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“For at least the past half-century Christian pastors and churches have been all but neutered. On the whole, they have ignored Christ’s admonition to be the “salt of the earth,” and as a result, have failed to do much of anything to preserve freedom’s Biblical Natural Law principles in this great land. In fact, the average church is so sugary sweet that it is downright sickening!

And the two main reasons for this dereliction of duty by America’s pastors and churches are the IRS 501c3 non-profit tax status, which turns the Lord’s church into a government corporation; and the erroneous, fallacious interpretation of Romans chapter 13 that teaches Christians are obligated to submit to government regardless of whether government acts within the confines and jurisdiction of God’s law or not. In reality, the American church today, on the whole, is not even a church. It is a government corporation whose loyalty is offered first to Caesar, not to Christ, and whose message is first politically correct before it is Biblically correct.

It is more than interesting that some 95% of the 14,000 evangelical churches that graced the German landscape during Hitler’s rise to power bought into the identical misinterpretation of Romans 13 that the vast majority (probably at least 95%) of the 300,000 evangelical churches that grace America’s landscape have bought into today.

For example, one German pastor in 1933 gushed, “Christ has come to us through Hitler.” In like manner, many pastors today foolishly preach that God directs us through our President (whoever he is), or our Supreme Court, or virtually any other government agency. And speaking of the ignominious infatuation with government by Nazi-era German clergymen, Erwin Lutzer, in his brilliant book, “Hitler’s Cross”, wrote, “The swastika meant more to some pastors than did the Cross.” And there is absolutely no question that many pastors in America today place far more value on the US flag (symbolizing to them the power and authority of the state) than they do the Cross of Christ or the teachings and authority of the Holy Scriptures.” – Pastor Chuck Baldwin


  1. As a former Pastor myself, I am surprised by this article. As a Patriot who served in our Military. I am dumbfounded by some of these comments. We are to support whatever Government God has placed our us, as long as it does not violate His laws and moral values. Certainly abortion, homosexual marriage and the whole LGBTXYZ agenda does. However regardless of what we all see, I believe there still is “good” in America. Instead of attacking Patriotic Believers, I would point towards those who have replaced The Cross of Christ with a “social agenda” including the kooky ideas of The Left and some anti-American ideals expressed on so many web sites.

  2. Given that Rev. Baldwin has had a political career and most serious Theologians dating all the way back to the Protestant Reformation, I would take his views with a huge grain of salt.

  3. My only criticisms of Pastor Baldwin is his usage of Faustbook and Gomorrahvision (YouTube) so you can be tracked, and the Flathead Valley is apparently even more corrupt than when he arrived. See what Whitefish Credit Union is doing on Northwest Liberty News. Even if DC was nuked tomorrow, they would have the Sheriffs (goes back before the Magna Charta!)and Judges

    I do not think God moved Pastor Baldwin from Florida to Montana to complain about DC and Wall Street. Trump and SCOTUS aren’t going to target him so they are safe to criticize, but the local Sheriff and Judges can cause a lot of trouble. He also mentioned he tried but his local pastors had the same problem he notes above. He has named and condemned many pastors, leaders, etc. with national reach, but not a single pastor, sheriff, judge, or politician in his own back yard.

    I think Whitefish added an abortion clinic since he moved in.

    The New Testament is wide ranging but the condemnation local. Where is all the condemnation of the evil Caesar, the Senate, or the pagans in Rome?

    The importance of this is even if DC passes something like a red flag law, are the local judges and sheriffs go along (or be like those in Colorado outside Denver)? What does the Fed, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo matter when Whitefish CU is more corrupt than all them. What of the Televangelists if those in the pews of the churches in Kalispell and Whitefish are hearing worse?

    Liberty can be more easily lost from complacency at the bottom than the top. Both are important, but if Kalispell is already like DC, why move to the Redoubt?

  4. Eugene, Oregon, fUSA, 2019:

    We were active in our church since 1998. Four Sundays ago was the final ‘straw’. The Caucasian female preacher said “…we need open borders to build a stronger union…”

    She smiled and nodded as she respectfully included the word “…el lah…” in reference to those mohammedans.

    That was after she disrespected Caucasian Nationals. I looked around at a hundred Caucasian folks, people I believed were decent Americans… productive business owners and strong family members… and I witnessed them instantly turn into a suicidal blood-thirsty mob.

    Their level of suicidal intent frightened the preacher. It made me sick to my stomach.

    Politics in church? Not interested.

    On the Sunday near January 19th 2019 “…to honor the sacrifices of Martin Luther King junior…”, she invited speakers from The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People. Costumed in stylized ghetto African man-dresses and hair-dos, a gang of fifteen stomped into the back of our congregation, then stood glaring in anger at all us Caucasian people. None of our ‘guests’ uttered a word. That was interesting.

    Free now on, we home-church. Our neighbors are invited.

    1. Large Marg, I’m with you. I left the church more than 30 years ago for the exact same reason. Too darned much politics. Pastors wanting to use the local governments to enact their own view of morality. What they were really seeking was political power. I interviewed several churches over a 5 year period, church by church, denomination by denomination, pastor by pastor, no difference. I quit. Like you we now home church. After all, “where two or more are gathered in My name, there shall I be.”

    1. He dosen’t dislike Jewish people. He dislikes Rabbinic (legalistic) Judaism, which has become perverted over the course of 20+ centuries.

    2. He makes very clear distinctions between ordinary Jewish people (which he has nothing against!) and Zionists (supporters of the State of Israel, which he has come to understand is NOT the Israel of God and indeed has committed horrible crimes, ever since it started massacring Palestinians to frighten them out of their homes in 1948). He does point out that most of the Globalists are Zionists in orientation, and many practice the religion of the Talmud.

      Chuck recently went on Israeli News Live, a YT channel run by a Messianic Jewish couple, Steven and Yana ben Noon, who also used to be influential pro-Zionists but have since learned that Zionism is the evil power behind Globalism. Israel News Live also did a great couple of shows with a guy named Adam Green, who is one of the foremost exposers of the Noahide Laws and the racist, supremacist cult of Chabad Lubavitch that is pushing for them to be imposed all over the world. (Sound like an NWO to you???). Even as we speak, Chabad is getting “Christians” to convert to the Noahide faith, and the principal requirement is that they DENY Jesus!!!

  5. America is committing the greatest crime of international law, the Crime of Aggression. Can anyone name one pastor in America who had preached more against this sin than Pastor Chuck Baldwin? America now has a generation that knows of nothing but war. Jesus taught us the principle of non-aggression. How many Americans hear their pastors dare preach that message? Baldwin does it every Sunday.

    Lastly, LargeMarge believes politics have no place in church. It begs the question, ‘Throughout history, what entity had done more to destroy the unalienable Rights of men endowed by our Creator as stated in our Declaration of Independence and the lives of men than their own government?’

    As to the Redoubt, can anyone name one pastor who has attracted more Christians to the Redoubt than Pastor Baldwin?

  6. All one needs to do is to dig into the REAL history and writings of the founders to learn how very wrong the current cult of political exclusion is in the vast majority today’s churches.

  7. Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty, or give me death!” The Apostle Paul said “Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.” There’s plenty wrong with the American church, but it has little to do with Romans 13 and the IRS.

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