The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“If you are for gun control then you are not against guns, because guns will be needed to disarm people. So it’s not that you are anti-gun – you’ll need the police’s guns to take away other people’s guns. So you are very pro-gun. You just believe that only the government (which of course is so reliable, honest, moral, and virtuous) should be allowed to have guns. There is no such thing as gun control. There is only centralizing gun ownership in the hands of a small, political elite and their minions.” – Stefan Molyneux


  1. If safety and savings lives is the objective, then why hasn’t government cracked down mental health issues, narcotics, criminals and illegal immigration?

    You are allowed one guess.

  2. Stefan is one of the cruelest men I have ever interacted with. He is vicious in some ways and his endless pride is dangerous.


      1. Apparently there is Tom but she doesn’t ascribe to the theory that I have been sharing here.

        I don’t know her but she might know me. :] Can you say intellectual property theft? Advice welcome.

        I’ve decided to hang up my hat. After being censored on Twitter/YouTube and getting hate on InfoComms for starting an apologetics thread, I’m not sure warnings about Marxist feminist ideology will ever make it to the dinner table.

        Plus, I’m not that important – and I mean that in a very sincere, reformed tone – not in sarcastic way. I’m a nobody in 99% of the digital circles but I know that I certainly am a CHILD OF THE ONE TRUE KING and that is in the only circle that matters. :]

        1. well, for me, radical feminism sucks big time, I really do hate where third wave feminism is going and understand MGTOW thinking, that’s my comment as a Godly man, who is also part of that ” elite ” group [ Child of the KING…. who is sorting out the sheep from the ones being decieved by so many prosperity type shenanigans Preachers ] rant over !

          : ))))

          Peace and God bless


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