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  1. “A cashless society is a vulnerable society.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with JWR on this point, and as I wrote in a previous comment a few days ago in which I provided personal experiences, I believe cash will always be with us to some degree for exactly the reason stated above. Those who push for electronic payments do so because they benefit from that system, but tangible currency will never truly disappear because of the “vulnerability” to power or telephony outages. This is manifested every time there’s a major natural disaster such as heavy earthquake, hurricane, F5 tornado, etc. and the power infrastructure goes down for any length of time.

    1. The reason we´ve cash, was that IIRC a lydian treasurer wanted to pay mercenaries without to much work.

      Cash is only a convenient way to replace classical barter ot say this chicken for 3 socks, 1 little piece of bone jewelry or 1/2 gramm of pure silver for all together

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