Forming a Refugee Prepper Church, by ShepherdFarmerGeek

I’ve been looking for principles and policies and ideas for forming a “church” for bugged-out preppers and refugees. It would be for people who find themselves in close proximity in a wilderness area and who band together to share skills and manpower. Projecting a theoretical refugee collection of 100 people, not all of them preppers, here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

Most Able to Lead– Preppers

Realize that there will be a high degree of overlap in community-building and congregation-building activities. The people who will be most able to lead will be preppers of some flavor. We need to be thinking about this in advance. A community based on Christian principles is our model.

Who Are These People of the Congregation?

Recognize that the congregation will consist of people who have been recently and deeply traumatized. Most likely, they are needy in every possible way. We will not be able to meet all of their needs. We cannot fix everything that is wrong. However, we can point them to God, and this will be real, valuable assistance. We need a plan, in advance.

Disruptive Agitators

The persons most likely to be disruptive to community and congregation development will be the unprepared “nanny-staters” who fled for some reason. Somehow, we will have to identify and separate the agitators from the sincere seekers. Do we enforce exile? (How will we keep them from reporting us to the authorities or local gangs?)

Church Discipline and Organization

Some, minimal form of church discipline and organization will be essential. Needy, frightened, angry persons could even be unintentionally disruptive. We need to get them the resources they need, if possible.

Statement of Principles

Some written statement of principles, values, and rules would help everyone get off to a good start when encountering our community. We can easily modify parts of it later, as necessary.

Something in Writing

We need something in writing, maybe printed out in advance, because we’re obviously not going to have printers in the wilderness. People could read through the document, and that would help them decide to join us, stay with us temporarily, or continue on.

Doctrines of First-Century Christianity

Doctrines will need to be focused to the absolute core nugget of orthodox, first-century Christianity. Everyone will need to be encouraged to extend grace to those who disagree on peripheral issues. Remember the importance of unity, liberty, and love. Now is not the time to have a dozen, separate, denominational groups. Of course, that could develop eventually, and maybe everyone can be reminded of that.

Denominational Distinctives

There will be advantages if we can keep all Christian denominational groups together initially. We might be able to delegate time during or after each gathering for denominational distinctives. However, keeping everyone happy all the time is unlikely, and we need to accept that up front.


Initial organization, during the first week, will need to be more structured and central than the structure in a few weeks or months. The greater the chaos, the more the needed structure. Some system of oversight will need to be instituted to ensure there is an eventual transition. We don’t want to set ourselves up to inadvertently create a dictatorship in the community or the congregation.

The need for structure might argue in favor of a more liturgical initial flavor. Persons whose lives now lack any structure may find the predictability of liturgy comforting.

A Constitutional Democracy

I’m not a fan of “pure” democracy. But we could do a “Constitutional” democracy. With this, we probably would not give newcomers a vote but only people who have been there for a few weeks and know how things work and what the issues are.


There’s a chance that “charismatic” (in the psychological sense) strong cult leaders could take over the community and congregation and turn them against the Christian preppers. It’s a nightmare that might be difficult to stop.

Prevention Better Than Correction

Separation or decisive defensive action might be necessary. We didn’t escape one tyranny only to accept another. Religious-sounding socio- and psycho-paths are still tyrants. Prevention is better than correction.

Internal Security Awareness

From first contact with other refugees we will have to be extremely aware of the likelihood that some are traitors and spies. If they are presently a threat, we need to recognize that it is possible they will or could become such and betray the group to hostiles for their own purposes. Some internal security awareness will be essential and will require several of the most outgoing-but-aware persons to be the eyes and ears of the leadership core.

Meet Practical Needs

Some part of each church meeting might be dedicated to identifying pressing practical and emotional needs and referring people to those who can help. There will be a large need for emotional support and counseling of some sort. Fortunately, time is something we may have in abundance. Don’t just let people melt down or stew in silence.

Multiply the Resources

As we assemble, we can be a resource for each other. We can multiply the resources by sharing and pooling them, including our Bibles, our voices, and possibly more.

Scripture- Copy and Memorize

Congregants may not have their own copies of the Bible. They might benefit from an opportunity to hand copy relevant or favorite scripture portions, maybe as the “Verse For The Day” (or week). Helping refugees memorize scripture would multiply group access to God’s Word and give them additional positive tasks. That would also help them to refocus their minds from previous thought patterns (constant Facebook updates, TV viewing, et cetera).

Worship Music

Little or no Christian literature will be available for distribution. Songbooks or overhead computer projectors will not likely be available or functioning to assist in worship.

Only a few, simple, portable musical instruments might be accessible. It’s possible that there will be no instruments at all, and many of the “cool” and “fun” contemporary songs we’re singing in our churches today cannot be sung without an accompanying band.

Before the SHTF, find those songs that can be sung a’ capella or with a novice on a guitar or harmonica. You’ll find many of those songs in a hymnal.

Meeting Places

No shelter or structure will be available for meetings, once the group grows beyond a half-dozen people. Meetings will either need to be scheduled around the weather, or people will need to be able to protect themselves individually from the weather during meetings. Building a sanctuary or auditorium will be counterproductive to the need to be mobile and inconspicuous!

Home Extension

Ordinarily homes would be ideal, but most wilderness “homes” will barely shelter their owners much less visitors. We might be able to make home visits by bringing along a small tarp and tossing it over their tent or lean-to to create an extension in bad weather.

Group Meetings

Measures taken to make participants more comfortable (such as improvised bench seats or protection from the weather) could have dual uses to facilitate group meetings for other purposes, including community decision-making, announcements, entertainment, et cetera.


A high level of security will need to be continually maintained during all gatherings.

Team Rotation

Security will need to involve a large percentage of persons who might otherwise participate in the meetings. To accommodate these persons we could use a team rotation. Team A worships while Team B keeps watch, et cetera.

Evacuation or Response Plan

An evacuation or response plan for hostiles approaching during meetings will need to be explained and rehearsed. We might have to do this at every single gathering, considering that people may be coming and going frequently over the weeks and months. Hostiles will probably consider meeting times as prime opportunities for attack.

Attend Armed

Attendees should be encouraged to participate while armed. Community efforts to educate about safe carry and firearm courtesy should extend into the gatherings for worship and teaching.

Ideas and Comments?

Do you have some good ideas? Be sure to post them in the Comments section!!

Trust God. Be prepared. We can do both!


  1. Along with “other things” – you gave me the idea of burying Bibles, old hymnals and a bunch of pocket Constitutions. Suppose anyone who wants us to relinquish our freedom wouldn’t leave us with those either. Thanks for the idea.

    1. In my area, about a year ago, someone was advertising “Free Bibles” on— I got three huge boxes of them. They got used bookstores to save them for them as they normally throw them away. I got Bibles for the time when God’s Word would be illegal.

  2. We operate an underground church here in the Appalachian Redoubt in preparation for the coming festivities . Several of our group are immigrants and a few are messianic Jews and some even were Amish as well as several ex leo . Security and secrecy are paramount and we have rules for membership including no members that work for any branch of any government period . We have lost a few members over some of their friends and family they wanted to bring in that were employed by government but we are serious about that issue . The way the country is moving shows that soon the whole church will be underground . The biggest challenge now is finding a building large enough to accommodate us for meetings . We have a smart nerdy type gal that keeps our organization digitally secure and she is the only paid employee . Good luck in the future to you all and blessings .

  3. Hard to trust a whole church of people when you sometimes can’t trust friends and family. I think there is a quote ” 3 men can keep a secret if 2 are dead”. Depend only on yourself.. Worship by yourself. No need for a group or an intercessor in your relationship with the God Most High. Living alone has less personality conflict. Dying alone is what you do anyway.

    1. I agree, especially since so many churches have been supporting illegal immigration and bringing in so many muslim refugees. This is tantamount to leaving an alligator in your kids playroom.

    2. there is also another aspect, today more than ever mainstream Church’s are caving in to the femanazi ideals, #metoo crap and that homosexuality is fine and not a problem, I say in a suvival underground Church you really do need people who are progressives, I guess, most of those would be dead by the time a underground Church is started ?.

      I had to stop going to a Pentecostal Church because of all the whishy washy teaching…….all fairy floss Christianity, won’t be much of that in a fianancial stage reset will there ?.

  4. 1. As I’ve pondered since submitting this article I’ve realized that hymnals are big books (duh) when secrecy and mobility are essential (See “What Difference This Makes To Our Prepping”).

    Oh for the worship leaders who would make “songsheets” of hymns and choruses (words only, or words with chords) for their congregations that don’t require a band in order to sing. Small print, narrow margins, laserprinted so they don’t smudge when damp.

    Much cheaper and more compact than hymnals.

    2. My travel Bible is a complete NKJV that could fit in my back pocket. And I have a New Testament-only version that is even MORE compact. Fortunately (?) I’m nearsighted so I can read the tiny print with no problems! 🙂

    3. I think over the years Survival Blog has pretty definitively demonstrated how much more difficult it will be for “Lone Wolves” to survive in a crisis. We NEED “community”, however small that might be.

    It is a critique of the shallowness and powerlessness of our modern churches that we would even consider going it alone without the fellowship of a band of believers. To be certain: contact with others increases the security risks, but we cannot thrive without them for long.

    4. Richard Wurmbrand (“Tortured for Christ” book) has an excellent article along these lines at

    Maybe it won’t come to this, maybe the disruptions will be brief, maybe the Communists will fail in their power grab, maybe we’re not in the End Times, maybe maybe maybe. But it is my sincere desire to begin a conversation among our nation’s preppers on HOW to be a follower of Jesus when the rest of the world wants us, specifically, dead.

    Like everything else, I believe we can prepare for this scenario and be at least somewhat prepared. But at the church that the Shepherdess and I attend there NEVER is any consideration of this scenario, because the Rapture will rescue us from ANY unpleasantness at all!!! 🙁

    “Expecting God to make up for our failure to notice the signs of the time and act accordingly is not a plan. It’s presumption.” – ShepherdFarmerGeek

    “You cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world, it’s going to be bad.” – General Mattis

    “Prepare for what’s ahead folks. Circle the wagons. Stop the bread and circus that is going on in so many churches and tell your pastors that its time to prepare God’s people for the hard times ahead. For this time there is no Churchill, no Allied army coming to the rescue. Before this one is over folks, it will take the second coming of Jesus to make things right.” – Cindy by the Sea

    Trust God. Be prepared. The time is NOW!

    1. Please don’t resort to “words only” sheets. Written music is one of the jewels in the crown of Western Civilization. How will we pass on the beautiful melodies to these words? I was a church organist and will never forget a bride asking me to play a particular song at her wedding–and she handed me a sheet of paper with nothing on it but words. She truly didn’t get why I couldn’t play the song! After all everyone knows this song! (I didn’t) Musical instruments are mechanical and have a good chance of still being around after any disaster. I’ve seen pump organs thrown out because no one knows how to play them. Pianos, flutes, all of the traditional instruments don’t need to be plugged in. I hope any future community has remembered to save a place for our musicians.

  5. It is admirable to seek a quiet underground approach to sustaining church function. The idea of not letting the outside in is going to be a challenge given the political climate. I have witnessed many small communities of like minded believers fall into internal decent. Therefore the greatest threat will always be from within. In the end, the economy of your group will tell whether or not your going to stand against the tide of things to come.

  6. I’m going with Jima’s idea. The Pilgrims nearly perished until the free market system was invoked. Socialism, in any form, simply doesn’t work out in the end. Some sense of community is essential, but the devil is in the details.
    In my former faith, there is a myth commonly held that everyone will bring their supplies to the church house so they can be doled out to the masses. There really is no such plan in place, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t adapted in a hurry after a catastrophe. Most members have three days of food in the house, while maybe 1% have a year or more. Seems rather unfair to the 1%, don’t you think?
    All bets are off in the cities, since there will be no water available to sustain life or run sanitation/ sewers. The author’s concept might apply to those wanting to try it in rural areas. No matter who you pray to, you have to have water.

    1. True Paul. But the 1% will be rooted out by thousands of fathers whose children are starving. And the best compound will fall eventually. I’m going with Rawles on this one. In the end everyone becomes a refugee to some degree (paraphrased) So to that end those who have prepared had better live lean for appearance sake, or hide deep until the masses have weakened; as sad as that may sound.

  7. It is a thought provoking article and I enjoyed reading all the comments. It is hard for me to accept that in my life time the USA will have deteriorated to the point where believers will have to gather in secret; yet I realize it is true. My thoughts return to the resistance in Europe during WWII where many small units worked separately but together without exposing themselves to the enemy. Christians worshiped in their homes in very small groups of trusted family or neighbors.
    I have small pocket size scriptures that my father carried during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. I also have several different sizes and translations but a few more will be added.

  8. I question whether a church in an end of the world as we know it environment would be persecuted by a govt that has been weakened or forced to reduce its services. I believe a more likely scenario would be a govt that is apathetic toward religion of any kind.

    An author named Terri Blockstock has written a 4 vol fictional series. One of the main characters in this series is a layman who feels called to start a church that meets in their backyard/neighborhood park in a suburban setting. The church meets openly & plays a key role in helping people in the neighborhood survive an EMP.

  9. Good comments and discussion! Let me throw this out as well:

    “A nation [or church – SFG] can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

    An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government [leadership] itself.

    For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation [church], he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city [church], he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the Plague.”

    – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Again, I’d say that long term a community is vital (short term in a worst-case scenario we’ll all be refugees of some sort), but firm, unblinking wisdom, not naivete, MUST rule. If we can’t be more savvy and stout hearted we’ll fall into the same traps as those who have been betrayed in the past.

    The sheep will need their sheepdogs! (See the movie, Defiance, if you want to see one historical – though Jewish – example. The Bielsky Scenario could become ours as well.

    1. I agree, Fred, but I barely know ANY preppers face-to-face in my area. I’ve worked with a few friends for more than 5 years, and even now they aren’t q-u-i-t-e convinced things could get this bad.

      When the SHTF it will be a revelation to them, a conversion (if you will) of their thinking. They will become “true believers,” after the fact. But if they’ve got the basics ready they’ll survive and THEN we’ll help form a prepper / refugee church.

      I know it’s backwards… you’re right, we should be doing this stuff RIGHT NOW… 🙁

  10. Boldness in the face of evil is mandated to all Christians. When push comes to shove, one must pick their battles wisely, as their friends. Trust in God, but pass the ammunition will be a constant. Church sevices will be a bonus, the Spirit within will be one’s stronghold. It’s going to be dire, as it is written. May God have mercy on your souls. (He will in totality, if you have acknowledged him as Lord and Savior.) A Great Tribulation is soon to be upon us and brothers and sisters in Christ will be our only true allies. Be wise to know who constitutes such a person before hand. Loved the first half of this article, it was going into a great direction, the latter part fell off. God Bless

  11. Literacy will be vital. Hymns were often used to teach doctrine because the population was vastly illiterate.

    A Catechism to supplement a Bible could be very useful.

  12. In hard times such as persecution or other disasters true belivers join together and various denominational beliefs take the background with the main focus on core beliefs such as salvation through Christ dying on the cross and His Holy Spirit upholding and sustaining us. It is so easy to fall into fear . If we are Christ’s children He will direct us and join us with other true believers. We are to be a light to this world and share Gods love and hope to all we meet through our words and actions. That doesn’t mean we should be unwise but i imagine in situations as described above it will be more of a “where two or more are gathered together in My name…” situation. The most important factor is to currently have a close and real relationship with God now.

  13. I’m glad to see you thinking about this topic Mr. Shepherd Farmer Geek. I’ve spent years reading about this, studying the problems, and trying to plan a solution. In my opinion, the option you are considering is suicide as evidenced by Hezekiah showing everything he had to a person who turned out to be an enemy. You can not allow “everyone in” and then try to “evict” some. To do what you are talking about, you must have a two part plan. The second part of the plan would be a fallback where you and your core group disappear to hopefully not be found. The problem with this part of the plan is the exposure to one or more of the “refugees” with evil intent. However, if Jesus has told you that you are to give up your life doing this, then please continue as the Apostle Paul did. Satisfy yourself that those you are leading and caring for will most likely die when you are gone.
    The first part of the plan should provide a complete disconnect from your ministry plan and your plan of survival for you and your group from those you are trying to minister to in your efforts. There are so many variables in this that it would be hard for me to describe a plan for you. I have wrestled with this problem for years now. The bottom line is that you can’t save everyone. In order to save everyone, you must have God provide the food, water , and security. Contemplate this fact. How many people can you feed? What and how will you feed them? What happens when the food runs out? Work up some actual numbers. I helped a local Pastor who wanted to provide one hot meal per day for three days for a local city of 2000 people until FEMA help could arrive. When he saw the results, he decided this could not be done. The simplest cheapest meal consisted on one cup of rice and one cup of pinto beans served in a Styrofoam cup. It required cooking 500 gallons of rice and 500 gallons of pinto beans per day. They had neither the manpower or equipment or material to do so. Then how would you make sure no one came thru the line twice?
    The only option to me is to try and find a core group on like minded families in your church. Test them with time and tests to see if they are fit for your group. Swear them to secrecy. And then gather Bibles and food (Charity) to hand out at a distance where they cannot find your retreat. Mr. James Wesley, Rawles has written many books about this.

    1. I am glad to see I’m NOT the only one who has been working on this problem. The Bielsky brothers in the movie “Defiance” were able to save more than 1,000 people from death at the Germans’ hands.

      “Save as many as we CAN” was one of their principles. Watch the movie. We won’t be able to save everyone, or include everyone. That’s a fact. But what seems impossible at the moment might not actually BE impossible…

      Christianity is not a suicide pact, so it’s been said, and rightly so. But there is a balance that each of us before God will have to find for ourselves. Some risks are worth taking. There will be opportunities for mercy, compassion and service even in the End of the World. (Mk.12:29-31)

      Thankfully, it’s not all up to us! God WILL guide us as we seek Him – Prov. 3:5-6 Even shepherds need a Shepherd. ( )

      I copied these verses onto a single double-sided sheet of paper (8 pt font!) and it is now one of my treasured survival resources:

      Trust God. Be prepared. Fear not!

  14. Then there comes security issues. If you feed a stray cat, it comes back w friends. Same w people. In a grid down situation, it is very difficult to give good to others and maintain security. The Argentine collapse showed that semi professional criminal gangs love groups like above. The set the group up w the starving of injured mother. The alleged mother fathers intel reports back to the group , who then kills all the men and boys, takes the girls as salves sn moves to next victim. This was the Selco style harsh reality we are headed for. And the learning curve w be very steep. I spoken w other Christians about the starving mother ambush. Even after I explained it, they still were adamant they could not refuse a woman. My reply was that the gangs are counting on that. Many will die from stupid decisions of that type.

    1. I speak to many people to try to get them to think ahead about food, water, what happens if supplies to their local runs out, find fuel , etc, you name it, my sister’s in law, say ” if it does happen ” ( a very big event ) were coming to you, I tell them, ahhh no you’r not , they give me a bland look and smile, they walk away, they think I will be kind to them and feed them, same answer applies from them , when I ask them if they had spare food, will they give that to the people who knock on their door ? their answer is YES… a believer that cannot refuse those in need, at that point I slap my forehead and groan and walk away, sadly a lot of gullible people will die, more likely in bad painful ways, to me , it’s sad because they will die needlessly early. What can you do ?, not much.

    2. We will have to do many harsh but wise things, and most Christians are NOT prepared for those kinds of decisions. Our primary concern will be those in our family and team and any mercy towards newcomers simply cannot sacrifice the well-being of our team. Cannot.

      That said, if we have experience following the Spirit’s guidance there might be exceptions. We simply do not know what tomorrow will bring – an unexpected cache of food? You never know what God is going to do.

      1. ShepardFarmerGeek-

        Hopefully my question is answerable for you…….. and perhaps others as well, the common reply I recieve from fundamentalist Christians is always something along the lines of ” God fed Elijah by Raven’s so that will also apply to the last end time believers ” ….( eating items Ravens gave me doesn’t like fried chicken to me…. sounds quite alot yuck to me ), and that is a pretty common thread on Pentecostal/ Charismatic forums as well, ie God will supernaturaly supply those who are his, ( that will still be millions of people ) I realise you don’t deny God feeding his people will happen, but millions ? or am I missing something ? my sense it was limited in the OT and NT, care to expand on your thought on this please ? or do a write up ?. It’s a subject not really out there with strong well constructed theological and historical discourse showing a big flaw in Christian current thinking, do you agree ?.



        1. Dear AS,

          Sorry for the delay in answering you! Your comments reminded me of something another person once wrote that “God burned a bush for Moses, he can burn a bush for me!” I.e., if God wants me to do something he can just send an angel to tell me. Otherwise I’m just going to… (insert selfish logic here).

          Bottom line 1: We can only “have faith” in something that God has actually promised us. FAR too many Christians fall into the trap of PRESUMING that whatever God did for Old or New Testament saints he will ALSO do for us. Whenever I look through lists of “promises” that God has made that we can “claim” I see dozens and dozens of things that God promised individuals (mostly in the OT) but that were NOT in any way general promises for every follower of Jesus today.

          Bottom line 2: We KNOW we’re on the right track when we look at the last 2,000 years of Christian history. Has God actually, supernaturally, consistently and reliably provided food / water / shelter / healing for every single Christian in need? Has he done that??? Yes… exceptions for some individuals, maybe even for some small groups, but NOT as a general rule! (Just look at the church in China, NKorea, or Iran…)

          Bottom line 3: Part of the issue is the question of how do we discover the will of God? Is his guidance always supernatural? Or does he more often than not guide through (a) the moral guidelines in Scripture, (b) the requirement to be wise, and (c) the actual limitations of our circumstances. (Such as, I know for certain that it is not God’s will for me to become a prima ballerina assoluta… 🙂 I strongly believe that when those three sources of guidance are insufficient for us to make the right decision, He WILL reliably give us supernatural guidance. But it’s not “normative.” Still, in my life it’s pretty regular…

          Proverbs 22:3, “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” We don’t even need examples of Old or New Testament “preppers” – we have statements of wise principles, such as this, to go on. If God is going to follow us around and fix all our boo-boos and failures-to-plan then what is the role for wisdom? Christians ought to have the reputation as the most savvy people on Earth! And yet…

          Proverbs 4:5-7, “Get wisdom; develop good judgment. Don’t forget my words or turn away from them. Don’t turn your back on wisdom, for she will protect you. Love her, and she will guard you. Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.”

          And prepping is certainly wise.

          I hope my answer helps! There ARE more thorough write-ups, but it’s also pretty simple. I grieve for the state of the American church, SO MUCH pain is coming. And so many will fall away…

          “Expecting God to make up for our failure to notice the signs of the time and act accordingly is not a plan. It’s presumption.” – ShepherdFarmerGeek

          Trust God. Be prepared. We CAN do BOTH.

  15. The goal is if you are called by the Lord to do anything–then do it and not worry. There are many things in the Bible that didn’t make sense at the onset but in the end was done to allow God to move in a mighty way. Noah building an ark when no rain has ever fell on the Earth. Gideon attacking an army of over 100,000 soldiers with just 300 men. The Israelites marching seven days around the Wall of Jericho. The list is endless – Just DO IT!

    On the side note that you’re not called directly as these men were in the Bible, it is best to fellowship with those in your group–whom you trust with your life and are armed. Those would be your group members which will defend life and property in the onslaught of confiscation from the Alphabet agencies. Agencies whom would be totally overrun and staffed by the Leftist Marxists in power and who will slaughter Christians–Revelation stipulates.

    You’ve got to fight! With Guns! There’s no other way to survive!

    1. hey ole granny- I have met lot’s and lot’s of believers who tell me……..” God will protect me “……I don’t need guns, work of the Devil they are “……” no sword wielding Believers in the bible is there ” ?.

    2. You tell ’em granny! Manly Christianity has become feminized. I just read that 100 churches PER WEEK are closing in the United States.

      We never incorporate local, national or global events into our Bible teaching, as if the Bible is only about the “spiritual” and not the here-and-now. We tell men that fear is sin, but then tell them that preparing can only be motivated by fear. We leave them with a shallow emotional connection with God, but He is our only hope of safely navigating the chaos to come.

      We insist on love, but not wisdom. Even if we show videos of the “persecuted church” overseas, we somehow still manage to give the impression that – for us – following Jesus will never be harsh, never violent, never a life and death struggle. Only our older generations might understand this. We’d better hope our younger generations are quick learners…

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