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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on the proposed bill to split Washington into two states. (See the Eastern Washington section.)


Idaho Wolf Control Board Seeks $200,000 to Kill Wolves

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There was a good description of Idaho’s firearms carry laws recently posted at Redoubt NewsTrue Constitutional Carry Means No Permit Required

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This was an interesting press release, datelined Nampa, Idaho: Bumpstock ban defeated by replacement product


What fun! Skiers towed by galloping horses: Snöflinga winter festival brings skijoring to Butte

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Historic “Miss Montana” plane to fly again.

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I learned of this by way of Claire Wolfe‘s blog: UPS driver saves dog from drowning in icy pond: ‘She wasn’t going to make it

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International photographer captures shots of Cindy Crawford, Montana wildlife in Virginia City


Eastern Oregon

Oregon Senators seek to punish Saudis over students
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Oregon Seasonal Climate Forecast February-April, 2019. (Note: This graphics-heavy PDF takes a while to load.)


Eastern Washington (Bill to Split Washington into Two States)

K9 helps sniff out marijuana smuggled into Ritzville jail

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Another noble attempt: Spokane Valley Reps. Shea, McCaslin propose bill to split Washington into two states. JWR’s Comments: Note the outright mocking tone that the mass media pours out on Matt Shea. He must be doing something right, to get the leftists so angry! As I’ve mentioned before, splitting both Washington and Oregon should have been done years ago. And now, with a veritable tsunami of new anti-gun laws emanating from Olympia, partition of Washington is just inevitable. It really is two states. The lawmakers have to catch up with that reality.


Wyoming Legislators Want State to De-Risk Investments by Holding Gold and Silver

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Casper man suspected of murder cites new Wyoming ‘stand your ground’ law, asks judge to throw out case

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Coal firm seeks end to employee, retiree obligations in Kemmerer

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Wyoming legislative committee kills bill to decriminalize CBD

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American Airlines announces Dallas/Fort Worth service to Cheyenne.


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  1. Re: the Saudi criminals/students. I do not understand why we allow Foreign students. Before you jump to a conclusion about what I am saying let me explain. Every American who wants to go to college cannot. There are just so many slots for them and many of those slots are preassigned to ethnic groups and foreign students. I worked for a college and the college would take state and federal money and use it to bring foreign students here, house them, pay their tuition and other costs while simultaneously denying college to American students. There was a quota. A quota for each country that sent foreign students and quotas for Hispanics, blacks, women and others. Even quotas for illegal aliens. But no quotas for American citizens. IF every American citizen who wanted to go to college was accepted and we still had some slots open, then fine take in foreign students. But why do we allow the colleges that we heavily subsidize with federal, state and local tax money discriminate against Americans?

    1. you know its pretty bad when someone describes the situation of Foreign /students , and the first thing I think of is he/she describing what is happening in my own country …. totally agree that American and yes Canadian citizens cannot even get into college /university but foreign students can …… there is something seriously wrong here .

    2. When I was I college, all, I repeat ALL of the international students I knew had to pay for everything. They were not given in-state residency and had to pay the international student rate for the duration. The university gave them no tuition or room and board assistance. All the foreign students were funded by their parents or a foreign company/institution.
      Taking foreign students versus US citizens? Well, the school would get 15k per semester from a foreign versus 5k for a local. Plus, the students that came here were very studious as in they came here to learn and get an education versus learning how to make a keg stand.

  2. Washington is fast becoming Kilifornica north. To split the state in two can’t happen fast enough. There are so many people in Ea. Wa. that feel that way but we are always outvoted by the putzes on the coast. Bills passed to benefit all communities throughout the state come down to only being accessible to cities with a population over so many thousands. Leaving the small communities unable to access the funds but having to pay for it. The BS climate change bills that keep coming up are the same. Gas taxes the same, Seattle & coast cities don’t have to drive as far for their high paid jobs. In Eastern Washington you quite often have to drive 40 or more miles, each way for a cr*ppy job with minimum or no benefits, cause that’s the only job there is. But heaven forbid we allow mining or logging that could provide a number of jobs locally that could support a family. Nah, let em have tourism related jobs that are not full time and pay no benefits. Our local legislators fight an honorable fight but keep getting outvoted. Cause you second home owners from the coast don’t want to despoil your view. Our local legislators fight an honorable fight but keep getting outvoted. Habib and the rest of the dirtbags are nothing more than globalist lackeys. And now the imbeciles want to remove the dams on the Snake river, for the fish. But if you were to even hint of removing the dams on the Skagit River, which supplies the greater Seattle area with power, and has also had the greatest salmon run in state history, you would be strung up in 10 minutes.
    We desperately need a wall across the Southern border to protect the nations sovereignty, we also need one across the Cascade crest to keep the imbeciles in their cesspools. I can hardly wait for the great implosion.

    PS: $5 bucks to see a picture of Cindy Crawford! Your money would be better spent buying ammo…… Just sayin’.

    1. “Bills passed to benefit all communities throughout the state come down to only being accessible to cities with a population over so many thousands. Leaving the small communities unable to access the funds but having to pay for it. The BS climate change bills that keep coming up are the same. Gas taxes the same, Seattle & coast cities don’t have to drive as far for their high paid jobs.”

      It’s the same in every state. A few high population cities and counties control the state legislature, the state wide office holders, and the US senators. The rural areas get left behind or ignored. If you live rural, how are the medical facilities in your area? Over the last several years, especially since the implementation of Obamacare, rural hospitals have been closing all over the country.

      There is a plan to all this. There is a desperate desire on the part of the left to force literally everyone to move into the cities. So much easier to control us that way, don’t you know. Also the elites need all that green space for their McMansions and their vast gated estates and guarded communities. Have to get away from us deplorables, now don’t they.

      As for the separation of Washington, the eastern counties need to stage a referendum on secession. Give the right thinking legislators some serious ammunition to bring to bear on the rest of the legislature.

  3. Washington State is two different countries.The state of “Liberty” cannot happen fast enough. Unfortunately it appears to be a long drawn out process. The votes in Eastern Washington simply do not count when it comes to governor,attorney general,U.S.senators and other state wide jobs. Those state wide positions are controlled by the socialist voters on the left side of the state, primarily from Everett to Olympia. Kudos and prayers for the courageous representatives promoting a state division .

  4. They could redraw the borders of Oregon and Washington. Divide both in half with an east and a west. Still have two states but a liberal west state and a conservative east state. Or maybe eastern Washington would like to split and just join Idaho?

    1. I suppose that is the root of the problem, to prevent a minority from having a voice is ultimately why it won’t happen at the voting booths, without some sort of revolution. Not necissarily a violent one mind you, however the current semi-sefdom status we rural folk, small farmers, close knit society type, ect., find ourselves in will continue as long as the vocal majority moves further toward socialism, communism, or whatever ism it will be labeled as until it reaches its breaking point. Likeley imho a financial and/or resources one. Unless we somehow find better represention anyway.

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