The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“One of the reasons that we find so few persons rational and agreeable in conversation is there is hardly a person who does not think more of what he wants to say than of his answer to what is said. The most clever and polite are content with only seeming attentive while we perceive in their mind and eyes that at the very time they are wandering from what is said and desire to return to what they want to say. Instead of considering that the worst way to persuade or please others is to try thus strongly to please ourselves, and that to listen well and to answer well are some of the greatest charms we can have in conversation.” – Francois LaRochefoucauld

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  1. I so agree with this gentleman. As I have aged and learned, I have become the kind of listener I hope others to be, with questions related to the conversation.

    I’m pleased to note this trait among many of my young twenty-something friends.

    Carry on

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