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  1. JWR…at the start of the article you mentioned Tappan’s books. Jumped on ebay and found a used copy of Survival Guns for $5.99. Other copies are well into the $20+ range and forget about Amazon… too high. The cheapest Tappan on Survival was $39 used. Get them while they are hot!

  2. I first watched “The Battle of Britain” last year for the first time. I was hooked on the first scene as I am a real believer in “actual” effects. I was watching at home on a larger screen in surround sound and as the first raid appeared on the airstrip, I picked out the four aircraft in the air but I jumped out of my chair when the two ME-109s under the horizon flew right at me.

    Acting is superb but for you younger viewers remember that movies were styled and timed differently back then. But you will not find better aerial footage.

    If you have an afternoon to waste on a rainy day I would suggest (in order) Darkest Hour, Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain as it spans the turmoil of 1940 from May till September.

  3. Some interesting tidbits ref the Battle of Britain movie. Most of the German aircraft used were from the Spanish air force and if you look closely at the engine nacelles the are actually using British Merlin V-12 engines and not the German Jumo engines, due to the lack of parts in the 1960’s. TTFN

  4. RE: Mel Tappan, Thanks Jim for honoring him, he was the guy who got me started in this journey. My first guns were all his recommendations. Than Chuck Taylor and Michael D. Echanis back when Paladin Press would send their 10 page folded mimeographed ‘catalog’ through the mail. Probably the mid 1970s to mid 1980s. I know Jim has honored them all and thank you for that. They made a tremendous contribution in their day. God bless them all.

    1. Glad to see Mel Tappan mentioned too! Nice walk down memory lane. I am a product of those guys in the 70’s… still have a bunch of their books on my shelf even now, and a box with some of Mr. Tappan’s ‘Personal Survival’ newsletters. Those you mentioned, plus Mel Tappan, Joel Skousen, Bruce Clayton, John Pugsley, and of course Jeff Cooper. They sure influenced a generation, and people could do a lot worse than taking their advice to heart even today. Wish I had the knees and endurance I had in the 70’s too…

  5. I agree with interposition and the sermon is very good. The question is what do you do when when the higher magistrate still won’t listen? Well, Jehoiada comes to mind.

  6. Tractor supply has food grade white or red buckets for $3 and white gamma lids for $5 on sale/ $6 normal price

    Caravan to Midnight’s store has operation classified Berkey Sport Water filter bottles for $20 on special (scroll past the $35 ones to the bottom of the page to find the discounted ones). Buying one of these operation classified bottles is even cheaper than buying a refill filter.

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