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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. Today, we focus on the C-47 Miss Montana’s flight to Europe, in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. (See the Montana section.)


The Conservative Move web site is still getting a lot of inquiries about the Inland Northwest and Northern Rockies. Which States are the biggest magnets for conservatives who are fed up with liberal coastal politics?  Texas and Idaho.  But substantial numbers are also heading to Montana and Wyoming.

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This article…

Exodus: As Bay Area moves left, these conservative voters move out

…lends credence to this brief article that my #1 Son Jonathan wrote:

Who is Moving to the Redoubt?

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Thanks a bunch, Kate – that’s 60+ people out of work. A quote:

“Portland-based Stimson Lumber announced today that it will lay off at least 60 people at its Forest Grove mill—40 percent of the workforce there—and move some of its operations to Idaho and Montana.

Stimson CEO Andrew Miller presented the layoffs as a direct response to three environmental and tax policies championed by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown. He cited a $1 billion-a-year tax increase to fund schools passed by the Oregon Legislature this month; a 2015 Clean Fuels Program requiring reduced carbon emissions, and a cap and trade package currently under consideration.”


Video: Rep. Heather Scott on Idaho Administrative Rules

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Spring chinook season closed on two rivers

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Yo, red stater: Worried Idaho could turn blue? Stop blaming Californians moving here.

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A new SurvivalRealty listing in Idaho: 60 Off-grid Remote Acres


Miss Montana flies again!  A WWII-era veteran returns to the air

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More about the year-long restoration effort: Miss Montana trip involves “supreme effort” to honor “supreme sacrifice”

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A new SurvivalRealty listing: Central Montana Private Homestead.

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Montana congressman to run for governor in 2020. Here is a quote:

“U.S. Rep. Greg GIanforte is running for the Republican nomination for Montana governor next year.

This will be the 58-year-old Bozeman businessman’s second gubernatorial campaign after losing to Democrat Steve Bullock in 2016 and his fourth statewide campaign in five years.

Campaign spokesman Dan Duffey said that Gianforte filed his paperwork Thursday with the state Commissioner of Political Practices after encouragement from residents across the state.

Gianforte plans to formally announce his run next week.

He will join an already crowded field of Republicans running for the open seat. Those contending to take back the office for the GOP for the first time since 2005 also include Attorney General Tim Fox, state Sen. Al Olszewski and Secretary of State Corey Stapleton.”

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Vice President Mike Pence will visit Billings Wednesday at Senator Daines’ invitation to discuss Montana’s meth crisis

Eastern Oregon

Oregon votes to make daylight saving time permanent

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One killed, several hurt in fiery eastern Oregon crash. An except from the article:

“One man was killed and several people were hurt Monday in a fiery car crash in eastern Oregon, troopers say.

The Oregon State Police said Timothy Eviston, 57, tried to pass a motorhome on Oregon 20 near Vale and collided with a Ford F-350 that was headed the opposite direction.

The truck then hit a Ford Expedition that was pulling a travel trailer.

Both Ford vehicles and the travel trailer caught fire afterward.”

Eastern Washington

Forecast: Is Spokane the ‘Other’ Hot Housing Market in Washington?

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Ending the Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead Endorsement

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Grant County Sheriff’s Office, Mattawa Police looking for man wanted in connection with drive-by shooting

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Witnesses chase armed suspect for stealing woman’s purse


Residents in northern Wyoming are being told to remain on alert for more flooding from rain on top of snowmelt runoff.

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Tracks Made by Young Grizzly Bear Found Near Wyoming Town

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  1. Gianforte will be a spoiler and if he should win the primary, he will enable the Democrats to take the governor’s office again. That would be a continued disaster for Montana. He should stick to where he is at, US House. True conservatives ought to get behind Olszewski.

  2. Fiery crash on hwy 20. The problem is the legislature increased the speed limit to 65 mph. Much of hwy 20 is to narrow and curvy to be safe even at the old limit of 55. So the larger vehicles and smarter drivers drive slower than 65 and the young whipper snappers think they have to pass everyone on the highway and take stupid risks doing it. I assume, probably correctly, that the trucking lobby pushed the legislators to increase the speed limits because truckers get paid by the mile. The end result is more accidents per mile.

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