Preparedness Notes for Wednesday — May 15, 2019

On May 15th, 1942, gasoline rationing began in 17 Eastern states as an attempt to help the American war effort during World War II. The main concern behind the rationing scheme was conserving scarce imported rubber, rather than fuel. By the end of the year, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had ensured that mandatory gasoline rationing was in effect in all 48 states.

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Round 82 ends on May 31st, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging.


  1. I don’t know if the rationing during WW2 was necessary or not. I suspect it may have been but some sources would lead me to believe that it was for show.

    I did read however in Thomas Sowell’s book “Basic Economics” that the whole 70’s gas crisis was a Jimmy Carter fabrication. There was an embargo however if I recall correctly Sowell claims that rationing started before the embargo by a few days at least. Sowell’s paints a picture of Carter being completely in bed with the Arabs.

    I would have no way of really verifying this claim but with some of Carter’s anti-Semitic comments in recent years, you have to wonder.

    1. If Carter believed the Embargo would come or was likely to come, rationing early would´ve been a good move.

      There is a difference between intentional abuse and error of judgement with good intentions.
      In hindsigh you know better, but you can only deal in the Moment with the Situation and ressources you´ve available

    2. Carter’s presidency and his efforts to destroy our country should have spawned a thousand books. He was undoubtedly the worst president ever until Obama was elected. His “mistakes” and bad decisions were so rampant that it is impossible to believe it was not intentional sabotage of our country. At least we know Obama’s actions were intentional sabotage of America.

  2. Diesel vs. Gasoline,

    Buses, tractors, barges, ships, trains, farm equipment, construction equipment, delivery trucks, fire trucks, most ambulances, for the most part all use diesel.

    If the government wants to reduce oil consumption, they can reduce the amount of gasoline being produced. Society goes on, private transport is greatly diminished.

    Which is probably why the govt. seems to stifle any kind of private use, diesel powered, car, truck, or van.

    I would love to have a low priced, diesel street legal vehicle right now, just a small jeep or truck.

    For common folks, I don’t think we will see gasoline rationing again, just no gasoline…

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