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  1. All good info. You might want to link Michael Oberndorf’s article on the RENEW AMERICA web site (The Enemy Within) as a must read for every Prepper.

    God Bless

  2. It appears we have lifetime lying politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. The failure of Brexit reminds me of the recent republican majorities in both the house and the senate who promised, promised, promised to kill 0bama care and fix the immigration crisis at the border, among numerous other things… they’ve done nothing.
    The only reason I vote for any ‘repuplicrat’ right now is because it’s a vote against the opposing (democrat) party.
    ‘Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil’

    Americans are fed up with Washington DC!

  3. Americans need to vote two bills into
    1. term limits on all
    2. All elected officials ( congress and senate) are state employees not federal and come under state benefits.

    1. Be careful what you wish for. States that adopt term limits, such as two terms in a particular office, often wind up with legislators who are amateurs who often don’t know what they’re doing and because there is no “institutional memory.”

      In addition, because legislators know that their days are numbered, they can support unwise or counterproductive programs because they know that they won’t be around to answer to the public for the consequences.

      Beyond that, legislators who are termed out simply run for other offices, whether state or local, using their name recognition to help them in the new race–same politician, different job. At least that is the way the political musical chair system works in California.

      I’m not saying that I have an opinion either way, but term limits are not always what they appear to be and there are unintended consequences.

      1. Term limits for legislators??? When we have Sheriff’s like Art Acevedo of Houston Texas lying for and protecting the police that murdered Dennis Tuttle and his wife, we have need Sheriff and police term limits.

        1. Then apply the basic term limits solution. Vote them out of office. If Texas has a corrupt law enforcement system, why would replacements will be any better?

    1. Well, that’s not exactly working out too well, is it? The longer a politician stays in office, the longer they are sucking off the public teat and the more opportunities that have to be bought off by corporate interests. Maybe the real solution is to totally revamp the educational systems in this country to create young people who are able to use critical thinking instead of social media and peer pressure to make their decisions in life.

    2. So, how’s that working out? We just got rid of our congressman of 55 years service (or is that 59 years) about 6 years ago, and his wife got the seat. I live in a district of unthinking MORONS.

  4. I don’t know for some, but this old man took and Oath back in 1970 to Preserve and Protect the Constitution of the United States, so that’s what I plan on doing.

    In God We Trust

    1. The constitution is long dead, decades and decades long dead. The constitutionalists need to come to grips with reality. Nobody has read it, nobody knows what it says, and nobody cares. I’m not happy about this, just honest. You’re never getting your country back. It’s over. You need a new plan. PERIOD. There, now you’re free. Make your future!

      If you grok that, Imagine how the Continental Congress felt when they realized that no present government worth having existed, it’s kinda exciting ain’t it?

      1. I don’t think it is dead, though I understand your comment. Perhaps it is simply not defended as it should be. Perhaps it is time to defend it in the same ways it was long ago.

        1. As long as you hold onto it, you will never be free. That might be paradoxical or counterintuitive or some other fifty cent word but as long you cling to a past that is dead and gone you, you and I, will never find a future worth living. It was a pretty good run, and it was. Longest standing government in history, but that part is just a lie we tell ourselves. Our government has fallen long ago. I would suggest taking your citizens rulebook or whatever copy you have of the constitution and burning it, then get on your knees, and ask Holy God; Now what?

  5. Again and again and again…..WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY…..and our founding fathers never intended us to be. We were, for a very short time, a Constitutional Republic. If you truly do not understand the difference then it is imperative that you deduce the difference. A simple analogy would be: If we lived on an island with 100 souls, then any resolution that received 51 votes would become law. Is that legal? Yes under a Democracy, but NOT under a Constitutional Republic. Do your homework and understand why, it is IMPERATIVE!!

  6. JWR,

    Let me be the first attorney to file your Demand Letter [for free] on your class action lawsuit on the SPLC. I promise to leave the words “assault rifle” and “armed throng of Constitutionalists surrounding your building in Montgomery, Alabama” out of the verbiage.

    You’re on you own after that as this will get lengthy/costly in due process.

    But standing by…

  7. Re: Seattle. Powerful video. Liberty’s Enemy is Urban America. This 1/2 of the US population is entrenched in just 5% of the US (146 counties out of over 3,000). It holds the Commies who voted to RE-ELECT a Marxist and the Fascists of Big Corporate. And it holds liberty-crushing FedGov.

    We have irreconcilable differences. Our Founders responded appropriately. Now it is our turn. We need a DIVORCE. Think New Republics, New Borders and New Articles of Confederation.

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