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  1. Probably much better to just halve the power to the problem zones, and do the rolling blackout thing. Controlled implosion rather than a scattering expulsion of the populace. Like Seattle, Portland, San whatever’s, LA and Portland now, but with half the electricity. Plenty of test cases over the past 50 years.

  2. Sadly, the article titled “The Fallacy of Browsing in Incognito Mode” is behind a registration wall. OPSEC and common sense prevent me from reading it.

    Yes, I could create a one-time-use email address for this…

  3. With all due respect to Mr. Bracken and this site, I really don’t see that scenario described happening. Remember this is the nation that elected Bill Clinton and Obama each twice. The Socialist seem to be taking the country one state at a time instead of all at once. Example : Soros has poured millions into my home state of Florida to get new amendments to our State’s constitution which opens the door for us to become a Blueish state instead of a solid Red one. As Dennis Prager the well known political writer wrote, we are already in a “Cold/cultural Civil War” where our values are 180 degrees apposed to theirs .

  4. on “‘Blond Cheerful’ Families Dangerous…”

    I think of 1984 and Minitru. Short for ministry of truth, it was very clearly telling massive and constant lies.

    I also think of the post Civil War south. In some places, blacks could “do no right,” and whites could “do no wrong.” A society was produced in which one group could get away with anything they wanted, and the other group couldn’t even walk down the street without being jailed for made up excuses and forced to labor their their way out. “If he hollers make him pay…”

    Put the two together compare things now.

  5. >>Incognito Mode Won’t Keep Your Browsing Private. Do This Instead.<<
    and to read it, one needs to sign up with google or face book?? seems a bit odd to me, but then Ive been accused of being paranoid. 🙂

  6. Tor browsing with VPN turned.

    you’re incognito. that document is a bunch of crap. even the “do this” instead will get you traced by authorities.

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