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  1. One trick I have learned by taking animals to the livestock auction is to slowly add bleach to their water. Even a month ahead of time. When your animals go from unchlorinated water to chlorinated water they will not drink. When you may be hauling your animals in up to three days before the sale this could be a costly mistake. As most livestock is sold by the pound.

  2. Now that you made it up here and are all settled in you need to find yourself a nice Redoubt man. They are strong, rugged, protectors and providers as God called men to be. God didn’t call men to live isolated in a community of single and self sufficient women. We are godly people and that’s what’s best for society and best for our Redoubt.

    God bless.

    1. Oh, you are so wise and so right, Ole Granny! I don’t want to spoil things, but wait until the next part of the article. The strong, rugged protector that God sent to me started out his morning today by carrying a 60 pound newborn calf across 10 acres of snowy and rough terrain, reuniting it with its momma, and helping me get the little booger dried off!

  3. I am looking to make the move this year. I am planning my escape from Komifornia. I’m a native and hate to leave, but California is no longer the state I grew up in. My wife is already scouting for a job in East Idaho, while living with a family member. My biggest fear is not finding a decent paying job soon enough to support us, as I have little money saved up for the move as most was spent on major surgeries for the wife. Looking forward to the second part of this article.

    1. I know how scary it is to make a big move out of state and worry about whether you’ll be able to financially provide for your family. I firmly believe God will provide a way though and I’ll keep you and your family in prayer.

      1. What gives me hope, besides God, is reading an article like your experiences and others here on Survival Blog, who have made the move to the Redoubt. Hearing about someone else’s experiences on such a move gives pointers on what difficulties and challenges that one may run into and what to expect on making such a move. Thank you for the comforting words and prayers.

  4. Warning,if using a moving company that loads their truck and charges by weight,have them weigh the truck on a certified scale(cat scale at a truckstop with time stamp),then when loaded follow the truck back to the truckstop to reweigh without fueling or having multiple helpers in the truck(easy to add #1000-#1500 to payload)

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