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  1. Re: the Wild Horse article. $70 million is a lot of money, unless you’re DiBlasio’s wife – who couldn’t keep track of $850 million earmarked for mental health in NYC. Makes me think that all the species – black-footed ferrets, wild horses, sage grouse, unicorns – just need to hold on a little longer until we take ourselves out of the equation entirely. Imagine, if you will, bison herds again stretching to the horizon and not a human left to gun ’em down.

    1. “…bison herds again stretching to the horizon and not a human left to gun ’em down.”

      That’s just great.

      Then we’ll have less than 12 years left according to ‘She-Guevara’ once those bison herds start ‘pharting’.

  2. Regarding going “Fully Jussie,” notice how even Li’l Jussie got a pass. The media rushed in its effort to push his story because it fit the narrative. Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America” is well-known for her LBGT sentiments. Smollett went to her because he could expect her to be sympatico. Roberts gave him a softball interview, and, allegedly, despite “questions” about his story, “Good Morning America” ran it anyway without comment. Of course, this claim was merely damage control.

    The reason I say that when Smollett went “Full Jussie” he got a “pass,” once his story crumbled and the media and celebrities had egg on their collective faces, while a few expressed surprise and annoyance, no Liberal I have heard actually called him a “race baiter.” If a conservative were involved in a disgusting effort like this, “The World As We Know It” would have been shaken to its core. With Smollett, it is merely a situation where poor Jussie “needs help,” at least as far as most of the Left and the Fake Media would like to spin it. Others are minimally critical because they believe that “his heart was in the right place.”

    And don’t even get me started about Race Baiter-in-Chief, “The Reverend” Al Sharpton.

  3. End the wild horses. Capture them and give them to those who might want them and the rest should be butchered for food. Horse meat is quite tasty. End it forever and return that forage land to native species.

    1. Horses are native species. Horses originated in North America, crossed the land bridge into Asia, and headed west from there. Meantime, that meteorite that hit northern Greenland at the end of the last ice age pretty well fried nearly all large mammals in most of North America, including the horses.

      So they came from here.

      Why is it just great to have herds of buffalo from horizon to horizon, but not horses? Much prettier, not nearly as dangerous, and quite tasty (I had some in the Netherlands by mistake – took me a while to figure it out, thought it was beef, but tasted better, and a bit sweet).

      1. I’m pretty certain you are incorrect about Horses being native species and coming over the land bridge. Maybe you are being sarcastic and I missed it?

        Horses were brought by the Spanish; some say the earliest ones came on the second voyage Columbus made. Many more came with the Spanish Conquistadores. Note that the western Plains Native Americans had more horses than did the Eastern Woodland tribes, which fits with Cortez’s conquering of what is currently Mexico. Cortez is said to have burned his ships when he arrived, so it would have been convenient for him not to have taken horses back to Spain when more ships arrived.

        If horses had come over the land bridge, then we would likely have species in northern Canada, and they would look more like the horses from Northeastern Asia.

        1. We are both correct. The two sets of facts are about 10,000 years apart. If you take another look at my comment, I said they were native to America and went over the land bridge to Asia, not the other way around. If they had come from Asia, your observation would be correct.

          As the last ice age was ending, and the world was warming up, a meteorite hit the western coast of northern Greenland. It caused Lake Agassiz (a monster inland glacial lake) to shift its outlet to the north Atlantic and drain very quickly, throwing the world back into the ice age. This lasted about two thousand years, and then the ice age ended, and the world warmed up to a little higher than the temperatures we have today.

          The meteorite also seems to have killed nearly all the large species of land mammals in north America, including horses.

          You can look this up in any archeological article about north American species extinction at that period.

          I wasn’t being sarcastic. Ten thousand years ago the continent was covered with wild horses. So modern wild horses have just be re-introduced to their native land.

  4. 100,000 wild horses? Carrying capacity of the land for only 26,000? Sounds like it’s time to persuade the public to enjoy horseburgers.

    FWIW: When it comes to eating grass, 1 horse = 3 cows.

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