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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we focus on the planned New USMC Squad Organization.

Vashon Islanders Prepare for a Major Earthquake

A reader sent us this news from Vashon Island, Washington: A Small Island Town Prepares for a Major Earthquake. 

Viable Online Payment Alternatives?

Since PayPal jumped on the Censorious Bandwagon during the recent Patreon debacle, conservatives and libertarians are quickly looking for alternatives. Even the traditional credit card processing companies may be clamping down more, in the near future. A few alternatives that I’ve head mentioned in the past two weeks are 2nd Amendment Processing, Bitbacker, and Payoneer. Since PayPal got such an early start in online payments, it is very difficult to make a dent in their quasi-monopoly. Please pray that some of these new upstart startups can gain a toe-hold!

  • 2nd Amendment Processing’s tag line is:  “No Contract, Free Equipment, Veteran Owned.” This Michigan-based venture is so new that they have a Facebook page, but no web site yet. Phone: (517) 492-4972.
  • bills itself as a block-chain-based alternative to Patreon.
  • Payoneer is going head to head with PayPal–or at least one segment of PayPal’s business.

Virginia: Senate Passes Church CCW Bill

Reader DSV sent this: Virginia Senate passes bill to allow churchgoers to carry a firearm alongside their Bibles. Here is a passage from the article:

“The 21-19 vote was strictly along party lines and repeals a law the Washington Post reported may date to Colonial times that makes it a misdemeanor to ‘carry any gun, pistol, bowie knife, dagger or other dangerous weapon without good and sufficient reason, to a place of worship.’ Fittingly, the upper chamber of the Virginia General Assembly, first established in 1619 and the oldest continuous law-making body in the New World, proves that, as the Founding Fathers intended, states remain laboratories of democracy — not that the occasional mad scientist doesn’t prevail, as seen last week in New York when abortion was legalized up to the moment of birth.”

New USMC Squad Organization

Tim. J. sent us this US Marine Corps press release: Marines announce changes to ground combat element aimed at improving lethality and agility. Here is a quote on the planned 12-Marine Rifle Squad

“Reorganization of the infantry will occur over the next three-to-five years, although some of the changes are happening now, such as the move to arm infantry Marines with the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle and the distribution of quadcopters.

Highlights of the announced and recent changes throughout the ground combat element:

One of the most anticipated changes Neller announced was the structure of the Marine rifle squad.  The new 12-Marine squad reflects changes aimed at better equipping the small unit leader with increased lethality and enhanced situational awareness.  It will be organized into three fire teams of three Marines each with two new positions added to account for an assistant squad leader and a squad systems operator.  Additional riflemen, one for each fire team, will remain on the books (Table of Organization) as an unmanned requirement to allow the Corps to quickly add depth to the squad, if needed.

This new squad will be implemented across all Marine infantry battalions during the next three-to-five years. One of the key factors is that each squad leader would have 5-7 years of experience and formal training as a squad leader.  The new squad systems operator will also receive formal training on a variety of technologies.  The squad, by billet, will be organized as such:

•           (1) Squad Leader (Sgt)

•           (1) Assistant Squad Leader (Cpl)

•           (1) Squad Systems Operator (Lance Cpl)

•           (3) Fire Team Leaders (Cpls)

•           (3) Grenadiers (Lance Cpls)

•           (3) Automatic Riflemen (Lance Cpls)

Squad Firepower, Comms, and Optics

Neller added that every Marine in the rifle squad will be armed with an M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle with suppressors and improved optics.  The current rifle squad is built around three automatic weapons, however, the future squad will have 12. Marines will also have improved binocular night-vision devices, improved optics, including a thermal capability, and multiple improved grenade launchers (M320).

Marines are fielding the Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System (MAAWS), “Carl Gustav”, as a replacement to the Mk-153 Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW), for additional firepower and increased rocket range and variety.

They will receive enhanced communications equipment and the Marine Corps common handheld device that provides a digital link to close-air support, indirect fires, and adjacent units to increase shared situational awareness.

Each squad will also have an M38 Squad Designated Marksmanship Rifle with a suppressor and variable 2.5-8 power optic.  This rifle is organizationally assigned to the rifle squad, not to a specific billet, to provide improved identification and engagement of targets out to 600 meters.  The individual employing this weapon will not be a sniper, but a Marine who is given additional training on range estimation, scope theory and observation.

Is Homeschooling a Global Conspiracy?

Avalanche Lily spotted, this, at the Home School Legal Defense Association web site: Dear ThinkProgress: Try to think a little broader — if you can? That was written in reaction to this piece of propaganda at ThinkProgress: The latest front in Russian infiltration: America’s right-wing homeschooling movement.

Where on Earth is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

There are lots of conflicting reports on the health and even the whereabouts of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Perhaps it is time that Mr. Trump or Mr. Pence pays her a courtesy visit–to wish her well, and fluff her pillows. See: Fox News sorry for briefly airing obituary graphic for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Some Tiny House Ideas

Reader H.L. suggested this piece: 84 Tiny Houses That Will Convince You to Downsize

Asia Bibi: Free at Last

HJL forwarded this good news: Christian Asia Bibi Free To Leave Pakistan After Spending Nearly A Decade On Death Row Under Blasphemy Charges

Force Multipliers: Optics of Choice for the LP/OP

Over at American Partisan, the well-informed J.C. Dodge posted this: Force Multipliers: My Optics Of Choice For The LP/OP.  (Thanks to Tim J. for the link.)

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  1. Re. Tiny Homes. Tiny homes are a legitimate option for couples. While we have not owned one we can relate. We were getting ready to start construction of a permanent home on a 10 acre lot in the mountains. We spent our first Montana winter living in the front half of a 20 ft. CONEX shipping container. A spring and an outhouse were on the property and we had one 20 amp circuit. Honestly, looking back that winter is full of fond memories. It was warm and so cozy even in 16 below zero temps. And yes, we are still married. I believe a great permanent option would have been a tiny house along with an oversized 2-car garage and shop.

    One note for anyone thinking about this in a northern climate. Humidity was no problem in the insulated front 10×10 area. We just left the window slightly open for ventilation. Frost was a major problem in the rear 10×10 area. We subsequently installed a very small, quiet bathroom fan on a humidistat on one side and cut a small ventilation opening on the opposite side. Problem solved.

    1. …wish they were not so rank conscious; pay the troops (in time) as if they were e-3 or 4 but earn the Non-Com. I recall the only (Army) corporal I ever saw was in Basic in 1970.

  2. Recently a 60 mph wind gust in Colorado lifted a tiny home and sent a woman and her two cats in the tiny home down the side of the hill. They were ok, but any tiny house should be anchored, if you ever decide to relocate it. I have seen people in the hills of West Virginia (and am sure other places) use long tie downs over the roofs of their single wides that are on wheels and anchor them firmly to metal stakes that are sunk deep in the ground, or probably into a deep hole filled with concrete. Any tiny home not set on permanent foundation should probably be anchored with tie downs.

  3. Re: The Virginia colonial ordinance, at one time in 17th-c Massachusetts, men were required to bring firearms to church. They could also be fined for travelling without a gun. How times have changed!

    1. Virginia: Senate Passes Church CCW Bill

      What I’m wondering is what is the state (at any level) doing telling a church if they can or cannot allow guns/weapons within their buildings and carried by their congregations? What about all the big fuss about “separation of church and state”? (to throw the Left’s own words back at them).

  4. Every United States Marine IS a sniper! When the British marched on Concord to seize the Colonist militia stored firearms, that is exactly when our Revolutionary War started. Since the Legislators have made laws against our 2nd Amendment, we the People have no choice other than NON-COMPLIANCE which is in effect PASSIVE RESISTANCE! When our castle is breached to seize our firearms, then “let them eat lead until they are dead”!!!!

  5. Virginia: Yes, the senate passed it, but even if the house passes it and it goes to the governor, he’ll probably veto it.
    And re: the New York abortion bill, Tran put up a similar bill in VA. Thankfully it was shot down.
    Wondering now if he will step down since all the stuff about the yearbook picture. He has been getting a bunch of static from both sides of the political aisle.

  6. ‘Polar vortex plunge’? In Canada, we call that Tuesday. “put you in a ditch so fast that you’ll find yourself asking: “What the heck just happened?”? Have you driven to Ottawa lately? At least 4 incidents of cars sliding off into the ditch, within an hour last Saturday. Welcome to what’s been normal for us since forever.

  7. We already know that 223 has no real stopping power past 250. So the marines scope a 223 for a designated marksmanship rifle. Then get rid of the saw, a fire suppression weapon, to go to a mag fed gun. Duh they forgot what suppressive fire is? And all the while the army, having learned some lessons, wants to upgrade the m4 and saw to 6.8. Thus expanding stopping power. One wonders what goes on in current marine doctrine

  8. I don’t live in Virginia. I have no idea of any laws regarding firearms and churches in my state. Those who carry will carry. I advise any would-be church shooter-uppers not to pick mine.

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