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Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today’s focus is on the importance of buying home vaults. (See the Tangibles Investing section.)

Precious Metals:

Gold Stocks Remain In A Downtrend

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Bubba Horwitz: Gold and Silver 2019 – What to Expect


Investor & Consumer Psychology:

Here is an interesting recent piece over at Seeking Alpha, written by Larry Hall: Investor Psychology. Here is a pericope from Hall’s article: “Established economic and financial theory posits that individuals are well-informed and consistent in their decision-making. It holds that investors are ‘’s clear that in reality, humans do not act rationally. In fact, humans often act irrationally in counterproductive, systematic patterns.’”

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Michael Snyder reports:  Shock Survey: 59 Percent Of Americans Support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Proposal To Raise The Top Tax Rate To 70%

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DSV sent us this: Wondering Why Americans Are Running from Blue States?


Mark J. Lundeen wrote this interesting analysis, possibly showing the end of a pendulum swing: OTC Interest-Rate Derivative Contracts. It is interesting how he ties in the substantial recent movements in stock and precious metals prices with interest rate derivatives.


From Wolf Richter: Stock Market Margin Debt Plummets Most Since Q4 2008JWR Asks: If leveraged traders are exiting the market, then what does that indicate?

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At IWB: The “Average Stock” is Facing a Big Test Here!


Global Trends:

Over at the CNBC Cheering Section: Global growth seen lower in 2019, UBS says, but it’s not all bad

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Russia To Overtake Germany As World’s Fifth-Largest Economy. (Thanks to H.L. for the link.)


Forex & Cryptos:

The Tragedy Of The Euro

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Why Crypto is En Route to the Longest Bear Market in History

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Crazy Number of Subpoenas Shows Why Crypto Exchanges are Fleeing the US


Tangibles Investing (Home Vaults):

A crucial part of a tangibles investing strategy is safeguarding your investments from theft, fire, and flood. I recommend that you buy only quite stout, good quality vaults. A “gun cabinet” is insufficient. But a typical American-made fireproof gun vault is a good baseline. This should be buttressed by lag bolting your vault down — so that it cannot be carted away by a gang of burglars–and by concealing your vault behind a false wall, hidden door, or a sliding panel/mirror. Installing multiple webcams that store images on a remote server is is also important.

If you live in a flood-prone area, then it is wise to bolt home vaults to the floor of an upstairs room floor, or even an attic room. Since gun vaults are heavy, such positioning can be problematic, and even dangerous to those doing the moving! One solution is to get a modular gun vault. These were pioneered by a company called Zanotti Armor–which made the first widely-available home gun vault that could be taken apart into six pieces. The pieces were attached by large interior pins, driven into hinge-like steel sleeves. More modern variations are made by Snap Safe, and a few other companies. With modern CNC machining, these are very precisely made and held together with large interior bolts.

Back in December, I had the opportunity to get some hands-on experience, when I helped a consulting client assemble a SnapSafe Super Titan XXL Double Door gun vault. This is a fire-rated design. The 8 pieces went together quickly, with a lot of tight;y-spaced big 19mm bolts, inside. Assembled, it is a 900+ pound safe, but no single piece weighed more than 125 pounds. This made it easy for us to get the pieces it up stairs.

Before buying any home vaults, I recommend that you take a close look at specifications, including wall thickness, door thickness, number and diameter of locking bars, fire rating (measured in minutes), type of lock, and whether or not they have a relocker mechanism. The latter insures that if someone attacks a vault’s lock with “punch attack” that it will default to a locked position.



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News Tips:

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  1. I own a Zanotti Z3 5ft safe and could not be happier with the quality and ease of assembly. Their customer service was also fantastic. When I picked up the safe we shot the breeze for a while and they gave me a tour which was cool.

  2. Lots of opinions and options for securing firearms.
    The modular safes do look interesting. I wish I had room for a walk in vault.
    My Wife and I moved an empty 600 lb safe through our house using wooden dowels, a piano dolly, and a ton of patience. Measure twice move once and push from the bottom.
    Fortunately we live in a modest single story house.
    There is a small Christian family owned American manufacturer in Fresno Ca that exceeded my expectations all around.
    Do your research, there are a lot of companies.

  3. About an upstairs safe: = Anyone moving even just 125 pounds up a flight of stairs ~ should look to renting a ‘motorized dolly’ to do the actual moving. (The guy on the bottom end of the load is carrying all the weight. All of us guys have carried that load.)
    This is just an example taken from one rental place. … look for what suit your setup or place. =


    Stair Climber 650lb
    Stair climbing hand truck is a versatile, motorized unit that safely power heavy objects up and down stairs, on and off delivery vehicles and loading docks, and in and out of buildings. Units are powered by 1/2 HP 12V motors. Equipped with automatic braking systems and push-button controls. Lifts up to 40’’ and has capacity of 650 lbs. Weighs 100 lbs.

    Stair Climber 1500lb
    Stair climbing hand trucks are versatile motorized units that can safely power up to 1,500 lbs. up and down stairs, on and off delivery vehicles and loading docks and out of buildings. It’s automatic braking systems and push button controls make it simple and safe to use.

    They’re for rent at different places, = retailers of home safes, rental companies, big hardware stores, plumbing whole sellers, etc.
    [If they don’t have a rental; they should be able to refer you to a business with one.]

    God gives a person only one spine, which has to last a lifetime. [Unfortunately, many people with a bad back wish they were dead, sometimes.]

  4. re:
    Safes and vaults

    My four Irish grandparents had two hidden gun safes… for the stuff they could afford to lose. Their theory on safes == give criminals something to find so they feel vindicated.

    Our ‘keepers’ weren’t / aren’t in safes.

    One comment asks about a second-floor safe duration a house fire. Another excellent reason to build with concrete walls and a steel roof.

    Wood buildings need a warning label:
    “Using this product as intended can lead to death or disfigurement.”

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