The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“This geopolitical recession is something really simple — it’s the end of the US-led global order. And we don’t know what is replacing it yet.” – Ian Bremmer, President and founder of the political risk consultancy firm Eurasia Group


  1. Excellent quote. The first thing to replace US dominance is chaos, much of it by design. It’s been well underway beginning with 9/11. Eighteen years of wars have created global chaos and have bled out America and its middle class.

    1. Not sure of your point, Montana Guy. Wars are nothing new, the past eighteen years are not much different than all of human history. Wars, humans, politics. Nothing changes but the date.

      1. TWB, you say nothing changes but the date? The aggressor country often destroys its dominance. And guess what? Now it’s our turn, and very few Americans have a clue we are going down.

        History is full of foreign meddling in wars. What is happening today is a change that goes way beyond that. Another point is that the destruction of US dominance is by design and by those having ZERO allegiance to America. Whose interest was served by the last 18 years of wars waged by the US military? Who went into unsustainable debt to finance these wars?

        One day Americans will awake and like the line from the Forrest Gump movie, “And then one day it was over, just like that.”

        1. Thanks Montana Guy. I agree with you, I have little doubt that we are going down. And yes, one morning we will awake and it will be over. Yet I don’t think the past eighteen years have been much different than the past eighteen hundred years, history repeats and human nature never changes. Empires rise, and empires will most assuredly fall, we are witness to that now.

  2. While there is probably some truth in that quote you have to understand that the purpose of the quote is part of the self fulfilling prophecy. You have to always question what you hear and read. Qui bono? Am I being used and lied to? Why am I being directed to believe this and who benefits from it?

  3. Follow the money.
    Who benefits?

    Who benefits from Peak Oil? Peak Manufacturing? Peak Drinking Water? Peak Antibiotics? Peak Northern-European Heritage Americans?

  4. _ it’s the end of the US-led global order. And we don’t know what is replacing it yet.” – Ian Bremmer. That’s an easy answer! It will be a New World Order and it won’t be bound by a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Trekker Out

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