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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we look at warnings of a second civil war.

Civil War II?

Some pundits are suggesting that a second civil war is ineluctable.  For example, there is this piece published a few days ago at Daily KosHow do we avert the inevitable plutocrat-driven civil war?

Fake Videos of You Using Facebook images

Reader DSV sent this: Samsung can now create fake videos of you using Facebook images

A New Balloon Eye in the Sky

Reader G.P. sent this: A New Surveillance Tool Is Coming to U.S. Skies. A pericope:

“An Arizona company developing a new type of high-altitude, long-range surveillance platform just completed a 16-day mission during which massive balloons floated over four western U.S. states, all part of an effort to someday keep them aloft for months at a time.

World View Enterprises Inc. builds what it calls Stratollites, a system designed to offer the type of coverage satellites afford but without the need to launch incredibly expensive rockets into space. Effectively unmanned balloons, the untethered platforms operate with surveillance equipment payloads of as much as 110 pounds (50 kg) at altitudes of 50,000 feet to 75,000 feet, the company said, far above commercial air traffic.

They will be able to monitor mines, pipelines, transit infrastructure—and perhaps the contents of your fenced-off backyard—in hyper-accurate detail.”

The Victim-Funded Police State

Our Editor at Large, Mike Williamson, recommended this: When the police state comes, people will help pay for it and support it.

Raising Beef Locally

And another from Mike: PRIME Act Reintroduced in Congress.  Mike says: “This legislation is good news for in-state meat producers. Everyone should t contact their Congresspeople about this bill.” A snippet:

“On May 23, Representatives Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Chellie Pingree (D-ME), and Senator Angus King (I-ME) reintroduced the Processing Revival and Interstate Meat Exemption Act (H.R. 2859 / S. 1820), also known as the PRIME Act. The legislation would return power to the states to determine appropriate regulations for meat processing within their borders. The bills have been referred to the House Committee on Agriculture and the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, respectively. “

Illegal Migrants Flying Without ID

DSV sent us this: TSA allowing illegal migrants to fly without proper documents. Here is a quote:

“The federal agency tasked with overseeing security at transportation hubs has been violating its own policy by allowing migrants who have been released from federal custody onto flights despite not having required documents, according to several Department of Homeland Security officials.

For the past six months, the Transportation Security Administration has allowed migrants released from the custody of other Homeland Security agencies to board flights to other parts of the country despite the passengers lacking any of the 15 documents it states are the only acceptable forms of identification.

Since early December, the agency has avoided temporarily changing federal policy and also not introduced a permanent solution to address this new phenomenon, despite no indication border apprehensions and mass releases are slowing down any time soon.

Since January, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has released from custody more than 200,000 migrants who arrived at the border as part of a family. The releases are mandatory under a 2015 court ruling that bars ICE from holding families more than 20 days.”

Survival Expo & Gun Show in Springfield, Missouri

Reader A.E. wrote to mention this event on June 22 & 23: Springfield, MO – Survival Expo & Gun Show.

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  1. Trump is running his mouth about banning suppressors like he did bump stocks. SCOTUS denies Cert on the Kettler NFA case. The rule of law doesn’t seem to matter much anymore unless it is being enforce on us by tyrannical police to the benefit of the state

    1. Big Mike, you got that right.

      Candidate Trump: “The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period”.

      You couldn’t tell Trump supporters anything before the election and you still can’t!

        1. Exactly. Did Montana Guy vote for Hitlery or just not vote. Gary Johnson picked a neocon as his running mate, so he was out. Then again, Gary Johnson is no libertarian either. Trump has been better than the alternatives, the least offensive of the three.

          1. Charles K and Mr. Question Mark, Big Mike spoke to the breakdown of the rule of law in America. Heavy stuff. Eh? I addressed the half of the country, the professing ‘conservatives’ (wink-wink nod-nod) who have abandoned conservative principles, discernment, and critical thinking. And you guys are concerned with how I voted? Thank you for validating my concerns.

      1. Please explain why someone not in the military needs automatic weapons…I served in military and law enforcement..still dont understand why average citizen needs automatic weapon…

        1. All able bodied men are in the unorganized Militia, which is the military…

          LE should not have AW…

          “However, the Swiss Militia continues to consist of most of the adult male population (with voluntary participation by women) who are required to keep an assault rifle at home and to periodically engage in combat and marksmanship training.”

          Firearms are not the problem… If it were, why don’t the Swiss have the same rate of violence.

          Once Pax Americana is diminished, only those states and regions that adopt a Swiss style militia will freely survive…

          The problem with AW is economic, they just cost a lot to feed…

        2. BJ, militaries possess automatic weapons. How do you think the peoples these militaries are invading would answer your question? Couldn’t happen here? Really? Sorry but I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

          As for the police, surely you realize that the Supreme Court ruled that they have ZERO duty to protect us. Have you read ‘Top 100 Best Seller’, ‘Dial 9-1-1 and Die’ Distributed by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership? That might be helpful.

          One last question, would you agree to me (or anyone) defining what YOUR ‘needs’ were including needs to protect your family?

        3. Ahem….

          It has nothing to do with “need”.

          Who “needs” a car with more than, say, 100 horsepower, or a house with more than 1000 square feet?

          Who is going to tell me what I “need”? You? The nine robed oracles or the current or a future occupant of the White House?

          No thanks.

          That kind of statist thinking is how and why we are in the mess we’re in.

    2. President Trump said “I don’t like them at all”. He never said anything about banning them. His own son, Trump Jr is one of the biggest advocates for remove the tax stamp requirements for suppressors all together. Lets keep the facts straight here and not be like the fake news!!!! You lose all credibility!!!

    1. The article “Civil War II” appears to have been written by a leftist socialist radical. The only thing I got from the article was that big business is bad, the theme sounds a little to familiar.

  2. The article Civil War II sets money against social good, a false dichotomy. I do not support “laissez-faire,” “buyer beware,” and “law of the jungle” economics. Neither do I support the “seller beware” laws of socialist do-gooders, nor their “legal” plundering in the name of “social economic equality.” Lastly, I do not support Keynesian central banking and the explosive expansion of economies through deficit spending. All three promote the plundering of people. The buyer and the seller, and, more importantly, the civil authorities are all accountable to the Lord to maintain just weights and honest measures in conducting honest commerce according to His just laws. Mankind, in maintaining viable cultures, must conduct commerce and trade . . . but as unto the Lord according to the model of economics laid out in the Scriptures, which expressly forbids theft, covetousness, falsification of balances, abuse of powers, murder, and many other sins common to fallen man. America will never find its way again unless its people seek the Lord and turn away from their generational sins. Civil war is an inevitable consequence of fallen man when he does his own thing. The answer is the Lord, not politics.

    1. You have it wrong on laissez-faire. All it means is commerce with very minimal restrictions or regulations by government. It does require dealing honestly with your trading partners. Theft is always criminal. Cheating someone is always repugnant to morality.

      Keynesian economics IS socialist economics. It requires, even demands, extreme government intervention at all points in the transaction, even to include government intervention in the value of money. Socialist/Keynesian economics always leads to graft and corruption through central economic planning.

      I’ll take free market, laissez-faire economics any day. Far better than the alternatives.

  3. Civil war 2, I had to read it twice before I realized what a bunch of pseudo intellectual twaddle it was. As usual with Progressives there is much discussion of supposed ills and never any actual problem solving taking place unless it is about others changing their minds to their views. It is not very comforting to me that people of he authors ilk have the power to sway young peoples minds at an early age. What is comforting is that there will be an opposite reaction to the liberalization of society at some point.
    It will likely be after the liberals have their way and completely bankrupt most countries, both morally and financially, ours included. It will be painful and most likely catastrophic but it will occur. Unlike liberals many of us look at history to predict the future and believe retreading failed policies and systems of government is a very stupid way to solve problems. One of the traps my liberal friends fall into is that they believe they can change human nature and that there is a solution for all problems. It’s never that easy, some problems cannot be solved or when left alone often cure themselves without do-gooders misguided meddling exacerbating them.

    1. “One of the traps my liberal friends fall into is that they believe they can change human nature and that there is a solution for all problems. It’s never that easy, some problems cannot be solved or when left alone often cure themselves without do-gooders misguided meddling exacerbating them.”

      Nicely stated. The Law of God, and His Natural Law are immutable. One’s recognition of the source these facts, the Truth, has no bearing whatsoever on the fact that they exist and may not be broken for long. People who advocate for the violation of God’s Law are anti-Christs. I, personally, keep no friends that are anti-Christ.

  4. Re: Civil War II?
    The country this old coot grew up in is long gone and not coming back. I’ve accepted that and moved on. Some Americans may live free again but the costs will again be high.

    Multi-continent chaos is coming; perhaps of Biblical proportion. Globalists have the means to initiate it but would probably prefer more time to build their means for controlling the masses (the Republican’s post 9/11 Police State, Security State and Surveillance State). Globalists will want to ‘save’ selected cities. They will first TRY to control those areas. Beyond that who knows who will control lands of the former US. I think we in the vast flyover country would be best served by heeding the advice of Montanan Brandon Smith. Maximize self-reliance and be very concerned about the use of drones by any enemy.

    1. Re: DONES!

      Montana Guy:
      I think we in the vast flyover country would be best served by heeding the advice of Montanan Brandon Smith. Maximize self-reliance and be very concerned about the use of drones by any enemy.

      If you have a dedicated RTO (radio telephony operator), or ‘commo guy’, use an inexpensive $20 dollar SDR Dongle with a discone antenna to look for signals in the most often used band for drones, the 2.4 Ghz area. The SDR Dongle is most useful to detect radio traffic in the busy VHF band, but also good for picking up very weak signals from very low power transmitters, including 250Mw FRS radios. I you can’t hear, you can see’m. Time permitting, I might elaborate.

      If one sees the need for this sort of thing, run out and have some fun and get one. The SDR dongle I’m think of include antenna for an extra 5 bucks.


  5. The comments in the Civil War II article are interestingly telling. There is a number of threads discussing a peaceful breakup or secessions.

    This one stands above the rest: “I’m completely on board with starting this discussion. It’s way past time to let conservatives live the life they want to, and for us progressives to do the same. There will never be anymore compromise between us. There are no more better angels. It’s over.
    Living in a country where we lurch from left to right endlessly undoing all the things the other side did when they were in power is not a sustainable pattern of governance. At some point, it will simply be viewed as illegitimate. We’re well down that slippery slope already”

    It is interesting how I believe the majority of us agree with this Liberal in this area.

    1. For the commenter who said this: “Living in a country where we lurch from left to right endlessly undoing all the things the other side did when they were in power is not a sustainable pattern of governance. At some point, it will simply be viewed as illegitimate. We’re well down that slippery slope already”

      He misses the point entirely. The left does not undo the things the right does. Neither does the right undo the things the left does. The actually complement each other.

      What does the left/neo-liberal/Democrat actually liberally do? They liberally draw power from the States and the people and bring it to Washington.

      Now, what does the other side, the right/neo-conservative/Republican, actually attempt to conserve? They conserve, and reserve, those same powers, for Washington. In the 2012 election, during the Republican debates, Ron Paul listed 5 unconstitutional departments in the Federal government. Mitt Romney, that neocon lunatic, said (paraphrased), “Oh no, we don’t need to get rid of those 5 unconstitutional departments, we just need to manage them better.”

      I rest my case.

    2. I tend to agree with you Bravo Delta-17. The comments seem to come from many parts of the political spectrum and some are quite insightful.

      The comments make up for the lack of clarity in the original article.

      Some say, the Civil War II is already underway. Like the cold war. We are called to vigilance and continuing to nourish our natural communities.

      Carry on

  6. Why I Have MAJOR Issues with President Trump for 2020
    (YouTube Video)
    Reid Henrichs
    Published on Jun 7, 2019

    “In this powerful and informative video, Reid Henrichs discusses the proof of President Donald Trump’s disregard and disdain for the 2nd amendment. He rightfully criticizes both Republicans and Democrats for their disrespect of our founding values.”

  7. 2nd civil war …. wth , let it happen …. sobs in DC started this and it has to happen that the people take it back…. no other way to stop it, except eliminate the bastards that hate the constitution, and are trying everything they can to regain power and control …. I say bring it on , and end this bulls**t

  8. RE: Civil War 2? Civil War Has Commenced.

    Albeit in slow motion to date, the effort will accelerate, command and control, that is commo, is already being denied via incremental censorship, then suddenly it will become accelerated to it’s conclusion. And because of what is happening at our southern border, last week I declared that a “soft form of biological warfare has commenced”, or words close to that effect.

    Confirmation of such bold and unsubstantiated opinion, is being made by the Alex Jones show via his reporters on the border, and with the expert opinion and analysis of Mike Adams of Natural News. A friend of mine, Jakobsen, believes those living in Austin where Africans are arriving from the Congo to escape a massive outbreak of Ebola, should move to NW Montana. If arriving legally, those from the Congo would be quarantined for 30 days. Hundreds from the Congo are arriving unabated through our southern border. Ebola has likely arrived, or odds are will arrive, and in addition to antibiotic resistant TB, and long list of other resistant diseases arriving among thousands breaching the border daily. The Africans are escaping an Ebola epidemic in their land, the Congo. There is an apparent news black out on the topic. Last time was only a test. If needed, self quarantine is the best method for most. Will Trump please close the border?

    Here are the down loadable links to the Alex Jones show interview with Mike Adams from yesterday, 6-10-19. Listen carefully to Mike Adams as he describes the genius and diabolical madness in the method of this biological warfare assault. Ebola is the headlined disease discussed, yet I would add that longer list of diseases would also give them concealment. This method will allow the Globalists to have the maximum mayhem, and opportunity to exploit. Mike Adams believes an engineered biological weapon would be released at some point, and the vaccines will only spread more disease and destruction. It is a very sophisticated approach, multi-prong, and multi- layered thats make a quick and easy synopsis improbable. The interview is found on the GCN site and is broken into 2 parts, Hour 3 and 4. Both links are provided here:

    Hour 3:

    Hour 4:

  9. Civil War II,
    Stupid article. The problem is spoiled, lost, unredeemed, humans. If 50 states separated you’d have 50 civil wars. One guy says the sky is blue and the next guy says no its purple. One says the grass is green and the next guys opinion is blue. Black is white and wrong is right. I guess I needs more ammo. Did you ever read Revelation. Were stuck on stupid and it cant be fixed until the Lord takes over.

  10. Sorry folks. We’re are in very deep doo doo as a nation. Look at the news, police confiscation, the news feeding slanted/false info or government officials saying one thing and doing another. China flexing there muscles, Iran with the big mouth, Russia/China working together to bring us down. Sooo, hang on folks we are in for a rough ride.

  11. Along the Texas – Mexico border, we have had aerostats (surveillance blimps) seeking drug airplane and foot traffic crossing the border. Very similar to the units used in the Middle East for same reason – surveillance. Here is a link to more information about them.

    The question becomes is illegal border crossers the only thing they are keeping an eye on. Much like the vehicle plate readers, they watch EVERYBODY

  12. I find your analysis and discussion refreshingly honest and informative. As a Vietnam War combat veteran, I have personal experience with the ravages of war and it’s destruction. The growing animosity that I witness in politics and general society, when someone has a differing view of any topic than the aggravator, gives me great concerns about the eventual condition in this country will culminate in civil war within the next ten years. I am a student of prophecy and there are so many conditions that are yet to confront us as these prophetic events come to pass, that the reasoning and recommendations you mention are spot-on, in my view.

  13. Re: Civil War II …..
    The author of the article, Egberto Willies, links back to a previous article he wrote, also referencing the “Powell Memo.” In that previous article, he accuses the Republican Party of exactly the actions we Conservatives and Libertarians accuse the Democrats and Liberals of doing. He says, “Republicans have never been known as a party fighting for the poor or the middle class. They have never been known as a party that believed in a social safety net.“
    What he fails to realize, or admit, is that “a social safety net” is another way of saying “charity” and charity has never been, is not and should never be the purview of government, at least not the US Government. Charity should be a voluntary action, performed by a willing patron. It is not to be coerced by the government nor funded by tax monies.
    As for thinking that Republicans don’t fight for the poor or middle class, he has conveniently ignored the fact that the Republicans were responsible for passage of the Civil Rights Amendment. The US Constitution guarantees equal opportunities, not equal outcomes. It is up to the individual, no matter his race, color, economic class or any other descriptive, to make the best use of those opportunities. The government has no duty to lift anyone out of poverty nor to guarantee anyone a job, a wage, living or otherwise, healthcare, a home nor a college education. Those are all things the individual should be responsible for. Such are the costs of “freedom.” If you want Uncle Sam to provide those things for you, enlist in the military. Otherwise, get off the couch and work your tail off for them.
    I followed the links to find the “Powell Memo.” What struck me was how prescient Justice Powell was. He wrote that memo in 1971 and just about everything he was warning the reader that the Liberals were doing, they have accomplished, especially the warnings about college campuses, liberal faculty and preventing conservative, pro-business speakers and faculty from presenting their side of the story.
    As someone told me recently, the Liberals accuse the Conservatives of doing all the things the Liberals themselves are doing, as a way to hide what they are doing and to confuse the Conservatives and the Independents. It certainly seems to be working.

    As for a plutocracy, well, isn’t it interesting that President Trump was worth $10B when he announced he was entering the race for President. Now, he is worth $8B. He financed his own campaign, he did not accept donations but directed any that came in over to the GOP to use and has not collected a paycheck since taking office. On the other side of the spectrum, and thus includes politicians of all parties, how many politicians do you know of who are worth less now than when they went into office … any office? So, even if they started out as poor or middle class before entering politics, they all seem to come out of it worth $millions. And they keep their salaries after leaving office. Cushy, huh?

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