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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Today, there is an emphasis on anti-gun legislation at the state level. Whilst fighting gun legislation at the federal level, don’t  lose track of the attacks at the state level!  The following is just a sampling. Mikey Bloomberg has unleashed his war chest. Keep a close eye on legislation in your own state, and write your legislators –both State and Federal–frequently!

Illinois: State Gun Dealer Licensing

Reader DSV suggested this: Illinois Governor Pritzker Signs Gun Dealer Licensing Bill.  This is a horrible legislation that will drive most of the few remaining Mom and Pop dealers out of business. I recommend that freedom-loving folks living in the Land of Lincoln make plans to bail out of that state, soon!Oregon

More Proposed Gun Laws in Oregon

Here is a summary of what is happening Oregon: Gun control bills up for debate in Oregon’s 2019 legislative session. Not content with New Jersey’s precedent of tightening the screws down from 15 rounds to 10 rounds, in Oregon, the Democrats are demanding a magazine limit of 5 rounds!

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Here is a full list of the pending bills, at the Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) web site: 2019 Firearms Legislation. By the way, I strongly encourage all SurvivalBlog readers who live in Oregon to join the OFF 

Meanwhile, In Minnesota

A reader in St, Paul sent this link: Minnesota Governor Offers Support For Background Checks, Red Flag Laws.

Here is a snippet: “Hours after being sworn in as Minnesota’s 41st governor, Tim Walz reiterated his support for a pair of gun control bills favored by Democratic lawmakers. At a news conference before a reception in the Capitol Rotunda celebrating his inauguration, Walz said smart gun laws can protect people from violence without infringing on Second Amendment rights.”
JWR’s Comment:  Every infringement on the Second Amendment is unconstitutional–period!

New Mexico Governor Promises Restrictions

I spotted this over at the conservative FreeZoxee Friends social media web site: this: New Mexico: Governor Lujan Grisham Highlights Gun Control In Opening Day Speech.

California’s New Laws

A quick web search turned up this news: New California laws going into effect in 2019, from constricting gun owners to wildfire prevention, and California Ammo Law Coming in 2019! – Get Ready. JWR’s Comment: A law requiring a background check before every ammunition purchase is absolutely absurd.  California’s legislators are simply destroying firearms freedom!

Pro- and Anti-Gun Bills Currently in the Florida Legislature

Reader DSV suggested this:  Here’s a List of All the Pro- and Anti-Gun Bills Currently in the Florida Legislature. Of particular concern is a planned ban on private party gun transfers: “HB 135 – Transfers of Firearms: Requires transfers of firearms when neither party is licensed dealer to be conducted through licensed dealer & requires processing by licensed dealer.”

Wisconsin Red Flag Confiscation

Good News From Virginia

Here is this, by way of the FreeZoxee Friends social media web site: Gun-Confiscation Plan Backed by Va. Gov Defeated in House, Awaits Vote in Senate.  Good news, but remain vigilant!

Washington Legislature Hearings on Anti-Gun Bills

Peter sent us this from the NRA-ILA: Washington: Committee Hearings Scheduled on Anti-Gun Bills. There is quiet a laundry list of new bills. Anyone living in Washington should read this and contact their legislators!  Sadly, several of these bills may become law, unless there is an uproar.

Please send your news tips to JWR. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who watch news that is important to them. Due to their diligence and focus, we benefit from fresh “on target” news. We often “get the scoop” on news that is most likely ignored (or reported late) by mainstream American news outlets. Thanks!


  1. Indiana already has a Red Flag law. No warrant or no crime conviction needed. All needed is an angry neighbor calling police and saying you MIGHT be dangerous. Then they come you your house and seize your weapons. That is if you have any. I lost mine in a boating accident.

  2. The “Red Flag” warnings will be the new #METOO movement. I can just hear it now, my neighbor is upset because I hunt and don’t cow down to her when she sees me butchering a deer in my garage, so she complains about me as being a sadistic guy, and my guns are removed. No day in court, no justice, just BOOM!, sentence served by taking away my guns.

    I might be a guy who likes to complain about the fact that we obviously have “Too Much Government” and may add to that comment with a few colorful expressions about what to do to reduce government, and that may involve installing gallows and nooses outside of every government building and then some pink pantied beaurocrat decides that my guns need to go and then instantly, I’m guilty and sentence served, no trial, judge or jury.

    I don’t live in the US, but I’ve heard multiple stories where the police come and take away the weapons here where I live. Do you know how they do it? They come with a van (they might need more than 1 for me) and a bunch of low paid employees cut open your safes if you don’t open them for them, and they throw all your guns into a big pile in the middle of the floor. Then they find a rope, and string it through the trigger guard of as many as they can handle, and drag them across the floor, out across the asphalt, through the dirt to the van, and get that tangle of weapons into the van. From there, they drive them to a warehouse, and pile them up in some corner. If, and that’s a big if, you ever get them back, they will be broken, missing scopes, slings and magazines (as well as anything else that can be stolen) and will be very rusty and dirty. Unless it’s a gun that one of the police officers takes a fancy too, then it will just be missing, and will be recorded as ‘police administrative error’.

    As far as anyone getting upset or emotional about the upcoming draconian laws being introduced, all I can say is, “Too Bad and Too Late!” You should have been stopping the laws made in 1968, and not even allowing 1 single encroachment on your gun rights. Once you’ve let the government “just put the tip in a little and no more I promise!”, they aren’t going to stop until you’ve become their live in concubine.

  3. Don’t forget anti-gun NY State:
    The State Senate Democrat Majority plans to move anti-Second Amendment bills this coming Monday, January 28, starting at 10 a.m.

    The Senate Democratic Majority has released their Senate Codes and Judiciary Committee legislative agenda. According to their agenda, the Senate Democrats plan to take up ALL of these anti-Second Amendment bills this coming Monday, January 28, starting at 10 a.m. These are active bills (below) sponsored by Senate Democrats:

    Printed No. Sponsor Title
    Senate Bill S.101A, Refer to Rules, Kaminsky
    An act to amend the penal law, in relation to limiting educational institutions ability to authorize the possession of a weapon on school grounds
    Senator Todd Kaminsky
    Room 302 LOB
    Albany, NY 12247
    Phone: (518) 455-3401
    Fax: (518) 426-6914

    Senate Bill S.1414, Refer to Rules, Parker
    An act to amend the penal law and the criminal procedure law, in relation to establishing crimes relating to the criminal
    possession or manufacture of undetectable firearms, rifles or shotguns
    Senator Kevin Parker
    Room 504 Capitol Building
    Albany, NY 12247
    Phone: (518) 455-2580
    Fax: (518) 426-6843

    Senate Bill S.2374, Refer to Rules, Gianaris
    An act to amend the penal law and the general business law, in relation to establishing an extension of time of up to thirty calendar days for national instant background checks
    Senator Michael Gianaris
    Room 427 Capitol Building
    Albany, NY 12247
    Phone: (518) 455-3486
    Fax: (518) 426-6929

    Senate Bill S.2438, Refer to Rules, Kaplan
    An act to amend the penal law, in relation to access to foreign state records
    Senator Anna M. Kaplan
    Room 805 LOB
    Albany, NY 12247
    Phone: (518) 455-2170
    Fax: (518) 426-6787

    Senate Bill S.2448, Refer to Rules, Sepulveda
    An act to amend the penal law, in relation to prohibiting the possession, manufacture, transport and disposition of rapid-fire modification devices
    Senator Luis R. Sepúlveda
    Room 608 LOB
    Albany, NY 12247
    Phone: (518) 455-2511
    Fax: (518) 426-6845

    Senate Bill S.2449, Refer to Rules, Mayer
    An act to amend the executive law, in relation to establishing the municipal gun buyback program; and to amend the state
    finance law, in relation to the municipal gun buyback program fund
    Senator Shelley Mayer
    Room 615 LOB
    Albany, NY 12247
    Phone: (518) 455-2031
    Fax: (518) 426-6860

    Senate Bill S.2450, Refer to Rules, Krueger
    An act to amend the penal law and the general business law, in relation to storage of firearms
    Senator Liz Krueger
    Room 416 CAP
    Albany, NY 12247
    Phone: (518) 455-2297
    Fax: (518) 426-6874

    Senate Bill S.2451, Refer to Rules, Kavanagh
    Establishes extreme risk protection orders as a court-issued order of protection prohibiting a person from purchasing, possessing or attempting to purchase or possess a firearm, rifle or shotgun
    Senator Brian Kavanagh
    Room 515 LOB
    Albany, NY 12247
    Phone: (518) 455-2625
    Fax: (518) 426-6956

  4. Wow! Similarly we were sailing to the islands and were boarded by pirates. I can’t tell you the euphoria we experienced afterwards. The feelings of peace ~ being our own safe place ~ a small gun free zone… like the Twilight Zone mystically transporteded us to the inner city of Shicago, Illinois.

  5. I went to a Northern Idaho gun show this weekend, was stunned when I got there as the parking lot was nearly full……had to park in the North forty…..What was really shocking was the number of cars bearing Washington plates! I think they nearly equaled Idaho plates. What could possibly be wrong in Washington that would make so many people come to free Idaho?

    Inside, it was not enjoyable from a personal standpoint. The crowds were phenomenal………deep at almost every table, and you inched up and down aisles….men, women and kids of all ages trying to enjoy the day. There were no shootings, stabbings, fights or other altercations that I saw. And there was no visible law enforcement on the floor! Everyone seemed polite and well mannered, and things were really going off the tables and out the doors!

    If there was a downside to the show, other than the huge crowds and the limited space inside the largest building in this area, it had to be the number of people that were flatulent to a fault, equaled by the number that hadn’t showered in some time……at times the smell would gag you! Still, all in all, a much better day than sitting home, and the sun actually shone! Go Idaho!

  6. Meanwhile in Mississippi, about 2 years ago, they passed Constitutional Carry with no permit. The year before that, they passed a law allowing Carrying in a purse or bag with no permit. There are severe restrictions on it, which I wish weren’t there. But the reason they passed it is because people down here, as a culture, refuse to have their right to carry infringed upon. And most people down here know that the vast majority of the population WILL carry wherever they please.

  7. It just seems there was so much talk about controlling weapons but not anything passed or really brought up to do so during the last administration. In fact there were a few slightly pro with the loosening of carry laws in National parks and HR 218. Now it seems children are being instilled in them that they are evil. People aren’t purchasing them as much according to reports which who knows if accurate but seems to be. Our basic right to protect ourselves could be gone in a generation.

    1. The only way you can be deprived of your right to self defense is if they kill you.

      The criminals that we call politicians can pass all the “laws” they want, but they cannot legislate away your right of self-defense. They could go as far as repealing the 2A.

      So what!

      You would still have the right of self-defense because of your right to life, liberty and property.

  8. The Jury Box. Report for jury duty, refuse to condemn those exercising their rights! Were I not in my mid sixties, I would leave Washington for a more Liberty minded State.

    1. My husband and I are both 62. We are leaving communist Oregon and heading for Idaho as soon as we sell our house and find one in Idaho – we’ve had enough. Mid-sixties is not too late to live free.

      1. Neither is late 60’s. I’m 67, my wife 68. Not going to Idaho, too far from what little family we have left. Headed toward middle south. Hide in the mountains and pray for the best outcome for us. A little homestead will do.

  9. Re. Good News from Virginia. is a new Conservatives’ Alternative to facebook and youtube. It is backed by Matthew Bracken author of the ‘Enemies Foreign and Domestic’ trilogy and associate by the nickname Zoxee. Check it out folks.

  10. I am in Massatwoshits, these new laws are baby steps. Watch out it is only just the beginning. I tried to renew my CCL recently (12/18) and was denied because of a DUI in 1994, 25 years ago (and even that was a farce). I had my CCL right up until 11/18 but they changed the rules in the middle of the game. I no longer qualify in the eyes of the law. I am still waiting to see if I can get a basic FID card so I can keep my grandfathers 1920’s Savage pump 12 gauge. I would leave this state in a second but the missus says no way. Family roots and all. What Mamma says Mamma gets.

    1. At this point everyone in my family are felons in the State of New Jersey. We refuse to turn in our 30/40 round magazines and our 100-round drums for our rifles. No I didn’t say assault rifle because that is a term by the Liberals to make it sound scary–it’s a functioning AR-15.

      It’s high time we willfully DO NOT COMPLY.

      So Mamma–you don’t turn in any guns in MassAShits… You keep them for your grand-babies. I’m sure they’ll need them and make good use of them.

      God bless!

  11. All,

    I recently re-watched, on Netflix, Ken Burns’ three part mini series about Prohibition. In the first episode, the parallels I saw in the Temperance movement of then I see in today’s drive to disarm America. I strongly recommend that if you haven’t watched it or haven’t done so in some time that you que it up. If you don’t happen to make the connections I did then at least you will have entertained yourself about a very interesting time in U.S. history.

  12. I fled Illinois in ’96 after living my entire life there. There is no way I’d go back there. Not only are their gun laws oppressive, they are headed for a financial train wreck AND DON’T CARE.

    There used to be some great gun shows my buds and I would go to in Illinois. There is no point in doing so anymore.

  13. On the subject of our right to keep and bear arms, please contact the White House to oppose the nomination of William Barr to be Attorney General. Barr was the Attorney General under George Bush senior when the FBI attacked the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge. He failed to prosecute the FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi who shot Vicky Weaver. He also has expressed support for an ‘assault’ weapons ban. I don’t know if it will help, but I have been contacting the White House every day for the past two weeks, I urge you to do so too.
    The address to contact the White House is

  14. It is time to act. We must all contact our legislators in mass so that they know that there is genuine electoral jeopardy if they vote for these direct assaults on the second amendment.
    People only do things for two reasons. To get something or avoid something. Let’s give them something to avoid: job loss.

  15. Monkey see, monkey do. It’s quickly accelerating. One should assume that the language used in one State may be proposed and adopted in your State within a year.

    I do believe in striving for self-sufficiency and a level of preparedness, and avoid many tinfoil-hat theories.

    …but too many seemingly-unrelated things seem to be accelerating and converging:
    – ‘Cultural revolution’.
    – ‘Enchanted’ expectations for gun control.
    – Reduced expectations of overall personal responsibility of oneself in society, along with relaxed criminal penalties.
    – Unsustainable debt.

    I can’t help but wonder if we’re headed for a large war by 2025.

    1. I agree completely with your ‘Monkey see,’ comment; the Libs are emboldened by seeing anyone who takes the reins and attempts to run with them.

      Stupid, on many levels.

      Also the enchanted bit. They DO consider gun laws to be some sort of magic, and it’s obvious for anyone who considers the facts of other, previous laws, and the history that soon followed.

  16. On the gun control issue, as the old cowboy would say, “This ain’t my first rodeo.”

    Here is a link to an article, “The Anti-Gun Male,” one that I hope every SurvivalBlog reader takes the time to read, and it comes from what is probably the most unlikely source:

    The author–a standup comic, believe it or not–explains why so many males have an anti-gun mentality. Understanding their psychology is helpful in understanding how to deal with them. The argument includes many things I have said about the issue when dealing with anti-gun types, but I am glad to see that it has been offered in a well-written, compelling posting on that web site.

    1. @Survivorman99, I just read the article that you linked to. If that doesn’t describe half of the Progressive/Democrat voters I’ll be very surprised. Right on the money.
      She describes the guy that wants rough men standing ready to do violence to protect him, but otherwise, keep those nasty brutes locked behind glass until they are needed!
      I’d urge everyone to read that. It might help you figure how you counter those votes.

  17. I rarely post on SB. But every morning I look forward to reading all the great articles and responses from everyone. I was born and raised in West Virginia. Proud to be a “deplorable redneck hillbilly”. My friends and family laugh when we think about “the law” coming up these “hollers” to take guns from all the people we know. Read about the coal mining wars that took place in West Virginia back in the day. That’s where the term redneck came from. If people think that was bad, wait until they try to take our guns. You cant make this stuff up. You have to live here to understand Love my West by God Virginia!

  18. All that the imbeciles under the dome in Sacramento have done, is force the buying public over to Nevada for guns and ammo.
    “I Will NOT Comply” is the new mantra for most gun owners in California. And in Northern Cali-State of Jefferson-politicians are going to be looking over their shoulders.
    Of course, every MS-13, Bloods, and Crips members will follow all laws and regulations.

    1. @Sandra,

      Yup. I *just* spoke with two buddies today after church – one of them an LEO – and the subject of AR registration (for which the new law’s deadline has now passed). They said they will absolutely not register their ARs per a blatantly unconstitutional state law, and will simply keep them in their safes until they either move out of CA or a pressing need arises.

      I can’t even begin to tell you how much the “I Will Not Comply” sentiment is growing here. Folks outside CA need to understand that the number of conservative, gun-owning people here is greater than the entire populations of many states!

      1. They need to bring about the State of Jefferson…

        San Fran and LA politically dominate the rest of the state which is primarily rural and conservative.

        Its a shame that Left wing loons in big cities get to make laws that affect people that live a few hundred miles away…

  19. After the recent election, Nevada turned “blue” (I personally hate using that term because red has always been historically associated with the Left until the US news media tried to obfuscate the connection). In effect, the new Leftist majority is trying to turn Nevada into California.

    Gov. Sisolak during his campaigned promised to ban “assault rifles, bump stocks, silencers and large capacity magazines” and enact a “universal background check” (for private gun sales).

    The new Attorney General, Aaron Ford (famous for not knowing the definition of the work “Larceny” ) assured everyone that he would work with the governor to enact the “universal background check” which was barely voted in by 1% in 2016. The then Republican governor declared it “unenforceable” because the law required the FBI to conduct the check, but the FBI actually refused, saying it did not have the resources to implement it.

    During his “State of the State” speech Sisolak repeated the Liberal talking point about stopping the sale of guns on the internet (they conveniently leave out the part about shipping them to an FFL dealer)… he said everyone who buys a gun needs to have a background check. These people aren’t dumb (even if their voters are) so, its probably safe to assume the worst. He probably means 80% receivers, pistol frames, barrels, uppers, various parts and non-FFL parts kits. In the near future I expect to see internet sites add Nevada to their “States we can’t ship to” list.

    Unfortunately, Trump has saved Sisolak from having to go to the trouble banning bump-stocks. This frees him up to concentrate on banning all the other things.

    I assume a magazine ban will be met with the same success as NJ is having.

    I have friends that are awaiting their suppressor permits from the ATF. They’re afraid they may be outlawed by the state even before the permit arrives (8 months?).

    Its hard to say exactly what form an “assault weapon” ban would take. They could easily ban them at the point of sale. The retailers certainly won’t make a peep of protest. If California is their template, they will probably require some kind of “registration” of existing guns with the state DOJ. This will be followed by lists of banned “features” and specific models. And the lists will grow year by year.

    As an aside, there are many theories about why the demographics changed enough to create a female dominated Democrat super majority in the assembly (one seat short in the senate). This state used to be dominated by gambling, mining, and agriculture. It was primarily a rural, entrepreneurial culture. Someone discussing the housing shortage in Nevada reported that many low income people are fleeing the high housing costs in California, and are relocating to Nevada. Also, Vegas and Reno are essentially sanctuary cities encouraging illegals to move there. Reno prides itself on being the distribution warehouse capitol of the nation (read very low wages and lots of illegals). The homeless on the streets are an increasing problem. So they are essentially importing poor people… and a dependent voter base.

    Nevada became the first state with a female super majority in the legislature. I can’t help but think this does not bode well for gun rights in the state (sorry ladies, I hate to say it, but you know its true).

    Personally, I plan to move to Idaho as soon as financially possible.

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