QLav Personal Bidet, by Pat Cascio

I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the testing of this product, as it is something that is a bit out of the ordinary. I’m not sure how many readers are familiar with the bidet – I never saw one or heard of one, until I was in New York City back in 1978, staying at a hotel – my first time ever in a hotel. I was working an undercover gig, that took me from my then home town of Chicago, to Miami and finally to NYC. Up until then I had only stayed in motels when traveling.

Upon stepping into the bathroom, I couldn’t help but notice that there were two toilets, but one was sure different from the other. It had water that squirted up, instead of actually flushing down. I felt a bit like Crocodile Dundee. Hmmm? I agree, I’m not always the sharpest tool in the tool shed, but in short order, I figured out what the second “toilet” was – it is called a bidet, and it is for washing your backside, after you’ve taken care of your “business.” What the bidet does is, it gently directs a stream of water to your backside, to help cleanse it. While we Americans mostly use toilet paper, in much of Eastern Europe and other places around the world, toilet paper is at a real premium. So they use clean water to help clean their backsides after using the regular toilet.

Personally, I never used a bidet, after staying in several hotels over the years, just me, I guess, being ol’ fashion and using that white paper that is on a roll, for cleaning my backside. Just the way my mind works, I guess – and I’m probably not going to change my personal hygiene method of cleaning my backside, anytime soon. Don’t hate me, I’m old and set in my ways!

The product under review is called the QLav, and they don’t have a web site for some reason – I checked – but this product is sold all over the ‘net – it is especially easy to find on Amazon (with Prime free shipping) or eBay from a number of different vendors.

QLav Uses

I can see where the QLav can come in handy, especially if you suffer from various maladies like hemorrhoids, post surgery and post pregnancy, where your backside might be a little bit tender, and using even the most gentle toilet paper could cause you some discomfort. The QLav is made in the USA, too.

In a survival situation, you need several things to help you survive, needless to say, you need food, water and shelter, and a good camp fire is nice to have. Now, many people don’t seem to realize that they need to take care of their personal hygiene as well – this means staying clean – and not just washing your hands all the time. Right now, down in Venezuela, millions are suffering because of a lack of electricity, food and water. Many have been seen collecting waste water – I guess they don’t understand that, you shouldn’t drink water from that source, and they are getting deathly sick from it. Still, they are attempting to provide some type of personal hygiene to themselves and their families.

TheQLav can be used when you are camping outdoors, if you have a source or water, or traveling, as well as at home. What we have is a blue polymer “bottle” that you can put water into – and if possible, make sure the water temperature is comfortable – squirting cold water on your backside would be a shock to the system, I’m sure. This blue water container has a curved neck on it. So, once filled, you can seat yourself comfortably – as best you can – and squirt the water onto you backside, to help clean it after taking care of your business. It doesn’t get much simpler than this – nothing to really break or go wrong with this device – and simple is always better.

Some Tests

My wife and oldest daughter decided to be my test subjects, to give this product a real try. First of all, I guess it is also a very good product for feminine hygiene – helping to also clean your front private, as well as your rear private – I never would have thought of this myself. In all honesty, I didn’t test the QLav myself for some reason – some kind of mental block there, I guess – like I said, I’m old school – I’m used to doing things one way. However, I can sure see how the QLav could be a great benefit for many of the reasons I outlined above. And, I’d use it in a SHTF situation if there wasn’t any good ol’ toilet paper available.

I don’t see anyone packing this is a backpack, when they go out hiking or camping for a day or two – it would take up too much space in the pack, and you have to have a source of fairly clean water to put into the QLav, and then, of course, heating the water. You could use the water from whatever source you get it from – as is – cold, but it wouldn’t be all that pleasant on your backside – or your front side to help cleanse those private areas.

Good Planning for Preppers

If you’re a Prepper, you already know that you cannot store enough toilet paper in your home, to see you through a long-term disaster. As a Christian, I see the End Times are upon us, and I know we don’t have room for many, many years of toilet paper in our home, so the QLav would come in handy in this respect. It takes up very little room, and it would help your personal hygiene. If you don’t sufficiently prepare for personal hygiene, then the diseases you can get will kill you just as sure as a bullet will, but it would be a long, lingering death without medical treatment.

The retail price on the QLav is $39.95 plus postage – but shop around online and you will find it for less. If you read all the many reviews on this product, you’ll see that just about all of the reviews are most positive by folks who purchased and used this product.

There’s not a whole lot more I can report on this product, it’s a good idea. I’m just a bit surprised there is no web site so you can purchase directly from the maker – very unusual in this day and age not to have a web site when you are selling a product – a good product. If you think about it, you really will want to add this product to your SHTF supplies. Remember, personal hygiene is extremely important.



  1. We have a Japanese friend who for years praised the Toto bidet toilet seat. We finally tried one and now hate to travel because we have to leave our Toto! You can put a Toto seat on any toilet, but you need a water connection and electricity. A remote control lets you move the stream as needed, and controls water temp and strength. Heated seat, too. All this is pre-SHTF, of course. The Qlav could be used while traveling, as well as post SHTF (which does not stand for “s@@t hits the fingers.”

  2. Theres a bunch of personal bidets on Amazon, I carry a few in our RV for TP emergencies. I find them quite luxurious for cleansing provided, as previously stated, the water is a reasonable temperature. You can also use a little “peri” bottle (like the ones you get for post partum cleansing). Those don’t have a long neck but they work very well and are quite inexpensive. In the SHTF there will be no banana leaf wiping for this lady! (knock on wood……)

  3. I bought a Luxe 180 on Amazon several years ago. Now, when I travel, more than I miss my mattress, my coffeemaker, or my own recliner, I miss that bidet. I would never want to be without one. Toilet paper usage dropped by 75%, but just the effectiveness and cleanliness make it indispensable.

    1. I have to agree with you. I am in my early sixties and bought a Luxe bidet about four years ago. Ours was only about $37 at Amazon and is only hooked to the toilet water supply, very easy to do. Worth every penny! Don’t travel much, but now that I have seen this travel bidet I will probably consider getting one.
      As far as the cold water is concerned, it is not that big of an issue. It is a little colder in the winter months, but not too much here in the mid-Atlantic area.

      1. I’m with you, WLN. The temperature is inconsequential. We are not taking a ten-minute shower here. More like a ten second little squirt. Consider the many “inconveniences” we will face in dire circumstances and cold water on the fantail falls way down the list.

        BTW, I have many better ways to spend my money than paying for a squirt bottle of water. Up-cycling is practice for rougher days. I have several bottles that used to hold various “energy drinks” that have perfectly functional nozzles. Now, where can I best invest that saved forty bucks?

        Carry on

  4. I wanted to buy a Toto but my wife said” What do we need that for, it’s stupid.” I said ” If you got dogs*** on your hands would you wipe them with a dry paper towel and call it clean enough or would you wash them with water?” I’m still working on her and am sure after we get one she’ll agree.

  5. I agree with Coleen. The peri bottle a woman gets after surgery is really awesome…it’s just like a small water bottle..but yes, warm water, please! And I agree….toilet paper storage….impossible!

  6. I have kept a 1 gallon garden pump sprayer with a nozzle for camping showers and bidet use as needed.. Wet wipes too. Use warm water in the sprayer and it works great for both and only 15 bucks with a spray nozzle on a hose. Use only clean warm water and sprayer label the bottle as such.

    1. Hi Dave: I also have set aside a few garden sprayers for both a bidet and wound cleaning and anything else that needs a focused spray or stream of water or other liquid.

  7. Thanks for the review.
    I certainly had not given enough thought to that level of personal hygiene in the post SHTF times.
    In my past life I traveled to Japan for work. The hotel where my Wife and I stayed had a Toto toilet seat.
    My Wife asked about the switches and wanting to be a good husband and fair electrician I needed to solve the puzzle.
    With the lid up I actuated the “spray” switch. Nothing happened! Like I said I am an electrician so I immediately thought pressure switch.
    I pushed down on the seat, the small faucet presented itself and proceeded to spray water to the ceiling.
    I quickly closed the lid. I considered that a near miss.

  8. Hhmmm…I’m wondering about any studies done to show the difference in incidence of UTIs in women with personal bidet vs toilet paper usage.

    Too many woman, especially older ones, get sick and even die from UTI which is often caused by e.coli. It seems to be that a water stream is better for cleaning than toilet paper.

    We stock individual squeeze bottles, the QLav is pricey for a family, for everyone to have their own.

  9. Pat: You said your wife and daughter were your test subjects, but I don’t see any comments from them about the product. Did they like it? Have they tried any similar products for comparison?

  10. Pat, Pat, Pat… for realsies? I can understand a quick story about the need for attention to hygiene of the nether regions, but a review of a product you did not use, and no comments from the test subjects? You are slipping my good friend. This comes across as more of an advertisement than a review, and I expect more from the Great Pat Cascio.
    Yes, keeping one’s giblets clean is important – and far more attention should be paid to the means of cleaning the bits ‘n’ pieces in a grid-down scenario. It is a good idea to have an alternative to toilet paper, such as personal wash cloths in a color coded bucket next to the seat of ease; or small squeeze bottle like the labor and delivery department gave my wife after birthing our children.
    A large, vacuum formed plastic blue flamingo/narwhal hybrid does not fit the standards of a “need” item in my book.
    How about getting back to product reviews of items we truly need, like a suppressor for a KSG, or a Kukri blade with a built in bottle opener, or another M&P handgun that I cannot live without? I will drive the 60 miles to come help you test!

    1. Why make a big deal out of Pat’s review of this product. That’s his job. Happens to be for dirty backsides instead of a slicer or pow pow. Deal with it.

  11. Amazon also sells a couple different brands of bidets that simply plug into a standard-size water bottle for less than $13. And they are very portable.

  12. Dear Pat: Please stick to knife and gun reviews, and especially the Taurus G2C pistols in 9mm and .40 S&W! Personal hygiene is not your forte!!

    1. armed citizen….you do realize that any mention of a taurus product (other than a negative one) would forever get you discredited in the ” gun media”. Political correctness is present in many places… i have owned several Taurus products included a G2c which I am currently carrying…even though I own sig’s , S&W’s, Colts, Springfield XD’s…and Kahr’s…However, my BOL is within about 15 miles of the Rio Grande (ie Mexico)..so what do I know….

  13. I have a biobidet on one of the toilets in my home. My range of motion keeps me from using toilet paper. My hemorrhoids are a thing of the past for the most part and I have never felt cleaner. I strongly encourage bidet usage as a cost saving measure and for better hygiene. A camping bidet is a no brainier.

  14. Look. Toilet paper is sustainable, you just need to plant more pine trees (and make it which I don’t know how to do except get it from the grocery at this point), so as usual environmentalists are all out of whack when it comes to common sense. It breaks down fast and I guess the bleaching part could be left out if you’re worried about that. The QLav sounds like a fine idea for when you don’t have TP though, better than leaves or rags. Ugh! I’m not looking forward to a SHTF event.

  15. I want to thank Mr. Cascio for posting this article. This product should be part of every Prepper kit. Do note, get one for every member of your group…

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