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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we focus on field gear.

Practical Legalities of Magazines in California

First up, from The Daily Shooter: Can I USE My California Standard & High Cap Mags?

The JLTV (Humvee Replacement)

Video: Update for US Army – The new JLTV gives a demonstration of its capabilities. JWR’s Comments: I have to warn myself not to covet.  The good news is that the JLTV will replace the older-generation vehicles. That, in turn, will hopefully mean that a large number of surplus up-armored HMMWVs will probably be hitting the market–at reasonable prices. Be patient.

Europe’s Draconian New Copyright Rules

Several readers sent this: Europe looks to remold internet with new copyright rules. JWR’s Comments: Even though I’ve personally lost out on tens of thousands of dollars due to copyright infringement (e.g. pirated electronic copies of my books and audiobooks) I oppose this legislation.  The inability to quote snippets of articles or even to simply link to articles will stifle freedom of press.

Archive USB Sticks are Running Low

I noticed that we now have less than 250 of the 2005-2018 SurvivalBlog Archive 16 GB waterproof USB sticks remaining. There probably won’t be another production run, so order as many as you will need for gifts, soon!

Cassowary Kills Florida Man

Tim J. spotted this: Florida: Large Exotic Bird Kills an Alachua County Man. JWR’s Comments:  We raised Emus for just one year. Our standing rule was: “Always treat an Emu as if it were a bull: Never turn your back on it.”

Wi-Fi Warning: New WPA3 Vulnerabilities

Reader C.B. sent this: Two security researchers find WPA3 vulnerabilities. A snippet:

“‘Unfortunately,’ said the two researchers, we found that even with WPA3, an attacker within range of a victim can still recover the password of the . This allows the adversary to steal such as credit cards, password, emails, and so on, when the victim uses no extra layer of protection such as HTTPS.”

Diversity in Agriculture? Not

H.L. sent us this: Advocates hoped census would find diversity in agriculture. It found old white people. A quote:

“A central theme of this census appears to be a hollowing out of the middle: All categories of midsize farms declined over the past five years. Farmer’s ages skewed older, leaving questions about what happens when they age out.

‘We’re not going to suddenly attract 40-year-olds,” said Jeff Tripician, president of Perdue Premium Meat, the parent company of beef, lamb and pork producer Niman Ranch. ‘We have seen a 30-year decline in almost every single metric. They’re all bad. The number of jobs lost, the average net income down 45 percent since 2013. There’s no news here. It’s an acceleration of bad. What have we done to fix this?’”

Max Velocity on Field Gear Concepts

Some genuine wisdom, from “Max Velocity”: Gear: Why, What, How. Building Your Kit for Tactical Operations. JWR’s Comments:  “Max” hits the nail on the head when he discusses striking a balance between firepower, protection, and mobility. From a survivalist perspective, weight constraints are paramount in a non-vehicular  “bug out” situation. But when operating from a vehicle or are in a perimeter security situation, you will want to have lots of armor. Namely: both front and rear Level 3+ plates, Level 3 side armor, a Kevlar helmet (preferably an ACH), and possibly even groin armor.

New Red Flag Law in Colorado

Headline: Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Signs Democrat-Sponsored Gun Confiscation Bill. The article begins:

“The legislation allows courts to issue orders for the confiscation of individuals’ guns.

Tribune Ledger News reported that the legislation, House Bill 1177, did not garner a single Republican vote. And more than half of Colorado’s county governments have voiced opposition to the bill, making clear they have no plans to enforce it.

Various Colorado sheriffs took a stand against the confiscation bill. On April 3, 2019, Breitbart News reported that Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams said he will go to jail before enforcing the confiscatory law. He told CNN that his refusal to enforce the law is ‘a matter of doing what’s right.'”

Keanu Reeves Slices The Pie

Tim J. forwarded this video link showing some room entry training: Keanu Reeves Tactical Training for John Wick 3 with Vigilance Elite.

Politically Correct Postage

Libertarian commentator Vin Suprynowicz: The U.S. Postal Service Took Away the Doughboy’s Rifle. JWR’s Comments:  Part of my education in the 1960s and 1970s was that Historical Revisionism was something uniquely Soviet. So, welcome to 21st Century America, товарищи!

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    1. I just hope the citizens in those counties are willing to back up their sheriff’s with maximum force.. I can foresee citizens going after those politicians who created this situation if they start to grab those sheriff’s…

  1. As a longtime Colorado resident, I’m sickened by the direction of our state. There is definitely a fight brewing. Democrats hold all the power right now and votes are generally along party lines but the odd thing is voters never pass tax increases. I guess people want everything for free! The legislature and our lovely governor have passed the red flag atrocity, a sex education bill that requires the teaching of gay and transgender issues is almost done, mandatory vaccination, statewide full day kindergarten (don’t worry about how we’re going to pay for that), an oil and gas bill that will destroy the largest industry in Colorado, elimination of the electoral college in favor of the national popular vote and more are in the pipeline such as outlawing polystyrene takeout boxes (you know, important stuff!) and the automatic voter registration of Medicaid recipients (the House has already passed allowing parolees to vote… see a pattern). Lawsuits, petitions to get things on the ballot, and efforts to recall the governor and some legislators are underway. Hoping to fight and not have to run!

  2. Face it- we are living in a Soviet-style society. Our once-respected free press has become a tool of The PARTY- democrat/socialists and RINOs. The PARTY informally and silently dictates our rules for everything from sexual perverts in bathrooms and the military to anti-white and anti-men classes in our colleges. From who is allowed to speak in public to saying who is allowed into the White House as press correspondents. From allowing all kinds of undesirables in at the border to allowing phony victims of imaginary hate crimes to walk free after trying to foment racial friction and conflict.
    How can this be reversed ? A HARD DOSE of reality is needed- either a massive economic depression and die-off, or a world-wide conflict, or civil war. Our country cannot survive the way it is.

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