The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“It only takes about 50 contact hours to transmit basic literacy and math skills well enough that kids can be self-teachers from then on.” – John Taylor Gatto


  1. Gatto. Teacher Of The Century. (He was pretty darn good for a government agent employed at government schools.)

    His UNDERGROUND HISTORY OF AMERICAN EDUCATION is brilliant, and is required reading for home-schoolers.

  2. Should never limit the information a child receives. Expand their curiosities. Teach them about the market and investments. With so much knowledge they could earn a wealthy income and afford to buy gold!

  3. Not sure which book the 50 contact hours is from, but in Dumbing Us Down, Gatto mentions 100 hours to transmit reading, writing, and arithmetic to an eager and willing learner (p 13).

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