these people is puzzling.)

      Yet the beat goes on, and anyone who criticizes the lack of marriage and the culture prevailing in Black neighborhoods is so-often called a racist. Yet, figures don’t lie.

  5. In regards to: Wisconsin farm family lives wolf-attack nightmare.
    There were very good reasons that man tried very hard through the years to eradicate wolves. Now our wonderful government has brought them back where they will soon cover the same range as coyotes. We, as a nation, will never be free of wolves again. Look at everything it took to get rid of wolves before, decades of trapping, shooting, and poisoning.
    We have wolves here. They have almost no fear of man. I had a very large lone wolf right next to my house one day, and I mean right next to my house. The wolves have killed several of the neighbor’s cattle/calves. When found it is up to him to prove that it was wolves that killed his livestock, usually several days after the event.
    Now the neighbors all keep in touch with each other to report wolf sightings so extra precautions can be put in place.
    The Fish & Wildlife here gather all road kill elk and deer to feed the wolves to try and lure them away from humans.
    What a sad situation.

  6. Re the Philadelphia sonic story, there is another side to this:

    “PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police say a 45-year-old man was assaulted by 17 juveniles between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public pool on Monday night. The assault happened at Vogt Playground in the city’s Mayfair section.

    The incident has the neighborhood on edge after the father of a lifeguard was attacked by a group of teens. Now, police are hoping to find the 17 kids responsible.”

    2) “PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Police are searching for a group of teenagers that looted and damaged property inside of a Walgreens store on 18th and South streets Thursday night.

    A cashier was injured when he tried to intervene, hit in the head with a glass bottle.

    “About 60 juveniles walked into the establishment and began removing things from the shelves, destroying property inside the store. The cashier attempted to intervene and some heavy item – I believe it was a bottle – was thrown at him, striking him in the head,” said Captain Sekou Kinebrew of the Philadelphia Police Department.”

    Reporters should tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth. Otherwise, they are doing the equivalent of lying but without actually writing a falsehood.

    1. These mob type robberies are becoming more common in urban areas where groups think there are no consequences for their actions,just waiting for ccw to respond to a attack and to see the outcome(Wait,we just witnessed it,when a mob attacks you in your car you get convicted for trying to escape).

  7. Re. U.S. Army’s New Armored Robotic Vehicles
    The U.S. Army will have no more right to use these on foreign soil than using U.S. Army soldiers on foreign soil. How many more millions of innocent people must be murdered, maimed or displaced from their homes before this madness stops?

    Ridiculous you say? Then prove me wrong. Exactly how did they acquire those rights and from whom?

  8. You can “not consent to a search”, then the corrupt cop will just happen to “smell Marijuana” even if he has a severe headcold and you have a half dozen garlic pizzas and are downwind of a compost heap on fire.

    Then he will have “probable cause”, search the car, and find the bag of meth.

    Sometimes you will be held for a while while they bring the dog that indicates drugs by barking or not barking, wagging its tail or not wagging its tail, or practically anything else. So you will be searched anyway.

    If you have a hundred thousand dollars, you might be able to afford enough lawyers to contest some part of that.

    1. In the United States, the Supreme Court had clearly stated that no one, not even a Police Officer, may search your car unless a Judge, or a dog says that it’s OK…

  9. Never heard of the “freedom thought project”. Can guarantee they have no interest dealing with theses “children” and their criminal behavior .

    No , they’ll just wag their finger behind the safety of their white suburban enclaves.

  10. I have the privilege of spending more time in the “woods” than most. My trail cams prove that the wolf, lion and bear numbers out of control. Declining ungulate populations bear this fact out as well. In past years, most of the predator videos I get would be at night but that has now changed. Many are in midday. Most people have not a clue at what is lurking in their neighborhood. If you live in rural Idaho, Montana or North Central Washington, never go out without, the very least, bear spray.

    The above comment on Hydatid disease is spot on. Folks who take their dogs on hikes in the woods and then allow them in their house are making a huge mistake.

  11. To help the drug problem- it may not be possible to make it completely go away-
    1) legalize drugs completely. The ‘War on Drugs’ has totally failed. Drug addicts almost always cure themselves by way of a fatal overdose. That is not a bad thing. It culls the herd.
    It will stop SWAT teams from committing home invasions, beating up Grandma, and killing your dog- at the wrong address
    It will reduce police piracy- the policy of Asset forfeiture whereby police steal your private property supposedly to support their lawful activities, but often they just get fat off of them.
    It will reduce the income of crooked lawmakers, crooked law enforcers, crooked lawyers, and crooked judges.
    2) Burn the poppy fields. I have written the President to recommend this. Stop it at the source. No more opioid crisis.

    1. Nathan Hail,

      I have a great deal of problems with legalizing drugs. Let’s look at pot, for example.

      First, they argued that medical marijuana would be a godsend to those with chronic conditions and cancer patients, so the gullible (and the potheads) voted for it. After all, doctors would be involved, right?

      The LA Times commented later how so many of the medical marijuana cardholders seemed to be 19-year-old males with “back pain.” Of course, it became quickly obvious that a considerable number of physicians would provide a prescription to anyone who paid for an office visit. Beyond that, physicians who were reluctant to write a prescription for marijuana did not want to lose a patient to a physician elsewhere. Result? Who knew that back pain, headaches, and sleep disorders affected so many young males?

      Then they argued that legalizing pot would result in a major increase in state tax revenue, so the gullible voters (and the potheads, of course) voted for it. For the same reason that truckloads of cigarettes are driven from Virginia, a low cigarette tax state, to New York, a high cigarette tax state, the cartels grow richer with cheaper pot that is now completely legalized in many states. (And pot, cocaine, fentanyl, heroin users have never been concerned about the mega-deaths that accompany the drug trade as long as they get their drugs. Not their problem, Dude!)

      The State of California is now complaining because potheads are still buying their pot from illegal vendors because it is cheaper to do so, and because the actual tax revenues are only a fraction of what gullible voters were told they would be. Of course, anyone with half a brain understood that the tax revenue claims by the pro-pot forces were fraudulent to begin with, but gullible voters bought it anyway.

      Low tax revenues from pot sales? Wow! No one saw that coming, right?

      And consider the fact that most drug users are not going to die of a fatal overdose (what I call removing from society what Ebenezer Scrooge would call the “surplus population”). What so many will actually do is to destroy their brains and their ability to earn a living. This, of course, would qualify them for Social Security Disability Insurance payments each month, thereby continuing their status as a burden to society (and to you and me).

      And the cartels’ strangleholds on Mexican politicians, law enforcement, and large parts of the population will only increase, and the cartels will get richer and richer.

      1. In the state where I live, pot is illegal. I do not smoke it or use other drugs. I enjoy about 2 drinks per month on average. If marijuana was legal here, I would still have no interest in using it. It is a plant, and grows all over the midwest. The only experience that I have with it is when my Mother was dying of cancer, her doctors gave her marijuana pills to help her have an appetite. She lived in a state where it was legal. Like other prohibited drugs, its illegality causes crime. The cartels pay off crooked lawmakers, law enforcers, lawyers, and judges- the same as illegal hard drugs. I support law enforcement when it is not bent. I have lived in areas where the police were bent, but the police that I know where I currently live are honest and aboveboard. I am acquainted with some of them, and so far, I trust them to do their jobs honestly and fairly. There are both kinds, unfortunately.
        Marijuana’s illegality also forces hundreds of thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens to be locked up in overcrowded prisons. I have seen no evidence in my 60+ years to show that marijuana causes anywhere near the problems that prohibiting it causes. As far as hard drugs, they do kill most addicts eventually.
        There is also the issue of Constitutionality. Yes, I know that the Constitution is just a ‘scrap of paper’ to some people, including some recent Presidents. Why did we need an amendment to declare alcohol illegal (and to re-legalize it) but not with drugs ? I will tell you why. When the Volstead Act- prohibition- was repealed in 1933, the crooked cops, judges, lawyers, and lawmakers who profited from the ban on alcohol were deprived of a lucrative though illicit income. So in 1937, most drugs were made illegal. Before then, you could go to the drug store and buy any kind of drug that they sold. Heroin, which was invented by Bayer just like Aspirin, and at about the same time, was sold in small pills for toothache medicine. You could buy what you wanted, although there was very little of it used for ‘recreational’ purposes- that had to be cultivated AFTER they were made illegal. No longer could the crooks charge high prices for alcohol, but with time, the sale of illegal drugs made them a lucrative income again- something that could not be done if the drugs were legal.
        There is one other reason to legalize drugs that I would like to mention. The high price of illegal drugs means that an addict must have a high income to afford the drugs. Since most drug addicts are not the kind of responsible, hard-working types who hold down high-paying jobs, they STEAL to pay for their drugs. How much crime is attributed to stealing to obtain drugs ? I have seen estimates of as high as 40%. No one really knows, but if even 20 or 30 % of property crimes could be eliminated, how much better would our society be ?
        I know that these views are controversial, but what we are doing NOW is not working.

        1. More importantly, why do we have to legalize what a person does to their body? If someone wants to smoke dope then why not? Why does anyone care what another person drinks, smoke or eats. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs but I also don’t think it I should my responsibility to control if my neighbors do it either.

          I agree with you Mr. Hall, what we are doing now is not working. I like your ideas as well.

        2. You will recall that your proposal was to legalize all drugs.

          If you look at alcohol, I believe that it was around 1890 or 1900 that gin was so cheap in England that alcoholism was rampant. It was said that the doorways in cities were filled with the intoxicated individuals at night.

          In the past ten years, Putin has raised the taxes on vodka because so much of the Russian population is alcoholic. By raising the prices of vodka, the idea was to reduce demand. Putin recognized basic capitalistic economics.

          Sure, prohibition was a failure in this country, but alcohol is in a different class than, say, fentanyl or heroin. Fortunately, substances like these still do not garner social approval.

          Readily available and inexpensive drugs from the cartels will only result in increased use on the street. Increased use will require greater income, much of it illicit, for the homeless and addicted parts of the population. Crime will skyrocket.

          Beyond that, I do not believe that it is morally defensible to reward the cartels for the increases in death and violent behavior in order to supply drug users in the US and elsewhere. On the old sitcom, “Hogan’s Heroes,” Sgt. Schultz’s tag line was always, “I know nothing. I see nothing.” So it is with drug users. They “see nothing” with regard to how their drugs got to them, no matter how many bodies are found hanging from overpasses in Juarez, Mexico. They take the attitude, “Not my problem.” Those who endorse the legalization of all drugs are not exactly saying the same thing–but the effect is absolutely the same.

          I am not a teetotaler, but I will admit that the world would be a better place if alcohol was never invented. The social costs of alcohol cause me to believe that there is no reason for society to approve another substance that causes people to live their lives in a fog, and then to demand social services and financial support when their lives–and the lives of those dependent on them–are wrecked.

          1. Is this argument not the same for controlling guns and the like? Good people don’t take drugs or get wasted constantly. Self discipline, or personal responsibility as our family motto is.

            I can’t imagine people running out to buy cocaine just because it is now legal. Intelligent people don’t think like that, at least in my neck of the woods.

          2. LSM, of course, you have changed the discussion when you talk about “good people” and “intelligent people.” These people are not the problem.

            It only stands to reason that someone with a drug addiction, whatever the drug is, is likely to use more of the drug when it becomes legal.

            If the cost of the legalized drug remains relatively unchanged, they will fund their habit by more criminal activity, whether it be theft or prostitution.

  12. It’s a real shame about the lost sheep. One solution might be getting some Kangals, the herd protector dog which originated in Turkey. They do not “herd” animals in the sense of moving them as a border collie does, but position themselves so they can see and intercept any predators. They regularly kill wolves in the countries where they are used; they will fight and kill as a pack and are magnificent, powerful, and smart dogs.

  13. There are a number of Flock Guard breeds of dogs that will keep predators away, including wolves and bear. An Akbash male dog can weight up to 150 pounds. They work together to guard the flock, discourage predators, and attack them if needed.

    Maremmas are a bit smaller, but do the same thing, as do Polish Tatras. Most Flock Guard breeds are white, so their owners can easily distinguish them from the wolf in a fight. They are extremely gentle with young animals and children.

    They are not herders, you need a Border Collie for that.

    On the other hand, if you just want to amuse yourself, get a pack of Borzoi. They won’t kill the wolf, you will have to do that, but they will make it very, very unhappy.

  14. Seems kinda stupid for a cop to bust law-abiding citizens by planting meth/dope in cars when there are so many real dealers/users out there to prey on. We had our Trooper Deda Seed here in Utah, falsifying alcohol tests to boost her arrest record. Trooper of the Year, she was. Until judges would not believe her anymore. She’s unemployed now. Should be in a prison cell.

    Loved the flock protection dog solution. Goes along with General Patton’s dictum, “The best thing for a tank…is another tank.” I think wolves should be re-introduced to Manhattan Island.

    I don’t have a problem with idiots wanting to become drug addicts as long as I don’t have to pay for their welfare and health care later. But I do, so i’m not a fan of letting the drug dealers win. We have dealers because we want dealers. If we didn’t want them around, we wouldn’t. Life sentences or capital punishment would fix the problem. The Philippine solution intrigues me….their president authorized a shoot-on-sight order for dealers. Anyone can take them out. I have no data as to how well this has shaken out over there, but for some parents, it seems worth exploring.

  15. Wolves killing sheep. It is impossible to stand guard over a flock of sheep all the time, not cost effective. Real Shepherds know that the only reliable 24/7/365 predator deterrent is specialized Guardian Dogs, which are of the right size, breeding, temperament, and condition to fight off predators. Many of these breeds actually are white and blend in with the flock (from a distant perspective). They have “bonded” with the flock and consider themselves part of the flock, but with a different job to do. If you have a flock away from your immediate house vicinity it is best to have at least TWO of these valuable dogs in the flock. We have had goats and sometimes sheep for many years now, and always had Great Pyrenees or Anatolian Guard Dogs with them. Numerous times we have found the dogs in the morning with blood on their faces, but it was the blood of predators that they had killed in the night. We’ve never lost any livestock to predators as long as we had the dogs with them.

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