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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we focus on travel freedom.

Oklahoma May Adopt Constitutional Carry

Reader DSV sent us this great news at Truth About Guns: Oklahoma Clears Another Hurdle Toward Becoming the 15th Constitutional Carry State.

US Army’s Newest EW/SIGINT Tactical Vehicle

At Zero Hedge: US Army’s Newest Electronic Warfare Tactical Vehicle Was Tested At Fort Irwin. JWR’s Comments:  Note the H-Adcock array time-of-arrival DF antennas atop the accompanying Humvees. The one that is tilted is an embarrassment. I’m surprised thathe Army approved release of that photp. You see, to provide accurate DF, an H-Adcock antenna has to be level. The U.S. Army’s EW-RSTA program managers still seem to be obsessed with cramming a lot of intel gathering and jamming equipment into one vehicle. This platform development strategy dates back to their 1980/90s Ground Based Common Sensor (GBCS) boondoggle. At least Prophet was a relative success. I reckon that they’ll get it right with lighter, more distributed sensor systems, with a reactive jamming system mounted on a separate platform. That will probably be in another decade or so. At that point they will have come full circle– back to what Army tactical ASA units fielded some 40 years ago. That was the days of the TRQ-32 and the TLQ-17A. History doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes. (Thanks to Gregg for the link.)

Argentina Retrospective

Our own H.J.L. suggested Jerry Rye’s 2015 slideshow retrospective of 80 years of mismanagement: Argentina.

Worldwide Effort to Restrict Right to Travel is Close to a Reality

At the MassPrivateI blog: Worldwide effort to restrict everyone’s right to travel is close to a reality. Here is a quote:

“According to the white paper the United Nations (UN) played an important role in creating a worldwide airline tracking program.

“In December 2017, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2396. Building upon previous Resolutions 2178(2014) and 2309(2016), it calls upon Member States to collect API and PNR information. Because 2396 was adopted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, compliance with this obligation is mandatory for all Member States.”

“Full implementation of Resolution 2396 represents a massive undertaking. To date, only 48% of OSCE participating States have set up an API system, while just 31% collect PNR data.”

The UN’s involvement in creating a worldwide tracking system is made even more disturbing after a recent IRIN News article revealed that they hired Palantir to analyze their food program.

The UN’s food program contains personally identifiable data of 90 million people. Why would the UN hire Palantir and why would they help to create a worldwide airline tracking program?”

Gun-Seizure Laws Grow in Popularity

With its typical leftists bias, the Associated Press reports: Gun-seizure laws grow in popularity since Parkland shootingJWR’s Comments: The bedrock legal doctrines of due process and the right to face one’s accuser seem to have evaporated in 14 States–mostly on our east and west coasts. Welcome to the Star Chamber, America!

More D.C Dirty Pool Politics: State Opt-Outs for Border Fence?

B.B. sent us a link to this, over at The Last Refuge: Devil in Details – Democrats Insert Language Allowing States and Municipalities to Veto Border Wall.

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  1. I had the opportunity to inspect an LAV 25 outfitted as a SIGINT/EW platform being tested by the 9th Infantry Division in 82 or 83, and it left me salivating for one. It had a hydraulically raised antenna mast, hydraulically rammed grounding stake, and an onboard generator, which meant it could be put into operation in about five minutes, without the crew going outside. It could also depart in less than a minute from operating, as the grounding rod had a breakable connection, and the antenna mast had an emergency fluid dump into a reservoir allowing emergency lowering of the antenna.

    Of course the Army didn’t buy any, citing the additional line of spare parts that would be required, the additional training hours that would be needed for mechanics, etc.

    But an MI guy could dream.

    1. One of my first assignments as a new Lieutenant was running a C&J Platoon in the 82d. Had TRQ-23s, TLQ-17s and GLQ-3s. Vehicles were M151s, M37B5s and M561 Gamma Goats. Had a GRC-142 serial number X10. Also commanded 332d ASA Ops Co (Fwd) in Korea with TRQ-32s, TRR-20s, TLQ-15s with several GRC-142s and -122s. More interesting stuff in the SF MI Co later on. Thought it was a stupid move to put EW into the fires domain. Would like to be at that meeting Lt. Mike.

  2. Maybe someday Jim we can swap war stories about your comms stuff and my JICCS I deployed … it was, to say the lest, very enlightening. Methinks that Army photo was taken in haste by some pimple faced kid with a cell phone …

  3. We lost the battle on immigration 20 or 25 years ago when we let the other side dictate the language used and we didn’t immediately protest. Or loudly enough. I read an editorial in the newspaper by an illegal alien supporter, some legal aid group, who wrote in part…”why do they call me alien? Do I look like I’m from another planet?” Since then few use the legal Immigration and Naturalization term
    Illegal Alien in its proper use.

    There are times “immigrant” is simply more useful and appropriate but many are afraid to use the legal term “alien” because we’ve been beaten into submission and frankly have given in.

    Where’s HJL? Is he on vacation? Haven’t seen his byline lately.

    1. Ladywest – very astute. HJL is not listed on any article at least back to Jan 24th, that’s as far as I went. Also was not in the Feb16 Prepping Progress.

      1. I’m still around 🙂

        From the Editor Biographies page:

        Hugh Latimer (a pen name) served as Managing Editor for SurvivalBlog from January 2014 to January 2019. He handled the day-to-day operations at SurvivalBlog, including editing letters and articles, compiling column items, writing some feature articles, creating and updating advertisement graphics, and posting the blog. In January 2019, Hugh stepped down from the Managing Editor position to focus his attention on his family’s blog and his Bible rebinding business. He still operates as the Information Technologies Manager of SurvivalBlog, ensuring that the servers are operating at their optimal efficiency and fending off the numerous attacks that afflict SurvivalBlog from time to time. He also continues to manage the advertising programs on the blog.

        Been a bit busy getting the web pages up and running the last few weeks.

  4. The United States has a perfect opportunity on 911 to put laws on the books for border security.
    President Bush jr could have closed the border and what Democrat would have protested with 3000 dead Americans.
    Or he could of had the wall built.

    However, with his 8 years of mistakes and the 8 years of an openly hostile President to the US and it’s Constitution the border will never be secure.
    Sadly President Trump just signed that law and those provisions will never be repealed.

    It’s up to individuals now to protect your own in whatever strategy that works for you.

    Pray for the swift return of Jesus Christ to end mankind’s evil & sin once and for all

  5. If Oklahoma passes the Constitutional Carry law I will continue to renew my carry permit providing Oklahoma will still have a volunteer carry permit system available to it’s citizens. The reason is simply because some reciprocity states will allow me to carry in their state IF I have a carry permit in my own state. Without having a valid OK permit I may not get to carry legally in TX or ARK or MS, etc. Although I personally believe that a person shouldn’t have to pay a fee and then get written permission by the government to enjoy a constitutional right.

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