States’ Rights Versus Federalism, by F.B.

I don’t want civil war (CW). I’m no expert on what CW2 would look like. It won’t look like CW1 with a fairly clean bifurcation of states. It could be as ugly as Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Civil war is ugly, filled with death, hardship, and loss.

Civil War 2 is Coming

In CW2, I will suffer greatly. My family will suffer greatly, and the values and beliefs that I hold will suffer greatly. Have no illusions, we will all lose in this war. But it is still coming.

Why do I believe this? Civil wars is coming because I’m not willing to submit to the suffocating cultural marxism (PC culture) that has dropped all pretense of “diversity and tolerance” and replaced it with a holy war to suppress heretical ideas. I am a heretic, and I represent millions.

Not Going To Apologize

I am a Christian. I will not apologize ever for my Christian ancestors, for a rejection of homosexuality, for the idea that the Ten Commandments should be put back up on the school walls in America, nor the idea that each nation/culture/blood line ought naturally to have a home country. I am not going to apologize for that, not ever.

Wars at Home

Neither should Japan, China, Russia, Israel, Mexico, the Palestinians, nor the vast majority of non-European nations ever apologize for seeking the best interest of their nation, which is a word that comes from the same root word as natal or birth. Ironically, most European states (including the U.S.) seem to think the mixing of cultures is somehow a noble thing. It is not. Instead of wars overseas, it leads to wars at home if not completely checked by absolute tyranny. Ancient Persia, Rome, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia under Tito are examples for this. And now we’ve joined that club.

On the other side, my opponents on the Left are not going to apologize for calling folks like me “little hitlers” that ought to be exterminated. To allow me to exist and to allow my ideas to be shared would be a denial of their own faith and values. So, where to we go from here?

A Union of States

In my opinion, there is a best case scenario. Each state ought to reconstitute itself as a sovereign state.

The United States used to be a Union. In CW1, Lincoln, by force, eliminated the ability of states to have a diversity of options in how they ought to live. Before CW1, southern states “opted out” of federal law in ways not dissimilar to sanctuary states and cities that reject federal immigration and drug laws or, like California, actively seek to make agreements for foreign sovereign states (which is forbidden in our current Constitution of 1789). Many states, such as Washington State, may consider dividing (as Virginia did, ceding West Virginia) in order to more closely support the interests of their people.

Let’s Go Our Own Way

Yes, this is a right leaning perspective. (I used to be a Conservative and I used to be a Libertarian. But I don’t know what those things mean any more.) I’m completely okay with California pursing its own Left wing agenda, nothwithstanding they will either end up like Venezuela or Mexico. I’m okay with another country embracing drugs, unlimited immigration, unlimited welfare, and socialism. I’m not so parochial that I would impose my beliefs on that. The fact is, we have become separate already. Let’s recognize it and go our own way.

Will the Left allow this? Or is the Left more like Lincoln in the demand for complete uniformity and submission to “the one right way of thinking?”

An Alternative Future with States Supreme

In an alternative future, federal law would be deprecated and state laws would become supreme for each state. (It used to be this way!) The scale of federal activities would be trimmed immensely. Health insurance would be a state matter, as would education, welfare, farm subsidies, roads, community programs, and a thousand other federal projects, including NASA, foreign wars, USAID, and the budget for the UN. States may even prefer to create their own money supply. The bottom line is that each state would have the ability to choose which federal laws to follow and not follow. Is this workable?

Dis-Union and Union

This would be Dis-Union the states. Should there be a Union after that, I cannot imagine that all the states would possibly agree upon a single Constitution, a single set of ground rules. This should not be considered strange. Western Europe is composed of many small states in size similar to single American states, and that has functioned for them.

The impetus toward Union of the states is always a drive toward totalitarianism and tyranny. In this week’s election, we draw near to deciding this issue once again in North America. Dis-Union is better that total war with neighbor on neighbor, community on community, county on county, family on family, and person on person.

Time to Step Back and Re-Think How This Union Works

Clearly both sides already hate each other. Clearly neither side is willing to surrender. Divorce or legal separation is better than the murder, death, and loss that will come from civil war. It’s time to take a step back from the abyss and fundamentally re-think how this Union works.

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  1. You ask for putting the ten commandments back on the School walls, is there a place for the rules of other faiths and philosophies?
    Best interest is fair enough, as Long as you respect the interests, Rights, and Agreements with other states and nations.

    Lincoln was absolutly Right in Breaking the criminal way of Living of the south, the citicen of the southern states had absolutly no Right to hold slaves, add to that the stupidity of the south to fire on Fort Sumter.

    “The bottom line is that each state would have the ability to choose which federal laws to follow and not follow. Is this workable?”

    No absolutly not, consider being a citicen in one state and No Rights Person in another, different quarantine measures, tariffs etc, coordination of e.g. Transportation Projects.

    1. I know which side you will be on, ThoDan- the opposite side from me. The fact that there is such a great difference of opinion between the two sides proves that there will be another war. It will not be a ‘civil war’- it will be and already is a cultural war.
      The states formed the Union voluntarily, and each state has the right to leave the Union. To say otherwise is tyranny.
      The Federal government has allowed and encouraged the murder of innocent unborn babies- an abhorrent practice which is repulsive to many- not just Christians. Federal courts have re-written the definition of marriage to include homosexuality, another practice against the Word of the Bible.
      The Federal government has intruded into the lives of the citizens to a degree unimagined by the Founders and even the lawmakers in Lincoln’s time. The Federal government has also given control of our financial system to a cabal of international bankers who have milked over 96% of our Dollar’s value by deliberate inflation of the currency, while amassing a huge debt of ‘interest’ owed to them by the Treasury Department. The Federal government has Unconstitutionally allowed judges and courts to write laws without authority to do so, and has imposed taxes, rules and regulations on the citizens of the several states in violation of our Constitution, and taken away the rights of the citizens of the states specifically enumerated in the Bill of Rights, including the Tenth Amendment.
      For these reasons and others too numerous to mention, the states must be restored these rights by whatever means necessary- up to and including war. We much prefer peaceful solutions however.
      We, the aggrieved citizens, unlike those that we oppose, do not wish to force everyone to live under our rules. We merely demand. the right to our way of life as the Founders intended under the original interpretation of the Constitution. To paraphrase Robocop, try to prevent that and there will be trouble

      1. @Nathan Hail

        Nothing to fear from me in a civil war or any other, neither i´m american nor of Military age any longer.
        The Problem is not the diffrence of opinion but the lack of respect for People with different opinions.

        Show me please the article or Amendment of your constitution wich allows a state to leave the union especially under force of arms, even then nobody has the Right to demand the freedom to enslave his fellow man or deny him his Rights as an human or citicen.

        1. Nathan Hail said “The fact that there is such a great difference of opinion between the two sides proves that there will be another war.”

          ThoDan said “The Problem is not the diffrence of opinion but the lack of respect for People with different opinions.”

          It is sobering to read the gross simplification that disagreeing with someone leads to war. What about all the steps, actions and processes in-between disagreement and war? I agree with ThoDan, Just simply disagreeing with some does not and should not result in violence. Rather, it is certainly more Christian and human like to disagree, but do so in a way that is respectful of different opinions. That is what it means to participate in democracy.

          Also, it is very important to consider how the media ramps up the rhetoric to simply generate views. With this in mind, of course the media are going to broadcast the most extreme and controversial views. A single interview, or coverage of a single event of 500 people, like the Antifa protests, are going to seem much louder and more wide spread than what actually exists. And even then, people talking and participating in democracy through protests is not something that scares me in the slightest. In fact, good for them.

          Sure, there has been some violence at these protests, but, I can say with certainty that people who participate in these events have been going to great lengths to actively participate, expect and enjoy the violence at these events. Evidence for this can be found with calculated consumer habits and on-line rhetoric in which people are buying flag poles or thicker dowel rods under the disguise of handles for protest signs, but are really purchased with the intent to use as a weapon. Same with helmets and protective gear. The process reminds me of a sporting store promotional add of the medieval times. Brought to you by Dicks Sporting Goods and Academy Sports.

          Lastly, survival means different things to different people. I get that. In that same thought, however, there is and needs to be a clearly defined understanding that there is a huge difference between survivalism and freedom fighter, political rhetoric, militia thinking and guerilla warfare.

          Several of the comments in relation to this article are not, in anyway, based on survival. Rather, many of these comments serve as a platform for venting peoples frustrations and interpretations of real world events as brought to you and framed by organizations that profit from fear and political antagonisms. To some people, this is the real world. To the media organizations, it is profit. It is very important to your survival to recognize the difference.

    2. @Tho Dan, Ah… Lincoln. You mean the man who said:

      “…not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of ours.”?

      “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it.”?

      “But even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far removed from being placed on an equality with the white race.”?

      Yes, facts are such pesky things. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – Jesus Christ

  2. In theory, the idea of separate states governing themselves sounds good. However, in practice it would fail, largely due to the fact that some states are better equipped than others to go it alone. Just as can be seen with the EU, wealthier countries such as Germany have to help support less stable countries such as Greece. This would ultimately lead to conflict… with a central council (or government) having to be formed to mediate differences.

    Just as excessive tariffs forced upon the South was the primary cause of the first US Civil War, States, being more or less forced to support other States could easily be the impetus for a second.

    I do agree though that a second civil war will soon be upon us. Not borne of conservative vs. liberal ideology but borne of outside influences that fund discord and seize upon that difference as a rallying cry, much the same as freeing the slaves became the rallying cry during the first CW.

  3. I agree with this posting, but alas, the Federal Government is so all powerful, and has and will use EVERY MEANS at their disposal to keep the “sheep” in the fold! With AI they track everything we buy, say, where we go, facial recognition being used, and are invading every part of our lives. They ARE our “overlords”, and even the moderate politicians will not tolerate any state, county, or even town to declare it is separate. Pay your taxes OR ELSE! Too many Americans believe that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights mean something to the other side. They do NOT! Evidence is everywhere.

    1. I agree with this article. We need to return to the Constitution and allow states to decide their own policies. The federal government has very specific but narrow responsibilities. Defense is one and each state would have to contribute for the common defense. Each state should have its own militia that is under its control, Instead of the “national guard” which is still really controlled by Washington DC. Issues between individual states would be resolved by them or the federal government could act as mediator not dictator. This sort of original intent would work in today’s world. States Rights would take priority over Federal Rights as the Constitution intended. This whole area of the Federal Government being “in charge” can be laid at President Lincoln’s feet. Sometimes I wish the South had won.

  4. Nothing good can come from the Balkanization of the United States. I swore an oath many years ago to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same” and I intend to keep that oath.

    1. I took the same oath. The problem is the federal government has far exceeded it’s Constitutional Authority and has taken power never intended for it to have. So if you are going to fight against an element that is disrespecting Constitution then you would have to start with the federal government itself.

      1. Please note that I said “Constitution” and “foreign and domestic” not “federal government”. I can, and will if necessary, support one without supporting the other.

  5. Great article! The main reason we have so much strife and hate is that there is too much power and resources to fight over in Washington. If we have a limited and weak federal government then each side would not be so eager to control it.

    The founders know that the regions of the country would have differing interests. A fisherman in Maine does not have the same outlook and values as a small farmer in Texas. The articles of confederation were set up with this in mind.

    Already, you see signs of this process. States allowing pot, gay marrage, etc. which was against the law at the federal level. The only issue I see is the fallout in liberal states affecting conservative states. The federal government should not be used to bale out states when their own bad decisions lead to deep trouble.

    Fighting to keep/force everyone to live under one controlling federal government is a huge mistake. It will lead to the death of millions.

  6. My ancestors came to this “new world” in the mid 1600s. They have fought and died in every war and conflict America has had up to the Gulf War and I will not dishonor them by turning my back on them or my country. I don’t want another war in this country and I will work for peace if possible. But I will not give up the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If we are forced to fight against tyranny to protect our freedoms we will. Our family stands on the side of God and law and order.

  7. As a Texan I realize we will be blue in the next election. Beto lost by a margin that will evaporate as our population continues to shift to the far, far left.

    I and my family will vote with our feet as soon as homeschooling is stifled. There are likely other triggers that would motivate us that I don’t even know of yet.

    Should the states’ rights be re-established we would gladly pack up and move to the redoubt or wherever. Until recently I have felt that the scotus would likely take on every issue and make relocating for political reasons futile. I am hopeful at this point that if Trump can pick a couple more justices before he is impeached that states’ rights could be salvaged and that the federal gov MIGHT stay out of decisions that should be made locally.

    If the SCOTUS rules on many more issues — specifically moral issues, CW2 will be our only exit strategy, and like you say, it won’t be pretty, organized, or productive. It will just be war in its most primitive sense. The peace and prosperity that are generally the products of a won war will still never be achievable until we segregate ourselves philosophically. Why not do that now and skip CW2? I suppose this is a big heavy machine headed toward the cliff and it is too big with too much momentum to turn or stop.

  8. “Not going to apologize” … “the idea that each nation/race/blood line ought naturally to have a home country”

    As a Christian and American, I must repudiate your “idea”. You may want to look more closely into the foundations and principles of Christianity and our great country. I suggest that while we can never be Christ, we can be more Christ-like.

    The ideals and principles of the founding of this country are the focus.

  9. I believe your vision forward is reasonable, but as such, it will not unfold without destructive trauma. The federal government apparatus will not give up its strangle hold on the wealth or control it currently manipulates. What usually happens when a containment device (government) is stressed beyond it physical abilities (law and order), it will all tear apart explosively. Pray and prepare accordingly. Thanks

  10. No way to avoid a Balkanizing bloodbath because current state lines would not stand the test of time. Two issues come to mind. First, if we look within each state the rural/urban divide is just as great as the difference we see when comparing conservative and progressive states. Take the 2018 midterms for example, in Nevada, the Reno and Las Vegas areas (2 counties within the whole state) swung the election towards the progressive agenda. The entire remainder of the state was solidly conservative. Colorado was the same with the Front Range (Denver Boulder) voting progressive, while the rest of the state– the Western Slope and Eastern Plains remained conservative. How is that going to work, for instance, with water. The headwaters of the Colorado River begin in the conservative Western Slope of Colorado, then meander into Utah, Arizona, Las Vegas, California, then Mexico. All it would take is an impoundment or diversion of water at a current state border to light off a war. I think the current state lines would be meaningless for most people.

  11. Just a slight correction. Virginia and West Virginia did not split. Virginia seceded and a small section of the state did not support the move. Lincoln just declared it a state. To the best of my knowledge Congress has never ratified that move.

    Having fifty states with their own distinct viewpoints would seem a lot more diverse than forcing the homogenation of all the states into one politically correct entity. Hmmm. Maybe modern leftists aren’t really diverse. Maybe they are fascists.

  12. FB, are you a survivalist, or a freedom fighter? Either way, from the bottom of my heart, you sound like you just dumped your purse out on the table. Get a grip, guy. You are all over the place and the core of your article is rooted in fear. At least this is how I read it.

    1. United we stand, divided we fall. We have never been so divided. My question is are we being divided by design? Red Dawn was a great movie but I’m too old to be a wolverine.
      We won WWII because of distance and industrial capability. I don’t see tha t as an advantage any more.

  13. very well thought out argument. While i disagree with the outcome I can recognize the appeal. thought out to a longer progression we could let the left go their own way and not support it. When they fail (and they would) that might once and for all fix what is wrong. Until all the stupid left wing ideas are left to run their inevitable course the mindless will never actually realize how stupid they are. I agree CW2 is heading down the track at full speed and also realize it is inevitable

  14. Once again history is ignored. This Eurpoean dis-union you refer to created numerous wars between these individual states. Not the least of which were WW1 & WW2. Better to have one all out go for broke than numerous small ones that ultimately end up as large ones due to alliances. If its inevitable get it over with.

  15. Quit wasting your energy on thinkin about balkanizing America. There is a fight coming, sure. So put your energy into being properly equipped, trained and positioned for that fight. Sitting around thinking about how to avoid the fight will simply ensure that you are not prepared for it when it arrives. You don’t want to be the guy behind enemy lines, whining, “Why can’t we all just get along?”.

  16. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”
    If all 50 states hang together, there will be war.
    If the states split up and hang separately, there will be interstate war.
    If the 50 states stay together, and we have martial law with checkpoints at state lines, and economic collapse, we will have untold horrors.
    If the states split up, and we have international restrictions (including passport and visa requirements) on our state lines (as with Canada and Mexico), and the chaos of each state creating its own economic system, the effects will be very similar.
    Nevermind the collapse of the USPS, UPS, FEDEX, the banks, food distribution, utility companies, etc. etc. as they seek to adjust to the new state-by-state landscape.
    You may say, “Oh, we don’t need to split up the Union. Just let California and Hawaii and Illinois and Massachussets and New Jersey and …. go, and we’ll keep the rest.”

    We crossed the Rubicon about 56 years ago, when the Bible was thrown out of the schools, and the Courts. Now, we have two generations who have no foundation.

    Our best hope is Christ and His eternal, unchangeable word. Will we have Him reign over us? Or will we break His yoke asunder, and cast away His cords from us? (Psalm 2) If so, He will dash us in pieces with a rod of iron.

    “A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for Himself a kingdom, and to return. And He called His ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come. But His citizens hated Him, and sent a message after Him, saying, We will not have this Man to reign over us.”

    “But those Mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before Me.” Luke 19:12-14, 27.

    The choice is ours– right here, right now. If we want “No King but Jesus,” we must accept Him as absolute Monarch. We must give total allegiance to His law.

  17. If the USA formed autonomous “countries” they would soon be infiltrated by the same subversive goons that are presently working within our current states.

    It is better to fight the bigger battle now than fight smaller skirmishes forever.

  18. Culture and civil society are really the religion of that society externalized in everyday life, moral standards and law. Any country with multiple major religions is divided to its core no matter if they share common borders.

    America is divided by several religious factions but mostly between the humanist, Darwinists and socialists vs. the weakened remnants of the American Christian and Constitutional Republic.

    I don’t see the Christians winning this because they are too compromised with and dependent on their enemies. Plus Christians have become lawless themselves.

    Christians have forsaken the whole counsel of scripture along with the moral law of God (Ten Commandments) as the major tenant of their own faith, morals, civil law and culture. Being so disarmed, they have nothing to resist the onslaught of the satanists.

    Historically the Reformation revived the moral law and taught that it has three uses in the life of the believer:
    1) It condemns the sinner. This first use, like a school master brings a person to realize they need a Savior.
    2)Once a person accepts the saving grace of Jesus Christ, the moral law no longer condemns them but then becomes a standard for their sanctification and a timeless external definition of sin.
    3)The third use is where the individual, heads of household and church elders use the moral law as the standard for their moral and civil laws. It is the standard by which a Christian culture determines what is good and what is evil. It is the standard by which the civil magistrate (biblically defined as a minister of God) punishes evil and is a terror to evildoers.

    But we have been deceived into thinking the once a person is saved there is no moral law at all; only love. This one thing has allowed the satanists to redefine love, law and culture.

    F.B. obviously believes in state schools as a legitimate way to educate children even though it isn’t biblical or constitutional. I have seen the conservative so called Christian Republicans shy away from the Ron Paul Revolution because a true constitutional government would take away their “free” health, education, welfare and farm subsidies. The animating contest of liberty is great until it is realized that one’s own personal government source of milk gets cut off.

    So the Christian Constitutionalists compromise with those who have no intention of compromising with them.

    That is how a nation is lost; “free” stuff and compromise over generations.

    The only hope for this nation’s Christians is for them to return to Jesus Christ as Savior, Lawgiver, and Lord of lords and King of kings. We must regain a real understanding of 2 Timothy 3:16.

    Christians’ ignorance through several generations of how the whole counsel of scripture and moral law applies has led us here.

    If you want to understand how the scripture and moral law applies to everyday life read Rushdoony’s Institutes of Biblical Law. Much shorter works are “Christianity and the State” and “Law and Liberty”.

    May our Savior, Lord and King have mercy on His people and grant us repentance.

    LC. Moscow Idaho

    1. @ Old Grey Wolf and Larry Crawford, Excellent comments, I agree totally. The Tree of Liberty has been wilting for some time now. I believe one of our founding fathers gave advice on a remedy for that. Time to get “off the couch” so to speak and ready ourselves for the duty that awaits us true believers. I’m in my 50’s, fit and willing to answer “the call.” Great article and even better comments from most.

  19. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (KJV)

    This world is groaning with birth pangs and Though the spiritual powers of this world give power to men, those men along with their plan will fail. It’s all written and you can read it for yourself. Stand strong in The Word!

  20. All of the states and all Americans are tied together and cannot be separated except by great force. Yes it does matter what California does because when they screw up bad enough we in the other 49 states will be forced to pay to fix it. The U.S. cannot survive a civil war because there are two major world powers who would use our dysfunction to destroy us. Civil war is not an option and states rights over federal and constitutional law cannot work. We are all in it together and cannot separate ourselves from America. It is a pipedream to think that we can.

  21. I’m afraid the situation is more complicated than one or several states withdrawing and forming a new nation. There is substantial difference between the urban and rural populations within most states that would not be changed by reducing the scale of the issue from national to state level.

    For example, the State of Colorado has three basic political groups, the Left who are dominant in Boulder and Denver, the Right which has the majority in Colorado Springs, and Libertarians, who are the majority in the rest of the State.

    These groups are not exclusive, Boulder and Denver are not free from Republicans and Libertarians, and there are certainly Lefties in Colorado Springs. But they do have majorities in their areas.

    I suspect a Civil War 2 would look more like the Russian Revolution with a Red Army (Lefties from Boulder and Denver) and a White Army (Righties from Colorado Springs and the rest of the State), fighting for control.

    Translate that to the National level, and you have the East and West Coast lefties, with islands of urban lefties across the Nation, fighting against the more rural folks.

    The Rural folk will have some advantages, being more likely to have military experience, and lots of maneuver space.

    1. I would add one more advantage for rural folks… food. The cities do not produce any.

      I do agree with the islands of lefties. A look at the midterm election results by county shows a whole bunch of red with little spots of blue. And each state has spotted blue fever.

  22. Clarification please:

    When the writer says ” the idea that each nation/culture/blood line ought naturally to have a home country”, how far back is he winding the genetic clock?

    Does this involve DNA testing to determine the highest % region of genetic origin for each person and then mass migration to that region?

    Should one assume that the cut off is the year “0”, or 1492 or 1776?

    Should one assume that the writer is a native american and is advocating for all citizens of original European, African, Asian etc. extraction to return to their country of familial origin? How exactly would that be determined and executed?

    As an example, should the descendants of the Scotts who were subjected to forcible “transport” during the 1800’s be returned to the Highlands?

    What about the descendants of the children born of slaves who were raped by their “owners”?

    How would that work and why?

  23. I think LC hit the nail on the head and Rushdoony is a powerful writer who posits a clear biblical worldview.
    Many Christians accept that the government indoctrination centers are the best or only option which is really sacrificing them to a secular altar that has no room for dissent.

  24. To do this justice I’d have to write a 5 or 6 part article, with footnotes and links to more information. This blog isn’t really to place for what would be a purely political article. That being said, I’ll make a few observations.

    I’m in agreement with the premise of this article. CW2 is coming, probably after if not during, the 2020 elections. DJT is a very polarizing historical figure. You are either with him or against him, there just doesn’t seem to be a middle of the road. Though there are some things he could be more subtle about, subtlety is just not his style. Go Trump, keep stirring the pot.

    ThoDan really needs to get a few QUALITY history books, then spend a lot of time reading actual history.

    The civil war was never about slavery, dispite all the propaganda to the contrary. It was always about taxes (tariffs). The Southern States were collectively paying roughly 80% of all the funds the USG was spending. In point of fact, the Confederate Constitution made the confederacy a free trade zone. The norther merchantilists couldn’t tolerate that, nor the possibility of the north having to pay the total freight for the USG.

    The slave issue could have been handled easily by the general government (FedGov) buying all the slaves and setting them free. That’s what happened in mother England. Anyone who has read the writings of the founding generation must realize that they knew that slavery was wrong, that would include Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. If we are to assign blame for slavery, paint that target on England, France, Spain, Portugal, and the Holland. They were the actual slave traders. The USG and the constitution actually put an end to the international slave trade to the States as of 1808.

    The constitution did NOT establish one nation. It did establish 13 sovereign nations with more to follow, currently 50. The constitution did establish a free trade agreement among the several states, with the USG as the arbiter. It did establish a mutual defense pact among the states, with the USG as the executor. It did establish a freedom of travel agreement and an easy means of changing citizenship from one state to another, again with the USG as arbiter. It did establish a peace treaty among the several states, again with the USG ,specifically the SCOTUS, as arbiter and referee. The constitution does a lot of things, but it does not establish “one nation under God”. That concept was posited only in the socialist, pledge of allegiance. As an aside, we the people are not required to take that loyalty oath, only the politicians, the bureaucrats, and the military are required to take a loyalty oath. They pledge their loyalty to us. We are presumed to be loyal to ourselves.

    There is so much more I could go into, but this is the wrong forum, and would take too much time to flesh out.

    So let me end with this:
    Many counties need to be subdivided, one size does not fit all.
    Many if not most of the states need to subdivide, look at an election map. In Michigan anywhere from 10 to 13 counties generally rule in statewide elections. MIchigan should be 4, if not 5, separate states. Even states like Colorado need to break up.
    Change the USA from within before we subdivide the country. Subdivision of the USA is eventually inevitable, one size does not fit all. It’s the way the USA was designed in the first place, including secession.

    1. @Charles K.

      I never said it was About slavery, for the North.
      I said the cticens of the southern states had no Right to demand the freedom to enslave humans, to demand ransom to end this crime, or to Jim Crow laws.

  25. CW2, maybe, even probably, we just don’t know when. Should we prepare and be good stewards until the day comes, absolutely. States rights were definitely a positive in the development of this nation evidenced by the thoughts, writings and actions of the founding fathers. Many Christians today talk about God being in control, so we must wait patiently and He will work things out for us. Yes, we will have complete harmony and joy when we make that final trip to heaven but the time until we get there can and will be full of anxiety, death and tragedy. The conservative Christian populace in our country needs to embrace reality. God can bless us with food to eat but unless we pick up a fork or spoon and eat that food we will die of starvation. How in the devil can we think as a nation we will find peace and harmony when we as nation have murdered over 53 million sweet innocent children since Roe v Wade? This awful national sin has to stop. I know some nitwit is going to make a comment about a woman’s right to choose. I believe they do have a right to choose, to keep their legs closed and panties on. If we don’t have the will to save the innocent do you really believe we can change hate, political division, courts ignoring the constitution, unfair taxation and the rest of the crap we see today? Like many of you I am preparing for the conflict that seems inevitable but am well aware that we as a nation probably deserve every bad thing that is going to happen. Let me end with a positive note. There is still much joy to be found each day, true faith and friendship, a smile and hug from my granddaughters, the mutual love and respect of your spouse and the list goes on if you will but pause and find that joy.

  26. I agree 100% with ‘Let’s Go Our Own Way’. I am a little more optimistic in hoping for a breakup similar to that of the The USSR. It collapsed in 1991. It was preceded by 10 years of war in Afghanistan and one year of political chaos following the election of a new President. Sound familiar.

    Take a minute and look at Estonia. It is a far cry from being a Soviet state. Estonia is ranked #6 in Index of Economic Freedom by The Heritage Foundation. The US is ranked #17 and steadily declining. Imagine if Estonia was God-fearing, shared Articles of Confederation with other States, adhered to a gold-standard, and was large enough (American Redoubt plus a path to the Pacific; State of Jefferson?) to defend itself.

  27. Folks who believe a federal government is necessary don’t know their country’s history.

    Many of our Founders including Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson rejected the US Constitution and its federal government. They knew that an evil tyrant like Lincoln would come along and trample the Free and Independent States.

    Americans enjoyed their greatest freedom under common law and the Articles of Confederation. They also defeated the mightiest military in the world before the tyrannical federal government was birthed by Hamilton.

  28. Reading these comments- many folks argue that the Federal government is the wolf. But isn’t the 2A that liberal states trample the same 2A a FEDERAL Instrument? Without the Documents that were carved out of society, done on the Federal level, Liberal states would be kicking in doors, and shooting dogs and babies in their effort to solve that pesky evil gun problem.

    In that same breath of argument, one can point to the over reach of the FEDS with respect to federal gun laws… I’m just using the gun laws as an example to bring out my point that
    We have seen examples of federal overreach and massive intrusion, But we also have examples of what happens if we didn’t have federal protection from states that are willing to pounce on our right to self defense and our right to speak.

    I’m pretty sure that the moment the fence ( Constitution ) was put up, Politicians on both sides started digging under it to impose their will on the other.

  29. Federalism is an insufficient version of the Catholic / Christian / Natural Law doctrine of Subsidiarity. Each level has its competencies, the indvidual, the family, the village, the county, the state, the nation.

    Cultural things are best handled at the village level.

    Before Lincoln, the expression was “The United states ARE”, he changed it to “IS”.

    Take the 10 Commandments (and/or the Beatitudes which there are stone monuments in my city). First, we used to have PUBLIC schools, not GOVERNMENT schools. But that was only part. Marriage became a Government institution instead of the sacrament of holy Matrimony, and what Caesar puts together can be put asunder with no-fault divorce. And your children aren’t yours, they are the state’s – try homeschooling or not getting them turned into pincushionsn with vaccines.

    If you want a different environment or ethos, found your own villiage or move to a county and do it there. There will be places with no prayers or things like the 10 Commandments, others where there will be a multitude, others where only the 10 Commandments is there and some with and some without the New Testament.

    The evil, and it applies to those who want everything or nothing, is to tell someone, and worse force them, to live in a certain way and practice certain things instead of voting with your feet.

    That is why we are going to have a civil war, and why i tis likely to be a bloody one. I’m happy for San Francisco to do its thing, and leave me alone. But they want to make every county in the Redoubt honor gay rights, hold LGBTQ+ parades and have transgender bathrooms. They want single payer health care and a high minimum wage. And the want us to tolerate human feces on our streets (because San Fran S–thole does). And to be sanctuary places for illegal aliens, even rapists and other violent criminals. The only exception is muslim Sharia law, so they can have muslim prayer breaks and rooms in schools, but don’t you dare sing a traditional Christmas carol, or even one with Christmas in the lyrics. And they want to make it a gun free zone, and pass hate speech laws. Carbon taxes, micromanage farms and ranches though they never seen a cow or a corn stalk.

    We’ve just said “Leave us the hell alone” (leave your hellish stuff to yourself).
    They replied “We insist on dragging you into hell with us”.
    And you can’t reason with the irrational. You can’t talk someone out of hating and wanting to destroy you and everything you value. You can only defend it, and if it comes down to it with deadly force.

    But God is on our side, as is Truth and Reason. The left coast will collapse – you can see it now, but wait when it breaks down or has some kind of event and they beg us for help.

    Don’t give it to them. I know it will seem cruel, but think if someone threatened your wife and tripped on the sidewalk when trying to grab her and they asked you to call an ambulance so they would be healed so they could come back and complete the violence they tried.

    And those in the blue areas should remember Lot, Noah, and Jerimiah and leave. It isn’t exile, it is survival.

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