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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on California Expats. See the Idaho section.)


Idaho (California Expats)

Boise and Reno Capitalize on the California Real Estate Exodus. JWR’s Comment: The leftist editors at Bloomberg of course focused on interviewing a liberal transplant. What they ignored is that more conservative politics and more wholesome moral values are equally strong magnets as lower house prices. The majority of those moving to Idaho are conservative, and they also tend to have larger families. It must be mentioned that the hardcore left-wingers leaving California are not significantly attracted to Idaho. They consider it Enemy Territory. To them, places like Boulder, Taos, Portland, Sedona, Santa Fe, and Austin remain much more attractive–that is, if they can find work there. Most of them only move to Idaho as a last resort. I can foresee that the Birkenstock Brigade will continue moving to the Liberal Artsy Boom Towns until their self-created Prius and Tesla traffic gets too thick to bear.

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The long-running Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival will be reprising at the University of Idaho, February 22nd and 23rd, 2019. The U. of I. jazz festival got its start in the 1960s. Hampton played there in 1984, with much acclaim. Then, the festival was re-named in his honor, the following year. Hampton passed away in 2002, but the concert and jam session series is still going strong. Get your tickets early!

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With mid-term election is just one week away, I encourage votes for Republicans Russ Fulcher and Mike Simpson, as well as the full slate of Republican legislative candidates. I also encourage Idaho voters to vote NO on Proposition 2 (Medicaid Eligibility Expansion.)

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Gone without a trace: Idaho Co. Sheriff gives reason for calling off missing people search. Here is a key quote: “In his ten years as sheriff, he tells CBS 2 that at least half dozen people have gone missing never to be found. ‘The majority of the time they come from out of country and are not familiar with the area. It is tough country,’ said Sheriff Giddings. ‘There’s thousands of acres of forest and they are in the middle of it.’ Idaho County is the biggest is the state at just over 8,500 square miles — all of it rural, rough terrain — dense forests, steep mountains, and raging rivers.”


The mid-term election is just one week away. I must remind Montana voters to do all that they can to oust Dyed-in-the-Wool Democrat Jon Tester from office. Matt Rosendale is not the perfect candidate, but he is much preferable to Tester! I also encourage NO votes on both Initiatives I-185 and I-186.

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President Trump plans unprecedented 4th trip to Montana

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Any shooters who live in the vicinity of Belgrade, Montana (near Bozeman) should check out Rogue Gunn Works. They are a great supplier of gun parts. They also do custom Cerakoting and they are both a Class 3 dealer and Class 7 manufacturer.


Eastern Oregon

In next week’s mid-term election, please vote yes on Measure 106, which would prohibit spending public funds directly or indirectly for abortion. And if you live in District 2, please vote to re-elect Congressman Greg Walden.

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Bend: Oregon man killed after shooting neighbor with AR-15, ‘hunting’ other resident, DA says


Eastern Washington

Before next week’s mid-term election, please do your best to Get Out The Vote amongst your family, friends, and co-workers to OPPOSE the horribly anti-gun Initiative 1639.

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Three people shot outside Cheney Zip’s Drive-In; police say incident may have been connected to massive early-morning fight



In next week’s mid-term election, please vote for the conservative candidates. All of the odd-numbered district State Senate seats are up for election, as well as ALL of the State House seats.

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Deer Killed Near Kaycee Tests Positive For Chronic Wasting Disease


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  1. Taos: Celebrity liberals going to rehab who decided they like the area and buy a 160 acre vacation property they spend 2 weeks a year at, or liberal college drop outs who have an acute aversion to bathing.

    Santa Fe: Liberal Artist wannabe’s who want to claim some sort of native american association so their art can be on display next to the pueblo artists, or liberal politicians who want to spend their lobbying money payoff on said art. Occasionally a nuclear physicist or two from Los Alamos will attend to hobnob with the politicians to extol the virtues of environmental activism, without having to mention all the radioactive remediation concerns throughout the state.

    Boulder: Ski-bums who don’t want the slopes developed and use pseudo environmental excuses to support legislation to support their cause.

    Sedona: Cowboy wannabes who think owning someone else’s worn out saddle and a $400 pair of boots makes them “authentic”.

    Austin: Dried up performers and disenchanted Dallas businessmen who don’t realize they are an anachonism but insist their experience qualifies them as the political gurus of the state/country.

    Portland: Militant liberal wannabes who think that cursing loudly at people and calling them Whitey while standing in the middle of the road is an effective combat maneuver.

    All islands of non-reality. You go 50 miles in any direction from these spots, and the people are diametrically different.

  2. I saw a stat some time ago that indicated well north of 50 percent of all people who disappear, want to. This is not to take away from the dangers of the Sawtooth and other areas. But, if one desired, with careful planning, they could let family and friends that they will be in the back country for a couple of days, park at a trail head and poof, gone.

  3. Why anyone would be against state funded medical care is beyond me. Medical expense is the number 1 reason for middle class bankruptcy. The US is the ONLY First World nation that does not have state funded medical care. The insurance companies love it and fund many efforts against it.
    Wake up sheeple!

    1. I’ll tell you why: State funded medical care goes far beyond any Constitutional mandate. It is socialism, plain and simple. That level of funding requires TAKING one Citizen’s substance to provide to another. All taxation is backed by FORCE. To my mind, “State Funded” is just a polite way of saying: “Taking from Jim’s wallet, by force,without his consent.” I am a big believer in charity. But that is voluntary–not coerced.

      1. If you think sponsored medical treatment is what’s needed, then I implore you to join the military, get your Heine shot off and try the VA system … you’ll soon be whistling a different tune bozo … leave medical care in the private sector where it belongs….

        1. Interesting, we ´ve here public HealthCare for over a century and the critic goes for private Health care, cheap at the beginning – then Costs later an arm and a leg

    2. Perhaps because government can’t even run their own business without going into massive debt. Why would I trust them with anything important to me? The government excels at breaking and destroying things. They are absolutely miserable at managing anything else. Unshackled, private insurance could stomp any government insurance into the ground on every level – quality of care, quantity of care, variety of care, et cetera. What would disappear is the freebie handouts where the middle class and rich are robbed to pay for those who can’t manage their own. Socialism never works unless it’s totally voluntary (church charity). Socialism at the end of a gun (government) always hurts more than it helps and ALWAYS fails in the end – sometimes spectacularly like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, South Africa, et cetera.

  4. Government medical: This proposition will allow younger than retirement age people to draw from the MEDICADE fund. This fund was set up so that retired or disabled people could have medical coverage when their incomes dropped. If you allow non-retired/disabled people to access these funds they will be used up. When you are working you can afford to pay for health insurance, DON’T give me the cr*p: “I can’t afford it” Don’t buy the new car, or the new cell phone, or the 200 channels of cable, or the fancy sneakers etc that society thinks everyone should have. Be RESPONSIBLE for yourself and your family and don’t expect the government to pay your way by digging into my pocket.

  5. Zips at Cheney. One of my favorite sit-down/drive-ins to eat at between Ekalaka and Neah Bay. Bags of burgers, breakfasts, all good eating in a family setting.

    CWD in NE Wyoming has been present for 30 years now. Beware. I eat both bucks and does, especially when multiple tags are made legal in certain areas. But avoid sickly looking animals.

    If you are now scared to eat deer, and are intent on subsistence hunting during survival times, beware of Tularemia if you decide to hunt rabbits. Le Lapine is perfectly good meat and a great homestead money maker. A neighbor markets every one she produces, selling prepared for the kitchen at $5 per pound to friends. Much better profit margin than average livestock.

  6. They don’t want health insurance, they want socialized medicine and wish to call it insurance. You can not allow “pre existing conditions”. I can not wait until I have an accident, then buy insurance to cover the accident I already had. If allowed, no one would buy insurance until after the fire or accident. They can not allow everyone to pay the same premium. I can not pay the rates for driving a Volkswagen for 500 miles a year locally and expect to paid in full for my Hummer that I drive 150 miles a day going to work in Boston. No insurance company can stay in business if they have to furnish free coverage for the poor and reduced costs for the low income people. No insurance company can insure your house for $200,000, have it burn down, and allow you to hire someone for $300,000 to replace it, “because that is the local cost” in that area.

  7. !!ALL TAXATION IS THEFT!! How many time does this need to be repeated for it to sink in. Socialist medicine requires massive taxation to be implemented. Forget that BOL or that BOV and certainly forget about all the preps, you won’t be able to afford it. I’m on Medicare, socialist medicine writ large. It is too expensive for the government to continue for very much longer. At some point socialist medicine is going to require a mandatory death sentence based on nothing but age. If you don’t believe me, then you are not paying attention to the euthanasia movement. Oh it’s voluntary, maybe, maybe not. Depends on what you consider voluntary. At some point, that voluntarism is not going to be up to you, others will decide your fate for you. Think Cass Sunstein, that evil SOB,

    Even for seniors the costs of medical care can be greatly reduced. The medishare programs look promising. Add catastrophic care insurance and the overall cost to the individual would be no more than I am paying now for Medicare Part B and Part C and Part D. All things that come out of MY POCKET. Never forget Medicare is not free, period. In fact socialist/collectivist medicine is freaking expensive, even for the recipient.

    There is always a way for the actual free market to bring down the cost of anything. It’s too bad we don’t have a free market in healthcare, or for that matter, any service the government thinks they need to provide. Collectivism, socialism, central planning fails every time it’s tried, PERIOD.

      1. You use roads, schools, Hospital, law enforcement or any other Service an organized tax provides?

        Roads: Yes, I pay for those through road use taxes on the fuel I use. At least it is a tariff based on my own usage, making it a tax I have some control over.

        Schools: Yes, I’m forced, at gunpoint, to pay for schools I have never used. These same schools indoctrinate the youth of America in the government’s evil socialism. This done through property taxes, taxes that are immoral by their very nature. All taxation is theft, period.

        Hospitals: They are mostly privately owned. The insurance is what pays for the services I use at a hospital. I should be paying for the insurance, and I do. If there is a government owned hospital, it should be sold. Government provided health care is decidedly inferior, VA hospitals come to mind.

        Police, fire, ems services: Could all be provided by private contractors, paid for by insurance, that you pay for. There is a town in Georgia that does just that. The insurance cost’s $160 per year. If you choose not to pay for the insurance, they still respond to your needs, then send you a bill. Believe me the insurance is far, far cheaper.

        The organized tax is, always has been, and always will be just organized, legalized theft built on the threat of violence from the modern Mafia know as government.


        1. Interesting

          The tax you pay on fuel is sufficient for the Building and maintaining of the Roads, Bridges etc. you use?

          You didn´t went to any Kind of School in your life or your Children?

          Private Contracted Police, i don´t like that idea, the Need to make a Profit could´ve dangerous consequences.

          What Comes next, private contracted Courts?

          Private Defense Services like Blackwater

          1. ThoDan,

            You need to start doing some reading. Here are a few recommendations:
            Murray N. Rothbard
            Ron Paul
            Lew Rockwell
            Hans-Hermann Hoppe
            Walter E. Block
            Laurence M. Vance
            Tom Woods
            Thomas DiLorenzo
            John W. Whitehead
            And just to show there is no racial bias here:
            Thomas Sowell
            Walter E. Williams
            Wait, I don’t want to leave out the women, but there are just too many to list.
            And there are dozens more. In fact just go to the authors list at for a place to start.

            The goal being to remove you from your statist mindset. Stop being a tool of the all-powerful leviathan state. “Government isn’t the answer, government is the problem” paraphrased from Ronald Reagan.

            Finally, for the courts: Wouldn’t it be better if we had a justice system where judges, prosecutors, and the police could be held personally, financially, and even criminally liable for their mistakes, especially willful mistakes? A private justice system would allow for just that.

          2. @Charles K.

            I speak with the experience of volunteer citicen fire fighters, and so i don´t believe they should provide and pay for good Equipment any more than a soldier should.
            He who Pays only when he directly Needs such Services enjoy most likely a free ride on the fees of others.
            I don´t argue here for big goverment, but for who wants to be part having the Benefits to be a member of a community, should shoulder it´s appropiate parts of the burden.

            The System of Commercial fire fighters has it´s history proven drawbacks, it was used as a tool for Blackmail.

            Since it wasn´t in the interest of the Providers to Train the Forces well, such Police officers where often as badly trained as Chosen, if not criminal itself.

            Reagan replaced goverment with what?

            Is a reasonable goverment worse than let Big C run free? Knowingly selling unsafe cars ?

            No it wouldn´t? It would Paralyse them.
            Crimes, Misuse of Office OTOH, let´s say i´m all for a Special Police force whose only law enforcement power goes against law enforcement , and any crime from such should be much stricter punished than normal

  8. Want cheaper health insurance, then repeal the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 and it’s amendments. This was the birth of the HMO and prices have sky rocketed ever since.

    1. Exactly. Government meddling in health care and getting between the user and the provider. Wonder how many US Reps and US Senators got bribed that time. All for the profit of BIG MEDICINE.

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