Preparedness Notes for Tuesday – February 26, 2019

Today  is the birthday of Major-General Orde Charles Wingate (born, 1903, died 24 March 1944), an eccentric British Army officer who organized special military units in Palestine in the 1930s, and in Abyssinia, Sudan, and Burma during World War II. He is most famous for his creation of the Chindits, airborne deep-penetration troops trained to work behind enemy lines in the Far East campaigns against the Japanese during World War II.

Seed for Security–one of our most loyal advertisers–is having a noteworthy sale: They are offering their Colossal Security Pack at 15% off. This pack has a total of 7 pounds of vegetable, herb, and grain seeds. All are open-pollinated and non GMO. Included are their three most popular collections: Their Super Survival Pack, 4 Grain Collection, and Heirloom Herb Collection. Each Colossal Pack comes with a four-page seed saving guide. This offer is for a limited time, so order soon.

Warning: The floor vote on H.R. 8 is expected to be held tomorrow!  Please contact your congressmember ASAP and ask them to do everything that they can to stop it, including loading it up with Killer Amendments. And later this week do the same with your Senators, about the Senate version of the bill, S.42. Thanks!


  1. Called my Rep. (Chip Roy) and Senators (Cruz & Cornyn) about HR8/S42. I found the contact info on their websites and called their DC offices. It took all of 5 minutes. If all SurvivalBlog readers in the US called, we might be able to stop this one!

    1. I hear you DD .We need to get them to move. If they would ever retire from the gravy train you know they will retire to Florida like most NY state pensioners . Read ,take the money and run . So drunk on power ,why would they retire? The cities voters disregard the rights of 70 to 80 percent of counties , mostly rural . Albany continues to punish the majority of NY counties that helped elect a Republican president . Unfunded mandates shift responsibility to small municipalities , forcing them to raise taxes and force people back to the cities . Easier to control the population and their action in cities . Governor cares more about Puerto Rico and crushing our rights than actually fixing a real problem . Legislating us out of existence seems to be working for them . Can not criticize you for wanting to leave , no longer an option for me , I will be here until the end . I could go on , but probably said too much already . Readers , please take the ten cent challenge to support Survivalblog . Thank you and keep up the good work .

      1. I agree 100% don these fools are drunk on their own power. We are 4th generation family farmers and i dont wish to leave either the land and country is beautiful here. I cant believe the governors right hand man who was like a brother to him is going to jail for corruption and old andy boy doesnt know anything about it. How dumb does he think we are?. Fight the good fight brother!

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