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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today,  we focus on where your power comes from, all mapped. Pictured is Grand Coulee Dam, in central Washington. It is America’s largest hydroelectric dam. Annually, it produces 20.2 Terawatt-Hours of electricity!

In Maps: Where Your Power Comes From

Peter sent us this fascinating article: Mapped: Every Power Plant in the United States. Do you know where your power comes from? I’d estimate that 95% of today’s Americans have no clue about where and how their local grid power is generated. (But, of course, most SurvivalBlog readers are much better informed.) If you take a look at those maps, you can clearly see one of the reasons why I recommend the American Redoubt region: Very abundant hydroelectric power.

The Yellow Vests Get it Right

Also from Peter, there was this, at Straight Line Logic: The Yellow Vests Get it Right, by Robert Gore.  The article begins:

“The mainstream media has degenerated irreparably. Here’s a reliable rule of thumb: if it’s important it’s not covered; if it’s covered it’s not important. Stories in the American mainstream press about Yellow Vest protests have been few. One aspect of the protests, transcendently important, has received scant coverage.

The Yellow Vest protestors have called for a coordinated run on French banks. Whether they realize it or not, they’re playing with nuclear warheads that could annihilate not just the French, but Europe’s and the entire world’s financial system. Because inextricably linked to the ends of contemporary governments―how much they can screw up the lives of those who must live under them—is the question of means―how do they fund their misrule? The short answer is taxes and debt.

More About Dakota Alerts

Over at American Partisan, “NC Scout” posted some confirmation on my long-standing advice: Force Multipliers: The Dakota Alert Motion Detector for Patrols and Rural Security.

Patriot Nurse on Infanticide Bill in Virginia

Please take the time to watch this: “Murder after Birth’ Bill in Virginia – Nurse WILL NOT COMPLY. Watch it. Pray fervently. Take political action. And if this becomes law, then defy it, at all costs!

Deluded By Technology

Over at The Burning Platform, Jim Quinn posted this: Technology: Distracting, Disturbing, Deceiving & Deluding Ourselves to  Death. Here is a pericope from Quinn’s essay:

“Technology is wasted on people who haven’t been taught to think critically, have been indoctrinated by government run schools to be subservient cogs in the machine, and believe feelings and emotions are more important than knowledge and understanding. The proliferation of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) has resulted in the dumbing down of human interactions and replacement of discussing issues with virtue signaling, selfies, faux manufactured outrage, and glorifying shallow celebrities. We’re addicted to technology.

It is incomprehensible our society has embraced technology for amusement, trivialities, and superficial displays of diversion, rather than advancement of knowledge, proliferation of ideas, and cultural progress and enrichment. The works of Aristotle, Socrates, Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain, Tolstoy, Steinbeck, Orwell and Huxley are available with one click of your iGadget, but instead the masses choose to play Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Madden, while worshipping at the altar of Kardashian. So much knowledge and wisdom at your fingertips, guaranteed to make you smarter and 99.9% choose to amuse themselves into a stupor of ignorance.”

Claire Wolfe Announces Her Transition to Weekly Posts

In a Blog post titled “I’m Done“, fellow blogger Claire Wolfe has announced that she is switching to once-per-week posts.

Baltimore School Board Pegs the Stupidity Scale

Veteran content contributor H.L. forwarded this link: Baltimore School Board Votes to Disarm Police in Schools. Ay, ay, ay.  There is stupid, and then there is World Class stupid. The Baltimore School Board has now pegged the stupidity scale. H.L. asks: “Will those offices assigned to the schools refuse to go without their service weapon?  Putting themselves in even more danger?”

Small Nuclear Reactors for Deployed Troops?

SurvivalBlog reader G,P, suggested this article: U.S. Military Eyes Tiny Nuclear Reactors for Deployed Troops.

Please send your news tips to JWR. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who watch news that is important to them. Due to their diligence and focus, we benefit from fresh “on target” news. We often “get the scoop” on news that is most likely ignored (or reported late) by mainstream American news outlets. Thanks!


  1. The proposed Virginia abortion bill was defeated three days ago. In addition, all of the Left’s proposed gun bills and Red Flag laws were also defeated. For the moment, Richmond has not fallen to the lunacy of what lies North and East of Warrenton.

  2. My neighbor runs a Dakota Alert on his property entrance. He had the monitor with him when he was over here the other day because he was expecting a signature required delivery, and was sitting in my kitchen when it alerted. That was just a tad over 300 yards straight line distance and the monitor picked it up inside my house! I’m getting one of those things, or several.

  3. Deluded by technology

    I work in the schools in Florida. I know all to well the end result of “technology” on students and staff.

    Students cannot think critically at any level. They cannot do any math, even simple calculations, without a machine. Their lives revolve around the most simplistic stupidity like sponge bob. Students can tell you about every episode of this ridiculous cartoon, but can’t remember what was said in class one second ago.

    I have 12th graders that sit there and giggle like 1st graders while watching ridiculous streaming videos on their “smart phone”. Talk about an oxymoron.

    I have watched the intellect of the student body, and staff, decline rapidly over the past 10 years in these indoctrination stations. I have three years left to retirement. I struggle every day with my involvement in this farce. Every student passes and graduates, everyone wins. Boys are girls, girls are boys, depending on how they “feel” that day. White students say they want to be black, because they are ashamed of being white….and on, and on. All being trained by the propaganda being spewed from these “technological advances”…cough, cough.

    We have lost this battle. Hopefully, we will win the war. Our lives depend on it.

    1. DKL,
      I agree , we have lost the government education battle at all levels of education . I believe that the battle has lasted several years and was a long slow process to where we are today. I am not sure that it can ever be fixed. Home school or private school is the only answer.
      I would hope that more Christian churches would be supportive in this struggle . It is difficult to take the blinders off of the citizens.

    1. Fred!

      Oh, come on. No government agents need weapons; their only job is negotiating treaties with other government agents.*

      And nobody supporting the government agents needs weapons. That always turns out messy.

      *unless they are the over-worked under-paid employees of The Bureau Of Justifying Our Existence.

      1. Isn’t that what I said? Any government agent who assumes power and arms themselves as such is making themselves into police. Again, all police should be disarmed and all able citizens should carry.

  4. DKL, you have done an excellent assessment of the current mess in our country. And when the Dems take back the Senate and the Presidency, they will attack our culture on so many levels that it will be difficult to stop them. Their plans have been in motion for decades while we “slept”. And now their progressive movement is on the attack in so many states and counties. Their biggest advantages are control of the MSM, massive funding, organization and leadership.
    Those of us who want to save our country from these destroyers are not organized and do not have centralized leadership leading the fight. Unless something changes, our children and grandchildren will pay the price for our inaction.

  5. I was looking at the power plant maps and got to wondering:
    1. If the grid goes down, not caused by EMP or CME, are there plants that could still provide power locally?
    2. if the grid went down due to EMP or CME, what type of a plant has the best chance of surviving? There were reports of wire insulation burning during the Carrington event-are wires today susceptible to that?
    3. and what about off-grid systems of micro-hydro, wind or solar?

  6. Patriot Nurse Rant:
    The subject matter of aborting a baby in the 3rd trimester and after birth sounds so demonic to me that I am having trouble wrapping my brain cells around such a heinous act. Folks, Satan is on the march and his minions are all behind him. Please God help this nation.

  7. Hat’s off to the yellow vest movement i see that a large number of Frenchmen have finally had enough i really like the idea of a bank run to get the attention of the powers that be.

    RE: at birth abortions Someone will owe Sodom & Gomorrah an apology if this mess is not addressed

  8. Beware and double check the accuracy of the power plant map.

    There are 2 nuclear plants in California. The one shown is S.O.N.G.S. and it is closed. The one near Avila Beach isn’t shown and both its units are operating.

  9. Don’t hold your breath on the small nuclear reactors for deployed troops. That’s been “just around the corner” for many decades. As we eventually move closer to an all-electric platform for most ground vehicles and many aircraft, it makes more logistic sense, but nobody is putting in the development money in this country. I wonder about China.

  10. The Dakota Alert MURs devices have some bad reviews on Amazon. Some saying the quality has gone down compared to their older devices. Some sensors working better than others indicating quality issues. Concerning given the price. The reported range is impressive though. I don’t have a lot of land. Kind of a smaller lot in a rural neighborhood. I have been using the more affordable Chamberlain sensors and they’ve been great for my needs. Sensors have 30ft range. They are holding up well in a coastal rainy climate. I have a relative using them in Hawaii in the humid salty air and they have held up for a couple years so far.

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