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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on Bend, Oregon news. (See the Eastern Oregon section.)


SPLC vs the American Redoubt

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Apparently, one gent considers my novels cruise-worthy reading.


Man who stabbed stranger doing yardwork at Boise home found unfit to stand trial

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US to shut down Idaho nuclear waste processing project


Big Sky Country Bitmining: Questions, no answers from CryptoWatt

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Butte man gets 15 years in prison after squatting in deployed service member’s home

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I just noticed that Shield Arms (in Bigfork, Montana) has expanded their line of machined aluminum pistol magazine extensions. They’ve added new models and new colors. Nice!


Eastern Oregon

Bend’s trend to Californication: Bag Ban Clears its First Hurdle

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Kaylee Sawyer’s family pushes to change Oregon law

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Man shot by Deschutes County sheriff’s deputy identified

Eastern Washington

People can’t wait to move to Spokane, realty website says

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Coyote spotted roaming streets on Spokane’s South Hill. Here is a quote:  ”

“‘I saw him coming from about a block away just kind of cruising down the street like a lost dog on a mission,’ Preble said. But it wasn’t a lost dog on a mission. Preble, who owns a painting business, was getting ready to head to a job and said it was in fact a coyote on a mission to find it’s next meal. He caught the encounter on his cell phone. ‘I was hanging out with my cat right here in the front yard. The cat’s about ten feet away from me and it came  sneaking up behind the tree about to pounce on the cat with me sitting there…'”


Oil is down. Why haven’t Wyoming’s gasoline prices followed suit?

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Yellowstone opens to winter travel


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      1. Not sure I get your drift. The 36 is a compact .45 and the crux is my pinky has no place to go except under the mag. I’m not necessarily looking for a mag that holds more just one that gives me more surface for a better grip.

  1. Re. Private Security

    Why would an IRS facility need armed guards? And why has the government not made them a safe ‘Gun-Free Zone’? /sarc

    Governments never eat their own cooking.

  2. Bend’s trend to Californication: Bag Ban Clears its First Hurdle
    I reuse my plastic bags for cleaning the cat litter box. I don’t think I want to use a reusable bag for that purpose on a twice-daily basis.
    A better idea……….create an eco- disintegrating bag that doesn’t use petroleum products, but corn products instead………oh, wait………all the corn is already being used for gasoline ethanol……….

  3. The bag ban: Whoever came up with this lamebrained idea obviously doesn’t own a dog. Of course, mark my words, poop bags will be available FOR SALE after the ban goes into effect.

    Funny; those evil, horrible, polar bear-killing plastic grocery bags; leave ’em exposed outside and watch what happens. They turn to DUST in a few weeks. THEY’RE PHOTODEGRADABLE! Somehow though, they’re going to kill us all… Charging us ten cents per bag, on the other hand, will make those thicker, supposedly reusable bags turn into harmless unicorn feed… Yeah… …Uh-huh…

  4. So they ban the plastic bag and charge you $.10 for a paper bag. Their solution is to bring reusable bags and studies have shown that this increases the spread of food borne disease. So my question is why not ban those plastic packages that you have to cut around with a knife or scissors? There is a lot of plastic in those and they are a pain in the @$$ to consumers.

    I was driving through California on vacation and stopped at a Walmart and bought a half dozen items. When we got to the register they rung it all up and said that local law didn’t allow plastic or paper bags. Since I hadn’t paid yet I said, that’s too bad and walked away leaving my unpaid for items on the counter. I suggest more people do this and maybe the impact will be felt.

    Do I have an answer for the pollution and waste? Sure, fewer people. But as long as we continue to push out consumers who must eat and be clothed I suspect people will continue to buy stuff and throw away the wrappers

    1. Where was this? I’m a lifelong Californian and have never seen such an outright ban on all bags. We have to pay 10 cents for paper or plastic, but they’re certainly available. In fact, it’s an income racket for the retailers.

      BTW…this fee is only a foot in the door to get more money. The City of Monterey has already risen its per-bag fee to 25 cents. I learned this the hard way when I last visited there.

      Also, I just saw TWO coyotes yesterday during my usual afternoon walk down the street. They’re all over the place here in SoCal and don’t raise an eyebrow. Give ’em a good stare and they always skitter off.

  5. Better idea than an eco-disintegrating bag would be eco disintegrating californickans that self disintegrate once they leave Californika. Same for transplants from that eastern globalist hemisphere. Leave us in peace in our backward ways and Christian beliefs whilst we tote our guns around, cause we can.

  6. Crypto what?

    It’s got to be worth something because they throw so many servers, electric power and air conditioning at it.

    The theory seems to be if enough people use their computers to number crunch a verification code that means we all agree it’s a unit of value…

    It’s kind of like they dispensed entirely with the step of making people think it represented a commodity ( like gold) and went straight to Monopoly game money… except now they dispensed with the paper too!

    Well, I guess the up side is you don’t have to carry it around in wheel barrows when you need to buy a loaf of bread. On the down side, you don’t have anything to burn in your furnace.

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