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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. This week the focus is on MagPul D-60 AR-15 drum magazines. (See the Gear section.)


I’ve mentioned this book several times since I started SurvivalBlog back in 2005. It was formerly published by the now sadly defunct Paladin Press. I consider it a classic, and I’m glad to see that it is back in print: Total Resistance. If you don’t already have a copy on your bookshelf, then you should!

One reviewer had this to say: “Much of the minutiae may not be as useful anymore, for example how to take down phone lines, and there are other facets which simply did not exist in the author’s time, for example drones or digitized electronic warfare. Other facets are too specific to the Swiss military (e.g. instruction for specific mines, grenades) and the author assumes his audience (which were Swiss military and Swiss citizens who had undergone requisite military training) is already versed in basic fire-and-movement, weapons handling, patrolling, etc.

Nonetheless, the book is still highly relevant to the modern, American reader. The general strategies, maxims and insights still hold true. As a book on the mindset and process behind guerrilla warfare, I have yet to ready anything superior. Additionally, the author spends a great deal of time on 3 things that are almost always absent from other treatises: 1) the methods of the enemy to psychologically and socially disrupt resistance to its occupation; 2) how to form and grow secure social organization which will allow for resistance and guerrilla groups to form and survive; 3) the implications and issues of establishing PR, propaganda, finance, etc. for the resistance. Even the classics on guerrilla warfare, such as Mao’s and Che’s books, avoid these topics almost entirely and focus more upon a general notion of ‘spirit of resistance’ or on tactical considerations.”

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For folks who often travel by commercial airliner or train and enjoy audiobooks, several of my books are available on Playaway pre-loaded compact digital audio players. These clever little devices resemble standard compact MP3 players, but are laminated with book cover images. They come with a pair of earbuds. The Playaway titles include Patriots and How To SurvIve The End Of The World As We Know It.


Movies & Television:

This movie helped me understand Ultra-Orthodox Jewish culture and values: Fill The Void

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The Patriot

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Find this for your kids: The original, and now considered quite politically incorrect animated television series,  Jonny Quest.


Instructional Videos:

S&W M&P 9mm Disassembly: How To Clean an M&P9

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From IV8888, over at Full30.com: How to Pin & Weld a Muzzle Device

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Engineer shows how to convert a van in 7 days and a $1000 budget

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How to Salvage Useful Parts from Printers and Scanners



All five episodes of this series on The Dangerous History Podcast are worth a listen: History of Irregular Warfare with Bill Buppert  (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

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The Survival Podcast: Episode-2338- Making the Most of Winter Downtime



Are things getting slippery at your home or retreat? These are amazing: NEOS Stabilicer Boots.  By the way, if you ever wear out the cleats, they sell replacements.

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We keep one of these on hand, in case we have an extended power failure: Hand crank Vortex blender. It works remarkably well!

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These cases, from Blackhawk (in Montana) are a perennial seller, for good reason: Blackhawk Sport Tact Carbine Gun Case, 36-Inch

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I just noticed that GunMagWarehouse (one of our affiliate advertisers) now has Magpul PMAG D-60 AR-15 drum magazines on sale for under $115 each. These might be banned (but surely grandfathered) by the new Congress, so stock up!  Once the big rush of orders begins, magazines seller all across the country will quickly sell out. At the GunMagWarehouse web site type or paste “SKU: MAG576-BL” into their search box.

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I’ve found that these are a great way to carry oversize magazines: Explorer Concealed Gun, Travel Bag


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  1. Magpul PMAG D-60 AR-15 drum magazines

    Gun Mag Warehouse after tax, title and destination charges is $134.00
    Brownells does charge tax but $10.00 off with coupon code NBM…so the total from them is $102.34
    I really don’t shop much with Brownells much since they started charging tax but on some things….

    Hope this helps

  2. “Playaway pre-loaded compact digital audio players. ”

    Unfortunately Amazon is out of stock and they don’t list a price. If they get them in I plan to buy all of your books offered in this format; even though I have the print copies and the kindle versions … they will make perfect gifts.

  3. “These might be banned (but surely grandfathered) by the new Congress, so stock up!”

    The notion of them being grandfathered seems odd given Trump’s Bump Stock ban.

    1. The Trump Bump Stock Ban ran contrary to more than seven decades of American jurisprudence. The lack of a grandfather clause will probably be grounds for court challenges. Whether it is lawn darts or Freon, or drop-in autosears, or open-bolt guns, there is almost always a grandfather clause with any federal ban, to prevent “Takings” lawsuits.

      1. I don’t dispute any of that, Sir, and yet here we are. Further; GOA and others are already lining up for the (bump stock) lawsuits. I have my doubts that the government will back down. I am worried that a lawsuit will be filed under Takings for either Bump Stocks or Red Flag seizures. We lose either way. If the court stipulates that just compensation is entitled than we get on the road to a national gun buyback. If it goes the other way then we get our property taken at gun point with no recourse. It’s most assuredly a trap and a fairly ingenious one at that. Thank you NRA /sarc.

  4. I had just bought a pair of arctic boots from Cabelas with the Vibram super duper non-slip tread. I was pretty excited for ice fishing. Fast forward: the no slip tread that I hoped would work, didn’t. So, I took 3/8” sheet metal screws and screwed them in to the heavy lugs on the tread. I can’t wear them indoors but they work great on the ice, even glare ice. In the picture of the Neos it looks like they have done the same thing. Buy some sheet metal screws, screw them in. You won’t regret it.

  5. Are things getting slippery at your home or retreat? These are amazing: NEOS Stabilicer Boots.

    I agree. My sweetheart bought me a pair. However, they cost less directly from the company than from Amazon. At least ten dollars difference.

    Carry on

  6. History of Irregular Warfare with Bill Buppert:

    I listened to a part each night last week.

    Empires, like Pax Americana, bring tactics used in occupied lands back to the home land.

    Militarizing police to execute these tactics.

    So, we can expect drone strikes, waterboarding, concentration camps, nocturnal homestead raids, and MOAB strikes, in CONUS in the future against U.S. Citizens.

    Politicians have the authority to make decisions, but are not considered as combatants, and rarely are held accountable for their actions, laws, policies.

    Can you imagine Ruby Ridge using a drone and hellfire missiles, or Waco, the compound hit with a MOAB, on national TV… Forget your right to remain silent, because they are going to waterboard you, until you talk or die… [U.S. in the Philippines]

    I’m going to need to listen to some of these parts again, because I don’t remember the part about how we keep this from happening here…

    1. Drones have gamer weenies operating them from a trailer. MOABS are expensive and too powerful to use against a small adversary in your midst. Listen. When the State abandons the rules that govern it, we must also abandon the rules we allowed to govern us. Any asset of the State becomes a target once the State engages in warfare against its citizens. Any asset. They are not ready for that. Cannot defend against it. And will simply blunder about and fail spectacularly in the attempt to counter it. Chin up. We can win, we will win, if we simply fight. We are many. They are few. And they are surrounded. Toss off the paper chains, and bust some heads. It’ll feel good, I promise.

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