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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. More information on NJ’s plan for Gun Mags this week as they refuse to rule out house-to-house searches in their enforcement.

NJ’s Plan for Gun Mags

New Jersey has now declared war on hundreds of thousands of previous law-abiding citizens. With the stroke of a pen, the state has transitioned them from citizens to felons. The New Jersey State Police have told Breitbart News that they will not rule out house-to-house checks in the enforcement of this unconstitutional law, instead referring to the generalized statement that “We do not discuss enforcement strategies.” This whole episode proves yet once again that registration always leads to confiscation. has a simple reminder list of what you can do if they show up at your door. They have advice for four scenarious: Police raid, police investigation, police wanting to talk to you, and intimidation letters. If you live in New Jersey and can’t vote with your feet, this is a must-read. Thanks to DSV for the links.

Licensing Private Security

Aparently, a private security contractor falsified firearms qualifications of his armed guards who provided security to an IRS office in central California. For three years, the Fresno IRS building was guarded by people who were unqualified according to federal standards but who potentially had the authority to shoot you. Apparently, since they part being falsified was their shooting scores, that technically meant that they were authorizing people who were likely to shoot innocent bystanders. Multiple people were involved in the fraud and several will now be facing jail time. Thanks to S.B. for the link.

Alcohol Heater

Reader T.J. sent in this video on heating your van with an alcohol heater. The heater in question is the Dometic ORIGO 5100 Heat pal. Points addressed in the video include why you would want to choose the more expensive option of an alcohol heater over LP gas. The author feels that the alcohol is a safer option than LP gas. It’s a neat little heater and while I don’t agree with many of the his reasons, growing your own crops gives you the ability to have a renewable source of fuel under your control. He does mention the difficulty of seeing the flame in daylight though.

Encryption in Australia

We’ve previously reported on Australia’s encryption ban affecting phone apps like Signal, but we are particularly impressed with Signal’s response to the encryption ban. Not only have they stated that they will not change the coding in their app to accommodate the Australian government, they have public stated that any regional ban is relatively simple to bypass. In a few words, they’ve basically said “Good luck with that.” By design, Signal apparently does not have a record of the information that Australia is demanding including your contacts, social graph, conversation list, location, user avatar, user profile name, group memberships, group titles or group avatars. Even applying pressure to Apple or Google to remove the apps is unlikely to succeed. Thanks to P. for the link.

Losing Your Head over Security.

With the advent of facial recognition available on your smart phone for unlocking it, a new security hole has been created. Among the many things that you can use a 3D printer for, printing a likeness of your head and face is actually one of them. In a recent study, four Android phones and an iPhone X were tested on how well they defended against using a 3D printed likeness of your face to unlock the data. Bad news for Android users. Of the phones tested in this study only the iPhone X kept the intruders out of the phones. But even that is no guarantee. Improvements in the likeness would likely also fool that phone. Remember that no warrant is required for authorities to obtain your biometric data (though technically, one is required to use that to unlock your data). Bad guys don’t really care about the warrant though.

Venezuela Again

Reader J.T. sent in this article about an American who spent a week in Venezuela visiting his brother. He reports being shocked at what he saw and has given preppers some simple guidance on surviving when the collapse is all around. Don’t be fooled when things seem normal because much of what happens is beneath the veneer of society. One of his primary rules is something that you should already be practicing, especially if you have a CC permit. Be aware of your surroundings. Recognize that others are always watching you and you should be watching them as well. Another practical lesson is learning to blend in. Be the gray man. It’s an interesting read.

Economic Security

Reader H.L. sent in this article on how much money a person needs in each state to feel financially secure. One out of every three adults in the U.S. feels economically insecure and this article breaks it down by each state. The figures for a single adult with no children range from a low of $24,648/year in South Dakota to $44,088 in New York. Two working parents with one infant and one preschooler move the dollar figures north of $100,000 in New York. There are some surprises as well with Colorado coming in at a whopping $88,512. If you are planning to move, this is worthwhile data to have, even if it doesn’t specifically apply to your situation.

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  1. Some fools still believe that 9/11 and justification for the ‘War on Terror’ was just a conspiracy theory? Tell that to the American family in this house. Ask them WHO are the REAL terrorists?

  2. I look in the near future for the Democrats (Socialists) to not confiscate firearms because that is too dangerous for them to do. IMO what they will do is impose a very high tax on the ownership of firearms and ammo, to make it impossible for the average American to own a firearm. This way the Democrats who want to disarm law biding citizens can say they didn’t pass a confiscation law just a tax law, and of course the anti-gun liberals will go right along with this.

  3. “NJ’s Plan for Gun Mags”
    To all gun-owning NJ residents: if you haven’t already, get to know your “neighbor” (next door or next block), find out his/her “feelz” on gun ownership. Form a “tribe” of like-minded people to watch each others’ backs in case of a midnight no-knock Gestapo (and the Libtards call US “Nazis”) door bustin’ raid.
    I’m not saying how far to carry your right of self-defense, but…………….

  4. Venezuela Again, Now these are people that I think have a reason to qualify as refugees. I knew it was bad but this article really put things in perspective.

  5. The folks in Venezuela’s tragic situation are an example of gun registration a short time ago by Their president Chavez , to make things safer in their country . The registration thing has been ongoing in the USA as the masses are sound asleep.

  6. About Venezuela, I can’t understand why anyone would go there to visit. Family or not. I can’t understand why the author’s brother would be ok with a family visit. I would want to keep my family members safe, not risk their lives by having them travel to visit a hell hole. I also can’t believe that the brother in Venezuela would request the US brother bring all those goods with him. He must have known they would be confiscated or stolen. Why didn’t the Venezuelan brother tell the US brother not to convert dollars to Bolivars, but to bring US dollars? Lastly, $1000 could have gone to airline tickets to get his brother and sister in law out of Venezuela. Either someone was very naive, dumb, or this is fiction.

  7. Venezuela Again, Listen up USA and NJ, notice after Venezuela’s gun confiscation, the thugs still have their guns and ammo of course to keep their families safe from evil doers. What’s wrong with this picture?
    Let’s see the news media report on this!

  8. It’s time to write very strong letters to the NJ police departments. Anonymously of course. If you are sending death threats or letters of immediate declaration of war–which is your right to do if you so choose… DO NOT lick the envelope as your DNA is in your saliva, nor touch the letters including envelopes without gloves to mask your finger prints and purchase a self stamped envelop from the post office so you don’t touch the stamp. You might want to toss the letter into a public mailbox in the next town or state in the middle of the night.

    It seems the only thing these anti-American Fascist Liberals understand is recant or death to you.

  9. I’ve been looking for details on the New Jersey ban and can’t find any mention of caliber in relation to the magazine. The documents only refer to a magazine holding over ten rounds but I haven’t seen where it must function. All magazines will hold over ten rounds of 22 shorts so therefore all magazines are now illegal in New Jersey.

  10. The. 22 tube fed magazine is NOW exempt. Prior to this new law they were included in illegal magazines! But the limit was 15 rounds. The old law made all the Boy Scout .22 rifles illegal for the most part. Most tubular magazine .22 markings list .22 Shorts, thus fits more than 15. Now they supposedly are legal. They are addressed in the actual law! And of course the police were not exempted. They just ‘fixed’ the law Monday even though it was signed over 6 months ago to allow police to have one seventeen-round mag if issued by their department. The one in the gun.

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