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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we focus on California’s Brief Magazine Flood.

Mapping Armaggedon

To start off, Reader G.P. sent us this from France24: Mapping Armaggedon: Earth’s looming tsunamis and mega-quakes. Here’s a quote: “According to David Tappin, a marine geologist at the British Geological Society who has spent years examining the causes of tsunamis, there are at least 40 active volcanoes next to oceans around the world that ‘could be potential Anak Krakatoas’.”

Million-Plus Magazines Flood California

Gun Groups: Million-Plus Extended Magazines Flood California. JWRs Comment: They shouldn’t be called “extended”, because 30 rounds is standard for an AR, and 15 rounds is now typisch for pistols.

It was my great pleasure to contribute in a small way to to that flood. I walked into a gun shop in Stockton, California on the morning of Friday, April 5th where they had customers lined up to the door. The owners of the shop were overjoyed when I told them that I had brought them nearly 200 magazines. They bought nearly every Glock, M1A, and AR magazine that I brought. And they started re-selling them even before we had completed the final tally and they had written me a check. My personal estimate is that at least 2 million magazines were shipped or carried to California in that fleeting seven day window of opportunity that is now being called California Freedom Week. Oh, and I’m confident that the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) will prevail, in the appeal lawsuit.

Tainted Chinese Electronics

A tip of the hat to Reader David R. for sending us this: Huawei: A Formidable Threat To US Telecom Infrastructure. A quote:

“Yet even as U.S. President Donald Trump attempts to limit Huawei’s expansion into the global 5G market, some experts fear that it may already too late. Defense and telecom authorities assert that Huawei may have already accomplished its biggest espionage coup of eavesdropping on America’s Strategic Nuclear forces and other major defense installations located in the Western states.

According to telecom expert Gary Frost, in the early 2000s, smaller, rural customers in states such as Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and Colorado were overlooked by equipment giant Cisco and others. These underserved states created an opportunity for a low cost, good quality infrastructure provider to step in. Huawei was happy for the opportunity to install its own cheaper versions of Cisco-type equipment—routers, switches, and other telephone and internet infrastructure—and gain customers in these rural communities.”

Oregon Gun Grabbers Also Want Your Pepper Spray

Over at Daisy Luther’s great site: Oregon’s SB-978 Gun Control Bill Is So Hysterically Restrictive That Pepper Spray Is a Felony.

Here is a brief quote from teh article’s conclusion:

“Gun control laws are like a virus – if they pass in one place they’ll spread to other places. And there’s little reason to believe that in this era of anti-gun hysteria, the legislature will strike down this unconstitutional bill. Thankfully, 13 of 36 Oregon sheriffs have already vowed to make their counties Second Amendment sanctuaries.”

Urbanites in Rural Paradise

H.L. set this one: Urbanites Moving To Rural Paradise Ruining It For The Locals.  A snippet:

“City regions breed dependency and the attitudes thereof. Rural regions demand some extent of self reliance, which breeds personal responsibility. It is ingrained in the character of the population.

There are lot of differences and some of them quite major. City people are more about control. Again, some of that is out of necessity. For that matter, in my estimation ‘the left’ is more about control. Power. It breeds from the cities.”

Palmetto’s Olive Drab Lower Sale

I just heard that Palmetto State Armory (PSA) — one of our affiliate advertisers — has their AR-15 complete lowers with Olive Drab Green Magpul CTR stock furniture on sale for just $159 with free shipping. To find this lower at their web site, search on: SKU 5165457977.  Their Easter sale ends on April 23, 2019, so order soon.

Amazon’s Snoopers

From Reader T.Z.: Busted: Thousands Of Amazon Employees Listening To Alexa Conversations.  Here is how that article begins:

“Amazon employs thousands of people to listen in on what people around the world are saying to their Alexa digital assistant, according to what is sure to be a Congressional hearing-inspiring report by Bloomberg, which cites seven people who have worked on the program.
While their job is to “help improve” NSAlexa – which powers the company’s line of Echo speakers – the team “listens to voice recordings captured in Echo owners’ homes and offices,” which are then transcribed, annotated and fed back into the software in order to try and improve Alexa’s understanding of human speech for more successful interactions. In other words, humans are effectively helping to train Amazon’s algorithm.”

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  1. About gun control. As David once said, ‘For me and my family we will serve the Lord.” as my saying goes, ‘as for me and my family we will be a sanctuary 2A family.” We will not comply with any more gun control laws period!

    1. That was Joshua that made the proclamation, but David was certainly a defender of his family and country, who also proclaimed: “For who is God, except the LORD? And who is a rock, except our God? It is God who arms me with strength, And makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of deer, And sets me on my high places. He teaches my hands to make war, So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze. You have also given me the shield of Your salvation; Your right hand has held me up, Your gentleness has made me great. You enlarged my path under me, So my feet did not slip.” (Ps 18:31-36)

  2. Tainted Chinese Electronics

    What did the philistines, er, government THINK would happen when it told every child that the trades are yucky and college is the only way to go while simultaneously outsourcing our national manufacturing base? 1 Samuel 13 comes to mind.

    It’s not a stretch to understand that this is what happens to a Godless people. Failure to know God, the Holy Bible, and history has consequences.

  3. Oregon gun laws. Once again tax payer money is being used to club their citizens into submission. Tax payer money will also be used to defend these unconstitutional laws. Oregon is a good example of people moving into a state and bringing all their baggage with them. This is also a good example of politicians flapping and flailing and sounding
    like they are doing something. If they spent 1/2 as much energy and money dealing with all the existing crimes; theft, drugs, assaults, white collar crimes etc. they might gain a grain of credibility, but platitudes are the meat of the day.

    1. Both Oregon and Washington’s unconstitutional gun laws now serve as “the last nail in the coffin” for the case for partitioning both states at the Cascade Mountain Chain dividing line. The conservative eastern portions of both states now have NOTHING IN COMMON with their leftist/statist western halves. It is high time to form the 51st and 52nd States!

      1. The front line of liberty is not the Cascade Mountains. Most of Oregon is conservative. The state is controlled by six northern counties that habitually run roughshod on our freedoms. The lines, if they are to be drawn, are at those county borders. Don’t be so quick to give up good land because of a convenient geographical feature.

        If we are going to fight the good fight we must do it in the right place.

      2. If I remember correctly, the constitution does not allow new states to be formed out of an existing state or by combining parts of 2 or more existing states;;; unless of course, Congress and state legislatures, agree to the changes. But it would certainly be an interesting fight to watch.

        1. Yes, it requires approval of BOTH the state legislatures and the US Congress. But it is not unprecedented. (Such as the Virginia /West Virginia partition.)

  4. We are lucky if we don’t get 5G installed everywhere, its so toxic it fries eyes and genitals and kills trees next to it’s towers, nasty radiation of a new and more potent type, right by your house if they have their way,look out!The “smart grid” that 5G is part of is more and more surveillance of us as well as toxic radiation….

  5. I myself participated in CA’s “Freedom Week”, but the Catch 22 is that many of us cannot legally use them under the labyrinthine network of state law. I personally know someone who’s the Head of Security with a major institution headquartered here in SoCal, and who bought 30 mags, but his CCW restricts him to 10-rounders. The conditions of his certification renders him eligible for inspection by any LEO or agency at any time to ensure he complies.

    I myself cannot use any of the 30-rd AR mags I now have, because my ARs are mag locked and I refuse to convert to “featureless” by effectively neutering my guns’ platform. I can use my new Glock and M&P pistol mags, but not the ARs (yet). Many of us purchased the mags simply to take advantage of the opportunity, in the hope that we someday will see another court victory down the road.

    As for the CRPA, I’m a member and am extremely grateful for the role they’ve played in the landmark (Duncan v. Becerra) lawsuit which has progressed this far and provided us with today’s ability to possess standard mags. But they’re giving questionable advice to CA gun owners regarding the current status of what’s allowed:

    For Question VII, they emphatically state that “their attorneys have advised that” you cannot travel out of state with your new mags, as returning to CA would constitute “importing”, which is one of the things Judge Benitez stayed [P.C. 32310 (a)(b)]. As per Merriam-Webster, Oxford, and Black’s Law dictionaries, the term “import” specifically refers to the action of bringing something in “from a foreign source”. I wrote to the CRPA a total of three times asking them to clarify – using the line of reasoning they chose – if I’ve therefore repeatedly imported my vehicle, my wedding ring, my cell phone, etc. each time I went out of the state on vacation over the years. Of course the answer is “no” because they were originally acquired within the state, and are simply accompanying me on my travels as my personal property.

    I’ve been seeing many “I will not comply” comments all over the Internet, but at which point does this sentiment become action? Between the one side where 2A freedom is enjoyed (such as Idaho or Oklahoma) and the other extreme where it’s heavily and unconstitutionally restricted (remember Feinstein’s comment from the 1990s in which she said she wanted to take every American’s guns away if she could garner the votes?)…somewhere in between is that point where a person decides he/she cannot allow any further encroachment. What the State considers illegal, the citizen considers the point of action.

    Many Californians have finally reached their point, and have begun to defy Sacramento by secretly possessing what our gun-grabbing politicians are attempting to deny us. CA now has so many anti-gun laws on the books that proscribe felony consequences, the very thought of finally defying one of them is a very sobering thought.

    1. Thankfully that “Freedom Week” in California had one unintended consequence: It provided plausible deniability for anyone who now chooses to flout the California magazine law. Now, after that brief breath of fresh air, there are NO varieties of magazines that an individual cannot claim to have bought during those seven days. (Up until then, only magazines that were in manufacture BEFORE December 31, 1999 had plausible deniability. Now ALL types of magazines do.) Hence, Californians can now go to the range with PMAGs without fear of prosecution. But of course, save your purchase receipts

      1. I personally believe that Judge Benitez was very savvy in the way he proceeded, and it was actually his expectation that things would play out as they did. I believe he allowed a Freedom Week timeframe as a means of playing the appeals game with CA’s lawyers while permitting gun owners the means of acquiring mags. Therefore, it was likely a fully intended consequence. I like that judge.

        My wife and I had dinner this past weekend with one of our LEO friends and his family, and he stated that CADOJ agents will simply place more focus on cruising gun ranges in an effort to catch (and arrest) people who use standard mags in their mag-locked ARs. Another LEO friend (an LASD detective) told me that he’s seen CADOJ plainclothes agents arrest off-duty LEOs after catching them using personal firearms that aren’t in full compliance with state law. The rivalry between State and County/Local departments is real, and there’s enough animosity to introduce doubt that they’d ever act in concert with one another if CA tried something draconian.

    2. WHY do you still live in such a state ? Sure, the weather is usually perfect, if you do not have an earthquake, a mudslide, a wildfire, or some other calamity in your area. But is it worth living under a commie/nazi regime where your cost-of-living is sky high and you have so little freedom ?
      just asking…

      1. I was born and raised here. My children were born and raised here. I have a fantastic job, a fantastic wife, and attend a fantastic church. I live in on the outskirts of a suburban area next to horse ranches and enjoy the semi-rural lifestyle (while being within a hour’s drive to downtown L.A., or the beach, or the desert, etc.).

        I live here because – while the temptation to move to Idaho has been strong, and we almost did in the ’90s – SOMEONE has to hold the ground and fight the good fight. You must understand that there are more conservative, God-fearing, 2A-supporting people here in CA than the entire populations of most other states. We’re simply outvoted, often by only slim margins. In fact, in my own local district, our Federal Assemblyman (a Democrat) edged out the previous Republican by winning less than 51% of the votes. Do not think for a moment there isn’t an internal battle going on here in CA.

        Besides, if all conservatives left CA and abandoned the fight to live elsewhere, do you think the Leftist loonies won’t eventually spread anyway? Twenty years ago, OR and WA were 2A-friendly. After an exodus of Leftists from CA northward, those states are in the dumps now, too.

        We all need to do our part to defend our liberties, no matter where we are. I applaud (and yes, envy) those of you who live in areas that recognize freedom more openly, but the war is nationwide.

        1. Great comments, Mr. McGuesterson. I am a northern Kalifornia version of yourself. Born and raised here myself, when California was a GREAT place to live. How that has changed…. My family ties here go back to the Gold Rush, including a great grandfather that was a Sherriff in Calaveras County during that time period. Our kids were born and raised here, we live a rural lifestyle albeit only an hour from a city, and we have a fantastic church too! In essence, I can’t stand the idea of the socialist/statist lefties here running me out of someplace my family has been for so long, I would rather stay and fight- however that works out, even though when I was younger I did move to Idaho and live for a number of years. And you are spot on about the lefty loons from here (and other places to be fair) spreading… you already see the results in states like Texas, Oregon, Washington- and I can make a case for seeing it in Idaho as well especially in certain ‘Kalifornia refugee’ areas around Nampa, Boise, etc. The common thread is they take over the urban populated areas and then start abusing the citizens. I’m glad there are other like minds here, and at least in NorKal, there are a lot of like minds. I wish the Jefferson split would happen, but I don’t think they have what it takes to get it done. That will be a tough row to hoe wherever it is attempted- WA, OR, MD, NY or a couple of other places where the idea is taking root and where the tyranny of the populated areas runs roughshod over the fewer rural citizens. Blessings to you my fellow Kalifornian!

          1. Pleased to meet you (reaches through the computer screen, shakes hands). I’m in NorCal myself twice per year visiting family, and am well aware of the Jefferson sentiment. Almost bought a ‘State of Jefferson XX’ coffee mug on more than one occasion.

            Just imagine if the States of Jefferson, Liberty, et al actually happened…

  6. FOIA Request Confirms Zero Standard Capacity Magazines Turned In to NJ State Police
    by John Crump
    Posted on April 16, 2019
    Ammoland Inc.

    Zero Standard-Capacity Mags Surrendered To NJ State Police
    Posted on April 18, 2019
    Western Rifle Shooters Association

  7. JWR:
    I do not live in CA, but grew up in LA county when it was free. As a 12 yr old I could go into the local hardware store and buy .22 ammo and go up into the hills and shoot all day long with no one bothering me. I used to take my old single shot 12 ga. to (high) school in my car to go work at the trap shooting club after school.
    It is a very sad travesty that the godless socialists have taken over the state.
    So much feigned concern about children shooting people, but no concern about the 100,000 times greater number of deaths every year from abortions.
    What vile hypocrites are running things!
    God help us and perhaps deliver those who are honest and true from this tsunami of evil that is engulfing our nation!

    1. Immigration changed the politics of California. … Once solidly ‘Red’ States are turning into deep ‘Blue’ States. … Anyone that has ‘extra’ money in their pockets, is a target for ‘Blue’ politicians, to stick their hand into their pockets and take away their ‘extra’ money. =
      The ‘Blue’ politicians will say, ‘They didn’t earn that money.’ ‘They don’t deserve that ‘extra’ money in their pockets.’ … ‘We will spend that ‘extra’ money much better; supporting our cronies [And buying votes with ‘free stuff’ for the 24/7 couch potatoes.’]

  8. Interesting that it is the B-day of Matt Shea, the main power behind the State of Liberty (51st state), and replies regarding the unhappiness of control of the blue hive counties in Wa & Or. I would encourage anyone in those states to support and do all they can to promote the efforts in state legislatures to turning that proposition into a reality.
    True there are conservatives throughout both states that don’t deserve to be lumped into the blue hive category and only a few of the total counties in each state. But those counties contain the majority of the population and since the advent of the popular vote (contrary to the Constitution) it is what dictates the laws followed by the entire state, basically socialism by default, rule by the mob, or whatever you want to call it. Primarily destroying freedom to chose your own path as well as outcome.
    As an alternate to the State of Liberty we could, both Eastern Wa & Or merge with Idaho. And re-instate the Constitution as the ONLY law of the land, With perhaps the repeal of a few Amendments. The era of unpleasantness is fast approaching boys & girls, pay attention.

  9. Urbanites Moving to Rural Paradise..

    I live in rural New Mexico. My unincorporated area has multiple people moving in from out of state. One, from CA, who has been here all of a month or two, is running for the local water board. Yikes. I doubt he got many votes but I will find out at the next meeting. I had an encounter with another one from Washington state. She asked about when the mail arrives and I told her that mail doesn’t come here. She asked if I use a PO Box then, I said yes. She then asked if they were free, to which I replied no. She said they should be because, “It’s not your fault they don’t deliver mail out here.” I told her I disagreed because, “I chose to live here.” She was obviously very offended and drove off. Great. There goes the neighborhood.

  10. Just read the article “urbanites in rural areas” lamenting that city liberals were ruining rural areas all over the country. Lots of gripes, but no solutions. Twenty five years ago in our county (just south of JWR) we faced the same problem with liberal urban refugees taking control of the county government and passing such outrageous regulations that people were literally in fear for their homes, businesses and land. So we did something about it. We replaced the liberals with conservatives on the board of county commissioners and eventually the state reps too. It wasn’t quick, it wasn’t easy, and it took several election cycles, but we now have a conservative county instead of one of the most liberal in the state.

    Just saying it isn’t a lost cause if people are willing to fight at the ballot box for their way of life. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

  11. Today is Maundy Thursday to we Christian Elect, or Passover to The Jew. We live in a fallen world filled with Reprobates, so what can we expect? Drs. becoming drug Pushers, Socialists taking our God given rights, and Babies being murdered outside of the womb. 800 cases of Christian churches being vandalized in Europe within the past year. The Powers of this World are not afraid of us or else they would back off. When will someone start fighting back?

    1. Christ did that for us already. He conquered sin, death and the devil over 2000 years ago. He died for sinners like me and unless you’re Jesus then like you too. We need to trust in him, spread the good news of the Gospel and of course protect and provide for our family.

    2. No one will fight back because the “patriots” are too concerned about “maintaining the moral high ground”. Whatever that means.

      However, while they are “maintaining the moral high ground” the enemy’s agenda advances, subjecting us to further tyranny. Pretty soon now, there will be no more freedom and the chance to fight back will be gone.

      What good is the “moral high ground” when you are living in abject slavery?

    3. Yesterday Jefferson Davis posted a great comment….

      “Fight back when they arrest you for a crime that a Liberal won’t be arrested and you’re awaiting trial.” Paraphrasing…. but good!

      As our Founding Fathers did, we fight back the same way– Legislatures first, federal judges second, and law enforcement of the day third [those three having only LEFTist traits of course]…

      God bless!

  12. Urbanites in Rural Paradise

    H.L. set this one: Urbanites Moving To Rural Paradise Ruining It For The Locals.

    I am confused with the posting of this article. Most of the posts and articles on this blog encourage moving to rural locations. Some even say you will die in certain situations if you aren’t living in a rural area. The blog also has advertisers that are real estate/relocation companies/services. Why post an article that is stereotyping all people from large cities as horrible liberals and complaining that they are ruining your paradise. Are all the posts and links to articles on other sites advising people to move to the American Redoubt or other rural locations just to fill the pages of the blog. It seems so contradictory.

    1. Depends on whether they try to live like people do in the places they are going, or instead bring the very attitudes and politics that ruined the states they are fleeing from.

    2. @MP

      You’re missing the boat!

      We had to move from The People’s Republic of California. Here are a few reasons…
      1) Home owners insurance well over $1500 per year
      2) Home Owners association dues on a condo- not a house- was $509 per month
      3) Property tax on a condo – not a house – was $6000 and some change per year
      4) Law enforcement cites us about one ticket per year in traffic voilations and parking tickets per annum were about 3.
      5) traffic takes two hours at 5 MPH to go grocery shopping
      6) Guns are taken away at the “Higher in command” direction
      7) illegals are running rampant and the CA state income tax is eating us alive to pay for their babies, welfare, housing, schooling, and medical
      8) homeless are living everywhere – such like the Hippy movement of 1960
      9) It;s the only state whereby entering it from another US state you must go through interrogation at checkpoints and some take facial recongnition and scan license plates.
      10) It is the highest per capita in credit card debt
      11) The highest in divorce until they formed shack up laws [now no one is married and sleeping around].
      12) Is the highest in incarceration rate and I believe death row.
      13) has the highest AIDs population in per capita in Palm Springs and San Francisco
      14) The harrassment letters arriving to our mailbox monthly from various governing agencis which state we owe, we owe, we owe, it too much for us old people
      15) it contains the most number of lawyers per capita and most number of law suits–you have to sue everyone and the government agenceies all the time to get things done in that state.
      16) God is being legislated out of the state so LIB-TARDS can take over!

      Need I go on!

      Since we moved to the American Redoubt all 16 items are nixed… Nadda! No more! We are free!

      However if we hear on the news that there is a revolt in that Communist region of the US my husband and I are their with our firearms ready to blaze!

      God bless!

      1. @Ole Granny

        My confusion was not in why to relocate to the American Redoubt, because there are many reasons. My confusion is in why this blog whose main purpose is promote preparedness and survival through relocation to rural areas would link to an article that basically said the opposite. The article stereotyped all people from major cities as bad liberals and complained that they are ruining their paradise. It also seemed to show a certain type of hatred toward people not from the area.
        I was born and raised in a major city and I am a Christian. Being a Christian would make me a conservative to most people. I know a lot of people in my area that are conservatives as well. We are not the majority, so many of the laws and the life style choices go against my beliefs.
        If i was able to move i would, but where would i go. Would i go to a place where i was pre-judged, stereotyped and possibly even hated because of where i come from or for other reasons.

        1. Hopefully I can clarify, brother. The point is not that people relocating from urban to rural is bad. It’s that liberals fleeing urban areas destroyed by liberal policies, yet bringing their liberal values and ideas with them is endangering those rural areas.

  13. Well, if Oregon won’t allow guns or pepper spray…It’s a great place to dump problem grizzly bears!

    We’ll see how fast they want to change the laws back!

    Fastest way to repeal the NFA…Dump those anti-gunners into a cage with a pissed off grizzly, and tell them they can’t have guns because of their laws!

  14. Bans on tasers and nunchaku are getting overturned here in the Northeast and these knuckleheads think they can ban pepper spray? Good luck with that! Legislators who pass laws that get overturned for being unconstitutional should be personally responsible for damages

  15. RE: Urbanites in Rural Paradise
    This is just my personal observation. Take it as anecdotal evidence. I’ve lived in Montana, Idaho, Hawaii, Nevada, California, and several eastern states. I’ve noticed in many cases, that you will have people who lived and worked in California, many who worked in local, state or federal jobs their entire careers. They end up with HUGE retirement incomes. They sell their houses in California for almost a million dollars, and then move to rural areas and buy the same house for 1/4 the cost in some rural paradise. They can live there because they no longer need to find a job, and now spend very little in taxes compared to where they came from. They end up living like kings. The only problem is, having lived in LA or San Francisco or Sacramento most of their lives, they have been brain washed into liberal/left attitudes. The first thing they do start donating money to left wing organizations, donating to election campaigns to elect liberal judges and local politicians, pushing for gun control, etc. They moved to a country paradise, and now they are going to make it “better” by civilizing the local savages with California style laws and attitudes.
    In the mean time, the children who were born and raised in those rural areas are forced to leave for another state because they can’t find good paying work. A co-worker in Montana who lived his entire life there, once said to me, that “the mountains are beautiful but you can’t eat the mountains.” The people who own large ranches are forced to employ illegal immigrants, and these become the replacement group of young adults having children. Then one day you see a trailer parked along the side of the road offering free medical care to “undocumented” immigrants and the local community college has posters in spanish encouraging illegals to enroll. The Ted Turners and David Lettermans and Trust Fund babies of the world flood in to buy up thousand of acres of ranch land even though they live most of the year in LA or NYC. This land is removed from resource extraction, like logging, or coal, or cattle and those jobs disappear.
    Like I said, this is just anecdotal evidence. Liberal politicians always make sure their public service minions are well paid which is why taxes are so high in states like that. Most people usually want those jobs. Many of those “public service” employees end up living the last 20 or 30 years of their lives on a very well paid vacation, often times making more in retirement than what you make working at a private sector job (I personally know people like this). Yet they end up moving from California because of the crime and high taxes and illegal immigrants (liberal policies).

    Not sure what the answer is. The Left tends to breed, spread and destroy like a plague of locusts.

    1. You included the answer to your own query with the inclusion of the word “breed.” Godless leftists tend to have small families. Conservative Christians tend to have large families. If we could just remove immigration from the equation, then the problem will be solved in just a couple of generations. We’ll out-breed them. Demographics trump all.

      On a related note, I am confident that if a terrorist nuke were ever smuggled across the border and used on an American city, then SUDDENLY we would have the best-enforced border imaginable, and it would stay that way for many years. (Not that I would ever wish that such harm to ever befall an American city…)

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