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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. Today, we are making special mention of the restoration of a C-47 (DC-3) dubbed “Miss Montana”. (See the Montana section.)


Dismal Columbia River salmon forecast may trigger emergency fishing restrictions. A quote:

“Fishery managers in Washington and Oregon are concerned the spring and summer chinook salmons runs on the Columbia River are going to be one of the lowest on record.

And the state agencies are calling for a meeting next week to consider emergency restrictions on commercial and recreational fishing along parts of the river.

By Friday morning, 189 adult salmon had crossed over Bonneville Dam. That’s less than 8 percent of the 10-year average of 2,392 fish for the same date.

By Thursday, just four salmon adults had passed over McNary Dam, compared to a 10-year average of 106 fish for that date.

An emergency rule was issued extending the spring chinook fishery below Bonneville Dam downstream to Warrior Rock for two days, April 13 and 14.

Spring chinook bank fishing upstream of Bonneville Dam, which opened April 1, is set to close May 5.”


I just heard that both Lordship Church and Redoubt Surplus & Tactical have relocated to Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  The church is pastored by Warren Campbell. He also runs the surplus business. Both were formerly located in Dalton Gardens. They are now sharing space in the former Papé Machinery building, in Bonners Ferry. The store is closed on Sundays and Mondays. The address is: 6606 Highway 95, Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805. Phone: (208) 772-4007

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Here is an inexpensive new listing at my #1 Son’s spin-off: 20 Remote Acres in Priest River, Idaho, with Shop.

Montana (Miss Montana)

The folks who are restoring the C-47 “Miss Montana” are nearly finished with their project. They are now fundraising to help cover the last $30,000 needed for fuel for the round trip to the 75th Anniversary D-Day gathering in England next month. Please consider pitching in a few bucks.  Here is an excerpt from the project web site:

“The D-Day Squadron, made up of the entire American fleet of C-47s participating the in Daks Over Normandy flyover, will depart and travel together on what’s known as a Blue Spruce Route. This flight plan traverses the North Atlantic, allowing for fuel stops and guidance from ground-based navigational aids on the landmasses located along the route. Each site was selected because of its history as an active airfield during World War II that would have been a stopping point for these historic aircraft.

The Squadron will depart from Oxford, Connecticut (KOXC); stop to refuel in Goose Bay Airport (CYYR) in Newfoundland, Canada; refuel at Narsarsuaq Airport (BGBW) in southern Greenland; refuel at Reykjavik Airport (BIRK) in Iceland; and refuel a final time at Prestwick Airport (EPIK) on the Western coast of Scotland.

The fleet will then make the next leg of this epic trip with a jaunt to Duxford Airfield (EGSU) north of London where they will position themselves with the entire international C-47 fleet for the final leg to Caen-Carpiquet Airport (LFRK) in Normandy, France as part of the Daks Over Normandy event on June 6, 2019.”

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Nels Swandal: Say no to the water compact pushed by opponents of tribal agreement.

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The 10th Anniversary meeting of the Bitterroot Celtic Society Games & Gathering will be in Hamilton, Montana on August 17rth & 18th, 2019.

Eastern Oregon

Harney County enacts Second Amendment preservation ordinance.

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And, speaking of Harney County, you may remember him as one of the pro-statist locals from the Malheur standoff: Budget shortfall has county sheriff intending to resign

Eastern Washington

I found this article linked at FreeZoxeeFriends: They Are Trying to Get Rid of Rep. Matt Shea

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And here is a an update video from Mate Shea himself: Final Day of Session in Olympia, Rep. Matt Shea

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Pasco: Man Gets 70 Years for Trying to Kill Police Officers

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It was about “dishonesty”: McNannay out as Colfax police chief


Wyoming Population Has Fallen in More Than Half of Counties

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Moody’s sees bleak outlook for Powder River Basin coal, no relief expected

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Casper doctor set to go to trial on drug conspiracy charges this week

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  1. Matt Shea is the recipient of the real haters…the left. The attacks on him will continue as this country slides into oblivion. Anyone who stands on the Founding principles is subject to extreme negative rhetoric. One of the intended goals is to intimidate anyone else who might think about running for a political office. These people, in truth, are God haters and that is the bottom line.

  2. Regarding Lordship Church, the Kootenai Valley Times Online ran a story “Hate Church Comes To Bonners Ferry”, citing SPLC as a reference. SPLC is evil, and now I’m saddened to learn Kootenai Valley Times may be too.

  3. Rep. Matt Shea is under the gun, conservatives are increasingly under the gun as well as anyone who believes in Christian ethics and morals and the founding principles laid down by our Founders. Newsources found in small rural communities are increasingly left/prog/socialist leaning. Makes one wonder and think hard about what is to come, our future as a nation, culture, and way of life. It is reported that after the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral the cross was left standing, untouched shining like a beacon above all.
    It occurred to me, knowing full well that our Lord does indeed act in unforeseen ways, perhaps, just perhaps, it is a sign from Him to change our ways and return to following in His ways and path, or HE will burn it down. Every bit of it!
    We are not perfect, far from it, and He knew that. But at this point it appears we are not even try. Just my observation…..

  4. I think it is becoming obvious that the gloves are coming off. liberal/socialist “useful idiots” are being encouraged to employ the tactics that have always been used to limit and then destroy the right to freedoms of thought and conscience. I don’t think they have a clue what they are in for.
    I personally look forward to the inauguration of the first Governor of Liberty State, Matt Shea.

  5. Wyoming’s population loss isn’t that bad.
    We still get two senators and 1 rep, and they have to be responsive when there are fewer people than in many suburbs. And the reps, senators, and governors very accessible.
    The only thing that makes better neighbors than good fences is a good distance between.
    Then there’s the fictional galt’s gulch take by Boston T. Party’s “Molon Labe”. Maybe we can get all the sane (cultural if nothing else) Free State Project people from New Hampshire where Porcfest has turned rainbow.

  6. “We still get two senators and 1 rep…” according to the Constitution United States congressional apportionment is the process by which seats in the United States House of Representatives are distributed among the 50 states according to the most recent decennial census mandated by the United States Constitution. Each state is apportioned a number of seats which approximately corresponds to the census of that state. However, every state is constitutionally guaranteed at least one seat. Currently the number of constituents in a congressional district is limited to 30,000 citizens. The first article of amendment put forth by President George Washington during the ratification process of the Bill of Rights would have raised that number to 50,000 citizens BUT no State would have no less than one representative if there were less than the maximum allowable citizens. That first amendment is still up for ratification; the original second amendment was ratified in 1987 as the 27th amendment.

    The number of voting seats in the House of Representatives has been 435 since 1913, capped at that number by the Reapportionment Act of 1929—except for a temporary (1959–1962) increase to 437 when Alaska and Hawaii were admitted into the Union. That act is unconstitutional since article 5 of the constitution is the only way to amend the constitution, and it is clear that the act is null and void. Since its passing in congress we have not had a constitutional representation. The 17th amendment was never ratified in accordance with article five and therefore the senate is also sitting in clear violation of the constitution.

    The size of a state’s total congressional delegation also determines the size of its representation in the U.S. Electoral College, which also affects the U.S. presidential election process. The Democ-RATS are in favor of eliminating the electoral college, as are a fair number of Republic-RATS RINOS …. first step would be to send forth an amendment to repeal the 12th amendment. And not replace it with any further amendments … how’s that for revolution?

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