The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“In the evolving surveillance state, which promises to make sure citizens never have to leave the loving safety of mom, daily life is the repetition of that first realization that the world is a harsh place. That car with all the safety features did not keep you from hitting that tree and that seems unfair. The label on the shampoo bottle was not enough to prevent you from drinking it and that’s not right. Each of these realizations are met with greater demand for safety and greater efforts by the mommy state to protect us.

A great example is how gun control has become entirely feminized. In the 1970’s, gun control polices were about limiting crime. No one said it, but it was really about making it hard for blacks to get guns. It was a debate around facts about guns and crime. Today, gun grabbing is nothing more than an hysterical reaction by women to what they see on the news. It’s all about safety, by which they mean protecting people from themselves, not reducing crime. It’s mommy putting covers over the electrical sockets.

Perhaps one driver of the sudden decline in social trust is that technology now allows for the evolution of the custodial state. The future is not Orwell or Huxley, but both, operating like a mother and father, to protect us from reality. In this transition phase, modern people are regularly going through the jolt we associate with growing up, when you realize mom and dad were the only ones looking out for your interests. The cold wind of indifference and the loneliness it inspires, is making everyone into adolescent cynics.” – The Z Man blog


  1. I know many people in their 20s and 30s who want no part of being so excessively protected. They seek mature adulthood with its risks and failures. I mentor and offer guidance to those who request it.

    Carry on

  2. True about gun control, a thing I know a bit about, but as far as ‘everyone’ becoming an adolescent cynic I would disagree. There is perhaps even a majority that are turning to thumb sucking in mommy’s basement and refusing to face an oh so scawy life in a fallen world. When you don’t know God, you don’t understand the nature of a dead and dying planet and ‘fairness’ becomes a thing one supposes to be able to measure against a basket of morally relative alternatives. In other words, the Godless don’t understand that what they really deserve is to be immediately and forever cast into a lake of fire because of their transgression, being at enmity with a Holy Righteous Christ, and that any amount of life and grace is a precious gift to be embraced by boldly going forward without fear, knowing that Holy God is with you even if you get hit by a semi today.

    In knowing God it makes the daily propaganda of the State, while it insists that you must be afraid but in the next breath that the State will keep you safe and even save you from yourselves, a laughable exposition by satan to control and damn you to subservience under his system, ‘fear not’ being a command of God Almighty.

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