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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. JWR is filling in today, as Hugh is busy building the new annual blog archive. Today we are focusing on the conviction of journalist Mike Strickland.

2019 From a Fourth Turning Perspective

Some interesting reading. over at Jim Quinn’s The Burning Platform blog: 2019 From A Fourth Turning Perspective. Here is a quote: “As we close out this year, stock markets are gyrating wildly, central bankers are trying to reverse their nine years of interventionist strategies to sustain the establishment, civil chaos spreads across the European continent, saber rattling between the U.S., Russia and China increases, the animosity between political parties reaches new heights, the Deep State relentlessly pursues their Mueller led coup against Trump, mega-social media corporations tighten their grip on free speech by silencing conservatives, leftists push their socialist, open borders, normalizing degeneracy agenda, and global recession gains momentum as trade declines and global debt reaches unserviceable levels.”

A Review of the Conviction of Journalist Mike Strickland

Mike Strickland, a pro-gun, freelance journalist was convicted of  21 counts of self defense on Friday, Feb.10, 2017. The Oregon Firearms Federation has reviewed how the trial was conducted: Vendetta.  This quote sums up what transpired in court:

“On Thursday, it appeared the trial was over. A use of force expert had testified that Michael’s actions were reasonable. Everyone was sure that Michael would prevail. Then the Multnomah County D.A. announced that they were going to have another surprise witness on Friday to testify that Mike’s use of “force” was criminal. The observers, and Mike’s lawyers were stunned by this last minute ambush witness.

Keep in mind that Mike’s “criminal” actions consisted solely of drawing a lawfully possessed firearm in the face of a mob of armed attackers and backing away without ever placing his finger on the trigger.

The ambush witness was Ryan Rasmussen, a Gresham cop who was not at the scene of the attack but agreed (for reasons yet to be determined) to come in at the 11th hour and testify that drawing your gun in the face of an attacking mob is not “reasonable.”  Rasmussen testified that all of the training that he had received and that he teaches centers solely around law enforcement or military, and that none of it applies to civilians. He even testified that police are held to a higher standard than civilians.

Within a minute of the closing arguments, after Rasmussen finished his attacks on Strickland, Judge Thomas Ryan found him guilty on all 21 counts. Mike, his lawyers, and supporters were astonished.”

California Handgun Testing Law Challenged

Reader DSV suggested this article over at WorldNet Daily: Order that gun makers do impossible en route to Supremes

Martin W. Armstrong: The Coming Mini Ice Age

This piece by Martin W. Armstrong is worth reading: The Coming Mini Ice Age & Cyclical Movement of the Tropics Belt Itself. Armstrong notes:  “Previously, I have reported that NASA cnfirmed we are going into a cooling period – not warming. They have put out a forecast of declining sunspot activity. Now NASA has come out confirming what our computer has been forecasting. They have reported that as the sun is experiencing a rapid decline in sunspots, it is also dimming in brightness or energy output. NASA’s Spaceweather station has recorded during 2017, 96 days (27%) of observing the sun have been completely absent of sunspots.”

Donald Trump Junior Speaks Out

Here is a video interview: One On One : Donald Trump Junior on the 2nd Amendment

Charlottesville Police Department Seeing a ‘Mass Exodus’

Here is a sign of the times: Charlottesville Police Department seeing a ‘mass exodus’.

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  1. Interesting , visiting Europe and not allowed to view any of the links.

    No wonder none of us get the correct information from across the pond or vice versa

  2. What has happened in the Mike Strickland case that makes it the focus for this week? The last update i see is from May 2017 saying an appeal will be filed. Was it successful? Left hanging here. It certainly seems winnable on appeal for several procedural errors.

  3. Donald Trump Junior Speaks Out

    Jr. is a Fudd.

    “The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. You have a true friend and champion in the White House. No longer will federal agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners. No longer will the government be trying to undermine your rights and your freedoms as Americans. Instead, we will work with you, by your side.” – Trump during the campaign.

    Here is the back and forth that took place on live TV after the Parkland, Florida shooting: “Allow due process so no ones rights are trampled, but the ability to go to court, obtain an order and then collect not only the firearms but any weapons”, Mike Pence, said. “Or, Mike, take the firearms first, and then go to court,” President Trump responded. And later; “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” -President Trump.

    Pitting coworker, neighbor, family, parishioner, and all Americans against one another, nobody will have done more damage to American freedom than Donald Trump and his Red Flag Laws.

    Pence claims Christ, and on the great and terrible day, far be it from me, he will answer. The American Church, the culprit here, is dead. As to the the Trumps? May they burn in hell forever.

    1. fred, you’re off base here amigo. trump is fighting for our gun rights, not against them. have you checked the judges he’s appointing? not just to the supreme court but to the appeals and circuit courts as well….they will defend our 2nd amendment rights for generations. would you have preferred hillary? the man isn’t perfect, to be sure, but he is right now the sole voice in a broken culture defending many of the rights–including our right to bear arms–from the media, academia, the police, and coming soon, the democrats who run the house. settle down a bit and give the man some slack.

  4. Update on the SpaceWeather site says that in 2018 we had 221 days without any sunspots, more than double the 104 total for 2017.

    A sunspot has been sighted each day so far in 2019. I’m thankful for the “warmer” weather.

  5. The Fourth Turning was an interesting book to me when I read it a year or two back.

    As much as the “macro” view that it provided regarding broad societal trends, I felt that it described numerous individuals I have known including myself. I actually found that aspect of it almost shocking. I felt I saw something like 80% correlation in myself and others I know if I was to quantify it.

    As for predictions of doom in 2019, I predict precisely nothing. Not that I do not predict doom. I make no prediction. I believe Jim Quinn’s analysis is sound and we are in a winner take all crisis period, but how it plays out remains to be seen. It could play out in courts and conference rooms with legal and financial decisions or in the air with nuclear weapons or anywhere in between. We will see.

    The only thing I will predict is not really a prediction at all because it has already been happening. I do predict more street violence. I think that all scenarios through this period pretty much include that and we are already seeing it. I am relatively certain it will continue and likely increase. Care in urban areas is always wise and extra care in the foreseeable future is warranted.

  6. Why the article about the police? This is what yall want. All the anti law enforcement commentary by those who know how to do it better now have plenty of positions open to do so. It’s not just there either it’s all levels of law enforcement. The experts can get hired on just about anywhere. After all that is such a great place to live and getting better by the moment right? All those changes are really helping the community right?
    Let me know on here when you get hired

    1. Police are the greatest threat to your safety,property and life;the last several years police have stolen more than all other criminals combined,police murder/shoot /beat innocents with almost total immunity,police commit many crimes and are shielded by other police and departments,the only responsabilty is to write a report(often ask you to come to station to do it yourself(and endanger yourself(physically/legally)),don’t forget the sheriff that has been stealing from jail detainees by stealing the money for food also the FBI special agents who criminally trespassed and imtimidated/armed assaulted in one of the other articles.

  7. With respect to the Strickland Case article, ALL law enforcement officers in the United States are CIVILIANS. That includes federal officers like FBI, DEA, ATFE and US Marshal Service, as well as local and state officers like police, sheriffs and state police. Being in law enforcement doesn’t entitle you to any special rights that are not possessed by the rest of the civilian population, although you wouldn’t know it in states like mine where cops can own so-called “assault weapons” but the rest of us civilians cannot. Obama may have tried to militarize law enforcement and turn it into a military caste system in this country with extra-constitutional rights, but law enforcement is not the military.

  8. It seems that we will never be happy; Either the police are worthless milksops who couldn’t control a second grade game of kickball or they are militarized, assault weapon wielding gestapo.
    Support your police/sheriff’s department. Get to know them at open houses; at neighborhood functions and just say “hi” when you see one of them. They are just working stiffs like most of us. Many of them have families they want to go home to after their shift. Treat them as you would want to be treated.

    1. “Law Enforcement” are also the street level enforcers of State and Federal tyranny. Why would I want to cozy up to that?

      Until they refuse, as a whole, to enforce unlawful, unconstitutional, unconscionable, and immoral statutes, I want nothing to do with them.

    2. I agree. They have a tough job, one that I wouldn’t want. Definitely support the thin blue line. Not all are “good guys” but I believe most are. Still can’t get Miranda out of my mind. ANYTHING you say CAN and WILL be used AGAINST you. If you find yourself in a situation where that is being read to you, SHUT UP!

    3. To Woodchuck

      I actually support and try to be friendly to individual LEOs, but I don’t support what their organizations have become. I grew up with cops like you saw on the Adam 12 TV series, when the cops carried a S&W or Colt .38S revolver and six extra rounds on their belt. That’s all. No speed loaders were allowed. They were very polite, approachable and even apologetic if they had to arrest you. IMHO, being a cop is 95% social worker and 5% Wild Bill Hickok. I knew cops with 35 years under their belts that never had to draw their service weapon during their career. They knew how to talk to people and defuse potentially dangerous situations. Today, at least from my experience, it is the exact opposite. When I approach a LEO today to make conversation, like about the latest Red Sox/Yankees game, I immediately get that “what the **** do you want” look. Sometimes that is coupled with an involuntary movement of their gun hand toward their duty weapon. That scares the crap out of me. Why the big change in their attitude?

      It’s because their training has changed significantly since 911. They are being trained to think of themselves as a military unit, to neutralize potential threats and everyone who is not a cop is a potential threat. Sometimes that means shooting an unarmed black man in the back several times when he is running away from you, as a cop did in SC. Sometimes that means breaking an 85-year-old lady’s arm to take an unloaded .38S revolver from her, as a California CHiP did in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, when LEOs were going door-to-door confiscating firearms. Sometimes it even means shooting to death a passenger in a car who has told you he is armed and has a permit for his firearm and is in the process of trying to show you his permit. I could go on all day long with examples. The training of LEOs was changed, supposedly, as part of the “War on Terrorism”, but did not Obama say that he wanted to defund the military and create a national police organization with the same resources as the military? Can you say, “Stasi”?

      I don’t hold individual LEOs responsible for what their organizations have become. I was an EMT for years. Believe me, I know what PIAs people can be, people you are trying to help. I know a lot of LEOs want to do a good honest job, and they have to put up with a lot of crap, but when you have been trained to act in a certain manner, you will act in that manner, and if you have been granted weaponry that the rest of the law-abiding public has been denied, you will use that weaponry.

      The purpose of LEOs is to “serve and protect” the public. The purpose of the military is to seek out and destroy the enemies of the state. When LEOs are trained to act like the military, and they begin to think of themselves as outside of the civilian population, the enemies of the state end up becoming the people they are supposed to protect. We should all be terrified of that.

  9. I am an Oregonian, and as soon as I heard about Mike Strickland’s case, I attempted to contact the NRA to see if they were going to get involved. Their Oregon Rep. had no interest in talking to me at all, and the H.Q. in Washington D.C. acted the same way.
    Just sayin’ . . . . . .

  10. Woodchuck

    I agree to be nice to the cops, to a point. But don’t ever forget no matter how nice and friendly they might get to you if they are ordered to enforce an egregious and unconstitutional law, and you happen to be on the wrong end of it ( like maybe being one of those “ hateful, judging, Christians) they will arrest you. Or even shoot you. Plenty of examples of this have happened in this country and many others. Police have immense power and like any entity/ person endowed with such are capable of being subverted by it and abuse of it.

  11. As to LEOs the Sheriff goes back to the 800’s as the elected county officer. also see CSPOA.ORG

    In Charlottesville, the Police are probably leaving because they were ordered to push the Unite the Right into the gauntlet of violent, armed, Antifa. And if you have been montioring what has been happening (including James Fields recent railroaded conviction) you see antifa bash someone’s head in with a Maglite and nothing happened even though it was on video. Or Flame thrower guy. But the UtR that defended themselves were jailed, denied bail, and put through the wringer.

    In Oregon, it shows the left coast split. Those blue areas police are generally with the leftist establishment.

  12. I agree. They have a tough job, one that I wouldn’t want. Definitely support the thin blue line. Not all are “good guys” but I believe most are. Still can’t get Miranda out of my mind. ANYTHING you say CAN and WILL be used AGAINST you. If you find yourself in a situation where that is being read to you, SHUT UP!

  13. I’ll give the police my total support when I just once hear them condemn another cop who has murdered an innocent citizen. But the good cops NEVER condemn the bad cops but only give them support. They remind me of muslims in that respect. You’ll never hear a good muslim condemn a muslim terrorist.

  14. Greetings, everyone, Mike Strickland himself here. I google my name from time to time to see what’s out there, and I came across this post. Thank you for bringing attention to my case.

    I’ve been making occasional updates on my YouTube channel, which includes both first-person commentary, analysis of the videos of the incident, and many of the things said by prosecutors Kate Molina and Todd Jackson (both caught lying to the judge, and Molina was the one who pulled out the phony police report to justify putting a $250,000 bail on me), “victim” Benjamin Kerensa (who was the one who started the altercation and led the mob to attack me. He has a lengthy criminal rap sheet), witness John Slaughter (who had previously filed a false police report about me, and was subsequently caught lying to detectives and to the judge. Also admitted that some of the people who took part in the mob attack on me were former military and were armed with guns, and at that same event called for people to carry guns), TV reporter Andrew Dymburt (also caught lying to police), the aforementioned ambush witness Ryan Rasmussen (who was brought to the stand after both sides had rested, and, surprise surprise, was caught lying on the witness stand about his department’s use of charts and continuums regarding use of force), and assistant attorney general for the state Susan G Howe (caught lying multiple times to the appeals court judges).

    Perhaps the most important video is the 5-angle analysis that I did, , which includes my first person video and surveillance video from the federal courthouse that captured the masked thugs gathering up to plot their attack on me. My first-person video was the only angle that capture the initial attack on me. Those videos had been ordered sealed by the judge, and weren’t unsealed until 4 months after the trial.

    We are currently waiting on the Oregon Court Of Appeals to release their opinion on the case. Will they agree that a mob of masked thugs have the legal right and lawful authority to prevent journalists from being in public areas filming public events? Or will they rule that one has a 1st Amendment right to free press, to be in a public area filming a public event, and to defend themselves against what they perceive to be unlawful physical force and imminent further unlawful physical force against them?

    The initial ruling essentially invalidates the 1st Amendment and legalizes mob violence. This sets a very scary precedent.

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