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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on Surplus Dealers in the American Redoubt. (Military, government, and commercial surplus.)


I’ll start out with a mention of Army Surplus 1. Their great store in Sandpoint, Idaho was surely the inspiration for the fictional “Grogan’s War Surplus” in the humorous novels by the late Patrick McManus.

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Idaho Surplus Warehouse, in Idaho Falls, is well-known and trusted. They have mountains of surplus!

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And for vehicles, there is Idaho Motor Pool, in Fruitland, Idaho.

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Idaho woman accidentally grabs mountain lion during attempt to break up ‘dog fight

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Multiple businesses destroyed as fire rips through downtown Sandpoint.



Billings Army-Navy has all the usual stuff, at good prices.

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Hayes Otoupalik has an amazing eclectic inventory of the real deal military collectibles, in Missoula. Hayes has also been the organizer of Montana’s biggest and best gun show, held once a year in Missoula–but sadly now in legal limbo.

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A headline from February 8th: What’s the coldest place in the lower 48? Antelope, Montana

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I heard from a reader that Bill Goodman of Bozeman, Montana has a great selection of antique (pre-1899) guns.

Eastern Oregon

The Pendleton Woolen Mill Store sells bolts of surplus fabric and “seconds” from the famous shirt and blanket maker.

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Bend Electric Bikes of Bend, Oregon stocks several brands, and umpteen models. Most notably, they sell the amazing Riese & Muller cargo e-bike.

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Finicum Assassination Analysis – The First Shot


Eastern Washington

Army Surplus is a Spokane icon, on North Division Street. They even stock a few of my books.

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Sheriffs threatened for not supporting gun measure


The State of Wyoming has a detailed and oft-updated web site with information on state surplus vehicles and whatnot.

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The Supply Sergeant, in Cheyenne has a good selection of uniforms, web gear, ammo cans, et cetera.

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Crew injured, diesel fuel spilled into river when train derails in remote Wyoming canyon

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Gillette student charged in school shooting plan


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  1. “What’s the coldest place in the lower 48? Antelope, Montana”

    Only at that moment. The coldest place in the lower 48, on average, is Embarrass, MN, and not International Falls.

  2. Boy! That 600 GPH reverse osmosis water purification unit with a 30 KW! Gen set caught my eye! I wonder if you can still get the membrane cartridges for it.

  3. The coldest spot in lower 48 is Rogers Pass between Great Falls and Lincoln, MT. Recorded temp is -70. The pass sports an official sign that states the same.

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