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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we look at the history of the Winchester M1907.

New Israeli SMASH Scopes

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has procured SMASH electronic scopes: Weapons: Computerized Scopes Evolve. These scopes use software similar to that used with the U.S. TrackingPoint family of smart scopes. (Thanks to Reader Charles B. for the link.)

Post-Disaster Gun Carry Approved in Texas

Reader Tim J. sent this: Texas Senate approves bill allowing Texans to carry guns for week after natural disasters: report.

Ravens Kill 200 Lambs on Isle of Wight Farm

Video: Birds kill 200 lambs on a single Isle of Wight farm. Expected next on the scene: Sea Eagles, brought in from Scotland.

King Carlos and the Winchester M1907

Tim J. also wrote to mention an interesting piece on the history of a rifle that was ahead of its time: Two Gunshots That Changed the World: The Death of King Carlos I of Portugal & The Winchester 1907. A snippet from the author’s description of the assassination:

“His accomplice was Manuel Buica, a former sergeant and trained sharpshooter who had been recently dismissed from the army. He wielded a radical new Winchester rifle imported from America called the M1907.

Buica suddenly produced the compact carbine from underneath a long coat, dropped to one knee, and shot Carlos I through the neck at a range of about eight meters, killing him. A second quick shot from the self-loading rifle passed through the shoulder of the dying regent. Taking full advantage of the chaos da Costa then leapt onto the side of the carriage and shot the king’s eldest son Luis Filipe aged 21, squarely in the chest.”

Radio Free Redoubt on Liberty State

A recent radio show by John Jacob Schmidt: RFR on KTW – 2019-05-18 The Lies and Truth about American Redoubt and Liberty State. Among the coterie of American Redoubt movement leaders, Schmidt has been particularly effective at communicating our goals.

Aussie Preppers Profiled

From the other ABC News (with the usual journalistic hyperbole):  I spent a week with a doomsday prepper deep in the outback. This is how it changed me.

Gun Control Through Banning Bullets

This is a bit dated, but still important reading: Gun Control Through Banning Bullets

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  1. I expected better of Texas. I guess I hadn’t paid close attention to Texas, but I was under the impression that they had open and concealed constitutional carry.

    1. Us Texicans expect more too, unfortunately many of our laws have recently (last 10-20 years) been under fire by far left imports to major cities from Southern California, as well as Hurricame Katrina “refugees” that stayed. One of the biggest problems with disasters is we recently weren’t legally allowed to bring our valuables (guns/ammo specifically) with us during hurricane/flood evacuations due to legal restrictions. These are the first things looted, then used against locals, rescue teams and/or law enforcement, before being sold to pawn shops, or on craigslist, etc.

  2. A general comment about: ‘ I spent a week with a doomsday prepper deep in the outback. This is how it changed me.’ =
    That part of Australia seems awfully ~>bleak. In the article is the factoid that Australia imports 90% of its oil needed for fuel. [The same is true for New Zealand.]
    On the Internet, was a story from 2018, that said, ‘Taking inspiration from Trump, a moratorium on Shale-Oil was being lifted’ in one of the Australian Territories.

    If there ever was a major crisis in Australia, the future for most of the people would also be awfully bleak. = Petroleum is essential to our modern civilization. It takes petroleum to help grow, harvest, process, and deliver food to the 7.5 billion people in the world.

    Many places in the USA are blessed with needed resources for a modern industrial society. = But the residents often do NOT seem to appreciate modern civilization, and they stifle the development of the needed resources.
    [The news contains stories, almost everyday, about how people are organizing to ~destroy our Modern Society.]

    SurvivalBlog has a section about the redoubt region, under the ‘about’ heading. … There are political and other reasons to move there. It might also be an area to ensure the mental and moral health of a family.
    +The redoubt region is blessed with natural resources, including petroleum and refineries in Wyoming. Most of all, the majority of the people in the redoubt area realize that, the use of the natural resources are needed for a Modern Society.

  3. “Ravens Kill 200 Lambs”

    Bizarre is the response of the self proclaimed ‘stakeholder.’ These people still don’t get it. The communists will destroy everything and if you object they’ll eventually kill you as well. His manner is so reasonable, measured even as the commies are planning on killing or enslaving his children. It’s like watching people voluntarily walking into a meat grinder. No, not by this manner at all can you have your civilization back.

    The leftists get their Creation Worship of birds and get their centrally planned farming operations by crushing the little guy and the farmers would like their opinion to be considered? No, you can’t have your farm or your livelihood or your life. Does that answer your, oh so reasonable, questions?

    We are being poisoned and brainwashed but we don’t know it because we are being poisoned and brainwashed. Is there any other possible explanation? They want you enslaved or dead, can you understand THAT?

    1. Most people can’t understand that even as it’s happening to them…The brainwashing has succeeded in most of the population which you would think then would make those that see through the propaganda band together and do everything they can to stop it from happening to them…Alas though people are still to comfortable to do anything like that…

  4. The lamb kill situation seems so preposterous that my first reaction is that there is something more to this depiction than meets the eye. But if the video is a 100% true representation of the problem, the people of the area are more like sheep than the animals they own.

  5. I will not allow “banning bullets” in my state. There’s no need to make statements “that’s why I reload.” NO! That’s why I own firearms.

    Those people owning sheep above are Liberal p*ssies. They “don’t want to harm the Eagles” and they “want their vote to count but no more than those who want Sea Eagles to hover over my sheep.” What??? Where are the firearms!!!

  6. Timely article on the Winchester 1907. I am heading to a weekend three gun match tomorrow, and all three guns I am using are over 100 years old. I don’t expect to be competitive, but I’ll have a lot of fun. The rifle is a 1907 first year of manufacture, the pistol is a 1916 vintage Luger and the shotgun is a 1919 vintage Winchester model 12. Total age of the guns is 315 years. I won’t be first, but I guarantee I won’t be last.

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