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  1. I read a totaly different account about the jeep.
    They were experienced campers familar with the area.They left a plan/timeline with parents.They had cold weather gear,extra fuel and a battery,chains,food and water.
    They stayed with a bright yellow jeep that was visible,insulated it with snow around the bottom.Had heat and shelter.Remained calm.

    A SPOT transponder may have been the only thing missing.

    They were prepared and survived..seems like a win to me.

    There was nothing in the article I read about melting snow for water..but thats what you are supposed to do.

    1. yes if they had a SPOT or InReach it could have been a same day rescue. I wonder how experienced they were with snow wheeling though since they got themselves stuck and could not recover. A shovel, winch, aired down tires, and maybe some traction boards and they could have rescued themselves.

  2. March 8-9 at Coeur d’Alene is the next Redoubt course, Sheepdog Seminar, by the Faith Based Security Network.

    My wife kept thinking I was talking about Border Collies, which we used to have.

    No. This is about how safety and survival for church people, single moms, church staff and leaders, your family.

    ‘Sheepdogs’: These individuals place great value on human life, and because they do, they take the necessary steps to prevent others from being victimized by violence. They are the Sheepdogs: they love the Sheep, and will do whatever is necessary when the Wolf comes after the flock.

    Hope I see you there!

    God Bless, and always carry.

  3. Church security teams: It is a shame we have come down to this in America. Here in Middle Georgia many Churches, both large and small, work closely with our local PD on active shooter training. My Church has an off-duty Sheriff, and roving/stationary team members. All have training and constant radio communications.

    1. You have to understand that when the Bible was sued out of the public schools, children expelled for reading the Bible, and upholding christian principles have become a Principle Office visit–all to usher in the LEFTs principles is when we had mass shootings in the public schools. Oh, yeah! Almost forgot when the LEFT took hold of the school curiculums we also have rapes, stabbings, murders, illegal drugs, abortions, gang rapes, homosexual children under age 5, legally drugged students by the state to make them sit, bombings, shootings, and fill in the blank!

      When the children were taught Christian principles we had ZERO gun control and ZERO gun incidents.

      Write your Congress critters and tell them GUN CONTROL must stop because the LEFT orchestrated all this violence against your children– YOUR CHILDREN! Hello! write these people!

  4. Ok, full stop on the soyboy thing, do people not understand the numbers disparity? Did they stop teaching that at OCS?

    I’m not going to look it up, but the population of NYC is probably larger than North and South Dakota combined. And Idaho.

    1. Yes Vagus what is your point?

      If you had to guess what “side” (assuming you have to pick one side or the other) most of the military, police, veterans, first responders, militia, 3%, bikers, gun owners, and prepares are on. Democrat or Republican. So they better be careful how far they want to push it….

      Try to be intellectually honest with yourself on this one…

    2. “Did they stop teaching that at OCS?”

      No. And neither did they stop teaching logistics.

      “but the population of NYC is probably larger than North and South Dakota combined. And Idaho.”

      And transporting 1000:1 from the eastern seaboard to the plains and Rockies would be one hell of a combat movement. Your equation is flawed in that those 1000’s would have to be as motivated to take lives and arms after a long ambush filled ride as the 3% would be to keep their own lives and arms while preparing on home turf.

  5. Thank you for the church security resources. My church is struggling to address the real concern about active shooters but is reluctant to enact any useful policy. Hopefully this will give them some resolve.

  6. I live in the mountains east of Seattle and it’s crazy how people wiped out the stores and pretty much overstocked for an event that really isn’t that bad. Imagine if a real disaster strikes.

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